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Aura Reading to explore mysteries of Angela Merkel

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


First prize in our Mysterious Aura Reading Contest goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Or, you could say to Blog-Buddies JILL ERIN and RACHEL.

JILL ERIN described the political powerhouse this way:

“Angela was born in West Germany in 1954, but, her father, a Lutheran Minister, moved the family to East Germany soon afterward. She was a physical chemist before entering politics after the Revolution of 1989 just prior to the German reunification. She was elected Chancellor of Germany in 2005, the first woman Chancellor in Germany. She chaired the G8 in 2007, the second woman to do that. Forbes magazine ranked her as the fourth most powerful person in the world and #1 most powerful woman for two years in a row.”

When providing aura readings of all three winners of this latest contest, I’m going to demonstrate how useful it is to be able to read chakra databanks, those 50 different tubes of energy within each major chakra, with more chakra databanks readable through sub-chakras.

Background on reading auras with Stage Three Energetic Literacy

Many of you Blog-Buddies have already developed Stage Three Energetic Literacy and will be able to read right along with me.

The goal of doing your own aura reading, always, would be to have your own distinctive perceptions and interpretations.

Never aim to read auras to duplicate somebody else’s findings. At least not with energetic literacy skills. One of many differences between the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses and aura reading through psychic development… is the importance of your own self-authority.

Using internal validation and trusting your personal experiences, each person’s energetic literacy provides different nuances, revealing different mysteries.

Many of you readers here are familiar with reading chakra databanks and other leading-edge concepts about energetic literacy. Here are some helpful resources for the rest of you, along with my assurance that, of course, you can learn to read auras in depth and detail. If you can read this screen (using Gutenberg literacy), you can read anyone’s chakra databanks in person or from photos (using gifts of your soul plus techniques that really work for you, a.k.a. “energetic literacy”).

Read chakra databanks by means of these photos


Here’s a link to our main photo resource, Chancellor Merkel. For a smaller, dependable aura reading photo of Merkel, click on this link instead.

Just for fun, here are some more collections of chakra databanks, captured as photos of living people always manage to do:

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Mysteries to solve about Merkel through selecting appropriate chakra databanks

Reading auras is often a kind of detective work. There is something you want to understand better, or explore in greater depth than shows in surface-level speech and action.

To me, the main mysteries that JILL ERIN asked about involved the German leader’s congruence and power as a leader, also gifts of her soul designed to assist her to play such a vital role in the European Union.

Some of you Blog-Buddies may have been following Merkel’s historic role. Not only as the first major female head of state in Germany, not only as a long-running political power at the highest level (in her nation’s highest office since 2005), but also because, according to a recent opinion poll by public broadcaster ARD, 70% of all Germans feel Merkel is the best person to save the euro.

Well, let’s go exploring, one chakra databank at a time. Keep in mind, some of the chakra databanks explored here are among the specialized, free willish kind. So many chakra databanks are standard issue for human beings. However, a significant (if minority) group of chakra databanks relate to a person’s lifestyle, the current emphasis of development for that person as a World Server and evolving human.

Aura Reading Chakra Databank at the Root Chakra: Presence as a Political Leader

  • Gift of her Soul

Well, bam, there’s a surprise! I sure didn’t expect to discover that the tough conservative leader is a molecular empath. But there it is! So let’s have a molecular empath interlude…

What is a molecular empath, and what does that mean for political power?

A molecular empath is an empath with a kind of x-ray-like connection to people. You can read more about Molecular Empaths here at the blog.

Ironically, JILL ERIN is a molecular empath and so am I.

This is the first time I have encountered a molecular empath in politics, even as elected school board member or local sheriff.

Every molecular empath has the ability to gain uncanny insight into others, consciously, at the deepest levels.

Molecular empaths also jump-start spiritual growth in others. It’s about moving at a frequency that entrains with the life force energy of others.

Note: Being a molecular empath does not mean the person is always right about everything. Nor will you necessarily agree with what a molecular empaths believes or does. Nor is a molecular empath necessarily closer to Enlightenment than non-molecular empaths.

In fact, that was one of the surprises to me from one of our other contests here at the blog. Remember, Blog-Buddies?

We found quite a contrast, right from Molecular Empath Contest, Results BEGUN. Two of the awesome nominees for that contest really were molecular empaths, and another nominee was spiritually Enlightened, but they were definitely not the same people.

Merkel isn’t at all ready for the Enlightenment Life List, but she sure is a molecular empath. Well, well!

Okay, back to her Root Chakra Databank, and gift of her soul, about Presence as a Political Leader….

Personal ego doesn’t show in presence when Merkel is working. However, this woman has a big sense of self, found elsewhere in her aura, I assure you. (Keep reading.)

But while she speaks — as in this photo — her auric presence isn’t about “Me me me.” She’s about the idea. She’s about the policy. She’s all about whatever message is being communicated.

This personal transparency causes people to switch attention from political gamesmanship over to… the topic under discussion. And this quality might have provoked that reaction in JILL ERIN, and others, about “congruence.”

Nothing personal is clashing with the ideas set forth. Because the setting forth is not about anything personal. 😉

Being a molecular empath is about a set of attributes in her consciousness that effect other people subliminally, waking up their consciousness. All of Merkel’s other personality and auric gifts would be overlaid onto that prime mover-type characteristic.

  • Merkel’s Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

10 inches. Very focused on the issues, Angela Merkel is not selling herself. Her presence as a leader couldn’t be downplayed more effectively.

After Merkel delivers a speech like the one she appears to be giving in this photo, listeners may not know what hit them.

Because try though they might to listen to her speech and think in the usual political ways, such as,  “Who does she think she is, a woman, trying to be a political leader?” (or other distracting ways of identifying her politically or personally) that won’t stick.

Not regarding this quintessential chakra databank.

Fascinating or what? 🙂

Personally I’m so excited because I have read faces and auras of every American president photographed. Plus other politicians worldwide, important and not so important.

It is rare to find a high-level politician who is any kind of empath. Presidents Obama and Clinton are standouts who come to mind. But now to find a molecular empath? Wowee!

Aura Reading Chakra Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra: USING Power as a Political Leader

  • Gift of her Soul

Stubborn. (Yes, stubborn counts as a gift for just about any human enterprise. When negative qualities are mixed in with stubborn, that accounts for the virtue’s bad rep.)

Implacable, as needed in the particular situation, that’s Chancellor Merkel.

Serenely stubborn, she is able to notice many points of view, entertaining them adequately on the surface, while deep-down dismissing every opposing viewpoint.

  • Merkel’s Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

Fills the room + 2 inches.

A clear, clean use of power comes naturally to this politician. Partly she’s flowing through ideas, partly through a sense of mission.

Personal ego is not a factor, nor is calculation. Not at this chakra databank, anyway.

Instead, she has a sense of rightness about whatever she’s doing. Rather gently packaged, there is a forceful power that brings flow and consistency to Merkel’s actions.

Aura Reading Chakra Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra:

SHARING Power as a Political Leader

  • Gift of her Soul

Merkel makes the power dynamics about ideas, not personality. She positions her power dynamics to be relatively clear of emotional involvement, tangential human concerns.

Instead, she focuses on workable ideas. Very pragmatic.

  • Merkel’s Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

Fills the room. Not having a personal need to push or compete, not having internal patterns where she is reactive to personal attacks, helps her a great deal.

There’s also that interesting hidden advantage of the x-ray vision component of consciousness.

So Chancellor Merkel plays the game of sharing personal power as if she were a grand master at chess. And one who could anticipate the moves of her opponents.

She may make all the appropriate noises about sharing power, but in reality shares the absolute minimum. To her, that’s no big deal, not an effort at all. She can act uncommonly calm about being so stubborn, which might drive others absolutely wild.

Note: Calling you Blog-Buddies in Europe especially, or more politically-interested Blog-Buddies from anywhere! I am really ignorant of the stands that Merkel has taken. If YOU know about major things she has done as a politician, and how she has done those things, please comment below. I’m especially curious about your reaction to the statement just highlighted in red.

Aura Reading Chakra Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Soul Thrill

  • Gift of her Soul

When it comes to expressing her soul, Angela Merkel receives feedback from how she feels in her physical body.

Each human being is wired to receive feedback from many systems: physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic, and social (i.e., Emphasizing what people say and do in objective reality).

For Merkel, feelings of comfort, good fit, health, strength, ease and power, are communicated within herself especially strongly through the body itself.

She knows how to pay attention that way. Getting the intuitive download in terms of feeling physical comfortable is business as usual, no big deal at all.

  • Merkel’s Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

28 feet. Self-acceptance adds stability to Angela Merkel’s speech and action.

Her sense of rightness is not to be confused with a sense of righteousness. Soul thrill, or enjoyment of life as a human, is as human as eating a fabulous pretzel, loaded with mustard, and smiling, “Das schmeckt GUT.”

Merkel wears her extreme talents well, with humility. She uses her crystal-clear intellect well, without zealotry.

Mostly soul is expressed with a sense of inevitability. As in, “Duh! Of course what I am proposing is the sensible course.”

Relatively sane, for a big-time politician, that Angela Merkel!

Conclusion to Angela Merkel’s aura reading

As an empath, Merkel isn’t particularly skilled. She doesn’t do Skilled Empath Merges. Neither does she do unskilled empath merges.

It is a rare situation, her being wired as an empath, having the circuits come in handy without being much used, nor interfering in her life.

Deeply practical, and not especially concerned with ANYONE’s inner life, Merkel still has an inner advantage due to molecular empathy. She doesn’t have to think about this gift consciously, yet she is helped by it.

Lifelong, Merkel has had a kind of automatic knowing due to being a molecular empath. This is her secret advantage among politicians.

And due to the transformative component of molecular empath ability, other people can change their minds and hearts in her presence. No conscious work done, no bullying needed. This is an underground job, as people shift energetically in response to her molecularly-transmitted “Hello! Yoo-hoo! Wake up!”

For this politician, being so deeply stubborn doesn’t hurt, either.

What also struck me as remarkable? One chakra databank after another, I was struck by Merkel’s version of a universal human characteristic, within an incarnation, having a particular balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Those labels about male and female, those physical appearances at Earth School — to aura readers, sexual characteristics are just part of the maya.

Researched one chakra databank after another, it seemed to me that Merkel expressed way more masculine energy than feminine energy. (Granted, I wasn’t researching chakra databanks related to sex or other components of self that might have revealed something quite a bit more balanced towards the feminine.)

On the surface, Angela’s face and body and clothing definitely proclaim “Feminine energy.” Hey, her name is Angela, not Klaus.

But woe to the political rival who relates to Angela Merkel emotionally or tries to push against her in ways that would work with most women, politicians or otherwise.

That would produce the effect one sees with a great martial artist, someone who counter-attacks simply by stepping aside.

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  1. 1
    Angie says:

    Hello Rose,

    Very interesting aura reading !

    Being in Europe, in Belgium, right next to Germany, Angela is perceived over here as a very powerful leader. Germany has always been an important country in Europe (because together with France, it is probably one of the biggest, in size), and the chancellor has always had an important weight on the international scene.(especially given the history of Germany these last 2 decades, the Wall coming down etc…)

    During the recent crisis with the Euro, many indeed perceived her as a potential saviour for the currency.
    She mainly teamed with French president Nicolas Sarcozy to find solutions. (it was rather funny to actually check out the body language of those two whenever they were interacting – Nicolas Sarcozy always tried to get very close to her, and she seemed to try to gently keep him out of her personal space)

    From what I understand, she does not want to compromise all that much when finding solutions.
    Not being all that fond of politics, I can’t say much more unfortunatelly, but I do hope this already brings light on the person 😉

    Cheers !

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    I am really glad you did a reading of “Angle-ah” Merkel, ROSE. She is fascinating!

    Ever since she was nominated for the reading, I kept thinking about her stance (almost all fingertips touching; she’s doing it in the link of her in the cerise dress) and relating that back to what you told me about not crossing one’s self in order to not impede flow of energy. It makes sense that this physically empathic human (if I understand that correctly) wouldn’t be impeding the flow of energy in her by crossing her arms. And she makes such an interesting geometric picture in front of her

  3. 3
    Jill Erin says:

    What a tremendously fun read, Rose. Thank you, thank you for picking Angela for the winner in this contest. I so related to everything you were saying about Angela. I was nodding my head and saying “yup” ,”yup” over and over. I am also a deeply pragmatic person along with being a molecular empath. I think that that is what has attracted me to her so much.

    I think that she just knows what needs to happen in the Eurozone to pull it out of this financial crisis and she is able to do it in a way that, to some, may seem heartless, but, in reality, is a show of her faith in humanity to do what needs to be done with just a little prodding in the right direction – by her.

    She is firm in the face of all the protests of the Greeks. But, to me, her firmness (stubbornness) is an expression of her faith in them. They just don’t want to believe that they can do this and would rather slide back into business as usual instead of growing. Her ability to not take any of it personally is just brilliant.

    What fun!

  4. 4
    Rachel says:

    Great read, Rose, thanks!

    V. interesting about her masculine energy. Part of me is disappointed that for women to be really successful in Politics they still have to be essentially ‘masculine.’

  5. 5
    Primmie says:

    I think this is a wonderful reading, thank you Rose. I’ve seen a clip of Bush trying to patronize Merkle that I found very interesting. Let’s say it didn’t look like he was successful.

  6. 6
    Anita says:

    Dear Rose,

    It’s inspiring and illuminating to have a reading of such a powerful female political leader. It’s also thrilling to learn more about such an important and influential European leader. And a molecular empath. Wow.

    Politician and spiritual leader often do not often go hand-in-hand, much less spiritual growth – and certainly these two terms definitely have different connotations in American politics than they might in Europe or in any other part of the world.


  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    Just read this and love it, love it!

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