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How does Divine Homeostasis work"?


Divine Homeostasis is on my mind, thanks to my client GLADYS. Recently she complained of hearing weird conversations about it, at chat rooms and elsewhere online.

I have a fondness for Divine Homeostasis, as it is one of the technical terms in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). I named it, although I didn’t create it. Just as one  might be really proud of naming one’s child Blue Ivy.

Beyonce carried her, birthed her, didn’t exactly create her. Then, because her lifestyle is so different from probably yours and definitely mine, Beyonce took out a trademark on the name. Or tried to.

All I want is clarity. So I’d like to add to the online conversation about what Divine Homeostasis really is, according to Rose Rosetree, who spends a lot of time professionally depending upon it.

Divine Homeostasis, a Definition

“Divine Homeostasis” is a technical part of cutting cords of attachment. You could call it “The seamy side” of a healer’s life. 😉 Let’s investigate some of the deep energy mechanics when cord-cutting works properly. Because inquiring minds like yours want to know more than the obvious definition. Which is:

Divine Homeostasis keeps the cordee unchanged energetically, even when you have cut a cord of attachment. Cord-cutting changes you energetically, not anyone else.

Effective cord-cutting means that you will never again have a cord of attachment to that particular person.

(Might he still have one to you, along with a spiritual tie? Sure, but that’s none of your business. Short of magic or voodoo, there is no way for you to influence anyone else’s cord of attachment to you. These won’t keep you from reaching Enlightenment, either. It’s not like becoming Enlightened removes all cords of attachment from other people to you, perhaps with a big whooshing sound….)

So let’s be clear that the only power you have as a self-healer or client is to facilitate cord-cutting for your own cords of attachment.

Well, how do things get back to normal for the cordee, when you cut your own cord of attachment?

Take Joe, for instance. Say that Joe was your boss at a horrible job. For five years, Joe served as your tormentor, not only supervising you but doing everything he could to destroy your professional standing and personal self-confidence.

I have, fortunately, helped many a client by cutting a cord of attachment to someone like Joe. 🙂

Is Joe some horrifying psychic vampire,  a toxic personality who will endanger life wherever he goes, a psychic attacher, a fearsome energy vampire? I don’t think so.

Energetic vampirism is not a factor, whatever Joe’s problems… and sometimes a client will want me to include describing some of the energetic components to a relationship, things that really did happen. This would be done after the cord-cutting part of the session.

Sure, as time permits in a healing session of Energy Spirituality, or in a separate session of Aura Reading Research, I can pull out an energetic hologram from an icky incident with Joe and read as many chakra databanks as desired to help my client appreciate what made loathsome Joe tick.

As a New Age Consumer, I really look forward to a time when some folks in the mind-body-spirit community regain enough human maturity to distinguish someone with loathsome behavior, bad character, maybe even bad breath…

 from an energetic monster who is an alleged big, scary psychic vampire.

Divine Homeostasis begins at Step 6 to Cut Cords of Attachment

Back at Divine Homeostasis, say that you are cutting your cord of attachment to Joe, doing all 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. When you get to Step 6, Requesting Permission, this activates the process of Divine Homeostasis.

In Step 6, you officially ask a  Divine Being to help with your cord of attachment removal. Say that Jesus is the Divine Being you have asked to help with your session of self-healing. Even before then:

  • During Step 4, you verify that you do have a cord of attachment to Joe. Research verifies that it is safe for you to remove it.
  • During Step 4 to Cut Cords of Attachment, youalso  make sure that this particular healing would be, at a minimum, safe for you.
  • You don’t yet know what is in that cord of attachment to Joe. (You won’t know this until you do Step 9.)

Jesus knows, however. So while you speak your Permission Statement out loud, in Step 6, Jesus does a number of things. One is to investigate if any of the cord items involve give or take of energy between you and the cordee. Say, for instance, Joe has been sending you up to 500 lbs. per day of rage, blaming, and hatred.

Again, this doesn’t make Joe a psychic vampire. Even with a cord of attachment that scores 10 out of a possible 10 on my Yuckiness Index, fear not.

Your cordee isn’t some powerful sorcerer, purposely wrecking your aura and car and tossing autumn twigs into the gutters on your roof. Energy flows between people are a natural part of life, including some rather disgusting energy flows.

Yet one more reason why Jesus can assess the cord items without flinching! For every bit of significant back-and-forth energy in a cord items, Jesus gets to work. Quicker than you could say “Wow!” Jesus figures out what is needed to create Divine Homeostasis for Joe.

For instance, now that you won’t be available,  where is Joe to discharge that 500 lbs. per day of rage, blaming, and hatred?

Jesus seeks out volunteers, whether humans living now or ancestors, spirits, ghosts, etc., to take on every possible ounce. Agreements are made. (Those would be subconscious agreements for humans living now.)

Done deal! That’s Divine Homeostastis.

Thank God, God is good at math. When you co-create with the Divine, cutting a cord of attachment, you don’t have to do all those negotiations, down to the ounce. None of that part of your job. Yet you get the benefit. Nice trick!

Note that Divine Homeostasis Happens Automatically

One of the safeguards built into the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment is that Divine Homeostasis is figured out and enforced. Automatically. Doing the specific flow of techniques, those 12 Steps, certain benefits are built in. Divine Homeostasis is one of them.

Karmically that’s important, because “Do no harm” is a hallmark of Energy Spirituality.

Even a horrible human specimen like Joe doesn’t deserve to have his energies tinkered with. Just because you want to move out STUFF on your path to Enlightenment, would that give you the right to make him rage-constipated, etc.?

Even a horrible human specimen like Joe is on his own path to Enlightenment. His free will, and aura, are just as sacred as yours.

Oy, I know that this line of thinking verges on the revolting, so fear not. Divine Homeostasis to the rescue!

Many components of Energy Spirituality work to keep you in integrity. Also your healer, if you are a client rather than someone who uses a skill set from Energy Spirituality for self-healing.

Energy Spirituality is a set of skills that heal mind-body-spirit permanently by moving out STUFF and putting in what suits you better, at your current phase of development. Cutting cords of attachment, as a technique of Energy Spirituality, the consciousness of the healer becomes positioned to receive Divine help, what I call an “Energy Sandwich.”

So all you need do with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment is to do each step, one at a time. By the end you have a permanent healing. With all good karma included.

In Praise of Divine Homeostasis and Other Forms of Grace

That is the related theme for the November issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Comment below, ask your questions, and yes, sign up for this article by going to a website that answers the question, What does Rose Rosetree offer?

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    Thinking of someone else volunteering to take on the yucky energies I don’t want anymore – that makes me a little uncomfortable.

    Could you give an example or two of why someone would do that? How is the arrangement beneficial for them as well?

  2. 2
    Jill Erin says:

    In my personal experience, Jordan, the “Joe” in my life was a serious motivator. So, I would think anyone else out there feeling that they needed motivation on their path to Enlightenment would sign up. I call “Joe” My Most Excellent Teacher.

  3. 3
    Bridget says:

    Your comments on Beyonce’s pregnancy are really interesting. You state that she carried her daughter, birthed her, but didn’t really create her. Everytime I saw a picture of Beyonce during her pregnancy I failed to pick up the typical energy I usually notice from a pregnant woman. In fact, because of this, I thought she wasn’t pregnant at all! There was a definite energy disconnect. How do I articulate this? It didn’t seem like Beyonce’s energy or life force was affected by her pregnancy. It was odd.

  4. 4
    Jordan says:

    Thanks Jill – that makes sense.

  5. 5

    JILL, sweet answer. Now, JORDAN, I’m going to add my perspective, after doing some “Questioning” on your excellent question.

    At the soul level, humans still on the planet might accept some of the give or take from a particular cord of attachment in order to pay off karma.

    Or to learn as volunteers.

    Angels might give the okay in order to learn or to serve.

  6. 6

    Continuing, JORDAN, for Divine Homeostasis,
    it’s helpful that the negotiation takes place from the Divine frequency.

    When humans interact with astral beings, as with self-taught channelers for instance, the astral entities can lie freely to gain influence.

    If a human attempted to calculate and negotiate for the Divine Homeostasis, an entity might well play trickster.

    When co-creating with the Divine, it’s different. Divine-level wisdom can’t be tricked or deceived. A bargain will be a bargain and will work.

    Once again, let’s hear it for “Energy Sandwich.”

  7. 7

    BRIDGET, your comment is so fascinating.

    Of course, you supplied a Stage One Energetic Literacy perspective on Beyonce during the pregnancy. What really adds fun and precision is to research chakra databanks from a photo of her during pregnancy.

    You know, you are very close to putting together a fantastically interesting entry to our Fame Change Contest for Face Reading or Aura Reading, Your Choice:

    Maybe a photo of Beyonce when only mildly famous to contrast with one of the many online when she had a visible baby bump….

  8. 8
    Jordan says:

    Rose, thanks so much for finding an answer for my question. The distinction you made about the process being carried out at the divine level rather than astral helps me see it more clearly and sort out different types of subconscious agreements and how they’re made.

    So I think of it as more akin to a pre-birth agreement, made with everything totally on the level, rather than anything like an agreement an astral entity makes with a human to share their aura (for example).

  9. 9

    JORDAN, this is an excellent way to think of making a Divine Contract.

    By contrast, human ageements are of a very different order.

    And astral-level connections are different still.

    Yoicks, now I’m all ready to do a blog post on this topic.

    It’s coming, JORDAN, thanks to you. Only it is going to have to wait a bit in the lineup.

    Thanks so much for inspiring this. I’ll add a comment once the post goes up to make it easier to find.

  10. 10
    Claudia says:

    Bridget’s comment is indeed fascinating,given the observation, caught on video, that supports that.

  11. 11

    CLAUDIA, you have quite the cosmic catcher’s mitt. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. 12
    Kala says:

    I have interrupted my reading of the newsletter article to post this comment after the sentence

    ‘Or a daily Pranic Healing to “Cut all my cords” that takes 45 minutes’

    Oh Rose, come now, you misunderstand so!
    Pranic healers don’t cut cords for 45 mins daily.
    Maybe once a week and never for 45 mins like I did that day.
    But I had felt no good and admittedly got carried away cutting cords one by one from all major and then minor chakras.
    And I felt sooo good after that. The relief was palpable! And the effect lasted for days.
    I’m pretty sure that was not what was moving me towards spiritual addiction.

  13. 13

    Dear KALA, I did misunderstand and you set me straight. Please accept my apology — offered to you and any other Pranic Healers who were offended.

    My human fallability is one reason why my newsletter comes with an interactive page for reading corrections.

    So, just to make sure I have got the message properly:

    1. Wrong, that a Pranic Healing technique to cut cords of attachment means “Cut all my cords of attachment.” Instead, the cord-cutting is done one by one.

    2. Also wrong, this form of cutting cords of attachment isn’t done daily but the sense of relief lasts for several days.

    3. Interestingly, while cutting cords of attachment in Pranic Healing, it would be considered perfectly okay to cut more than one cord of attachment in a sitting.

    4. Also fascinating to me, this version of cord-cutting — where one attempts to remove more than one cord of attachment — could involve moving out one cord at a time, a whole bunch of them.

    Yet all this would take less time than for one Energy Spirituality session that (permanently, as in “For the rest of one’s life”) moves out ONE cord of attachment and MUST also fill up the client emotionally and spiritually.

    Did I get this right? Fascinating!

  14. 14

    Continuing, KALA, whose feelings I wouldn’t hurt on purpose ever…

    You have made a really interesting point for all us Blog-Buddies, not just those who have found healing and sacredness in Pranic Healing.

    In Comment 13 you wrote about doing a Pranic Healing practice for 45 minutes at a stretch, “I’m pretty sure that was not what was moving me towards spiritual addiction.”

    Now I’m not an expert on Pranic Healing — just demonstrated in the last couple of comments! But I do know some things about spiritual addiction:

    * How to detect it in a person’s patterning of chakra databanks, as well as the quality in some of the chakra databanks.

    * How to correct a spiritual addiction.

    * How to prevent it from coming up in the future.

    As noted in the current issue of “Reading Life Deeper” and also in many articles here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” the very simple version of prevention and healing is this: A maximum of 30 minutes per day of spiritual practices/energy work/woo-woo activities of all kinds that shift consciousness.

  15. 15

    So, KALA and others who have had similar questions about spiritual addiction, does the math part make sense?

    * If you are doing a BEAUTIFUL spiritual practice for 45 minutes

    * Or you are doing an uninspired, dutiful spiritual practice for 50 minutes

    * Or you are doing a super-fancy, brag-worthy 3-hour meditation on your weekend

    What do all these have in common? It’s more than 30 minutes in that day.

    So doing that will bring on a spiritual addiction.

    That imbalance will develop over time, and probably a pretty short time, given when we’all are living on earth.

  16. 16

    One more thing here: Sad But True Department. It never works to prevent an addiction while doing the potentially addictive practice. As in, “I feel perfectly fine.”

    Instead here is how to keep yourself in balance, avoiding a spiritual addiction:

    Do the math and use your clock — no more than 30 minutes per day.

    That is how to evaluate how you are spending your time. Not “Uh-oh. This practice is making me shift into a spiritual addiction” versus “I feel feel fine.”

    Make sense, KALA and other Blog-Buddies?

  17. 17
    Kala says:

    Thank you Rose for your reply.
    Got your point on the half hour limit and will be more mindful of time in future.

    Cords in pranic healing parlance would be the equivalent of astral ties in energetic spirituality. Which is why we can cut a whole bunch at one sitting either individually or at one go by lumping them together.
    And yes you do it in just 2 to 3 mins in ‘Use Your Power of Command’ which is highly impressive. Will be studying that book in detail next week so I can use your version in future.

  18. 18

    Thanks for the education, KALA.

    You are such a good sport!

    Also, I think you’re on to something, that many people — on the Internet and off — in many healing modalities — confuse astral ties with cords of attachment.

    Unfortunately, this causes plenty of people to think, “I tried cord-cutting and it didn’t work for me.”

    One of my aspirations in publishing “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” is to clean up the reputation of cutting cords of attachment.

  19. 19

    Actually, since you brought up “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection,” here’s something else you can keep in mind while reading it.

    That how-to helps you to identify SEVERAL kinds of STUFF that can be stuck in a person’s subconscious mind and aura.

    (STUFF, of course, means stored astral-level energies and emotions that distort living.)

    As more people begin to learn about cutting cords of attachment, some become confused about the difference between cord-cutting and other techniques, such as removal of psychic coercion.

    Unfortunately, newbies may think that cutting a cord of attachment means the same thing as removing all varieties of STUFF. This how-to will teach you more about different types of STUFF and how to remove them.

  20. 20

    As a sophisticated New Age Consumer, it is vital to grasp these facts of life:

    * Astral ties are NOT the same thing as cords of attachment.

    * Cords of attachment are NOT the only type of STUFF that can limit life.

    * A truly professional healer who cuts cords of attachment will have full training in Energy Spirituality practices, and the training will help the healer to discern which type of STUFF needs to be addressed first.

    * And a smart client will understand why to avoid anyone who advertises, “Come to me for a cord-cutting session,” promising that a cord of attachment will be cut no matter what.

  21. 21
    Kala says:

    Just wanted to say (since there never is enough time when in session) that the psychic coercion healing you effected for me last week was highly, highly powerful.

    Extraordinary the feeling of lightness when it was all removed. That is the beauty of your techniques, simple and yet so highly effective.

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