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Forgiveness Quiz. Some ANSWERS.


“I love you.” That might be the most powerful sentence in English for healthy relationships, trusting life, and moving forward on a path to Enlightenment.

“I forgive you.” That sentence might come in second.

Either giving or receiving forgiveness can help a person to feel better in the present. Also to stay present.

As we explore some answers to our earlier Forgiveness Quiz, I’ve been wondering. Could it be?…

that sometimes a here-and-now conversation can prevent the need for forgiveness here-and-later? Later, so many more words can be needed.

As demonstrated by the tiny yet helpful forgiveness techniques below.

2 simple techniques for forgiveness + 3

After an incident passes, a simple technique to forgive someone can be to think, “I forgive her” or “I forgive him.” Think it once.

If everything doesn’t brighten up right away, you can go on to the slightly more complicated technique. Ask yourself “What’s in the way?”

You may get an idea or two immediately. Then evaluate, bringing along all due common sense.

Sometimes it’s enough to conclude something like “That’s ridiculous.”

Voila! You’re freed up.

In today’s post, giving my personal answers to the first four of the Forgiveness Quiz questions, I just might tuck in some ways to move beyond the need for forgiveness.

What if you have a bigger forgiveness problem?

With all respect, if forgiveness continues to be a sticky issue, you probably have a bigger problem than forgiving any particular person or group for any particular incident.

Not that you are wrong to have such feelings, or that any situation is hopeless. Quite the opposite.

With a forgiveness solution, some day you can go,”Hooray, that situation brought me such a great motivation to grow!” Because any forgiveness problem can be interpreted as a gentle push towards more personal growth. For instance:

  • Invitation to growth #1: It’s not possible to truthfully say, “I forgive you.”
  • Invitation to growth #2: Sometimes a person can’t say “I love you,” either.

Does it really make sense to spend hours on dedicated forgiveness practices to fix such a problem? Or to “Work on it” every day of one’s life?

The following Forgiveness Quiz ANSWERS may please you or not. At least they can help you to refresh old unquestioned habits.

I aim to help you on your path to Enlightenment, or help you as a New Age Consumer, or otherwise set you thinking about what works for you NOW. Basis for all the following answers is my personal experiences, plus what I have learned as a healer with Energy Spirituality and as an Enlightenment Coach.

Forgiveness Quiz Topic #1. Longing to be the same as before

“I need to forgive because I haven’t been the same since that bad thing happened.”

FALSE. You can’t be the same as before. Get over it.

Chasing after false ideals has caused so much human misery. We’re living at Earth School, a great academy for spiritual evolution.

As humans we change constantly, from babies to toddlers to children to teens, and continuing.

Quite often, this healer is told by a new client, “My intention for this session is to be the way I was before XYZ happened.”

How limiting! (And probably impossible.) (And, to a purposely evolving soul, not desirable.)

I will discuss with such a client what might be more desirable. “If you had the forgiveness, what would you do then?”

One practice that might help bring forgiveness:

It can be such a relief… to stop clinging to the past and design a new present. Being practical, we can include a few shiny new goals for the future.

Pursuing them can be fun. Whenever tempted to shift back into old resentments, we can move forward.

Is it really so important to perfect the past when a fresh new present awaits our use of free will?

Forgiveness Quiz Answer #2. Mental or emotional hijack back to the past

“I need to forgive because I keep thinking about the person who did that bad thing.”

TRUE. This kind of predicament is precisely what happens with cords of attachment. Every day thinking about the rapist, etc. It’s a problem, if one keeps thinking about “the person who did that bad thing.”

Forgiveness, by definition, means that one has moved on in life.

One practice that might help bring forgiveness:

Cut your cord of attachment to the person who did that bad thing.

  • For self-healing, either use the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) or another quality technique that really works. But never begin with a major cord of attachment. Learn by cutting at least 10 minor cords of attachment first. Then you will do a quality job, plus all along the way you will gain benefits, one self-healing session at a time.
  • Otherwise book a session with a professional at Energy Spirituality.

About cord-cutting: Don’t expect it to help at all if you learn some quick technique to “Cut all my cords of attachment.”

Even doing such a technique every day, you will not get results. Not your fault! Such cord-cutting practices don’t do the job but only claim to, unfortunately.

Forgiveness Quiz Answer #3. One healing session did not fix everything

“I need to forgive because I have successfully cut my cord of attachment to the person who did that bad thing, yet I still keep thinking about it.”


As  a healer, I consider forgiveness a useful developmental concept. Someone who is spiritually awakening can embrace forgiveness as a way to take responsibility, rather than blaming or feeling like a victim.

  • For an awakening person, it can be quite TRUE: “I don’t feel good yet. Gee, and I did the one healing session. So now I need to get myself some forgiveness to fix the rest.”
  • However, a person can rapidly evolve beyond the stage where “Need for forgiveness” is the big goal. Then the answer to this Forgiveness Quiz Auestion would be FALSE.

Major healing takes more than an hour. Taking responsibility, one can set out on a delightful journey of self-actualization. The concept of forgiveness could give way to something more personal and pertinent, like:

  • Guess my next project is to learn to trust women again.
  • Maybe my next step of growth as a person will be to learn skills for dating.
  • I wonder what would happen if I learned how to enjoy my own company, with zero pressure about getting married.

One practice that might help bring forgiveness:

Drop the idea that “Forgiveness is the one big solution that fixes everything.” Be a smart New Age Consumer, Christian Consumer, Buddhist Consumer, any kind of consumer with street smarts at earth school.

Accept there is no such simple solution, not for humans on earth.

Pursue continued healing in a direction you choose, along a path you respect.

And, after Thanksgiving, we can pursue more ideas around forgiveness.

Whether the holiday goes so well, and you’re brimming over with gratitude like gravy from a dainty little pitcher

Or you’re grinding your teeth, and not from chewing

You can’t lose either way.

But for now, let’s pause to reflect and hear your point of view with comments below.

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  1. 1
    An Avid Reader says:

    Dear Rose,

    I really enjoyed this entry (and many others as well). I continue to be an avid reader of your blog (albeit mostly a silent reader of it lately).

    It is always such a joy to visit your enlightened corner of cyberspace.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 2
    Misty says:

    Hi! I really loved this post, and I agree that’s its a very important thing to forgive others, and to love. Forgiveness is a very good tool for healing, as well as becoming thankful for what we have, especially around Thanksgiving time. Thanks for posting!

  3. 3
    Jill Erin says:

    A beautiful post, Rose. And, so very timely! I love every answer you give because they reflect a way to take charge of your life in a kind and loving way. It leaves the sent of roses in it’s wake instead of the stench of blame, pain and regret. Thank you, again, for a very enlightening post.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    So lovely, Rose, I especially like how you make it clear that it’s a matter of personal responsibility.

    Here’s to forgiveness. I’m still being presented with things to forgive and what’s so beautiful is what a difference it makes in opening up and entering my body. We may talk about a person being a ‘pain in the neck’ but forgiving them and finding a gentle relaxation in its place.. well, it’s so lovely.


  5. 5

    AMANDA, thank you. It is really superb, being embodied. Makes such a difference, and I applaud you for pointing out this easily overlooked nuance.

    Happy Thanksgiving, even if it isn’t officially your holiday.

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