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Yes, I do want to get to that Energy Spirituality or Energetic Literacy post


Blog-Buddies, do you share my excitement about the innumerable kinds of knowledge now opening up at this blog? Many a morning I wake up and want to do nothing but run over to my computer, start reading your comments and posting new chunks of information in response.

By today, for instance, there are definite requests for me to post about:

  • Life contracts — for a point of view different from these two links to…  life contract…  articles online
  • When I moved into Enlightenment earlier this year — plus other Enlightenment Coaching information
  • Aura readings and face readings related to our latest contest about how fame changes celebrities down to the level of auras. (Still open now but closing December 1.)
  • More posts about the healing side of things — Energy Spirituality information, like about cutting cords of attachment
  • More posts about doing the Deeper Perception side of things — Energetic Literacy information about aura reading, face reading, Skilled Empath Merge

Off-blog Energetic Literacy, Energy Spirituality, Enlightenment Coaching

Some of you want off-blog ways of growing faster, and that requires certain interesting projects and then posts to let you know about them:

  1. Merry Christmas: A NEW book about cutting cords of attachment, long awaited: Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing: Cord-Cutting Made Simple and Effective. This is going to be a kind of prequel to Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality. It is being released soon in ebook formats, with a print edition to follow in 2012.
  2. The NEW Power of Face Reading, being released first in ebook formats, then with a print edition, of course. Today I would love to wrap up the final, final approvals of “Online bluelines”
  3. The December issue of the free monthly newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper.” With the usual placeholder post at this blog so that you can interact in response to the exclusive article there.
  4. Information about Rose Rosetree Workshops 2013. Sure it is posted now. The buttons are registration are even life. (I hope.) But I have a fun, juicy blog post about this. You’ll see.

All of these are coming very, very soon.

Want to know the funny part?

Right now I have 100 new posts pending at this blog. That means either all written or conceptualized and ready to be written.

And that number doesn’t count today’s first blog post, which was made live faster than I could say, “Achooo.”

Only isn’t that just like me. 😉 I always think things at Earth School can be done faster than is humanly possible. In reality, all these blog posts are going to take a bit longer than a sneeze.

Before Enlightenment, the dawdliness of life on earth used to frustrate me so. Now I just find it comical. To really work in external reality, on earth, things do take time.

And speaking of things that are worthwhile but take a bit of time

Because of my contact with new Blog-Buddies via client sessions etc., recently I have had a rather shocking realization. Many very basic concepts each need their own dedicated blog post.

Doing this is going to take a bit of time. And I put it towards the head of the queue because, lacking knowledge of the basics, questions come up time and again along with confusions about nitty-gritty details about — and again, here come links to popular articles online with which I strongly disagree — aura reading, empath skills, cutting cords of attachment, the whole array….

As for you more long-time, advanced Blog-Buddies, having a refresher can’t hurt. Because you are so much more evolved by now, compared with when you first learned about these leading-edge concepts as a New Age Consumer, spiritual seeker, etc. 🙂

Please spread the word by sending a link to the relevant Basics-type post… to friends who are curious, at chat rooms and blogs, wherever you find an opportunity to educate.

In short, my advice, Blog-Buddies: Be patient with Rose. See the humor in all this waiting and sequential unfolding. It really is funny, and fun, how much we can be doing at this blog. Even if your favorite parts take a while to appear.

Don’t think I have forgotten about your requests. I’m just playing catch-up.

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