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How to get rid of energetic cords


What are energetic cords? How do they differ from cords of attachment? Or do both terms mean the same thing?

Let’s have some fun with this educational topic, Blog-Buddies. I’ll supply 10 myths about energetic cords… and how to get rid of them.

Do I have the proper credentials to debunk myths about energetic cords? I think so. Working in the field of Energy Spirituality since 1986:

  • I have probably cut more cords of attachment/energetic cords than anyone else alive.
  • That means cutting those energetic cords so they really stayed cut. (More on that later in today’s post.)
  • The 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) is a system that works, as has been demonstrated by readers of “Cut Cords of Attachment” as well as my clients and students and apprentices in the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. FYI, this is the only system for cord-cutting in America that is trademarked.
  • Feedback about results, as well as skill at cord-cutting, makes use of detailed reading of auras, all the way down to the level of chakra databanks. That’s another skill set I teach with a trademarked system that can help anyone who wants to succeed.

Let’s pause for a moment at that last point. Think about this as a New Age Consumer. Without Stage Three Energetic Literacy, how is it even possible for a healer to discern whether a technique for energetic cord-cutting really works?

Your own spiritual self-authority matters most, of course, regarding what you wind up believing about energetic cords. I don’t demand that you agree with all the points below. Will you find them helpful? This is, of course, the purpose of today’s post. You are in control of your life and your healing journey.

Energetic Cords Myth #1: One size fits all

“When people talk about ‘Energetic cords,’ they all  mean the same thing.”

Well, when people speak that way, they may be experts about many things but cord-cutting is not one of them. Many cord-type structures exist in everyday life. The short list includes:

  • Cords of attachment (Which people usually mean when they use the term “Energy Cords” or “Energetic Cords” or “Psychic Cords” or “Etheric Cords” or “Karmic Cord Cutting” or “Negative cords.”)
  • Spiritual ties. These are sacred and superb. Only a fool would knowingly attempt to remove these etheric-level ties.
  • Astral ties, a.k.a. Psychic ties. These can all be cut at one time, but new ones come. These astral-level ties, or cords, are a completely different matter. You can learn what they are, why they are important to remove, and how to remove them effectively from “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

A related myth is that energetic ties cause a person to have entity attachments. Apples and oranges are different, right?

This healer works professionally to facilitate stuck spirit healings and exorcisms. Both are entirely different skill sets from removing an energetic tie/cord of attachment).

Please note, I assume that healers mean well when they share what they know about  “Energy Cords” or “Energetic Cords” or “Psychic Cords” or “Etheric Cords” or “Karmic Cord Cutting” or “Negative cords.” Still, I doubt that any of these folks has really taken this form of healing seriously. Instead, isn’t it more of a sideline for them?

From your perspective, as cord-cutting becomes increasingly popular, it is vital to tell myth from truth.

Energetic Cords Myth #2: You need to clean up all these bad cords

“If you want a clean aura, find your energetic cords and remove them.”

Look, I’m a big believer in energetic hygiene. But a mechanical scrubbing away of energetic cords/cords of attachment can never result in permanent healing. Nor does it bring depth healing, with big steps forward in emotional and spiritual growth.

For that, use a technique that emphasizes quality insightful healing along with the permanent removal of ONE cord of attachment per aura healing session.

Energetic Cords Myth #3: A good technique for cord-cutting heals everything at once

“It is possible to remove all energetic cords at one time, with the proper technique.”

This is true of removing astral ties, a.k.a. psychic ties. Although useful — and a type of energy healing that I teach folks how to do — it is relatively shallow and trivial compared to cutting a cord of attachment.

And if a healer is using these terms about “energetic ties” interchangeably, what does that tell you as a New Age consumer?

Energetic Cords Myth #4: Only one energetic cord exists

“There is one energetic cord between you and each person who has upset you.”

Where, in Fairyland? On earth, astral ties/psychic ties are shared between two people. So you could say only one exists. Except that there is no limit to the number of astral ties you could have between yourself and Joe or Gladys. You could have 1 or 50 or more.

When it comes to your cord of attachment to Joe, you get one per person per lifetime. The other person, Joe, the cordee, can only have one cord of attachment to YOU.

So with cords of attachment (not just random energetic ties) there are two possible cords. True, only one of them is your business — your own cord of attachment.

Energetic Cords Myth #5: Cording

“A psychic vampire or energy vampire or toxic personality can cord you.”

Cords of attachment have nothing whatsoever to do with psychic vampires or energy vampires. For all practical purposes, there is no such thing as a psychic vampire or energy vampire. A cord of attachment is not a form of psychic attack.

If you are worried about this, please read more extensively at my blog. Educate yourself about some of these terms.

Or learn to read auras all the way through to Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Then you can go seeking for psychic vampires, since with full aura reading skills, you can read chakra databanks to your heart’s content, from regular photos, and receive detailed accurate information about the person at the time of that photo.

Vampires, seriously? Please, these are paranormal fears. Or the practioner (with all respect) is stuck at a very beginner levels of either aura reading or aura healing or both.

Someone who tells you that “cording” happens might as well wear a large signboard that reads, “Gee, I sure wish I really knew how to cut cords of attachment.”

Energetic Cords Myth #7: Re-cording

“A psychic vampire or energy vampire or toxic personality can re-cord to you.”

See previous comment about that large signboard. Of course, when a healer lacks skill at permanently moving out a cord of attachment… there has to be some excuse when, days later, that energetic cord/cord of attachment still is there.

Energetic Cords Myth #6: Cord-cutting should be easy and simple

“You can learn how to cut cords off the Internet.”

Sorry, but this is categorically false. Many practitioners will gladly share their attempts at this fantasy version of cord-cutting. But cords of attachment are real. They are energetically real.

The problems solved by permanently removing a cord of attachment are not a fantasy, either. Results can be real. In your real life.

Cutting a major cord of attachment permanently amounts to major surgery at the level of your subconscious mind and aura. Would you trust a physical operation to someone who learned off the Internet?

Then don’t trust someone with an easy method to cut psychic cords. Or any method to remove a cord of attachment that vaguely refers to psychic energy cords. You deserve better.

Energetic Cords Myth #7: Meditation for cutting a cord of attachment

“You can permanently cut an energetic cord with a meditation or visualization.”

Meditation can be beautiful. However meditation will not wash your car or take out the garbage from your kitchen trash can or cut a cord of attachment that has been in your aura.

Saying, “It’s all about energy, energetic cords, energy cord meditation, meditation” — this is only for beginners. Don’t be, or stay, a beginner when it comes to something so potentially important for improving your life.

Energetic Cords Myth #8: Using a physical healing energy method to cut cords

“You can permanently move out an energetic cord by using a technique from Energy Medicine, like Reiki or Healing Touch or Pranic Healing”

Not really. Not a permanent healing.

Of course forms of Energy Medicine can do wonderful things. But other things. Like move energy through your chakra system.

Cutting cords of attachment requires skill to perceive at the astral level, pulling out cord items from your subconscious mind. Plus skill is needed to do a complete procedure that brings quality results for emotional and spiritual development.

Energetic Cords Myth #9: Using Energy Psychology, or psychological healing, to remove cords of attachment

“You can permanently move out an energetic cord by using a technique from Energy Psychology, like Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).”

Unfortunately it is possible to mask, or sedate, some of the energies in a cord of attachment by these means. This does nothing to remove the astral-level and subconscious STUFF, which will continue to limit your life and mental health every day until the last minutes of your life.

Energy Psychology techniques can do wonders. But they do not involve developing depth skills of perceiving, interpreting, or removing psychic-level debris — you know, cords of attachment made of energy.

As for psychological reflection to cut energy connections or ties, this might sound interchangeable with removing an energetic cord. It might be interesting or insightful. However, the STUFF remains.

Many of my Energy Spirituality clients formerly spent years in weekly therapy and found more results from two or three 55-minute phone sessions. Because it is a physically real healing opportunity, at the psychic and subconscious levelos, moving out energetic cords in the form of cords of attachment.

Psychotherapy is wonderful, and can be such a Godsend. Yet it is not the same thing as Energy Spirituality sessions, including those that have the healing  centerpiece of cord-cutting. (Vice versa as well! I definitely refer some clients to a mental health professional, because for them, at the time, a therapist would be much more appropriate as a healer.)

Energetic Cords Myth #10: When a healer favors the terminology “Energetic Cords,” that means the healer knows a lot about energy

“You can trust a healer or teacher of cord-cutting who doesn’t clearly specify what a cord of attachment really is.”

Why, exactly?

Etheric cords, cords for example. Sure, you can read plenty about “Etheric cords.” This language can always be your tipoff as a New Age Consumer that the writer lacks basic background in appreciating different types of energy, what they are, how they work.

Energetically there are three worlds: Human, Astral (or psychic), and Divine (or etheric).

  • STUFF in energy healing (as defined by me, anyway) means stored emotional and energetic debris at the astral level.
  • The etheric level is perfection. Is there any STUFF there, like energetic ties that are cords of attachment?
  • Nope. Just think about it.

Psychic cords? Again, that is a pretty vague term for cords of attachment. When someone refers to psychic cords, expect to find someone who is very interested in paranormal or psychic phenomena, like this writer about cutting psychic cords.

How about the idea of one cord of attachment containing both astral and etheric energy. Sure you can find that, too. Gotta love the Internet, right?

Energetic cords? Look with a clear consumer’s eye at techniques offered you to cut energetic cords, perhaps special ones connected through sex. Use your common sense. Remember that, when it comes to the sort of energetic cord technically known as a “cord of attachment,” you get one per customer.

True even if you were a sex worker and had many encounters with the same client. 😉

One cord of attachment and one spiritual tie that YOU have per relationship, regardless of your line of work!

Energy cords? Well, at least it is the shortest of all terminology I have encountered in the cord of attachment naming game played online. Cute, in its way. Like this foray into energy cord cutting from an astrology service.

Graduate from myths about energetic cords

The reality is so much more inspiring. Here at this blog you can read loads of true stories about real-life results from cutting cords of attachment.

My clients include folks who have found that cord-cutting helped them to recover from addictions to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine. People who overcame addictions to love or sex. People who were able to leave cults and cult mind control.

Or simply self-actualizing people, some of whom have even moved into spiritual Enlightenment.

Whatever your personal goals, you can really be helped by someone with professional skills at cutting cords of attachment. Or take a bit of time to develop real skills for self-healing. I would love to help you.

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    Hi Rose,

    I once heard a phrase that teachers who lack spiritual heat make up for it by increasing physical heat. They rely on “flash”, the student’s ignorance, etc – which leads to confusion. So, I really appreciate the time you take to address various ideas, myths and thoughts in order to provide clarity so that your students can be smart consumers and talented healers!

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