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12-12-12, plus purpose and passion


Well, well, well. The world isn’t ending neatly on this 12-12-12. Nor have you spontaneously popped into Enlightenment, right?

If so, do send the memo, or comment, below!

What can you do between now and the end of the Mayan calendar?

Many of my New Age colleagues are very involved in lightworking, 12-12-12 and for the rest of the year. A quick search on the Internet might find you some fun activities.

My friend Rebecca Jernigan has gone off to Egypt, for instance, to ring in the new. She suggests doing any sort of meditation, in your own time frame, to help the world… for a few minutes any time from December 18 to December 21.

Me, I aim to do just that. Have already begun Rebecca’s idea. Actually, that tiny bit of volunteer work has been part of my lifestyle for a long, long time. Just a minute here and there.

You do realize? Every minute on earth is a treasure. Just a sentence here, a two seconds of awareness there — and you can give the world a bundle of goodies, depending on how you have spent that precious human time.

Regarding 12-12-12 and beyond, I have a few ideas to offer. Especially regarding the two most important buzzwords I’ve encountered in 2012: Passion and Purpose. I mean, really, don’t you wish you had $5,000 for every time in 2012 you have heard people refer to either purpose or passion?

As always, with your self-authority, choose whatever works for you and fling the rest away.

Start treating your human choices as seriously as you consider any mystical date

Of course, it gives any spiritual seeker a super-great feeling to receive a BIG channeled message about BIG trends where you have BIG importance and time and space move in BIG, BIG ways. Once you get the BIG message, everything is settled.


How human it is, to seek this kind of passion and purpose in life.

Go for that, if you wish to. But also consider that you could have very human-sized passion and purpose. For doing that, it helps to pay a bit more attention to yourself. And those humble human choices that make up everyday life.

Passion and purpose because of honoring yourself in SMALL, human ways?

Sure. One way to find passion and purpose is doing a particular kind of aura reading research that takes into account a range of your chakra databanks.

I can teach you a technique for evaluating your human choices with all due respect for your human diversity.

Yes, diversity! You don’t need multiple personality disorder to have many facets to you. 😉

Each January I teach a workshop about “Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage.” Consider yourself invited. Because you can use this skill set for the rest of your life to have a more meaningful, better life.

This type of aura reading research is one of the most practical skill sets you can develop. It’s a kind of guidance that comes through energetic literacy in the present, rather than needing a psychic reading.

See my YouTube about guidance directly from your own aura, Soul Thrill Research

This YouTube is an introduction to  Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage.  You can learn to get guidance that really is specific for you, through Thrill Your Soul Research.

Did you know that every choice you make in life, whether career or type of diet or creative activity or how you exercise or which person you kiss — any significant choice will impact hundreds of your chakra databanks?


By learning about your own aura’s response, you can save yourself a whole lot of time and money and heartache. Researching at the level of chakra databanks counts as Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, definitely something you can develop. I’d love to teach you! And if you can’t make it to this very cool workshop, in Sterling, Virginia. Consider:

  • Either phone mentoring for 55 minutes.
  • Or even a “Day of Mentoring.” Which means five hours at a special rate, to encourage you to go for depth learning.
  • Or simply set up a personal session with me for Soul Thrill Research, so I can help deliver guidance straight from your own chakra databanks.

Choose either a sound recording or doing it as Skype webcam, just for fun.

The other world-historical point about passion and purpose and 12-12-12

As the Mayan calendar finishes up… this time around… there continues to be an accleration of vibratory lifting.

I believe this because:

  • The little I know about the Mayan calendar ending. (And trust me, I am no specialist here.)
  • Plus the bigger amount I know from directly working with clients, doing soul thrill research on a regular basis.

Such a parade of humanity, through my pink office. Plus phone and Internet………………..

Based on that, I think what’s happening now to humanity is like what you or I might do when reading a detective novel. As we get to that final chapter, we want the story to conclude already. So we read faster and faster.

Whatever the reason, or analogy, vibratory liftings are accelerating. So living on earth right now, it is common to feel as through you are contstantly running on a treadmill turned up to the highest possible speed.

Well, Blog-Buddies, don’t take that personally. And, for heaven’s sake, for human sake, do not make now the big test case about whether you feel passion or purpose or any other cosmic goodie.

Just get through the day, living in integrity as best you can, doing up to 30 minutes each day of spiritual practice of your choice.

That rate of growth is going to slow down, I suspect. Meanwhile, get through one day at a time, even a day with a fancy date like 12-12-12.

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    Suzanne Golden says:

    Hi Rose, I met you at a talk you gave at Barnes and Noble quite a few years ago. I was on your E-mail list back then until some event like a computer crash. I’m glad to be back in touch with you thanks to my daughter signing me up at Facebook. Suzanne

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