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Blog-Buddies, on this Christmas Eve, what is the greatest gift you can give yourself? Position your consciousness in a way that really helps you. Avoid paths that sound fabulous… but deliver nightmares in real human life.

Below is my latest article for Pathways Magazine to start you thinking. “Pathways” makes each current issue available online, as well as delivering those thousands of delightful old-fashioned print copies in health food stores, healers’ offices, and the like. Free copies of a quality magazine, wow! But neither is interactive like this blog.

The online PDF version from Pathways isn’t available yet. (I will add a link after it is.) Meanwhile, I invite all Pathways readers to join our online community around Deeper Perception. You all are welcome to comment below with questions and/or reactions to this latest article, an the ongoing column on “Energetic Literacy“. Headings and links are added especially for this blog version.

Enjoy, everyone. Because the biggest gift you may unwrap this holiday season… is not a ginormous green bean casserole but your consciousness.

How do you position your consciousness? Intention.

Clients tell me a lot about their goals for healing. Often their innermost dreams for self-actualization are shared in those hopeful sentences about “How I wish to grow as a person.” Discussing and shifting these goals has become an important part of how I help clients.

By the time 2012 is over, I will have completed another 1,000+ session hours, each one based on my client’s intention. Facilitating sessions to heal and help, it never ceases to amaze me. Whichever skill set is used with that particular client, intention is always vital. You can’t get where you want to go without — wisely — choosing a destination.

Often I have wished that somehow I could make the best parts of those personal sessions available to you blog readers, free and clear and powerful. I have wished to use this column to supply a do-it-yourself tweak that could make a huge difference for your life now… and all the way through to Enlightenment.

Today it occurred to me, I could at least make the first five minutes available — that part of an Energy Spirituality session about intention.

Are you willing to accept some coaching about your process of setting intention? I’ll warn you in advance, that takes courage.

I’ll promise you this as well. The benefits could be huge.

An Alarming Trend with Intentions in 2012

Having worked in New Age since 1970, I have seen trends come and go. Most are interesting, even beautiful. However, that can’t be said about the biggest trend in 2012. It’s very concerning.

Variations on the following theme abound. Reading them, play New Age consumer. Can you identify the problem?

Great examples, all, of goals that could bring about  the highest… misery. If they came true.

At best, such results would bring imbalance. At worst, imagine a life high on a mountaintop retreat, a simple lifestyle replete with vows of chastity, obedience, and poverty.

Of course my perspective is based on using skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy, not simply contact with clients. This year, six of my long-term clients moved into the state of consciousness known as spiritual “Enlightenment.” That’s a pretty strong result in the direction of balance. Enlightenment benefits many aspects of life, including what shows with Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

What does energetic literacy mean? It means reading auras. Reading them in detail. Stage Three Energetic Literacy means reading a person’s energy field all the way through to the level of chakra databanks.

Take your aura, for example. Every one of your major chakras contains 50 chakra databanks, with more in your sub-chakras.

Each chakra databank contains a permanent, beautiful, Divinely-designed gift of your soul. Plus there is a size and quality to each chakra databank. This depends on lifestyle + how your human time is spent + the subtle positioning of consciousness in everyday life + how much STUFF is stuck at the astral level.

  • If you’re a mind-body-spirit healer, there is no substitute for using skills of energetic literacy.
  • Likewise if you’re a self-actualizing person, who sets goals for yourself.
  • Either way, energetic literacy reveals vital patterns beneath the surface.

To use the language of psychology, the level of personality where energetic STUFF is stuck corresponds to the subconscious mind (a.k.a. the unconscious mind).

STUFF can always, always, always be healed. Hence the many techniques used by holistic healing professionals. The healing skill set I use, Energy Spirituality, aims to help emotionally and spiritually. For this, intention matters enormously.

Any of the “Deeper Self”-type intentions at the start of today’s article could provide negative serious consequences emotionally, spiritually, even physically. Because, if you think about the implications, a longer version of each of these might go like this:

“I despise my normal human functions, except for a cherished few. Ideally, I’d prefer to totally ignore little things like my human emotions, gut reactions, human likes and dislikes, how I spontaneously talk, and everything else about who I am. All I would allow, ideally, is one tiny fraction of myself. I want help to toss out my human self and replace it with my highest ideal.”

Takeovers? Not such a great idea. In my practice, I have seen the occasional takeover that requires an exorcism, a concerning possibility until you remember that STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Takeovers can mean a personality hijack by one component of the personality, one chakra databank. Or a takeover could mean surrender to guidance from those who don’t have your best interests at heart. Or perhaps it’s more like “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” Not as a lovely country music song but as a deeply confusing way of life!

Be careful what you ask for

When setting an intention, you will surely get results. Ideally a wise intention will help strengthen all your chakra databanks, including these:

  • “Connecting to Physical Reality: Chakra Databank at the Root Chakra
  • “Making Money”: Chakra  Databank at the Root Chakra
  • “Analyzing My Life” Chakra Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • “Emotional Growth” Chakra  Databank at the Heart Chakra
  • “Verbal Integrity” Chakra  Databank at the Throat Chakra
  • “Connecting to Spiritual Source” Chakra  Databank at the Third Eye Chakra

Which intentions bring balanced results?

At best, an intention is something you really want. Personal improvement that would work well in reality.

Often, folks think of a goal in terms of a particular technique. Yet a goal is not a technique. A goal is a goal.

Let’s consider brave spiritual seeker Joe. His initial intention is, “I want to live from my deepest self.”

Noble though this sounds, it’s a technique as much as an intention. Because aiming to base life exclusively on one part of the self has to be a technique.

“I want to live from my deepest self” implies that Joe is capable of living from other motivations, drives, urges, impulses.

I should hope so! Otherwise why would all those extra bits be installed?

Why would God bother to create people with flesh and blood, as complex incarnations, rather than populating this earth with cartoonish two-dimensional figures with names like “Goofy” or “Smarty Pants”?

Okay, flinging aside that slightly facetious question, let’s go back to facts. Here’s an energetic literacy-type fact of life. Joe, like you, was born with hundreds of chakra databanks, each containing a  magnificent gift of the soul.

Sure, Joe could call them “deep” or “shallow,” prefer some and despise others. Nonetheless, everything originally installed in the human energy field has a purpose, a value.

Whatever Joe happens to prefer, he cannot have just one cute and perky chakra databank, like “Connection to Spiritual Source” Chakra Databank at the Third Eye Chakra or “Connection to Psychic Guidance” Chakra Databank at the Third Eye Chakra or “Analyzing My Life” Chakra Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra. Nope, Joe has hundreds upon hundreds of glorious human potentials.

What’s the problem when Joe pursues a technique-laden goal like, “I want to live from my deepest self”? Consciously or not, he has made a choice to place one chakra databank in charge of the rest. Perhaps Joe, who happens to be very smart, equates “My deepest self” with his “Analyzing My Life” Chakra Databank.

In pursuit of that goal, official techniques can be used. Teachers, healers, friends will be selected based on how severely they emphasize the “Analyzing My Life” Chakra Databank.

Even more problematic, any strongly motivated spiritual seeker will wind up developing intention-related habits. Joe will shift consciousness in everyday life, positioning awareness inappropriately for wellbeing…  but supporting his ill-chosen goal.

For instance, connecting to physical reality? To Joe pennies found on the street, or that day’s weather, or what his boss asks him to do at work that day… anything and everything can be turned into a subjective theory. Ta day, Joe’s latest springboard for intellectual analysis!

Instead of making direct contact with life, at the subconscious level, an energetic subroutine can become established. Consciously, Joe might have no clue. Distorted patterns with consciousness don’t come with a warning label. It takes detailed aura reading to sort out what is really happening.

Using energetic literacy, what shows at that time in Seeker Joe’s life?

  • “Connecting to Physical Reality: Chakra Databank at the Root Chakra, size goes down to 1 inch. Joe responds to life as if it were a third-rate jigsaw puzzle.
  • “Analyzing My Life” Chakra Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra over-functions all the way out to a trillion miles. Joe succeeds at his technique, living in his head.
  • Ironically, Joe is the last to know about the success already achieved. Personally, he keeps seeking for ever deeper, ever more pure. Ironically, folks who talk to Joe get the message subconsciously (and maybe consciously, too). Only they’re not thinking, “That Joe, he’s so deep, so pure.”

No, unless they are following a similar technique, Joe’s friends aren’t so very impressed. Their reaction? They worry, “Poor Joe, is he ever out of touch!”

Discernment when choosing intention

Here come some tips to help you further with choosing an intention. Whether that be a New Year’s Resolution, your goal for a healing session, your objective in taking a workshop, the special list of desires you write down on your birthday.

Incidentally, birthdays are highly charged energetically. Don’t let one go by without spending a few minutes, minimum, on your intentions for the following year.

Every day, it’s smart to assign yourself a project for personal development. Write down your first draft, whatever it is. But don’t stop there. Use the following tips for editing.

To keep things real, I’ll keep using the example of Joe and his intention, “I want to live from my deepest self.” It’s a very sweet intention, only it needs a whole lot of refining to produce something positive.

Intention Tip #1. Stretch yourself

Ask for what you want, not less of what you dislike.

Joe will not benefit a whole lot from aiming for, “I aim to feel like my life is less meaningless.”

Intention Tip #2. Aim for your growth, only.

What happens if your intention involves other people? Psychic coercion can result. But not, really, improvement.

Joe doesn’t really have the right to ask God, “Make my mother proud of me.” To paraphrase the great Terry Cole-Whittaker, how Joe’s mother thinks about him is none of his business.

Intention Tip #3. Honestly, what’s the point?

For Joe, what is the point of that ideal, “Living from My Deepest Self”? To trust himself more, rather than second-guessing or criticizing himself all day long? Maybe Joe would finally score a date.

Who knows? In his heart, Joe knows. Maybe he would be better off with an intention like “Trust myself more.” Or “Improve my love life.”

Intention Tip #4. Reality matters, not just ideals

It’s smart to include objective reality in a goal, not merely subjective reality.

Joe is living on earth. Like many an idealist, he has believed in the notion that, “If I perfect myself subjectively, base everything on that, automatically life will deliver everything that I desire.”

In heaven? Maybe. On earth? No.

So Joe’s more productive intention might be, “More effectiveness at work” or “Improving communication with women” or “Sharing power in close relationships.”

Life’s potential is great. With a powerful, honest intention, you can have the deepest fulfillment.

  • The bad news: You have to do that as a human.
  • The good news: You get to do that as a human.

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  1. 1

    Photo credit goes to an article on “Finding Your True Self” by Stephen Mills:

    His emphasis is psychological and exploring lifestyle. Other links in that part of today’s article are more about personal development, New Age spirituality, a sorta-good-feeling path to Enlightenment.

    Supposedly there is a deeper self, more authentic self, true self, real self, etc. And the way to find it is to shut out reality. Really?

    This photo speaks to me because it literally shows a man turning his back on the world in exchange for superior knowledge.

    And isn’t that what all such intentions offer, ultimately?

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose,

    This is interesting! I like your post, but I read the article by Stephen Mills and didn’t get any sense that he’s saying anything opposed to you – simply suggesting that we spend time finding what thrills our soul as an individual – a very Rose idea!

    I do know people who have turned their backs on human life in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and have lost touch with reality and humanity as a result, so I also see a lot of wisdom in your post – I just couldn’t see that issue reflected in his article.

    Wishing you and everyone a wonderful, relaxing Christmas. 🙂


  3. 3

    AMANDA, you won the treasure hunt. I do, actually, like some things about this article by Stephen Mills.

    When I add a link, sometimes I like the contents, other times I don’t. This one I did like.

    Mills’ article does examplify, however, an approach that stays closer to the surface of life than we need to do, while Deeper Perception is available. When folks have STUFF galore stuck in their auras, it becomes very easy to make choices in the direction of an existing imbalance.

    I’m all for self-authority, as you know. But I have seen some pretty distressing outcomes when people were on a flee-from-reality program, related to STUFF, and then made drastic choices based on the resulting feelings and thoughts.

    Also, there’s a big difference between “Pay Attention to Your Reactions and Feelings” as a brief research project (Which could be useful) versus doing it as an all-day monitoring. (Which would be the sort of problem I mainly addressed in today’s blog post.)

    In my reading of his blog post, Stephen Mills made no distinction whatsoever between the two. And this distinction is the main point of my post today.

    Sitting in the armchair, facing the ocean, COULD be great for a short reflective interlude. But doesn’t make for a great householder lifestyle.

    So thank you for your latest comment, AMANDA. To me, a great opportunity to use more discernment in service of… discernment.

  4. 4
    Amy says:

    Happy Christmas Rose! Lots of love!!
    I did set my birthday intentions , now I’ll do new year ones too 🙂

  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    Oh, Rose, that becomes even more interesting and I’ve had an a-ha moment!

    I was watching a reality TV programme, Made in Chelsea, last night, about the lives of young early-twenties socialites. While they’re all looking for love, obviously, there was one couple in it who were clearly incredibly unhappy, yet spent a huge amount of time talking up their relationship, saying how happy they were (in a horribly flat tone of voice), checking and rechecking to see that everything was going as it should – the kind of all-day monitoring you refer to – and yet it was so clear that they both felt they were walking through mud and nothing was working.

    I was intrigued, and reading your comment above has put the pieces into place.

    There’s a difference between authentically and genuinely doing something, STUFF-free, and ‘making a goal’ that pushes the person further and further into the muck. Even though the goal is worthy we can push ourselves into a dead-end.

    Thank you! I’ve ‘got’ it in a way I hadn’t before.


  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    This is still sinking in for me in my own way.

    To me, the distinction is between forced, dictated, ‘ought to’ intentions for development, as opposed to natural healthy development.

    The intention sets the scene. If we’re not ready to do something at a deep level, or it’s not happening, a forced effort to change and develop is only going to set up problems.

    The metaphor that has come to mind for me is planting a seed. If you plant it and water it, it will grow and flower. To stand over the plant pot visualising its outcome or monitoring its growth is a waste of time. Trying to make it flower in May when it’s due to flower in June is pointless. Affirmations won’t touch or change the process. And if you plant a rose, there’s no point in wishing it was a peony.

    Really, all you have to do is water it every now and again.

    I needed this Aha for myself. One of my big learning areas is relationships and I don’t like to think about the amount of pointless ‘trying’ and worrying I’ve done – with all the best, but ultimately ineffectual, intentions.

    If I see myself and other people as growing seeds, it’s a whole different landscape in my heart.


  7. 7
    Primmie says:

    Thank you Rose, this is very interesting, also thanks for mentioning Terry Cole-Whittaker. I didn’t know she was the originator of the phrase “What other people think of me is none of my business” it’s a phrase commonly used in 12 step groups and I have found it very helpful.

    And Happy Christmas to Rose and everyone here on the blog who celebrates it in any way.

  8. 8
    Amanda says:

    I knew this was going to fizz and develop in me all day 🙂

    Is there really ever anything wrong with any of us? – or just a dissatisfied mind that protests and pushes for action?

    Right now, for me, any goal set, any intention appears to be simply an illusion driven by lack of contentment and acceptance. It’s only true acceptance that lightens and carries us forwards.


  9. 9

    AMANDA, these are such important insights. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Not to mention for owning that fizzy mind of yours and directing it in such meaningful ways. 🙂

  10. 10

    PRIMMIE and AMY, yes, let’s spread happiness around. Christmas cheer, or its equivalent, to all!

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