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What is a Life Contract?


By popular demand, here are some of the things I have learned about life contracts.

I will also share my perspective on why knowing about life contracts can be useful. Reading between the lines, I hope you will feel a certain degree of delight. From my perspective, it is a joyful thing —  even a privilege — having a life contract.

What is the source of my knowledge about life contracts? Only one book has stood out, and I recommend it heartily: by Robert Schwartz.

Mostly my knowledge comes from working with clients, direct experience with the help of aura reading (Stage Three Energetic Literacy) or Skilled Empath Merge, through cutting cords of attachment, facilitating sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression Hypnosis. For major points about life contracts in today’s post, I will always add a little section about my source of knowledge because I think it is so important, whenever discussing metaphysical matters, to disclose the source of that person’s knowledge.

For instance, Robert Schwartz has written two fine books about life contracts. In Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, he uses an impeccable methodology and gives full disclosure about it. To me, that gives him the standing to write a highly credible book about life contracts.

Pretty theories are like floaty air, fine for balloons. With you, Blog-Buddies, I want to share human breath.

Life Contract Concept #1: A practical definition of  “Life Contract”

Before incarnating, most souls develop and agree to a life contract. It contains:

  • Themes for evolution, including what I call  “A Spiritual Ph.D. Program.”
  • Certain “Meant to Be” components, not likely to be changed by free will.
  • Huge scope for free will (which is, mostly, the point).
  • A certain degree of negative karma repayment.

Life Contract Concept #2: Your Spiritual Ph.D. Program

Gotta love Earth School, right? Evolving here is all about consciousness and learning.

Yet we can’t do all learning in just one lifetime. So Earth School provides certain major categories for a Ph.D. Program, or deep soul learning for one human lifetime.

Think about the following categories and you can probably find some that you are REALLY good at, perhaps the result of previous incarnations where you earned different Ph.D.s. Other categories seem like no big deal. But then one or more categories has seemed really tough.

  1. Physical Health
  2. Social Status, Accomplishment
  3. Money, Owning Things You Desire
  4. Sex
  5. Power, Fame, Getting Your Way
  6. Emotional Development, Confidence, Sensitivity to Others, Balancing Your Needs with Needs of Others
  7. Personal Sense of Identity, Living with Soul Thrill
  8. Marriage and Family
  9. Spiritual and/or Psychic Development
  10. Service to Others, Spiritual Purpose

If you re-read these categories, you can probably find some that you are REALLY good at, perhaps the result of previous incarnations where you earned different Ph.D.s.

Other categories may seem like no big deal. Your life contract does not emphasize these aspects of personal evolution.

But then one or more categories has seemed really tough. Well, hello! Back at the Other Side, you aimed to specialize in these types of learning during this lifetime, at least until you got that Ph.D.

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

Most of my clients for Energy Spirituality sessions have more than one appointment with me. This allows depth healing and cumulative benefits.

I also get to know a lot about these clients, and can identify particular themes,  a client’s Spiritual Ph.D. Program.

One session at a time, I help the client to remove STUFF and put in appropriate new energies, social skills, understandings, etc.

Whatever methods you use for personal development, it is important to make steady progress in the areas of life that matter to you. Especially because….

Life Contract Concept #3: Life Purpose

Does your life needs to be defined in terms of a grand purpose? I doubt this.

If you are able to make good choices, appropriate for you right now, you will stop worrying about life purpose. If you have less STUFF in your aura, at a subconscious level, you will not worry about life purpose.

All too often, life purpose becomes inner shorthand for “Enjoy my life” or “Feel really alive” or “Find meaning in my life.” All of that is immensely important.

However, if you haven’t yet found something to call Life Purpose and are still seeking for one, I have good news for you. One definite purpose for your life is to handle your life contract and do a fabulous job with it. Complete your Spiritual Ph.D. Program; for extra credit, maybe take others later in the incarnation.

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

Lots of work with clients over the past 42 years. The single biggest way I can help you stop worrying about purpose, and move quickly forward in your Life Contract is Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research.

This January, I will also offer my Thrill Your Soul Workshop.  This is a great opportunity to master skills for making wise choices in everyday life that help you to have a glorious experience with your Life Contract.

Life Contract Concept #4: Meant to Be Components of a Life Contract

Certain bits of a Life Contract are unlikely to change:

  • The number of life breaths (How long you are going to live)
  • Optional exit points (Some 3 or 4 times you can choose to make use of one of these opportunities to leave early, up to you, and not considered a suicide)
  • Some significant others you will meet along the way
  • Certain life events that are set up to happen, such as marriage or having children, receiving an award, health difficulties

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

One skill set I use with clients is Soul Energy Awakening Regression Hypnosis.

Sometimes a client requests a particular session that is done one time only, A Life Contract Awakening Session.

I’ll be doing a blog post, one of these days, on the three types of Soul Energy Awakening Regression Hypnosis I am currently offering. And one day it will also be described at my main website. For now, suffice it to say that these type of session are available now, even while we play catch-up over at And, definitely….

After moving clients into this type of regression therapy, this aspect of Life Contracts is no mere theory to me!

Life Contract Concept #5: The first 21 or 28 years

You may know it takes fully seven years for the body to physically replace every single cell. Perhaps that is related to having a special intensity to ages up to 21 and 28.

For lifetimes where significant evolution is planned, the first 21 years are packed with negative karma repayment.

If you are especially ambitious, very dense negative karma repayment could happen for 28 years.

Sometimes, at this blog or during sessions, I have referred to this intense time and perhaps not explained very clearly. Folks have gotten confused and later written things like “I had a  21-year life contract.” Nope. If your life contract were for 21 years, after that time you would be dead.

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

Mostly I know about this cute life contract component from thousands of Energy Spirituality sessions where I facilitated cutting a cord of attachment. Contents within a cut cord, the Cord Dialogue, often comes from the first 21 years of my client’s life.

Also I have learned about this from Past-Life Regression Hypnosis Sessions where I moved out frozen blocks of energy. I have helped clients to access and remove horrendous frozen blocks from early child, all the way back to the womb.

Regarding the intensity of early years, you could compare this to teething. Maybe you have heard that teething is so painful that, if it happened to an adult over 21, the grownup would be screaming constantly and consider the pain unbearable. Not to mention vast quantities of drool. 😉

Younger body-mind-spirit packages are way more flexible.

Life Contract Concept #6: Why Free Will Matters so Much

Right from Day One, you start having the use of free will. You, and you alone, decide how you will respond to the icky things that were set up in your Life Contract.

Karma and free will can be your friend. Depending on how you respond during those first 21 or 28 years, the karma you set in motion can be wonderful.

So never, ever fear that you must live in a deterministic fashion, worried about your Life Contract.

What’s better? Don’t worry. Be happy and act honorably. Set up great karma for now and the future!

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

  1. Personal experience.
  2. Helping clients.
  3. Observing the lives of folks I have known for decades now. Lives they have now… owe a great deal to how that individual has used free will in  positive ways during the earlier years.

Life Contract Concept #7: Repaying Negative Karma

You don’t need to believe in reincarnation to find meaning in the topic of your Life Contract for this human lifetime.

However, understanding about reincarnation and karma help a person to understand that life really is fair, if you consider it over a long enough time frame.

Experimenting at Earth School, a person learns by doing. (Hey, maybe you’ve noticed!)

Sometimes we learn by doing naughty things. Good or bad, our deeds will come back to us later. The negative comment from a perpetrator lifetime, or just poor use of free will, will catch up to that same soul.

Life contracts are packed with negative karma, like those relationships you can’t get out of, though you wish you could.

When a cord of attachment to such a relationship is finally, properly, cut, that can really complete a cycle of karma: Set in motion earlier,  part of a life contract, debt all repaid but the cord items still recycling in your subconscious mind and aura until cord-cutting ends that daily re-imprinting.

Yes, sometimes it is possible to say, “The karma ends here.”

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

Client experiences and feedback, sometimes from sessions where I faclitate cutting cords of attachment.

Other times removing really awful frozen blocks that serve as “Seeds of karma” — courtesy of Soul Energy Awakening Regression Hypnosis.

Life Contract Concept #8: A Reading is not a Healing

Most of us want to know more about our life contracts, why they are as they are and what is in store.

Some of us care more than others to know about this.

If you are interested in predicting future meant-to-be’s, I recommend astrology or psychic readings. Find a really good practitioner. That matters because one tends to believe predictions, which can then become self-fulfilling prophecies, even if the original prediction was off.

Personally, I believe the best way to have a great future is to lead from your strengths in the present. (Yet more reason, I think, to explore face reading, aura reading research, Empath Empowerment skills.)

Whether you are interested in the future or in the past, it is very important to understand that a reading is not a healing. Just because mystical terms like “Life Contract” are attached to a reading does not mean that your life will be deeply changed by new information.

Healing brings change. Removal of STUFF at the astral level, corresponding to the subconscious mind, can really empower a person.

Inspiration matters, nevertheless. And we’re fortunate because we can sprinkle in some inspirational readings as we move forward with healing. That can be a great way to relate to your life contract.

How do I know about this aspect of Life Contracts?

In the field of past-life regression hypnosis, I offer those previously-mentioned Life Contract Awakening Sessions.  The third type of regression hypnosis I offer, here in Sterling, Virginia, is a Soul Energy Awakening Inspiration Session.

That last type means that I help you revisit times you have studied with the great spiritual masters, if you had such lifetimes. Or your soul may move you into experiencing small but life-changing acts of kindness. Or, perhaps, you will revisit mystical experience from a past life. Based on your intention for that session, you’ll be inspired appropriately.

Having helped clients with these, I am still learning how knowledge helps people. Although healing tends to help them more.

Self-authority is always important for deciding what appeals to you on your path to Enlightenment. You alone can decide how to make your life contract a glorious success.

Of course you can! And that may be the single most important think to know about your life contract.

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  1. 1
    Paige says:

    This is so interesting Rose, thank you, I ordered both Robert Swartz’s books. When I look back, I can clearly see my life contract playing out.

  2. 2
    Tiny Tea says:

    Wonderful article, Rose. Came in just in time. Thank you.

  3. 3
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I’m so glad you wrote this post.

  4. 4
    David says:

    Thanks for the article, Rose. While I frame it a bit differently, I’d say I largely agree with your points.

    One minor point on #5. Saturn is the planet of karma and limitations. We feel it most when it’s in square, opposition, and conjunction which happens at about those 7 year intervals. The conjunctions in particular can be life turning points – around age 28-9 and 58-9.

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