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Have More Fun in Lucky 2013

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While our new baby year is still cute as a button, let it be announced officially. What is the singular quality of 2013? Fun.

Yes, I’m thinking of the possibilities for this new year as “Have more fun in 2013.”

Finally that weirdly accelerated evolution of 2011 and 2012 has slowed down to a more normal clip. You will keep all that spiritual evolution, fear not. But expect daily life to progress more normally.

In human ways of your choosing, you can consolidate growth. A great way to do that?  Simply have fun.

?2013 is about Fun

Fun as a guiding principle for spiritual evolution and material achievement?

Sure! In Lucky 2013 it’s okay to follow your bliss. Now isn’t a time for earnest plans to improve yourself and save the world.

Of course, you can still improve yourself and save the world while having more fun. 😉

Mainly, pay attention, Blog-Buddies, to what appeals to you. This need not be huge Major Miraculous Wowser, down to the special effects of a Bollywood musical.

Here’s a context for guidance on your path to Enlightenment

Blog-Buddies, don’t wait for the Archangel Gabriel to appear and announce you are pregnant by the Holy Spirit. (Especially unlikely for you male readers.)

Consider your choices in 2013 as more like getting fitted with new eyeglasses.

The optometrist clicks new lenses into the view frame. You are asked to compare.

Which way do you see more clearly, that way? (Click of lenses.) Or this way? (Click of lenses.)

Sometimes you might think, no big difference either way. But sometimes you might go, “Yes, that one’s better.”

Better, more interesting, that much clearer, that much more FUN! Well, go for it.

In that context, I’m glad to officially invite you to consider my 2013 schedule of Energy Spirituality and Energetic Literacy Workshops. Any one of those learning opportunities could be just the thing to help you fulfill some of those New Year’s Resolutions. Or just have fun.

In case Enlightenment-type fun appeals to you….

Psst. Any of my workshops is designed to move you toward Enlightenment. If you’re interested.

And definitely that workshop can move you forward by six months with your skill level — however much you already know regarding the workshop topic.

Layer after layer of knowledge is built into every workshop, so it isn’t unheard of to take any of these workshops more than once, more than twice. (And to get way more out of that workshop each time.)

Enlightenment Coaching can be a subtext for you, if you’re interested. That bit of tweak in the direction of Enlightenment will happen mostly behind the scenes. Rest assured, this is quietly built into every workshop, every session of aura healing, every bit of aura research.

Okay, here comes the practical what and how and why of Rose Rosetree workshops in 2013. Some of these workshops are about Energetic Literacy while others give you skill sets for healing with Energy Spirituality.

Energetic Literacy Workshops

Goal Setting Workshop — Guidance — How to do Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

Next weekend! Saturday, January 5 and Sunday, January 6, 2013 at the SpringHill Suites Dulles Airport Hotel in Sterling, Virginia?.

This is the only workshop I offer in 2013 where you can take either one day or both. Click here for the Guidance Workshop details.

This is a great workshop to help you evaluate a spiritual path, new relationship, hobby.  Literally, you name it. Then investigate, what does that choice offer you… all the way down to the level of chakra databanks?

So often, reality contrasts starkly with the promises. Yet your chakra datatabanks know the truth about any choice you might make, know that truth right now. Why go through the slog of taking the time, spending the money, raising your hopes, getting enough consequences to disillusion you? Some choices really stink, while others smell pretty darned good, and certain choices are bliss to your soul, bringing huge fun. This is the workshop to find out which is which.

Not about psychic guidance or receiving messages from angels or learning about “Meant to be.” Instead, this workshop helps you, a self-actualizing person, to co-create  your life along with the Divine. Find out what really works for you based on your own who-you-be.

Come, be inspired! Because your deep-down who-you-be is awesome. And, as a New Age Consumer, this workshop will help you greatly to have maximum fun in 2013.

Face Reading Workshop

Saturday, February 16 – Sunday, February 17 in Sterling, Virginia. Click here for details about THE workshop for learning Face Reading Secrets(R).

Bring your face and have fun learning about how special you are as a unique individual. Gifts of your soul show right there, in your cheeks, eyebrows, and nostrils!

Of course, learning how to read other people can help you communicate more effectively, make more money, enjoy your social life more, gain even more wisdom. No wonder it’s called the power of face reading!

Aura Reading Workshops

Start with the Level 1 Aura Reading Workshop. It will be offered Saturday, April 20, 2013 and Sunday, April 21.

Of course, you have The Gift. You have a complete, sacred Gift Set.

Also, aura reading is incredibly useful — THE form of energetic literacy for the times when we live. And along with all the practical techniques, you can have so much fun! Click here for information about my Level 1 Aura Reading Workshop in 2013.

???????After graduating from the Level 1 Workshop, you will become eligible to take the Level 2 Aura Reading Workshop , August 24 and 25th in 2013. With even more fun, researching chakra databanks to your heart’s content.

A quick note on fun in workshops

Any workshop I give will have lots of humor. This Enlightenment coach is not mellow or detached or emotionally bland. (Maybe you can tell from the rest of this blog…)

Any Rose Rosetree workshop consists of far more that a few ideas, carefully and creatively repeated over the weekend. No, you will find plenty to learn, however sophisticated you already are.

And yes, the group’s laughter can often be heard, echoing down the hallway. Maybe that’s because, as so many workshop participants have noted, together we create a sweet space. Down-to-earth real people, learning and growing with mutual support. Sure makes it easier to laugh, given that gentle friendliness in the room.

Whichever workshop you take in 2013, there will be fun and funny. There just will.

Workshops for aura healing with Energy Spirituality

These workshops help you have more fun because you’ve got a clean machine: Less STUFF, more you.

Regarding progress toward Enlightenment, the indispensible — though often frustrating part — involves changing the subtle physiology of the mind-body-spirit system.

Enlightenment isn’t a set of ideas. It requires the grace of God. It sure helps to do your human part by moving out STUFF at the astral level. Then a soul needs to fill up with what suits you as that distinctive soul, incarnated here and how.

The following workshops can help you with the typical Energy Spirituality combo of take out STUFF and put in what works better for your particular soul.

Cut Cords of Attachment Workshops

How much louder the conversation each year about cord-cutting! More and more people are adding this service. But that doesn’t mean they are necessarily attaining the results of this important technique of Energy Spirituality.

If you take the Level One Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop, you can be sure of learning a skill set that really works. By the time you graduate, that Sunday evening, you will own a powerful skill set for life. So consider treating yourself to this knowledge.

Click here for a link to the Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop, Level 1, for 2013. That will be Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12, 2013.

  • The Level 2 workshop is even more advanced, and counts as another requirement for any of you considering the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop, Level 2, will be offered on September 14-15.
  • A very recommended prerequisite is Aura Reading Level 1. Not required, just strongly recommended. Wow, and it’s even scheduled so that you can take the Aura Level 1 in April, before moving into the May cord-cutting workshop!

Workshop for removing astral-level debris, like stuck spirits and psychic coercion

Thank heaven for the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection skill set. In the words of my client Gladys, “It was like tar all over me. I had become accustomed to it. But after that healing, I feel so free!”

Gladys was talking about the skill set for psychic coercion healing. That’s just one of amazing techniques you will learn in this weekend workshop, carrying your skill level out six months beyond what you can develop with the how-to book about healing skills for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Save that date: Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12, 2013. Sterling, Virginia. And click here for details of the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop. Less STUFF and more you in your life = more fun.

Workshop for Healing Your Human Life

Not everything is going to be healed in one weekend. But one Energy Spirituality workshop in 2013 aims to bring healing to your effectiveness, power, focus, fun-and-profit. That’s the Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy Workshop.

Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 in 2013. Fun for your opening all seven chambers of your throat chakra, for instance.

Join us for a weekend of powerful inspiration that positions you for more success and enjoyment on your personal path. Click here for details for the Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy Workshop.

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  1. 1
    Astrit says:

    Hi Rose

    I would love to attend your workshops!

    But I live so far away.

    Question: Will there be any workshops in Europe in near future?


  2. 2

    ASTRIT, there were workshops in England last year and the year before.

    So far into 2013, however, I have no travel plans but am just planning to give workshops in Sterling, Virginia, near the biggest airport in the Washington, D.C. area.

    If you would like me to give a workshop near you, find a sponsor — somebody who does a good job at bringing in speakers, finding locations as needed, providing interpreters if needed, publicizing workshops and sessions, doing the huge job of making a tour work.

    Having the biggest, fanciest New Age-type venue does not matter to me. What I need is a promoter/sponsor with impeccable integrity and professionalism.

    Have such a person contact me at rose[at]

  3. 3
    Astrit says:

    would really like that! but I would need a bigger social network to make that happen. do you have many clients in Norway? Perhaps if also someone else from Norway has already experienced the tremendous impact that I have with our sessions, would be interested to get together with me and see if we could together get something going so we could get you here 🙂 perhaps you have a Facebook, where I could find others from Norway?

    thank you Rose for your reply.


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