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New alignment after The Shift into the Aquarian Age, the Age of Energy


Now that this first set of Mon.-Fri. is almost over in 2013, I’m going to make my hunch official about the recent Shift into the Aquarian Age.

Here’s some perspective on the changes that may have started affecting you since the year began, Blog-Buddies. Which would be…

An Energy Spirituality perspective

Based on sessions I’ve had with my clients in this new 2013,  yes! Something really fascinating is happening.

Human is growing more human.

And pressure is on to stop goofing around, or spacing out, and commit to being fully human.

You could think of Earth School this way. Until the end of 2012, for a very long time, angels like us would incarnate on Earth School for our personal evolution, plus learning and service.

Each of us came in with our own vibrational standing. It’s like the huge variety of astral lokas or realms that I described a bit in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

In the language of dimensions, before turning human this incarnation, some of you reading right now may have had a standing in consciousness where you were living at 7 dimensions. Or 12. or 16.

This was your own personal positioning dimensionally. Your various subconscious and astral experiences were pretty much hidden from anyone’s view during your waking hours. Including acknowledgement by your own conscious mind!

Then during sleep and dream time, you were off doing your thing in one or more other dimensions.

By way of analogy, let’s say that your highest dimension was the realm of Golf Ball Consciousness. You were subconsciously be learning about golf balls even while awake. Perhaps you were even phoning in reports to Golf Ball World during sleep and dream time, or waking hours.

For human purposes, this wouldn’t matter to your conscious mind or to anybody else’s. It wasn’t relevant to collective consciousness. Because the collective job of incarnation for everyone human is being human.

  • Householder Enlightenment or renunciate Enlightenment? Pursuing either one, your main job is still being human.
  • Care about evolving to Enlightenment or couldn’t care less? Your main job is still being human.
  • Thrilled about your future or not so much? Your main job is still being human. Living in present earth time.

But now, in Lucky 2013?

After The Shift into the Aquarian Age, all the dimensions beyond regular Earth School ones have become established here on a different basis.

Yes, here’s how it seems to me, with my evolving understanding.

Every dimension being personally lived by anybody on earth

is now being anchored into earth as a collective dimension, part of the cute new job of the entire planet.

For instance, say that your particular consciousness has you participating in the realm of Golf Ball Consciousness.

After The Shift into the Aquarian Age, you are adding your contribution in a much bigger way. Because everyone’s contributions to Golf Ball Consciousness matter more now. All those individual contributions are adding up.

Regardless of any inter-dimensional work you have, being human here counts more than ever. This is how you will bring those frequencies into Earth School with ease and grace.

Am I “dead certain” about any of this? Nope.

But I can supply some commonsense advice that fits with this and would be helpful even if I were not entirely accurate. For a great life on your path to Enlightenment:

Be human. Be human more vigorously than ever.

I can recommend to any of you Blog-Buddies a session with the intention “Alignment in 2013.” (Not just in January 2013 but any time starting now.)

“Alignment in 2013” would be a one-time healing session of Energy Spirituality. Where I play my role of Enlightenment Coach as well as practitioner of Energy Spirituality. In this unique session I will use healing skill sets in a slightly different way from usual.

The goal is to free you up from heavy stuck STUFF. This tar-like gunk and junk — a unique form of stuck energy — may be all the more apparent since overall vibrations for people in 2013 are higher and lighter.

You would schedule a session like this in the usual way, being in touch with Mitch at 703-450-9514 or setting a Personal Session of Aura Transformation via my website.

Maybe you know, one treat about my sessions in 2013 is that you can choose now between a regular phone session with sound recording, a phone session with no recording but a Skype webcam experience, or a session in person with sound recording.

However you free yourself up, just do it! You are the one with the self-authority and choice of resources that speaks to you at this time in your life. Just don’t think that moving into 2013 is going to be as routine as developing a new habit for writing the correct date.

New Clarity about The Shift into the Age of Energy

Blog-Buddy ANGIE put it beautifully in a recent comment about exploring human life — and workshops — in 2013:

“I do agree that 2013 has a lot more clarity, and this clarity almost suddently fell on my life… Not like it came right away with 12-21-12. (Though I’m sure it is linked) … It really feels like it came with the new year. And it strangely feels like I need to clean up my life big time this year.”

When you have a choice, Blog-Buddies, go for the human. It may seem attractive to space out. But the potential for spiritual addiction is stronger than ever. As may be pressures from potheads you know, or committed Christians like Pattie Mallette, or New Age seekers of guidance, or Buddhist spurners of “materialism.”

A new, improved path to householder Enlightenment  is yours. Feel free to create, or co-create with God, something that really keeps you growing as a human being.

Clarity can help you. And so can insisting on fun.

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  1. 1
    Angie says:

    It is also strange now that I think of it… on the actual night of the new year, when I went to bed, I had a dream that I could barely remember where it felt like I cast away an old part of myself which no longer felt like myself actually, and I was not on my own through this process, I was being helped. What went away felt like old, dirty, thick, slow stuff…

    It moved me. So much that this barely conscious dream resurfaced when I woke up…

    I often get the feeling stuff is going on when I sleep.
    It felt like a fresh start upon waking from that dream. Probably where the “clear/ning” feeling comes from…

    It is interesting how things can happen during sleep/dream time. I’d be interested to read more on this if you have some knowledge you’d like to share Rose 🙂

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Ooh… I also had a wonderful dream on the actual night of the new year. I was soaring to new heights in an aeroplane (normally my dreams are of being lost somewhere!).

    And Rose, I love your suggestion for a session intention. Glad I’ve got a session coming up soon!

  3. 3
    dana wills says:

    We have an entire universe of possibilities in front of us, and we’re invited to dive in and explore.

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