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Skilled Empath Merge with autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire

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What a treat, to do a Skilled Empath Merge with the artist who created a drawing of New York after one arial survey. Click here to find samples of the autistic artist’s breathtaking talent .

Any aura reading of Stephen Wiltshire would be a treat. Hence our Aura Reading Jamboree begun one week ago, Autism Aura Reading Jamboree, honoring Stephen Wiltshire .

Today comes my contribution, using the “Magic Picture” technique from Become The Most Important Person in the Room. It has been a while since I have used Energetic Literacy Skills on someone with autism, so I’m curious in that way. Plus each individual is unique, and it’s a privilege to delve into chakra databanks of this magnificent artist.

The main photograph I will be using for the research is of Stephen posing as a man and a celebrity. Only, just to keep things lively, I’m going to compare each chakra databank read at this time, in this role.

Yes, I’m also going to read the same chakra databanks in a photo where Stephen is making art.

Because an artist engaged in his work will display quite differently at the level of chakra databanks. Using Stage Three Energetic Literacy, it’s not one cosmic aura reading of one person for an entire lifetime. You are learning about whichever chakra databanks you wish to observe.

And, apart from gifts of the soul, which grace a person’s aura long term, the size and quality of chakra databanks are ever-changing.

Gotta love Earth School, right?

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

??Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra: Physical Self-Awareness

  • Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: Out to deep space.

Chakra databank quality: Stephen Wiltshire is not especially aware of his body. He isn’t interested in it, not in the way that is usual for a human being.

Instead, his awareness is more like a stream of consciousness, hugely expanded, and capable of being aware of any random perception from the human frequencies all the way out the very far-out dimensions.

No particular interest in any aspect of his body. For him to have learned skills like how to dress himself, how to eat… that has been quite an achievement.

  • Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: 15 feet of a shared kind of human presence.

Chakra databank quality: The process of creating art puts Stephen Wiltshire in his human body. He is localized, not so much as a human personality but as a sacred process.

Connection to the Divine and service to the Divine flow powerfully through him.

It was an important day, indeed, in his life when this autistic savant discovered that he could create art. It gives him more than a reason for living. It gives him a way to live like a human individual.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra: Creativity

Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: Out to deep space.

Chakra databank quality: Creativity is a way for Stephen to focus into something resembling a human, localized identity. There is both pressure, struggle, fear, and pain. At the same time, this chakra databank reveals a certain pride and relief.

How come?

This might seem odd to you, Blog-Buddies. (Because you are well adjusted to being human, localized in your individual mind-body-system and participating in the various illusions of Earth School.)

But, it seems to me, Stephen Wiltshire prefers to not adjust, not adapt.

He feels more comfort in the expanded consciousness where he isn’t exactly participating in human life.

Creativity is a solution he has stumbled upon, where making art gives him a reason to pop inside his physical body, make it move on purpose, create something on earth, be that small human package that goes with the rest of earth illusions.

Every time he moves into that concentrated experience of being human, it’s scary. There is a terror, one he has learned to overcome. There is pain and feeling squeezed down into something so “trivial.”

Think of you, getting toothpaste out of a near empty tube of Colgate. Your smooshing down over the rumpled, crinkly mess of a plasticky tube, manipulating through all the silly crevices. It takes an awful lot of work to push out that last limp squiggle of toothpaste.

Well, that’s like starting the creative process for Stephen Wiltshire. Every single time. Once he’s doing the creativity… well that’s different. Hence the contrasting empath merge’s I’m doing for each set of paired readings of chakra databanks.

Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: 25 feet

Chakra databank quality: Glowing with Divine connection, Stephen’s big consciousness is localized in his body and human identity. He focuses as a psychologically normal person would.

What helps to keep him interested? The artist is doing something extremely complex, combining memory, motor skills, artistic skills. It is particularly helpful to him that the memory of the place he is drawing was created while he was flying in space.

Even “shallow” space, close to earth, helicopter flying, is so much more comfortable to Stephen Wiltshire than any experience based on earth.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra: Emotional Receiving

Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: 11 inches

Chakra databank quality: Feels like having a bad muscle cramp.

At the time of this photo, Stephen is being celebrated. It’s obvious from the pose and the outfit.

To some degree, he is aware of being socially with others. He is receiving praise and honor. It is understood.

Yet it is not felt. He has some circuits for receiving emotionally but they are very full of STUFF. So, to the extent he feels human emotion, it is a kind of loneliness mixed with trying to feel mixed with a great weariness and a “Why bother to feel, since trying is such hard work.”

Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: 2 inches

Chakra databank quality: Mostly blank. The tiny bit of emotional receiving seems to be a side effect of being more localized in human experience than Stephen ordinarily is. However, the habit remains of not being about emotion in his functioning as a person.

Might he show moods through his face? Sure.

Might he be successfully coached at how to smile? Sure.

Different deal, right?

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra: Communicating to Be Heard by Others

Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: 3 inches.

Chakra databank quality: Stephen has been educated and socialized firmly enough so that he does understand the concept of communication. He understands that people can communicate in such a way that they are heard by others, valued, understood. And then the person who succeeds with communication experiences “happiness.”

Yet Stephen isn’t deep-down convinced that he really wants to participate in this ritual of human communication. He isn’t, perhaps, impressed by the communications others give him verbally, with those human-flavored bits and bytes of information about which we engage so passionately.

Also, Mr. Wiltshire isn’t especially interested in having a human identity. As his comfort zone lies in expanded awareness not localized in the body.

At the time of this photo, the autistic savant has learned enough skills by this point in his development to play the game of communication a bit. He doesn’t enjoy it, though. That’s the bottom line for now. Years from now, this may be quite different, but energetic literacy only researches an aura at the time of the photo or in-person visit.

Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: 1/4 inch

Chakra databank quality: While busy creating that art, Stephen Wiltshire barely has a presence as a person. His creative process, like that of folks without autism, involves getting out of the way.

That said, the differences in the artistic process are huge. Most basic: Stephen is used to not having much of a human presence.

If not making art, this chakra databank shows up differently, as we just saw in the other piece of research to this paired reading. His creativity brings security, or purpose for living, comparable to an anchor.

While doing the creative work, Wiltshire is able to focus on the task. No other anchoring is required.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra: Connection to Psychic Development

Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: Three feet.

Chakra databank quality: Cringing. Stephen is perfectly capable of exploring at any of the astral planes. He doesn’t want to.

Sure, he could notice ghosts and commune with them. He could notice the Las Vegas-like psychic flash available at lower levels, the sweeter qualities of wisdom and caring at higher astral level.

Only he doesn’t want to.

The expanded version of perception, his comfort zone, is with Divine frequences. As you may know, there are very great differences between psychic and spiritual planes. (If you want to know more about this, in practical ways, I would recommend “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection“.)

Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: 6 inches.

Chakra databank quality: The capacity for psychic experience exists. Only Stephen has no desire to use this.

With the creative process uppermost in his consciousness, there is less likelihood than at other waking moments that he might have a slip-up and start noticing astral anything. Therefore an underlying quality to this chakra databank is more secure than with the earlier reading of this pair, when he isn’t doing creative activity.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra: Connection to Spiritual Source

Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: Out to deep space.

Chakra databank quality: The Divine is home. The Divine is self.

It’s mysterious, why so many souls are incarnating on earth with autism at this time. I have my theories, but that’s for some other blog post.

Meanwhile, with this particular autistic man, seems to me that Stephen Wiltshire definitely needs this spiritual connection. It keeps him functioning. It is pretty much the only thing that makes sense, when he stands posing as a man being photographed and honored.

Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: Out to deep space.

Chakra databank quality: Along with the usual Divine connection, there is an overlay of interest and focus at the human level. It’s tasty. It’s fun.

Okay, it feels a little weird, being this engaged in the human. Yet, by the time of this photograph, Stephen Wiltshire has learned that his creative process is safe.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Soul Thrill

Stephen Wiltshire posing as a man, a celebrity

Chakra databank size: 1/8 inch.

Chakra databank quality: Expressing human soul is a non-starter for Stephen at the time of this photo. He doesn’t identify with the human vehicle. Whatever he is doing for spiritual service and spiritual evolution through this embodiment, it isn’t about “Being a regular guy.”

Don’t count this as a type of suffering, Blog-Buddies. Lack of interest in his personal soul, as embodied in human form, is simply not relevant to his experiment in earth at this time.

Stephen Wiltshire while creating art

Chakra databank size: Out to deep space.

Chakra databank quality: Suffused with Divine connection, bringing truth into earth, this chakra databank is unquestionably the most glorious of any chakra databank read in this brief survey, this Skilled Empath Merge.

Ordinarily Stephen doesn’t have much invested in the human personality, apart from mysterious factors about his spiritual mission and personal evolution — none of which show directly to this aura reader and empath.

Ordinarily, the human personality is a trifle, a clumsy and often anguishing, undignified experience that is part of that spiritual mission and personal evolution.

Only while this brilliant artist is making his art, he is doing the distinctively human thing his soul has incarnated to do. And glorious this process is.

Apart from the beauty of his art, just think for a moment, Blog-Buddies. Hasn’t Stephen Wiltshire done a great deal to put a human face, and human value, to the consciousness of all who have incarnated here as autistic?

Hasn’t he made many of us think anew, and appreciatively, about the sacredness of every human life on earth?

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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    Beautiful reading Rose.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating! I’ve been curious about this subject for some time. Thanks for this reading.

  3. 3

    Thanks, Kylie. Autism is way important today. I’ll bet every one of you Blog-Buddies knows at least one parent of an autistic child.

    I know so many. Courageous people, all.

  4. 4
    Donna says:

    As you know I am the parent of an autistic child…young man now. This was fascinating reading to me.

    I would like to know if you have or will share your theories on why so many souls are incarnating as autistic at this time. I have some theories too.

    I can tell you that raising a child who is autistic is tough but it is absolutely a huge shift in your experience of what life really is, what is really of significance, and for me it showed me what and who I can be.

    I truly see life so differently now. I wish everyone could feel that divine connection as I have glimpsed since I had my son. It opened me wider if that makes any sense. Thank you for this. It really made sense to me.

  5. 5
    Donna says:

    Oh I just found the search box….now I can look for other related things. Thanks again.

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