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Jessica Biel and Husband Justin Timberlake, Compatibility Aura Reading by Jordan, Part 2


Encore for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in a Compatibility Aura Reading

Encore for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in a Compatibility Aura Reading

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake — now they are married. And rich. And famous. Sure.

But how are they doing as people? In Comments 9 and 11 at yesterday’s post, Jessica Biel was quoted extolling the wondrous comforts of marriage:

“Someone to change a lightbulb. Someone to take out the garbage.” And then, just as routine, “Someone to go swimming naked with.”

Presumably because the spouse comes from a mega-rich family and, between the two of you, the family property includes many private lakes. Also, as needed, plenty of luxe swimming pools hidden by gigantic hedges. 😉

Blog-Buddies, you want Part Two of our Compatibility Aura Reading Research. I hear you! Today, Guest Poster JORDAN explores chakra databanks belonging to the bride, Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel’s Aura, go read it

Use whichever techniques you know for Energetic Literacy. And if you don’t know any yet, an easy way to get started is “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.”

JORDAN can do such a fabulous job reading auras because she doesn’t settle for a hunch or a vibe — beautiful but still counting as Stage One Energetic Literacy.

JORDAN didn’t stop at generalizing about What The Colours Mean  or deciding if someone has an open chakra or closed chakra. So last millennium!

Why do that when she could drill down to the level of chakra databanks. Thus swapping Stage Two Energetic Literacy in for Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

JORDAN learned. You can learn. You definitely have The Gift. You have a complete Gift Set, given to you by God, and ready to awaken when you learn skills for aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge.

Apart from those easy-to-use skills, which photo is used for the second part of JORDAN’s aura reading? This one!

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra: Connection to Spiritual Source

There’s some strong and clear connection to God in here, but also a sense of duty.

Jessica Biel feels she must do things in life in order to earn this love and trust from God. At this moment, she feels she has earned it, but she still keeps herself busy.

It’s not that she thinks of God as demanding, but more that she relates to her version of the Protestant work ethic.

And she is proud of her work.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra: Spiritual Connection to Her Spouse

Now that Jessica Biel has married Justin Timberlake, she feels that he will be better. She thinks that this marriage will cleanse him and make him better.

She feels that in their wedded state, since their energies are more bonded, she will have more power to help him.

Instead of her energies being able to reach one little part of him, they totally surround him; having more influence over Justin Timberlake energetically in this way is Jessica’s version of “Working smarter, not harder.”

Jessica Biel also has a deep down need to be of service. This is fulfilled by her ‘duty’ to Justin Timberlake.

She is deep down so glad and heart-wrenchingly grateful to have the power to help him in this way.

This feeling of usefulness and helpfulness makes her feel better about herself; I don’t think she could be happy if she wasn’t helping.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra: Soul Thrill

There’s a small amount of soul thrill, but mostly Jessica Biel feels dread.

In some ways she is happy she is taking care of him, and in some ways it feels fulfilling, but doing this is not thrilling her soul.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra: Emotional Connection to her Spouse


Jessica Biel feels distraught over the pain her husband is in.

It’s as though she has adopted a teenage boy with serious problems about coping with reality, a boy who really should be in a home.

Jessica Biel feels she is taking care of him,. And, like a child, Justin Timberlake can’t be trusted to behave or do the right thing, though he has a good heart.

Jessica doesn’t relate to her husbande Justin as a woman to a man, but more like a mother to a child.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra: Sex Drive

Jessic Biel feels young and vital here, so healthy, fresh, and pure…

and annoyed that she doesn’t get to really live her sex drive to the fullest.

Like Justin, she feels like she has to sublimate her sex drive into other relationships and flirtations on the side. Jessica Biel would never cheat, and she definitely doesn’t take the flirting as far, or as seriously, as Justin Timberlake does.

She gets to express her sexual vitality a lot in her career and “around town.” So at this point, Jessica’s sexual relationship with Justin doesn’t feel totally wasted.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra: Sense of Identity

Jessica Biel is growing into her identity. Right now, she doesn’t give herself full credit for her depth, her powerful earthiness, her caring, her deep sense of people, her compassion, her practicality, and her intelligence.

Most of the time in life she shows up as this deep and caring soul, yet still has doubts.

Jessica thinks she must be sort of shallow, sort of a bimbo. Isn’t that what everyone thinks of actresses who show up in magazines?

But no, that’s not true of Jessica Biel. If she wasn’t a movie star, she could be a great social worker.


Wow. This aura reading surprised me, and yes, it opened up my compassion big time.

There’s always more than meets the eye. Sometimes it’s a lot more.

My reading of this couple’s body language/non-verbals from this wedding photo (Justin: Panicked, and Jessica: Controlling) makes much deeper sense now. My inclination to judge other people’s choices is dissipating, evaporating. What’s the point?

I hope y’all have thoughts to share on the topics of subconscious STUFF impacting relationships, compatibility, drug use, service, duty, or anything else mentioned in this aura reading. And I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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  1. 1
    Brittany says:

    Wow, you did get into some unexpected territory there, JORDAN,for me, too! And I’m happy about your compassion explosion.

    My friend was just recalling that she was asked by her son why she smelled so good and her response was, it is weird, but children tend to always love the way their mother smells. Your reading reminded me that on Oprah several years ago, Justin said “she” (referring to his then-gf Jessica) was the best thing he’d smelled. She smelled really good to him 🙂 I’m sure he encounters a ton of good smelling people in his life, so it made me glad for him that he found someone whose pheremones or whatever obviously clicked 😉

    This is why I appreciate celebrity: these people’s lives and craft are lived out in front of all of us and we, at our disparate locales, can use their stories and images as commonground. I dunno.

  2. 2

    BRITTANY, it’s terrific having your input here. It makes sense to ask JORDAN as you have just done in Comment 2. This blog community does include having a lot of us learn from each other.

    If I might add my perspective as teacher and Enlightenment Coach, consider this: It can be very useful to go beyond the traditional term that you have asked about, “resistance”

    Resistance, being stuck, is such a useful term in different forms of psychotherapy. Because, wonderful and helpful as so many types of psychotherapy can be, they do not move out STUFF. How consoling to think, “I have resistance.” When really, whatever else is happening with the person’s progress:

    * There is no permanent removal of stuck energies at an astral level.
    * There is no depth healing, insight, put-in that follows removal of STUFF.
    * Helping the soul to express more clearly, is not included where, at the subconscious level, there are stuck energies with a real material substance.

    So it is all too easy for a thoughtful, brainy person (like a certain BRITTANY I know), to notice that she or he is stuck. Then it can be so tempting to call it “resistance.”

    And then to add a kind of psychological theorizing about “Why do I have this resistance?” and “What can I do to adjust my thinking so that I do not have this resistance?”

  3. 3

    Problem solving is vital in life, an excellent use of the conscious mind (it seems to me).

    However, “resistance” caused by STUFF cannot be budged in this way.

    When it comes to developing Energetic Literacy skills — aura reading, Skilled Empath Merge, even face reading — it matters a great deal that STUFF-removal techniques are also available.

    Yep, Energy Spirituality is the flip side of Energetic Literacy.

    So if you feel stuck in your development of Energetic Literacy, the smartest thing you can do is to seek out a qualified practitioner of Energy Spirituality and have one or more sessions to clear out STUFF and fill you up with YOU.

  4. 4
    Brittany says:

    JORDAN, you seem like an excellent person to ask this question to.. I am wondering what type of resistance you experienced (if any) to learning to become a skilled empath and gaining energetic literacy?

    It seems like doing this reading would have been an exciting goal to me a few months ago, but now I am really glad just to read your unique perspective. This seems sort of banal to ask, but that won’t stop me: Jordan, what motivated you, personally, to do the regular work to markedly improve your energetic literacy?

  5. 5

    Where can you find a qualified practitioner of Energy Spirituality? Besides the sessions that I, personally, offer…

    I also have apprentices in the following cities. If you live near one, send me an email and I will supply contact information for you:

    San Francisco, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Las Cruces, NM
    Howell, MI
    Tokyo, Japan
    And the greater metro Washington, D.C. area

    Note that none of these practitioners currently does phone sessions or remote healings with Energy Spirituality.

    As a New Age Consumer, you might want to pay attention to the qualifications for healers who promote themselves as doing remote healings.

    Personally, I did Energy Spirituality sessions for 10 years in person only before beginning to do sessions over the phone.

    If a healer races to do remote healings prematurely, it’s not unlike a ballet dancer who graduates herself to toe shoes before she is ready. Might look good, but the results? Not so good.

    It is so worthwhile, going in person for a powerful session that will permanently change your life for the better.

    For a local referral to an Energy Spirituality apprentice, write to rights[at]

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    Oh that is a compassionate reading and makes a lot of sense.

    I feel a personal sense of compassion and understanding too, as I’ve also tended to take on partners with problems as a kind of social duty. It was satisfying in one sense but NOT fun – who wants to spend their time being rejected? – and I do think it’s rather (dare I say) co-dependent.

    I attract lost men, partly because I am fairly grounded and sensible, but playing rescuer has lost its appeal 😀

    For Jessica the problem must be compounded by the general perception that she’s landed a real ‘catch’ – that kind of disconnect between external perception and opinion and the truth of what’s really going on can be a real source of additional pain.

    Jordan, thank you for such a beautifully researched pair of readings and for opening my heart of compassion too!



  7. 7
    Jordan says:

    Hi Brittany! Thank you for your enthusiasm and your kind words and the question 🙂

    So you asked, “what motivated you, personally, to do the regular work to markedly improve your energetic literacy?”

    Well, first, I’d like to separate the ideas of “motivation” and “doing the regular work.” For me, they are separate.

    I’ve been motivated since day one, and I think you are too. To me, that means that I always wanted to do it, deep down.

    To get to the place where I practiced more, did it regularly?

    For me, that didn’t require drumming up more motivation, or more pushing myself hard, or beating myself up because I didn’t have ‘the will power’ to make myself sit and read some auras.

    All of those things… pointless! Totally pointless!

    What has helped me is having more support and advancing my skill level through blog participation, workshops, one-on-one mentoring with Rose, and finally joining the Mentoring Program. (Plus, healing STUFF along the way).

    It looks to me like a lot of times when people feel STUCK in their skill level, it’s actually not a personal, ‘Oh I suck and have STUFF’ kind of problem. It’s just that they’re ready for a bump up in skill level.

    And the logical way to get that is learning from a teacher… Not sitting around feeling inadequate and comparing yourself to others, or trying to do the same book exercise over and over again, with frustrating results (not that you’re doing any of this, Brittany! Just making a point. That’s the kind of stuff I did, but it went away quickly with more instruction).

    Plus I’ve heard Rose say that one of her teaching specialties is sniffing out where her students are trying too hard and fixing that. It’s worked for me!

    Rose, I hope I didn’t say anything too dangerously incorrect here! 😉

  8. 8
    Jordan says:

    Amanda, thank you!

    Oh, how I can relate to those kinds of problems with men.

    It is nice when you can actually NOTICE that you are being actively rejected and realize how ridiculous it is to keep them around, rather than thinking it’s just a normal male-female relationship. HAhahaha!

    I’m glad we’re both moving past crap like that, and if Jessica moves past it, I think she’ll be helping everyone.

  9. 9

    AMANDA, about your Comment 6 and JORDAN’S Comment 8, both of you joked a bit. Yet handling love relationships can be a person’s seriously main Ph.D. Program in a lifetime (along with what everyone can do, move forward at chosen speed on a personal path to Enlightenment).

    It is so important, I feel, to honor relationship pain of this type. Growth within this program is the equal of any other Ph.D. here at Earth School. Even if you can’t boast to your friends, “I just took a seminar on Joe.” Or “That graduate course on Mr. Gladys was really, really tough.”

    Personally, I am so proud of both of you when I read such comments. Both of you have come such a long way since I have known you.

    Beyond that, I suspect your comments here have heartened others who also have relationships as a major theme in personal growth this time around… or even chose to go for the same sort of Ph.D.

    One of my favorite things I have ever heard about living on earth is that everyone here can receive an initiation into love.

    Make that many initiations, right?

  10. 10
    Sylvia says:

    “One of my favorite things I have ever heard about living on earth is that everyone here can receive an initiation into love. Make that many initiations.”

    Thank you for sharing that, Rose. It is absolutely beautiful.

  11. 11
    Jill Erin says:

    Jordan, thank you for these reads. They are really fun, instructive, and compassion making. I don’t know the first thing about either Justin or Jessica beyond recognizing their names, but I so relate to Jessica in everything you found in her that it is scary. I lived that “duty” to a husband like Justin for over 20 years and it was just that, a duty. I got that PhD! I hope it doesn’t take Jessica as long to learn and move on.

    Your aura readings are wonderful. Congratulations! I look forward to more of them.

  12. 12
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose 🙂

    Thank you so much for those kind words – and Jordan for giving me a sense of a fellow soul on the path 🙂 Relationships are certainly part of my PhD! and though sometimes it feels like an agonisingly slow process I am getting better at recognising the patterns.

    For instance, an ex boyfriend of mine recently got in touch because his mum was seriously ill, telling me that my children and I are always in his heart.

    Of course that was nice to hear. But I did notice that the radio silence was only broken when he was in trouble – and there was nothing offered beyond the ‘you are in my heart’. In fact, what he did say was that he was grateful that I had ‘respected his silence’!

    So I let him know that though I was grateful for his nice words, I had not respected his silence in the least (what an arrogant assumption) and that if we were a little more honest in our communication, to us he was simply a man who might say he loved us but still chose every single day not to be with us, and that we were all thankful he’d left space in our lives for the right man to show up.

    I would never have imagined saying something like that before and I still find it hard to understand that someone I trusted and thought the best of is in fact self-absorbed, delusional and has very little real caring, thought or understanding for me or my children. I am truly better off without him.

    This is a difficult lesson for me and ongoing. I am a kind person and see the best in everyone, so tend to attract a lot of attention from depressive men in various kinds of trouble, which I experience as an intense pressure. I look forward to finding someone who I can have fun with!

    Saying ‘no’ feels like a good start. Even categorising ‘longing men who aren’t going to do anything about it’ has been useful. But it feels lonely and hard sometimes. I know there are a lot of women out there experiencing the same thing.


  13. 13

    Oh, AMANDA. Tough lessons, deft responses. Heart goes out to you.

    Speaking of which, did you notice? This may be a difficult lesson and outgoing, but could it be that you are moving through this old business quite differently because you are such a skilled empath now?

  14. 14
    Amanda says:

    Rose, I certainly am, partly because since I’m not taking on somebody else’s STUFF I’m free to assess how they behave towards me without getting sympathetic and ‘seeing it their way’. I can still pick up on the cues but they’re external ones.

    In short, I’m not confused by other peoples’ viewpoints, and so I’m able to work out what I value and want out of relationship.

    It’s a freedom from burden to be thinking in this way and allowing myself to let go of that heavy old pattern

    It’s also been amazingly helpful to be a skilled empath now that I’ve started teaching Vipassana meditation – I can concentrate on the class and teaching and don’t pick up on anything from anyone else.

    Also, although I really hope the class gain benefit from what I teach I don’t feel personally responsible or even particularly interested in what results they do have – I trust it to be a personal and private process to them, and simply have great respect for them for starting on such a journey and deciding to take care of themselves.

    This also represents a great leap forward for me! – but appears to have happened quietly and with way less personal struggle than my evolving in terms of relationship.. 🙂


  15. 15
    Primmie says:

    I’ve got that PHD too. I am extremely lucky that I got it alongside my husband getting his. I’m truly grateful I met someone who was prepared to do the work with me. I don’t know how I would have opened my heart if I hadn’t had someone else with me who was willing. Sadly, as willing as we were, we were also very confused. We made a big mess of our education but we did eventually graduate.

    My experience gives me hope for couples who do have those self-defeating patterns and feel helpless because of them. I’ve switched roles in my time from rescuer to the one needing rescued and back again, as has my husband. Neither of us were bad or even wrong really, we just had things to learn. I hope Jessica and Justin learn what they need to. Learning through love has been the best way for me. It’s hurt the most too, but that is sort of my way really.

  16. 16
    Elaine says:

    Very well said Amanda. There are a lot of women in the same situation as you stated in comment #12, and like you SOME have decided to basically stand up and be counted in all their importance and glory, for who and what we are as individuals. I see so many others just hanging on by the skin of their teeth and hoping the guy doesn’t leave (or girl) and just letting their entire lives be swept into the dustbin because they feel they need someone in their life, however that person is in their life, whatever that role might be, so be it. No control, no speaking up for what they truly want.

  17. 17
    Brittany says:

    JORDAN, thanks for your response. Makes complete sense to me!

  18. 18
    Jean says:

    Yes – I too am working on the PHD being discussed here.

    I am moved to quote Rose below from her Comment 9.

    “I suspect your comments here have heartened others who also have relationships as a major theme in personal growth this time around… or even chose to go for the same sort of Ph.D.”

    I personally am indeed feeling much heartened.

    Thanks for these posts Jordan – definitely thought-provoking….

    And many thanks to Amanda, Brittany, Jill Erin, Sylvia, Primmie and Elaine for all your important contributions.

    And of course…Thanks to Rose.

  19. 19
    Amanda says:

    Hello Rose,

    I have been thinking that the attitudes I learnt in switching off my empathy in ‘Become The Most Important Person In The Room’ – the kind of discoveries I made about my subconscious willingness to take on other people’s STUFF – are applicable here, in the context of relationships.

    Why would I merge my energies with another person who is clearly troubled?

    Just because I could help, does that mean I should put myself under intense pressure and accept a degree of personal suffering?

    Could I really help?

    If I say ‘no’ and value myself and look out for myself, will the world actually end? 😀

    So having the attitudes I learnt in developing skilled empathy are actually useful in another respect as well.


  20. 20

    Brilliant, AMANDA.

    So much of Empath Empowerment involves strengthening of personal identity. This perfectly healthy sense of self can help us navigate personal relationships.

    And all along that sense of self helps you give those fabulous yoga classes and find delight with all your path to Enlightenment.

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