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Face reading, solving a mystery of sacred trust


We’ve got a fascinating bit of controversy over at the Enlightenment Life List, with Comments 1004-1013. You know me, friends. I’m a spiritual teacher, have been to the best of my ability for 43 years now. So I’ll seize the teachable moment.

Imagine that you live in a wonderful part of Asia, Blog-Buddies, a city with a high proportion of active spiritual seekers. Often you pass by the center of a famous spiritual leader, Swami Nithyananda.

At this time in your history, spiritual growth is, pretty much, your life. So you study the photo on display. Could this man become a helper to you, providing inspiration and words of truth? Might he even become a guru to you?

First, being very sane, you use your common sense. What on earth is this Swami wearing? You notice his fancy costumes and jewelry. To you, this clashes with the very meaning of being a renunciate within the sacred traditons of Hinduism. Red flag!

Next, you realize that you don’t take to his photo. Stage One Energetic Literacy: No particular skills, just raw talent.

You have a feeling, catch a vibe. On this fellow, the vibe isn’t good.

Thus, the mystery continues. Who is this man, really? Does he deserve a sacred trust from you?

“Sacred trust” is no understatement. A teacher, or healer, physician, or therapist, or professional astrologer, or professional offering guidance of any kind… consequences of this person’s work could shape your life for months or years to come.

Or you might be asking yourself about a potential date. Or employer. Or used car salesperson. Or a politician, campaigning for an election.

“Does this person deserve my sacred trust?”

When you don’t yet have energetic literacy skills, what can you do?

This is precisely the sort of mystery I had in mind when inviting you’all to our latest contest here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical”: New Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest

If a public figure is a mystery, face reading is such a great place to start using skills of energetic literacy. One reason? It is a great confidence builder.

Many of us have been thoroughly confused by The Myth About Auras described in “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” We have come to believe — incorrectly, it turns out — that researching auras to gain accurate, useful information (which is what “Aura Reading” means) requires “Seeing the colours.” So untrue!

At least, thank goodness, you haven’t heard for years that you cannot trust your ability to see a person’s eyebrows or chin.

Just like aura reading, face reading comes down to an equation:

Perception + interpretation = a face reading

Just as, using a different system for Deeper Perception, perception + interpretation = an aura reading

I’m going to research  Swami Nithyananda as an example of mystery solving face reading.

Bring on face reading to research Swami Nithyananda

Will this be useful for researching him for my Enlightenment Life List? No.

To me, that definitely requires Stage Three Energetic Literacy. One must be able to research all the way through to chakra databanks, and then there are certain criteria that I use for researching Enlightenment — described in that post, plus links are provided to additional articles on this very controversial idea of researching spiritual Enlightenment.

Frankly, I don’t quite get why it would be considered controversial to research whether or not an influential public figure is spiritually Enlightened. Because sacred trust is involved. Why have one’s best recourse consist of checking out jewelry and maybe gut vibe? Over a matter of sacred trust?!

Why trust popular reputation, either? One defining characteristic of Earth School is that the labels are lousy.

Many a “reject” candidate for the Enlightenment Life List has been rich or famous or good looking or some combination thereof… yet so very far from Enlightened. Sometimes, doing my best to be tactful while saying “No,” the most common response to a candidate proposed for the list, I go through an internal process like this:

“Ahem, um, sorry, uh, don’t wanna hurt your feelings or disillusion you. But what the heck were you thinking? Don’t you get that there is a difference between sex appeal and having every particle of your being in more-or-less ecstatic love with God?”

So, yes, let’s bring on some energetic literacy skills. With the system of Face Reading Secrets(R), the insights from physiognomy supply enough depth to be considered Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Not suitable for researching Enlightenment but good for plenty else.

In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to spend just a couple of hours blogging on any given day, including posts and reading comments and responding to them, here is how far we will get today.

Look at the photo at the top of today’s post. Start looking at his physical face, not his expression. Next post I will be using a different photo to go into detail about talents and potential challenges, typical with the system taught in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Below, share any reactions to how far we’ve gone into the notion that face reading is a very accessible resource for Deeper Perception, for solving mysteries, even for solving mysteries around relationships that involve sacred trust.

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  1. 1
    Primmie says:

    Sounds like an excellent New Year’s Resolution. I need to follow that lead.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    I didn’t even properly understand what sex appeal *was* until I first read that databank in someone’s aura. So I can understand the confusion, and fumbling around as you try to put your finger on what Enlightenment looks like without using stage 3 skills.

    It’s always looked to me like most of the time when people think your list is controversial, it’s because they’ve snap-judged you to be either full of crap or off in la-la land. And if you were full of crap and making that list, it would be pretty horrible, wouldn’t it?

    I think most people have had really crappy teachers or healers. Before coming here they’ve trusted people that told them BS, or looked to teachers who don’t really seem to have much to teach other than how to be spiritually addicted.

    After that it’s easy and probably smart to become super skeptical. It’s easy to get used to the fact that none of these spiritual teachers seem to know their elbow from their a**hole and that none of them are making my day-to-day life better.

    But after them you have to keep looking, right? Especially if you’re already spiritually addicted!

    I had experiences like that, and when I came and aligned myself here, it was like getting a chiropractic adjustment.

    I know there are a lot of good teachers out there. It’s easier to see them when you’re already aligned with a good teacher (Rose). But when you’re off in the wilderness with no energetic literacy skills, it’s just NUTS out there.

  3. 3
    Achala says:

    I don’t agree with face reading to determine whether a person is enlightened…definitely not in the way you are proposing. Sex appeal and enlightenment are worlds apart, if you will.
    I would sincerely request you to not use or try to teach such shallow techniques and mislead people.

  4. 4

    ACHALA, evidently you were too busy judging my work to read what I actually put in today’s post.

    If you re-read, you might notice this paragraph, for instance:

    “So, yes, let’s bring on some energetic literacy skills. With the system of Face Reading Secrets(R), the insights from physiognomy supply enough depth to be considered Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Not suitable for researching Enlightenment but good for plenty else.”

    Commenting without reading might be considered shallow, too.

  5. 5

    Thanks, PRIMMIE. As for you, JORDAN, what you wrote was astoundingly perceptive and kind. Thank you.

  6. 6
    Curious to Know More says:

    Thanks Rose… can’t wait to read more.
    What interesting earlobes.
    By the way… did I misss it in your book? …what about teeth?

  7. 7
    Achala says:

    Yes Ms.Rose, I did not disagree with that. My point was clearly, when you anyways can’t use a certain benchmark for measuring something, there is no point in even hypothesizing about it. It is like trying to measure a brick using a test-tube, if you will. When enlightenment cannot be researched using the technique proposed, why try to even apply the scale to an enlightened being?

  8. 8

    CURIOUS TO KNOW MORE, you’re right. To find out what is, and isn’t, in “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” just look in the index.

    It large but does not contain every item of face data. Good news, though: If you are curious about teeth in general or other characteristics in particular, bring that question to our annual Face Reading Workshop, February 16 and 17.

    Every participant gets to ask a “Wild Card” question. 🙂

    Here’s a link with details about the 2013 Face Reading Workshop:

  9. 9
    Elaine says:

    Achala, you appear to have put your own spin on what you think is here. There is no hypothesizing here, there is no supposition, there is no guessing, there is no pulling rabbits out of hats. Oh, and also, this is Rose’s blog where SHE has helped countless people through the years with her 40+ years of ethical experience backing her up.

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