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Objective reality, especially vital with Deeper Perception

Gotta love Earth School, right?

So many of the lessons we learn, individualized lessons…

Life lessons etched in very human pain and eventually followed by wisdom…

are variations on one same topic. We learn that life lesson over and over.

Feels “over and over” anyway. Actually, we might be learning deeper and wider and richer, ascending a spiral staircase of spiritual evolution.

This Earth School education is so worthwhile. Even if the learning process can sometimes feel terrible.

Today’s newspaper reminded me of a lesson that many of my clients, and I, have had to learn over and sideways and deeper and wider.

Objective reality matters at least as much as subjective reality

Which has the bigger razzle-dazzle for you?

For so many reasons, a deep inclination may cause you to favor subjective reality over objective reality, requiring lessons again and again to bring your life into balance.

How many of the following groups do you belong to?

Any one of them can point you towards valuing subjective reality over objective reality, maybe even causing the (very healable) problems of spiritual addiction.

1. Empaths

Personally, being an empath, I’m wired to be ever so fascinated by subjective reality. Any born empath has that fascination, and that means 1 in 20 people worldwide. Skilled empath or not-yet-skilled, any empath has talent and interest for flying in consciousness into Deeper Perception.

Until we become skilled as empaths, we do frequent involuntary unconscious unskilled empath merges, taking on STUFF from others, as illustrated and described in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Even when skilled as empaths, we are wired to favor subjective reality.

2. Highly Sensitive Persons

Oh, we magnificent Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), such a gift to collective evolution on earth!

We HSPs have a built-in experience of subjective reality being turned up, compared to less sensitive persons. Our subjective reality is waaaaay turned up compared to highly insensitive persons. According to pioneer researcher in that field, Dr. Elaine Aron, Highly Sensitive Persons are 1 in 5 people worldwide.

3. Explorer of Deeper Perception

Anyone can be interested in reading the human energy field. It’s just plain smart. Energetic literacy is a survival skill for the Age of Aquarius.

It’s vital for being a smart New Age Consumer. It’s so much the biggest fun around, as hobbies go. (I’ve even heard rumors of a blog and monthly newsletter and quite a few books and workshops all dedicated to different facets of Deeper Perception.)

In my experience, every aura reader, or student of energetic literacy, tends to feel a special pull to research subjective reality.

This study could be a phase. Or it could become the passion of a lifetime.

4. New Age Consumers

I suspect that most people who get psychic readings or study the paranormal, who go to mediums or channelers or seek guidance from angels, likewise are fascinated by subjective reality.

(How I wish all of them would, themselves, develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy, becoming really good aura readers for themselves as well as having others interpret subjective reality on their behalf.)

5. Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

What about those of us who have been pursuing one of today’s energy healing methods?

We, too, have a tendency to go subjective in our interests at least for a while.

Whether your mind-body-spirit journey has emphasized Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, or Energy Psychology, you might put a checkmark in the “Prefers Subjective Reality” column.

Which is ironic, since what originally got you motivated for mind-body-spirit healing was probably a problem in objective reality. A health problem. A relationship problem. Some type of wake-up call in objective reality.

6. Seekers of Awakening, Enlightenment

As for being on a spiritual quest — whether you call that your personal path to Enlightenment or a search for awakening or “whatever”– there is a tendency to treasure the finest subjective reality.

Which still counts as subjective reality.

A gentle reminder to value objective reality anyhow

Suppose that you have two fine children, Joe and Gladys. As a parent, you’re not supposed to favor one over the other.

Oh, but you do. Even if you hide the truth as much as possible.

Blog-Buddies, you may share my preference for Joe. I mean, subjective reality. 😉

We can’t help what we love. Any love is a gift, as is passionate curiosity, accelerated learning.

That’s part of your sacred path, isn’t it? What you desire to explore can put the sun in your inner sky for today.

Personally, I have had to re-enter objective reality again and again, over and over, sidewise and deeper and wider and sometimes grumbling, other times laughing.

Still, the truth remains that Earth School is about both, objective reality and the subjective kind, too. Which brings me to a fabulous quote straight from today’s column “Ask Amy” by wise Amy Dickinson.

“Actions speak louder than words. People can say whatever they like, but it’s their actions that show their true feelings. In this day of texting, email, tweeting and Facebook, we are bombarded with people’s words. Words are just words — people’s actions are what really matter.”

Face reading can help you balance objective and subjective reality

Besides putting in a plug for the “Ask Amy” column, I’d like to invite you to do the form of Deeper Perception called “Face Reading.”

Of all the types of energetic literacy, reading the physical face for character can pull awareness out toward the surface of life. We satisfy the search for meaning, then go back up to the physical body, rather than spiral into inner directions.

On a day when you want to minimize the reliance on subjective reality, here’s a simple way to go for new balance. Open up your copy of “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Choose one category from the Face Reader’s Guide at the back of the book. Make that your big growth project in subjective learning for today.

Say that you choose Ear Position, from the chapter on “Ears.” When you feel that familiar longing to go deeper, find a live human and check out Ear Position. Then watch what that person says and does.

Zap, out into objective reality. And fun!

Balancing objective reality with subjective reality, 2013 can be your Year of Fun after all.

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    Amanda says:

    Rose, I love this post.

    I value objective perception more and more because it is relaxing and realistic.


  3. 3

    AMANDA, thanks. I agree. Objective reality is relaxing.

    Just like having a physical body and living in it rather than paying the occasional reluctant visit.

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    human says:

    Do you think it to be literally impossible for a medium to NOT have a spiritual addiction since they are “channeling” nonstop. They cant really get around the 20 minute a day deeper consciousness rule I read somewhere else on your blog. Also, what makes it 20 minutes and not 30 etc?

    Thanks for the input!

  5. 5

    Of course a medium can avoid spiritual addiction. A medium can have office hours.

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