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Cult deprogramming without violence

Before we leave the theme of cults, let’s consider cult deprogramming in the context of Energy Spirituality.

Cult deprogramming” is often violent. It has a weird reputation, with kidnapping and huge psychic coercion. Storied versions of cult deprogramming are truly revolting. So a much better regarded term is “exit counseling.”

Counter-culture or not, I believe that counseling isn’t always enough. To me, effective cult deprogramming could be non-coercive. To me, cult deprogramming implies a different process and quality and meaning.

Cutting cords of attachment to major cult relationships

Working with Energy Spirituality, I know how STUFF lodges in cords of attachment, replaying in a person’s subconscious mind and aura.

Cord items, for instance, really do keep someone programmed. Moving out cords of attachment is a nonviolent, respectful technology for doing something very important in order to break free forever from cult mind control.

You guessed it. I have used Energy Spirituality to help clients with exiting a cult.

Whatever the method of non-violent cult deprogramming, it needs to do two jobs: Removing STUFF (I use techniques like cutting cords of attachment and Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression Hypnosis)… and put-in with ideas, behaviors, and social skills that work in reality.

There are so many ways to do both parts of nonviolent cult deprogramming, including put-in, Blog-Buddies. If you are in the position of leaving a cult, I hope RAY’s words from yesterday will inspire you to do the cult exiting your way.

RAY’S insights from yesterday could also be useful for anyone who aims to avoid getting pulled into a cult. Being able to recognize a cult, or identify what a cult really is — count that as a survival skill, living today.

What if you realize you used to be in a cult?

Most of you Blog-Buddies haven’t done cults. You’re more like ELAINE, with her wonderful Comment 3 from yesterday’s post.

No cult mind control in your history? Excellent!

But what if you have had some cult experience? Maybe a little bit. Maybe (like MIKE), a lot.

Here’s what I recommend: No repining.

Consider that cult experience part of your educational process here at Earth School. Millions of people today have needed to learn that particular lesson. It doesn’t make us foolish or weak.

Judging ourselves won’t help anyone to heal from cult involvement. Bring on the healing, that’s all. And maybe include some nonviolent cult deprogramming via STUFF removal.

To completely exit a cult, it isn’t enough to leave “The Movement,” to stop the practice, to quit. In order to fully heal, down to the level of your chakra databanks, it is necessary to understand consciously what really happened in your old path.

Where were the lies? How were you coerced?

May self-authority, and your own smart choices, light up your personal path to Enlightenment!

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  1. 1
    Nicole says:

    It’s interesting because this article about cults also reminds me of abusive relationships and people who have a very difficult time long after the relationship is over.

    It seems to be the same type of programming and messaging playing over and over in the victim’s head.

    Prior to using the chord cutting method I had more good days than bad but certainly had down moments and low points.

    I have noticed that after releasing those chords of attachment I can look at the relationships and the people with more objectivity and clarity.

  2. 2

    Nicole, I’m so glad you are doing well. Thank you so much for sharing here.

    For follow up, if you’re game, I’d recommend “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”
    This can also make a big difference. The skills for energetic self-healing are even easier to learn and to use.

  3. 3
    Nicole says:

    Thank you =)

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