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Rose Rosetree's Aura Reading Movie Reviews

Aura reading movie reviews

Rose Rosetree, inviting you to enjoy this year’s aura reading movie reviews

Aura reading movie reviews — how does this Energy READING Coach do them? Energetic literacy has many practical uses. This one may not be so practical. But it will fascinate anyone seriously interested in acting.

Regrettably, this year we are already so close to the national broadcast of the Academy Awards. Unlike other years, I have not posted my typical half a dozen aura readings yet.

Fortunately, aura reading research can be done after the Oscars are given out. I still plan to do half a dozen this year, plus joyfully adding any guest posts done by you Blog-Buddies.

And tomorrow, promise, I will post #1 in the series of Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees in 2013. Today, though, I want to supply some important context.

You see, Blog-Buddies, here’s what happened yesterday. I prepared the first of those excursions into Stage Three Energetic Literacy. I was getting ready to post it…

For this #1 of the series, I had chosen an actor at random from the set of Academy Award nominees, an actor I admire. Then I sailed into investigating his chakra databanks, comparing the actor as himself and then a still from the movie, with the actor in the Oscar-nominated role.

Well, the score of his Chakra Change Points wasn’t good. None of my findings about him were wonderful, neither how the actor is doing at this time in his life nor about his performance.

One of those uh-oh moments with Deeper Perception

How I hate that, when I wind up going counter-culture. It was depressing, framing a conclusion for this Aura Reading Movie Review.

Before posting this article, I shared the sad tidings of this aura reading research with a friend who advised me in so many words, “Don’t publish it, Rose. This is an acclaimed performance. Protect your own reputation, because publishing this could make YOU look bad.”

My immediate reaction? This human being FELT bad. Not that I feared hurting the mega-famous, adored actor. Gee, which of us is more rich and famous and influential?

Besides, I believed the truth of my aura reading research. Also I knew that, out of integrity, I would neither change the language of my findings nor suppress what I found.

Thus, I had one of those uh-oh moments. “How bad was this going to be for me?” Of course I would publish that aura reading movie review regardless.

However, I realized that, like Lucy Ricardo in the “I Love Lucy” show, I had some ‘splainin’ to do first. So here it is.

Movies are about surface perception, not deeper perception

Objective reality — that is the medium of any moving picture. Movies consist of images of objective reality, strung together in an almost surreal manner, layering focused intention upon intention, one brilliant technician supporting another. (My habit at the movie theater is to stay for the full credits. Guess it’s because I want to acknowledge that movies are a colossal team effort, not real, and not just the achievement of the obvious players.)

Movies use every trick available to create an experience with such high impact that millions of people will consider it real. As if the artistic creation has become objective reality.

Sure, a great movie also has subjective impact. The movie is meant to move… your emotions. A great film can bring about inner shifts, trigger catharsis and a sort of emotional releasing.

I wouldn’t call this healing, necessarily, since my standards for healing are those of Energy Spirituality. 😉 

For sessions that I facilitate, and the skills I teach, here is what healing means to me: Permanent removal of subconscious and energetic STUFF, then filling up with energies that resonate with your soul.

Personally I don’t consider it “healing” when a movie makes me cry or think. I consider that movie to be “helpful” or “moving” or, to be blunt, providing “some temporary emotional release.”

The majority of movie viewers? Their consciousness is positioned on the surface of life. So, okay, it could count as a significant deepening of experience to be moved to tears, to feel fear or sorrow more deeply than usual. (Though I still wouldn’t call that healing but, more, temporary relief.)

Anyway, if a film doesn’t convince us right on the surface, it’s not going to succeed at the box office.

Which brings us back to movies being primarily about life on the surface. Academy Awards are given for performance art on the surface.

Being nominated for Best Actor or Best Actress

Any nominee for the Oscars, Golden Globe Awards, etc. has had brilliant success right at the surface level.

That includes:

  • Looking the part.
  • Learning the lines and the cues.
  • Delivering those lines so every word can be heard by the audience.
  • Meanwhile, making those words seem spontaneous and believable.
  • Developing a voice that matches the role and the physical appearance.
  • Creating a consistent character, usually including some character development over the course of the movie.
  • Responding in character to other actors.
  • Taking direction.
  • Hitting every mark.
  • Summoning the stamina to do every take, again and again, at full intensity.
  • Handling the pressures, the scrutiny. Managing to seem natural in body language and voice and expression.
  • Powerfully projecting a role, a character.
  • Simultaneously playing the tambourine, grabbing jello shooters, and tweaking one’s aluminum hat for messages from outer space.

Just joking about that last point.

Deeper perception in life vs. about movies

Deeper perception is practical. Yet the kind of aura reading research done about movies isn’t your standard use of deeper perception.

You can use deeper perception in life for many purposes, like:

  • More self-knowledge
  • Better evaluation of healing modalities, what they really do in contrast to what is promised
  • Clearer knowledge of your Valentine, or anyone in your present life
  • Healing, real healing, the permanent kind.
  • Moving forward more rapidly on your personal path to Enlightenment, cumulative personal growth and spiritual growth.

Doing aura reading research about movies is an exercise in discernment. As you develop Energetic Literacy, this doesn’t just help you as a New Age Consumer, etc. The very process helps with spiritual growth. You are peeling away the maya here at Earth School.

Arguably, movies can be considered the most powerful man-or-woman-made maya on the planet. With cults a close second. (Or is it vice-versa?)

On your personal path to Enlightenment, I don’t recommend stopping constantly to detach from reality. It doesn’t help to do aura reading all day long. Not helpful at all to indulge in unskilled (or even skilled) empath merge whenever you are with people. Not even my beloved set of skills called “Face Reading Secrets“!

You know if you have read blog posts about Spiritual Addiction! Deeper perception all day long is not a healthy lifestyle.

Rather, deeper perception means using skill on purpose for short periods of time. Adding up to a maximum of 20 minutes per day, including any other activities done for personal growth, spiritual growth, self-improvement.

So why do those Aura Reading Movie Reviews?

Three reasons, really.

First, there is the chance to bust apart some maya.

Does Actor Joe really change down deep, all the way down to chakra databanks? Or does Actor Joe simply convince us, tricking us with the surface value of show business. (Get that term? Show-the-surface-illusions-business!)

Second, acknowledging the deepest level of acting skill.

Through an aura reading movie review, I can acknowledge the biggest talent actors can have, which is to adapt so deeply into a created role that change goes all the way down to the level of chakra databanks.

If you have seen earlier examples of Aura Reading Movie Reviews here at this blog, you have read about actors so powerful that they changed every chakra databank being read (along with others not read in that particular blog post).

This is an extraordinary achievement. I would like you Blog-Buddies to become aware of this possibility, and I do want to acknowledge with clarity: To my understanding, being able to change all the way down to chakra databanks is an amazing degree of skill, the greatest achievement possible in acting.

Third, there’s the part about your own spiritual self-authority as a movie viewer.

So let’s roll out one more movie credit. 😉 I mean, one more blog heading for today…

Celebrate self-authority as part of your personal growth and spiritual growth

Some of you Blog-Buddies are familiar with the term “Auric modeling.” You can learn a lot about it by typing that term into the search box on the upper left part of the screen.

To learn about it in depth, and discover how you can make auric modeling a success secret that really works, I’ve got a book for you: “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

Short version: Auric modeling means that your who-you-be, deepest within, shows to everyone else at a subconscious level.

Auric modeling is the sum total of all your chakra databanks. Our auras can be read in person or from regular photographs or from an image on a computer screen or movie screen. (Being able to do this consciously means having energetic literacy! As you Blog-Buddies know well, this is different from doing a psychic reading. It is more like Gutenberg literacy, which you use while reading the words on this screen right now.)

When you see a movie, you respond to all that auric modeling. At a subconscious level, you know whether Actor Joe is doing a convincing performance all the way down to the level of chakra databanks. Or not.

How would you tell? Just a subconscious reaction.

Well, self-authority means paying attention to your subconscious reactions. Subconscious, not necessarily conscious.

Self-authority speaks to us in hunches, intuition, gut feeling, likes and dislikes, physical sensations, very human kinds of inner knowing.

Self-authority is what we can safely honor during all our waking hours. Deeper perception techniques — use them on a limited basis for crystal clarity. Self-authority can safely be used all your waking hours.

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