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Healing Spiritual Addiction, a Guest Post from Rachel


Reading an aura at the level of chakra databanks, it becomes possible to notice balance, gifts of the soul, STUFF, patterns that can change to improve quality of life.

Any chakra databank in your aura can be researched easily with Stage Three Energy Literacy, whether you use aura reading techniques or Skilled Empath Merge. How do I proceed when I facilitate a session of Energy Spirituality and I find that my client has a Spiritual Addiction?

No worries! I make addressing that problem the healing centerpiece for that healing session. All the more reason why I do not advertise cord-cutting sessions. Cutting a cord of attachment, to me, is one of the skill sets of Energy Spirituality. It is not that Energy Spirituality equals cord-cutting.

Thanks today to Blog-Buddy RACHEL for sharing her experience with our first Energy Spirituality session with a healing centerpiece around Spiritual Addiction. Her words follow, my little headings and minor edits. Also I’m adding, again, my gratitude to RACHEL for sharing this story of her courage and triumph.

Who, Me, Have a Spiritual Addiction?

I well remember my first session with you, Rose, when you told me I had a spiritual addiction.

I had read about spiritual addiction on your blog and had registered it in my mind as something of mild interest (!), but it was such a shock to hear you tell me that I was suffering from it myself.

Taking Spiritual Addiction out of Denial

In the days that followed that first session I cried a lot!

I actually felt terrible, but forced myself to follow up on your suggestions, such as taking a walk for an hour a day and having normal conversations with normal people.

I signed up for a hiking weekend and during that weekend I really felt myself coming down to Earth with a big bump!

It was like, “Oh, look, this is what it’s like to be normal, to talk to people and to do something fun.”

Seriously, although I am grateful for ALL the healing sessions I have had with you, I am most grateful of all for that first session, which was a massive wake-up call.

A More Human Life After Healing Spiritual Addiction

I’m still amazed at how the quality of my life has changed since then:

  • Taking normal, everyday relationships more seriously
  • Enjoying my work more
  • (And being taken more seriously by my bosses!)
  • Doing hobbies and
  • Regularly exercising.

They sound like small things in themselves, but actually it is called living!!

And I love it!

Thank you again.

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    Paige says:

    Thanks for the post Rachel. I also had a spiritual addiction. My experience was a bit different from the others described.
    I had almost a depression that stemmed from wanting to “go home”, feeling tired of being here on Earth. I was feeling tearful and weary.
    After my session with Rose I was able to regain my ability to be here and not out there somewhere and therefore more fully present and enjoying life again.
    Now I’m careful about focusing on my human life and taking only the 20 minutes or so for the spiritual.

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