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Fit? Sure, we could call Bradley Cooper “fit.” Some call him “The Sexiest Man Alive.” Some of the people who call Bradley Cooper “The Sexiest Man Alive” work for People Magazine.

So, okay, we’ll include aura research on sexiness… just a bit… in today’s aura reading movie review.

On Bradley or ANYONE… if you ever want to know about sex appeal, sexual integrity, sexual fidelity, or plenty more, you could go the time-hallowed route of first date, second date, etc.

But why wait? Even in advance of that first date, you could learn how to read chakra databanks related to sex. All in a day’s work when you have developed the life skill of full energy literacy!

So, yes, with Stage Three Energy Literacy skills, you can research relationship-related chakra databanks any time, in person or with photos. How about researching movie performances, though? Especially right before the Academy Awards Ceremony for 2013. Yes, today’s post is #5 of a planned series of 6.

Terry Gross interviewed Bradley Cooper on “Fresh Air” and I did hear that interview, though I haven’t yet seen his Oscar-nominated movie, “The Silver Linings Playbook.” The interview is fascinating, including how Bradley’s father introduced him to intense movies at a young age.

In case you’re wondering, Bradley Cooper was an English major in college. Let’s hear it for us English majors. 🙂

Get ready for today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

The Film: “Silver Linings Playbook”

Here are the photos we’ll use for today’s aura reading movie research.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as self

The large-pixel version, easy for you to use for aura reading Bradley Cooper on a separate screen.

Reading Bradley’s aura as Pat

The large-pixel version, easy for you to use for aura reading that Pat character on a separate screen.

To learn more about how I do Aura Reading Movie Reviews, click onto our post about Aura Readings for Academy Award Nominees in 2013.

Aura Reading Movie Review

Turn off your cell. Turn off your cell. Would you please turn off your mobile phone already?

Oh, wait, we aren’t watching the entertaining pre-show previews (and subtle etiquette reminders) in a movie theater . 😉

You can learn more about this Academy Award Nominee at this link for Aura Reading Movie Reviews.  Now, let’s see what all this latest Bradley Cooper Oscar buzz is about at the level of chakra databanks.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Bradley

90 miles. Very human connection to living on earth! Bradley has a fabulous connection to physical reality. Even without exploring the Root Chakra Databank for Making Money, it’s obvious to this aura reader that this young man has got what it takes for success.

Bradley is so down to earth, so willing to play the game of being human.

Compared to what? Many folks today are so homesick for heaven, they fall into spiritual addiction.

Actors have an additional vulnerability, the occupational hazard of detaching from reality in order to become better actors. Daniel Day-Lewis, read here recently, is a famous example. The ACTOR has huge fans and is, I’ve read, the most buzzed-about Oscar nominee.

Well, back to this far less self-conscious Oscar nominee, Bradley Cooper who unflauntingly possesses exceptional mental health. This will be interesting, finding out how the degree that manages to shift in consciousness — not just performance — to play a character with mental health problems.

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Pat

3 inches. Terror. Reality is unstable. He can’t trust it. He can’t rust life. He can’t trust himself.

What he can do is try to numb himself while feeling so bad, which he does.

Chakra Databank Change Points

1 Chakra Change Point awarded. Such a well won Chakra Databank Change Point!, too

And let’s consider how many moviegoers may be uplifted by Bradley Cooper’s willingness to portray a film character with serious mental illness.

Here’s one statistic just for starters. An estimated 11% of Americans takes anti-depressant medication.

Okay, here’s just one more statistic. Some 20% of Americans with depression also have a substance abuse problem, and vice versa.

Personally, I do all I can to spread the word about Energy Spirituality, and train professional healers in this field, because techniques like cord-cutting can make such a huge difference.

But if I were an actor, like Bradley Cooper (not that this is happening any lifetime soon), I would take some roles to help people who are stigmatized due to mental health problems. Sunshine, entertainment, a bit of comedy, can make such a fine disinfectant.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Sex Appeal

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Bradley

20 miles. Again, this fellow has a powerhouse aura.

Bradley’s sex appeal is a gift, not an effort. Nor is this a pose, as is often the case for sex symbols.

Bradley Cooper has the sex appeal of a very healthy man, very appreciative of human bodies and human experiences. Making him even more irresistible, sensitivity is included in a balanced way.

The truth of this chakra databank fits perfectly with the looking-down positioning of Bradley’s face in the photo used for today’s aura reading. The sex appeal isn’t flaunted. Like any true attraction, Bradley Cooper’s sex appeal simply attracts, and is the more effective because of not being sullied by effort, preening, manipulation.

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Pat

1/4 inch. Pat feels shame and conflict about sexuality. He doesn’t radiate anything sexier than a small question mark about whether another person would possibly, ever, be interested in him.

Chakra Databank Change Points

What a delight for this aura reading movie reviewer! Right from the first chakra databank, it is obvious that Bradley Cooper knows how to complete a completely different character, inhabiting a totally different reality.

A second Chakra Databank Change Point joyfully awarded. I expect there will be more.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Sharing Power in Relationships

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Bradley

27 feet. Decency and responsibility, from someone with strong self-esteem. Bradley Cooper is very willing to share power, not to be taken advantage of but not bossy, either.

Once again, Bradley is showing himself to be exceptionally sane for anyone, and especially a professional actor….

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Pat

9 inches. What does it mean to be a man? Pat doesn’t have much personal power at all. Goes with the zero self-esteem that he has at this time in the movie.

The closest this character can get to having power — or sharing it– is, occasionally, to try to be a good person, a real man. Which he despairs of being. Still, Pat does strive the best he can to be a real man, a good man.

His essential goodness shines through, despite the huge amount of STUFF in his aura at the emotional and astral levels, corresponding to the subconscious mind.

In Energy Spirituality, my motto is, “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.” Unfortunately, this character Pat doesn’t know about techniques for STUFF removal. He is waaaaaay stuck, at the time of this photo.

Chakra Databank Change Points

Score one more Chakra Change Point. Such courage and humility must have been needed to earn this Chakra Databank Change Point. It’s a big deal for a sexy actor to hide sexiness; not to mention how unpleasant it would be for any actor to explore sexual shame while posing on the big screen.

Perhaps it helps that Bradley Cooper’s own sex appeal isn’t a commodity. He’s not selling it. He’s not pushing it. Not working it. The guy just has it.

Therefore, hiding Cooper’s sex appeal won’t be that big a deal to him (compared, say, to Naomi Watts whose deliciously great sex appeal was admired yesterday, a sexiness that seems to me quite central to her career and her own sense of identity).

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Self-Awareness

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Bradley

24 feet. Strong emotional stability makes it relatively comfortable for Mr. Cooper to have awareness of his emotions, here and now.

Neither overly dwelling on emotions, nor ignoring them, Bradley handles his emotions in a balanced manner.

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Pat

10 inches. Pat is a Highly Sensitive Person. (Not an empath with Emotional Intuition and Emotional Oneness, like the real Bradley Cooper, not to mention other empath gifts as well.)

As a Highly Sensitive Person, Pat is more alive emotionally than in other ways that I have been researching in this array of chakra databanks.

The sensitivity is problematic  for him, however. So much STUFF is lodged within him, subconsciously, that it distorts the gifts of his soul.

(Hmmm, sound familiar, anyone? HSPs and empaths can be so confused about their experiences. And, of course, empaths do not need to have an empath gift related to emotion in order to qualify as a born empath. An estimated 1 in 5 people is an HSP and 1 in 20 is an empath. Period.)

At the time of this photo, Pat uses his Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness more than most of his chakra databanks. Uses it more, not uses it joyfully or with self-respect.

Pat feels ambivalent about the sensitivity, fearing that his emotional self-awareness is a weakness. Thus, using his emotional self-awareness traps Pat in habitual cycles of self-loathing.

Chakra Databank Change Points

Another Chakra Databank Change Point? You think?

Wow to this actor, amazing and courageous Bradley Cooper!

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Bradley

14 feet. Shyness, diffidence at speaking up for himself as a person, is the tricky personal part for Bradley’s spiritual growth at this time.

Bradley Cooper is aware of truth. He does an uncommonly excellent job at discerning truth.

Sometimes, though, he hesitates to seem rude or pushy or hurt people’s feelings. So he holds back a bit.

Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness. Bradley Cooper is VERY close to Householder Enlightenment. So he often knows truth about people and social situations, bringing more clarity than others.

Seems to me, learning to trust himself and speak up more confidently is part of his ongoing path to Enlightenment. 

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Pat

7 inches. Pat is scared of life. He fears his own ideas and feelings. He fears what will happen if he shares his inner experience with others.

Also, at the time of this photo, Pat is way over-subjective in general. His truth, at this time, is only about his feelings and thoughts and inner life.

Making contact with objective reality? Not much.

Thus, this character has habits that spiral him ever more into over-subjectivity, with little effectiveness at speaking to others. STUFF in this Throat Chakra databank diminishes Pat’s ability to state what seems true to him, or to believe in himself enough to value what seems to him like the truth.

Chakra Databank Change Points

In awarding this latest Chakra Databank Change Point, I give a shout-out to Bradley Cooper’s courage yet again. Mental health problems aren’t fun. In my experience facilitating sessions of Energy Spirituality, nothing on earth is scarier.

  • Not drug problems.
  • Not receiving rageful emotional abuse.
  • Not physical violence.
  • Not rape or other sexually inappropriate behavior.
  • Not living in a war zone, literally or figuratively.
  • Not living with a physical disability or deformity. (Or taking care of someone else who has a serious health issue.)
  • Not even facing long-term illness or death.

No, living in the presence of mental illness — fighting it or fearing it, or dealing with cords of attachment where the cordee has a form of mental illness — for most people, that could be the ultimate spiritual growth opportunity. Nothing is more confusing or scarier here at Earth School than dealing with a mental health problem.

And you can be sure that, with cord-cutting experiences, I have helped courageous clients who faced all these horrors listed above and more.

STUFF can always, always, always be healed. But for an actor to voluntarily subject himself to living as if with a serious mental health problem? How courageous!

Also, if I might add from my perspective, how very important. Such a high percentage of people living today are suffering from mental health problems, whether directly or indirectly.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Chakra for Soul Thrill

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Bradley

29 feet of joyful soulful expression. Bradley Cooper has really embraced his human life, expressing his soul, and cheerfully handling the human problems and challenges.

The soul thrill showing here does not relate to his hugely successful career but, beyond that, being so very well adjusted to being himself: Accepting life, paying attention to what makes him happy, going for that.

Reading Bradley Cooper’s aura as Pat

1/8 inch. Soul thrill is completely shut down for now. Like so many people living today, Pat doesn’t express his soul at all.

He could. But he doesn’t know how, at this time.

Even with STUFF, we can learn to live more soulfully. Not knowing how, for Pat, the connection between his vibrant eternal soul and his human personality has gone numb at this time.

Chakra Databank Change Points

Score another wonderful Chakra Databank Change Point for Bradley Cooper.

Conclusion, with total Chakra Databank Change Points

7 out of a possible 7. And wow!!!!!!!

Finally, world class acting in an Oscar nominee for 2013. 🙂

Not only is this young actor quite close to Enlightenment. He has the ability to create a completely different human identity, inhabit it consistently and convincingly.

And, in this case, fearlessly.

Now, this is one Oscar-nominated movie I want to see. In the future, I will definitely be following the career of Bradley Cooper. Magnificent actor!!!!!!!

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    Wow!!! Awesome!!!

    One thing that was really cool in this reading is that you were talking, writing on about Pat as if he was a real person!

    I really enjoyed this movie… one thing that’s great about his performance is that it’s not over-the-top, but it’s very effective.

    What I mean is that he didn’t appear to be relying on physical acting tricks or making strange choices that catch your attention and are (perhaps) designed to impress.

    Instead he just seemed to be a different person. And then the behavior followed.

    Yay Bradley!! I guess this won’t be his last nomination.

  2. 2
    Paige says:

    Rose, I really enjoyed this reading and got another lesson in reading people deeper vs just on the surface level. I just always assumed he was a conceited jerk because of his relationships with women that admittedly I only get from people magazine, lol.
    I have a question though, how can a “fake” person have Stuff and not Bradley? Does changing your auric field that much have a neg impact on you, if Pat has stuff, isn’t it in Bradley’s aura? Can Bradley attract “stuff” by “becoming” another personality? Is the “stuff” created by the thoughts Bradley has in order to become the character and then goes away when he relinquishes Pat?
    Also this reading gave me so much respect for actors like Bradley. Does this ability come easily to Bradley or is this a monumental task?

  3. 3

    PAIGE and JORDAN, I really enjoyed your comments.

    PAIGE, I’ll aim to answer your questions at a time.

    Thank you first for what you wrote here, that you “got another lesson in reading people deeper vs just on the surface level. I just always assumed he was a conceited jerk because of his relationships with women that admittedly I only get from people magazine.”

    When “People” Magazine has a photo, and you have gotten good at energy literacy, you can do your own aura reading to find out the truth for yourself.

    Such a useful thing to do, I agree!

  4. 4

    PAIGE, re your question, “I have a question though, how can a ‘fake’ person have Stuff and not Bradley?”

    Not sure I understand your question. If this isn’t it, comment right back.

    I would word your question like this. “How can the person being portrayed have severe problems if the actor, himself, doesn’t have them?”

    The subconscious mind holds loads of experiences, every one of our incarnations stored there, in the Storehouse of Impressions.

    One way you can validate this for yourself is to do a session of past-life regression therapy with a practitioner you trust.

    I suspect that some novelists, actors, and other artists are able to experience this in self-hypnosis and use it for artistic purposes.

    Sometimes people just have tremendous imagination.

    Others are skilled empaths and learn from Skilled Empath Merge.

    Others are so very evolved they can simply construct a character and breathe life into it, e.g., Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, others who have been reported on here and won a stunningly large number of Chakra Databank Change Points.

  5. 5

    Responding to your question, PAIGE,” Does changing your auric field that much have a neg impact on you, if Pat has stuff, isn’t it in Bradley’s aura?

    Intention matters a lot in life. Skill matters greatly as well.

    Bradley Cooper evidently has a high state of consciousness and great compassion; probably he has learned a lot about understanding people without judging them.

    Then he has learned how to use acting techniques to experience way deeply, plus layer on all the other technical components of acting.

    If it were not so safe for him to act, he would be a mess.

    Many actors are.

  6. 6

    PAIGE, you asked, “Can Bradley attract ‘stuff’ by ‘becoming’ another personality?”

    If Bradley Cooper didn’t use good energy hygiene, good acting technique, and come from a place of very evolved consciousness, sure, becoming messed up could be an occupational hazard for him.

    Yet some very evolved people ARE attracted to acting.

    Hugh Jackman, nominated for an Oscar, is on our Enlightenment Life List, you know.

  7. 7

    PAIGE, you asked, “Is the ‘stuff’ created by the thoughts Bradley has in order to become the character and then goes away when he relinquishes Pat?”

    That would depend on Bradley’s internal process, wouldn’t it?

    Next time you see him, ask him. 😉

    In general, a topnotch actor finds a way to be. This matches the concept of the character. Then the actor conveys this concept in every way possible.

    You could move with a limp without developing a limp for the rest of your life. It’s a matter of coordination, technique, intention, consciousness. Complex and, as your questions indicate, interesting.

  8. 8
    Paige says:

    Rose thank you for answering my questions. I think my understanding of “stuff” needed clarification. This was very helpful to me.

  9. 9
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for this reading! I am a huge fan of Bradley Cooper. I loved him from the first time I saw him act on the television show “Alias” many years ago. He has only grown since then, both as an actor and as a person.

    I also suspected that this actor was very close to Enlightenment, so thanks also for commenting on that!

    I am definitely following his career.

    As for the People magazine comment… It’s a pppular magazine’s “job” or “goal” to write about people and issues that will sell the magazine. And the general public is very interested in whom good-looking talented actors are dating, it seems! I think it’s great that we can use Energetic Literacy to learn more, to see beneath the surface.

  10. 10
    M. says:

    “Such a high percentage of people living today are suffering from mental health problems, whether directly or indirectly.”

    What do you mean by indirectly? Indirectly as in unskilled empaths taking on the astral debris of mentally ill people?

  11. 11
    M. says:

    Cooper’s strong connection to physical reality doesn’t surprise me. From the 2-3 interviews I’ve read about him he has gigantic discipline, focus, drive and an aptitude for hard work.

    He worked the late shift as an apartment doorman and whenever people entered the door the candles inside would blow out. All night he would have to let them in, scurry to re-light the candles and scurry back out again. Once, he rowed for a team in college and the coach said that he wasn’t as physically prepared as the other guys for a particular race (I forget why) but he ended up helping them win. The coach noted that you could just see in his eyes that he won it by sheer force of will; mind over matter. Also, his mother told a reporter a story that demonstrated his incredible single-minded focus: he once spent every day of an entire summer preparing a gourmet meal, eating it and cleaning up after himself. Every meal. He spent an entire summer preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  12. 12
    M. says:

    PAIGE, actors often describe “carrying” some aspect of their characters with them after they finish performing. Natalie Portman, also profiled by Rose as having shifted down to her chakras, has reported this as her experience after “Black Swan”. Same for Marion Cotillard, who shifted (if I remember correctly) down to her chakras for “La Vie en rose”.

    As for whether or not this chakra acting is an easy or monumentally difficult task for Bradley Cooper… From what I’ve read, the preparation that the actors put in to craft the characters is intensive (reading the script hundreds of times, taking copious notes, asking questions, etc.) but when it comes to the actual day on set, they can just flip a switch and enter a different state (an altered state?).

  13. 13

    M., interesting question. Unskilled empath merges with people who have lots of STUFF? Sure that’s an ongoing problem, but solved when the empath gets skills.

    So what I mosty meant was the human part. Having to deal with people in your life who have undiagnosed mental health problems. Plus the people who have diagnosed mental health problems and are really stuck.

    That family member! That boss! That customer! That co-worker! That neighbor! What that person says and does in objective reality!

    Not just empaths have problems from dealing with that. And, of course, guess how pleasant the cords of attachment are to all those majorly troubled people? Remember, the contents of every cord of attachment recycle within you 24/7, at least once per day and often far more frequently.

    Yet one more reason why cord-cutting is a really useful skill set, either as a priority skill to develop or as a service to receive from a professional at Energy Spirituality.

  14. 14
    bmeade says:

    I’m watching Silver Linings now and he’s amazing! What a wonderful actor & soul. It also helps that he has such a strong co-star in Ms. Lawrence.

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