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What is Chakra Balancing? Q&A re Aura Reading Research, Soul Thrill Research, Guidance, and More.

Listening for guidance directly from your energy field, your chakra databanks

Aura reading is different from aura healing — energy healing. Keep that in mind as we do some long-overdue Q&A around chakra balancing, aura reading research, guidance, and Soul Thrill research.

So much of our conversation at this blog emphasizes energy healing with Energy Spirituality: removing STUFF, with cord-cutting, skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection (removing psychic coercion, negative thought forms, etc.).

The topic of chakra balancing, was asked about by JACK recently in his Comment 19 as we discussed energy healing. Well, here we go, JACK, and other curious Blog-Buddies!

Chakra balancing means bringing your chakras into a healthy alignment. You have an energy field. Chakra balancing might, therefore, seem like the ultimate in energy healing.

But let’s look closer. (Deeper Perception — yeah, team!)

Proportion and balance for your energy field sounds so great. How come long-term results from chakra balancing can be tricky? Because this darling of holistic healing isn’t just about aura healing, the energy healing/Energy Spirituality side of things. The biggest results for chakra balancing also require aura reading.

Right there, BTW, you can appreciate why a chakra balancing meditation may sound (and feel) sweet, but probably won’t produce results long-term. (As a smart New Age Consumer, just think about this. Then you can laugh about the 743,000 Google hits today for “chakra balancing meditation.” Laugh or sigh.)

Around here, Stage Three Energy Literacy provides vital information about your energy field. It helps satisfy that aura reading requirement for effective chakra balancing. But why stop there?  We can bring synergy to holistic healing. 🙂 How convenient that, around here, Deeper Perception means Energy Spirituality skills for aura healing and Energy Literacy skills for aura reading, both. Bottom line…

No worries, Blog-Buddies, when it comes to Chakra Balancing!

When we are in a session for aura healing, tell me if you are concerned about chakra balancing. Do you have questions about what chakra balancing really would mean, related to your current intention for personal growth? Questions you might ask yourself include:

 “Why do I want chakra balancing? Why now? Am I concerned about anything emotionally or spiritually, in my life, right now?”

While in session, ask questions like these, if you like. Or ask about chakra balancing.  Otherwise, know that every session of healing with Energy Spirituality will automatically help to balance your chakras. And your chakra databanks, too.

The single most important point about chakra balancing with Energy Spirituality

You are not a car. You are not just a machine. You are an evolving soul, someone who cares about personal development and spiritual growth, maybe even Enlightenment.

At least I’m hunching that’s what you believe, because much in holistic healing does treat a person more like a machine or a doll. But you have come here, to this blog, or to a session or workshop with me, or both. 🙂

So you don’t just want to be fixed with energy healing. You long for long-term personal development and spiritual growth. You appreciate that your aura and chakras and chakra databanks are part of that.

Fixing somebody’s energy field does not necessarily mean either personal development or spiritual growth. Hello, it means fixing the machine.

So, if you care about chakra balancing, let’s do it in a way designed to bring you more personal development as a human being. Doesn’t that make sense to you, Blog-Buddies, as the real purpose of chakra balancing?

Why consider chakra balancing as if you were rotating tires on your car?

For personal development and spiritual growth, it is not enough to mechanically balance your chakras or chakra databanks. If a person’s chakra databanks are not balanced right now, there is good reason. Let’s not shove them into some rigid, fixed system of “supposed to.” Let’s facilitate authentic, permanent healing during that session of Energy Spirituality. Sure we can. 🙂

Let the Q&A begin about chakra balancing

If you have any questions about chakra balancing, of course, add them to our comments below. I would love to clarify.

So many folks wonder, “What is chakra balancing?”

And “How would Energy Spirituality have a different approach to chakra balancing than Energy Medicine techniques like Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, etc.”?

Tell me what you want to know most about chakra balancing. If it is a general enough question for the blog, I’ll respond!

How does Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research help to balance your chakras, your life?

Now, let’s shift over to clarifying about the aura reading side of things. Could guidance, based in accurate aura reading, help you have a more balanced life, better chakras, etc.?

Definitely. With Energy Spirituality sessions, I have developed many skill sets for aura reading research, a kind of guidance that does not depend on astral helpers but comes from your built-in GPS system, your chakra databanks. Usually I’ll suggest one aura reading skill set that works best while we are in session. I’ll explain the basics, you’ll ask your questions, and we’ll go from there.

Most popular for this guidance-type session with my clients is Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research. So let’s do Q&A about that.

Here is a recent comment about Soul Thrill Aura Research from Blog-Buddy SUZANNE:

“Rose, I have a couple of questions about aura research on places”…

Question 1 about Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

“If I am researching places I might want to live, how time dependent is aura reading research?

“For example, let’s say I research living in my present city Boston–to find out how living here affects my chakra databanks for soul thrill, physical health, making money, romance, etc. But I research it in February, when it’s cold and miserable outside and life here isn’t a lot of fun.

“Might I get different results than if I research in May, when it’s sunny and I’m loving life in the city?”

Let’s clarify about the nature of this research, before responding to SUZANNE’s fine question. (Meanwhile letting visions of sugar plums and Boston snow-and-slush dance in our heads).

What is Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research?

Soul Thrill Aura Research is one type of aura reading session I facilitate. This is not for aura healing but for guidance: Learning information about yourself in greater depth, as a basis for making more productive choices in life.

  1. During the first half, we do a baseline energy reading of your chakra databanks. In her question, SUZANNE refers to some that you might be interested in: The High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill, her Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health, her Root Chakra Databank for Making Money, her Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem.
  2. The second half of the session, you name one choice at a time, one research item, such as “Living in Denver” or “Living in Boston.” (This research item is the topic about which you wish to receive guidance.)
  3. Then I explore how that particular research item morphs all your chakra databanks. One chakra databank at a time, I describe the feedback about a choice, changes to that particular chakra databank. This detailed information comes directly from your aura.

So this skill set brings guidance as a type of Energetic Literacy. It is not guidance in the sense of a psychic reading. It is not guidance as a prediction. This guidance is way more nuanced and informative than using kinesiology testing  or using a pendulum to learn about personal development or spiritual growth.

Using Energy Literacy skills, perspective comes directly from your aura, one chakra databank at a time.?

Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research helps to overcome a common trap folks get into, where we make decisions based on an ongoing state of imbalance.

By choosing a representative sample of chakra databanks from different major chakras, you receive a far more balanced perspective on yourself, who yu are now. You learn the impact on chakra databanks of any choice that you care to research.

So, how time sensitive is this type of guidance? Every bit of your Soul Thrill Aura Research, for every research item, is accurate about you right now. This accuracy will hold for 2-3 months.

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are researching “Paris in the springtime” or “Paris in the fall.” When you research “Living in Paris,” information will come straight from your aura.

Enjoy choosing research items for Soul Thrill Aura Research

During a session, I’ll help you with these research items, of course. Because you can get great results while being pretty darned “sloppy” as my client.

Basically, its a collaboration. You bring research items about which you’d like to receive guidance.  We will co-create with your choice of Divine help. And I will bring the technical expertise. So relax — even enjoy — preparing a bit of a list in advance; then be flexible while we discuss.

Let’s say, like SUZANNE, you first bring up a research item about “Moving to Boston.” As we sit together in session (okay, maybe we sit over the phone or via webcam), it turns out you are really more interested in “Visiting Boston” than actually moving there.

That’s where we want to fine-tune the research. For “Moving to Boston,” all your chakra databanks will have a particular response.

But “Visiting Boston”? That alone doesn’t have enough nuance to work as a research item. Just for the reason brought up by SUZANNE. So I’d ask you to tweak that research item a bit. Such as:

  • Visit Boston during slush and shiver season. Kidding! “Visit Boston in February.”
  • “Visit Boston in May 2013.”
  • “Visit Boston in August 2013.”

Question 2 about Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

SUZANNE also asked, “When I research a city, does it matter if I have been there before or not?”

Actually, it does not matter if you have been to that city. For purposes of the Soul Thrill research, anyway. (Where you have been in your life definitely does matter to you. 😉 )

To understand my answer, let’s consider what it means to do aura reading with Stage Three Energy Literacy. Information comes all the way from your chakra databanks, not just your chakras.

Each chakra databank contains information at the astral level, corresponding to your subconscious mind. This impacts the size and quality of a chakra databank.

(You know, chakra databanks also contain information at the etheric or Divine level, corresponding to your Higher Self. I might read one of these, just for fun, in your session of Soul Thrill Aura Research. But usually not, because we can substitute the different fun of bringing you practical, accurate guidance informed by your subconscious mind.)

At that subconcious level, you know perfectly well how you respond to “Live in Boston” or any choice. The vast wisdom of your subconscious mind will help you enormously.

Why Soul Thrill Aura Research is amazing

That’s the wonder of it, SUZANNE. You can get accurate research results on a sport you never have tried, a city you never have visited, dating JOE or GLADYS when you don’t know them well yet.

In fact, how great is that! Imagine receiving guidance to help you know early on about “Soul Mate” or “Pretty darned good choice” or “Waste of time.”

Remember, at a subconscious level you read a person’s auric modeling. You know so very much in that way.

Soul Thrill Aura Research brings the truth home. Guidance from your subconscious mind and Higher Self will be supplied to your conscious mind. The process brings clarity along with the guidance. You develop more clarity about how to evaluate your current choices and make smart decisions. All part of your personal development and spiritual growth, all a way of respecting your self-authority on your personal path to Enlightenment!

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  1. 1
    Suzanne says:

    Thanks a lot Rose, that helps a lot. And for other people, yes, I can attest that the information received from aura research is incredibly helpful. Having done aura research on potential housemates, and then moved in with those housemates I have tested the results 🙂

    About my current housemates, Rose told me that I would feel comfortable here, as if I was living with family, and that the soul thrill was huge because things were uncomplicated with these housemates. At first I thought I had made a mistake because I don’t particularly like my housemates, but after living here for more than a year, I’ve found that I’m far more comfortable here than I’ve been with any previous housemates. And it is for exactly the reason Rose said: things are uncomplicated here, and I can relax and be myself.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    Suzanne, about your weather question – In my experience, weather does (of course) come into play when researching places for soul thrill. But not in quite the way you’re saying.

    If you research something like, “Going to Boston this weekend,” then the current cold weather will come into play, along with lots and lots and lots of other stuff.

    That’s very different from researching, “Living in Boston.” In that case, in my experience, it’s more of a general climate thing which goes along with the very full and nuanced picture of you living in Boston.

    If you say that the choice you’re researching is “Living in Boston,” your aura and the Divine Being you are working with are smart enough to know you don’t just mean in February!

  3. 3

    JORDAN and SUZANNE, thank you so much for opening up this group discussion about Soul Thrill Aura Research and Chakra Balancing.

    Your latest comment, SUZANNE, you’ve nailed it! Internet research, climate statistics — they aren’t custom-designed to address what you need, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

    Every location has laws of nature, cultural factors, even vibrational frequences.

    You very evolved Blog-Buddies may respond more strongly to those subtler vibrational factors than to simple stats about climate.

    You know, as you evolve on your path to Enlightenment, it does become more specialized. Whether where you live, which choices suit you, which people thrill your soul for a love relationship right now, etc.

    Earth School is an amazing academy for spiritual growth, including how people at every imaginable level of consciousness inhabit the same objective reality, and each of us can use free will around personal development.

  4. 4
    Suzanne says:

    Hi Jordan,

    That makes sense. I guess what puzzled me is that when I researched Boston for how it affects my physical health, it turns out to be a very poor choice.

    And I can feel this: my health is not as good here, as it was in more moderate climates.

    However, oddly, Pittsburgh when researched showed up as good for my physical health but from the internet research I’ve done, the climate there isn’t any better and maybe is worse.

    So, I’m guessing that there may be a factors other than climate that would influence my physical health.

  5. 5
    Suzanne says:

    Thanks Rose, that makes a lot of sense.

  6. 6
    Erica says:

    Rose, (I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere), is it possible do Soul Thrill research on yourself? I’m reading through your book on cutting cords of attachment for self-healing, and I’ve just finished the section on taking a before picture. I wondered whether it’s possible to use aura-reading skills to examine the impact of choices when reading your own aura?

    Thanks, and apologies again if this is old news I haven’t stumbled upon yet 🙂


  7. 7

    Sure, you can learn to do Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research.

    To learn how to do this properly, you might schedule a 55-minute Mentoring Session . (Learning could take more than one of these sessions. I’ll teach you as quickly as you can learn.)

    Or you might prefer to schedule a session of Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research as my client and use that as a model.

    If your aura reading skills are already excellent, you will be able to learn quickly. If not, it would be wise to do that first, either through personal mentoring with me or else you can develop excellent aura reading skills with “Read People Deeper” or “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Or, again, choose personal mentoring.

  8. 8
    Rachel says:

    I have just stumbled upon this old post. Great post :-)!

    I do think it’s wonderful how researching changes via soul thrill can help us to grow so much.

  9. 9
    Rachel says:

    I did want to add though, based on my previous experience of having research sessions, is it not the case that the more precisely you can name what you are researching, the more accurate your results will be?

  10. 10
    Rachel says:

    So, even if you have never tried a particular sport, if you research taking up that sport with a specific, named teacher or class in a specific class, your aura will give you much more accurate information about its effects.

  11. 11
    Rachel says:

    At least, that has been my experience several times. One example: ‘Learning Chinese?’ Huge soul thrill.

    ‘Learning Chinese at x language school down the road from me?’ Terrible ;-(.
    I wonder if that could be applied to relocating, as in, not simply ‘living in Boston,’ but ‘living in x district of Boston.’

    What do you think, Rose?

  12. 12
    Rose says:

    RACHEL, I agree with you.

  13. 13
    chakrayog says:

    Thanks for posting awesome posting…

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