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Funny videos for shallow perception


Blog-Buddies, sometimes the timing of life is so delectable.

Just finished my last session of the day, with a client (GLADYS) who needed to shallow up.

Sure, we did cord-cutting as part of her healing session. But the main direction of her healing was the put-in part. GLADYS is learning how objective reality is different from the subjective kind, and to “Shallow up,” as needed.

Face Reading Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City

Michael Bloomberg, ready for his face reading

Michael Bloomberg, ready for his face reading

Who isn’t fascinated by the New York Mayor? If you follow the news, you know that Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t just rest on his big pile of money, as one of the richest men in the world. This face reading is going to be fun.

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN won the #1 Face Reading at our recent Mystery Face Reading Contest for several reasons. Learn more about them toward the end of today’s post. (Pssst. This inside perspective could help YOU win future contests at this personal development blog using Deeper Perception.)

Now, quoting JILL ERIN, I’ll highlight in red all the practical points that I aim to address today with the face reading of Mayor Bloomberg:

Basics! Face Reading Secrets®

Rose Rosetree, back in the day, sharing basics of Face Reading Secrets(R) with Romi.

This article explains the basics of Face Reading Secrets®. This distinctive, trademarked system can help you read faces for character, and do it powerfully. (Sometimes known as “The Power of Face Reading.”)

I’m so glad you’re interested in reading the secrets. Physiognomy has fascinated me since 1975. I turned pro in 1986, and have done face reading consultations for people all over the world, as well as face reading interviews for publications as different as USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Catholic Standard.

This blog includes many face reading posts. Today’s is a good one to read first, if you’re curious about reading faces.

Face Reading Secrets® Revealed

Face Reading Secrets® are revealed at this thread.

Face Reading Secrets® are revealed here.

Let me educate you about Face Reading Secrets®, a physiognomy system designed to open your heart of compassion. It’s also practical and useful. Face readers, using this system, are pleasantly surprised by the accuracy.

This post began as a free face reading service that I provided for nearly two years. There’s still plenty of face reading fun to enjoy, even though I’m no longer taking requests to teach face reading over the blog.

So do keep reading, both the main article and all the great comments. Reading faces is such a delight! And this particular system is easy to learn.

Winners announced for Face Reading Contest

Face Reading Secrets with Rose Rosetree

Our New Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest has three winners, made official today. Three face reading posts will follow. Announcing the winners, I thank everyone who nominated a public figure for a face reading.

First Winner is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, proposed by JILL ERIN. The mystery she hopes to solve with face reading: What does the man have against super-size, yummy drinks?

Joking. That isn’t exactly it. We’ll get to her mystery-solving request when that face reading appears.

When an Empath Tries to "Get over Yourself." A Guest Post from DAVE

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Get over yourself” continues to be an interesting way to spark appreciation for one’s sense of self. Yesterday’s post on getting over yourself has generated some fascinating responses.

Not until I read these comments did it occur to me that, of course, we empaths have such a different perspective on “Myself,” we would have quite a range of perspectives on “Get over yourself.”

That’s because, to me, becoming a skilled empath involves waking up from inside. Along the way we empaths can develop a stronger sense of identity.

Get over yourself, a version that works for spiritual development

Gotta love Earth School. The lessons are unrelenting, at least if you aim to grow. One of those lessons is really strange, at least if you happen to have a human ego structure.

It’s called “Get over yourself.”

Did you ever go to the store, reach the checkout counter, and find the guy at the cash register has zero interest in you?

The Seven Biggest Questions



So you’re interested in Deeper Perception! Yet you also live in objective reality, inescapable so long as you live here at Earth School. What people say and do, located right on the surface of life.

Good old objective reality, where certain choices cannot be avoided. And where each choice carries consequences, like it or not.

So often, Blog-Buddies, talking with a client in a healing session, I say something like this, “We’ll get to that aura reading part soon. But first, let’s pay attention to objective reality, Because Deeper Perception never works well as a substitute for common sense.”

What Is Householder Enlightenment? A fancy way to be codependent?


Enlightenment is not the apotheosis of codependency.

To put it another way, Householder Enlightenment does not mean being really, really good at anticipating needs of other people, then delivering it.

Let’s launch a new series of posts. From time to time, I would like to bring a fresh perspective on Householder Enlightenment.

Aura Reading Elvis Presley, How Fame Changed His Aura

Elvis Presley, still in the building dedicated to aura reading research

Elvis Presley, still in the building…. dedicated to aura reading research

Auras aren’t really changed by fame, of course. Not by love or money, political power, being named “Pope,” or any measure of worldly success. Each human is responsible for the use of free will. That’s what will most strongly affect a person’s aura over time.

Even the impact of collective consciousness, recently discussed at this blog, depends on choice. Social pressures, of every kind, can be increased or diminished based on one’s  willingness to participate in those powerful subconscious forces.