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Tar-Like Gunk and Junk after The Shift, how to release it now


You’ can start having more fun, Blog-Buddies. This isn’t exactly your duty after The Shift into this new Age of Energy. But fun can help you to make more money this year. Besides assisting you to play your leadership role here on earth.

Let me explain. Then, at the end of today’’s post, I’’ll supply a powerful technique to help. A technique you can use for alignment, given the new energetic shifts on the planet.

Align with The Shift into the Aquarian Age, this new Age of Energy

After all the prayers and speculation around the end of the Mayan calendar, now that earth dust has settled, what really happened energetically?

Wiser heads than mine, and different heads than mine, possess far-out knowledge that you can read elsewhere. My knowledge comes from close in. Very close in. From those everyday techniques of deeper perception, Stage Three Energy Literacy. Especially the sessions with individual clients.

So in 2012, as usual, that meant 1,000+ session hours, plus many sessions thus far into this newish year. Basically, clients have invited me to research and facilitate healing at the level within corresponding to astral (or psychic) dimensions.

These hidden astral dimensions have a psychological name, too: Your subconscious (or unconscious) mind.

Well, here is what this hardworking healer has noticed, based on working with clients as part of, gulp!, serving the New Age community for 43 years now.

The pace of human evolution speeded up considerably over the past decade. Maybe you can relate to this analogy. Say that you are reading a fabulous thriller by the great Sue Grafton. You could be reading “A is for Alibi” or “Q is for Quarry” or “V is for Vengeance.” (I don’t think her next book will be “W is for What The Heck Happened to the Mayan Calendar?” but all us fans will have to find out, won’t we?)

Say that you have been reading Sue’s book at your usual pace. As you get closer to the end, might you feel tempted to flip those pages faster? Or click “Next” faster on your e-reader?

By the end, even if an author took great pains to do especially lovely little bits of writing, by the end it can be a grand whoosh as a reader races to closure.

Now I’’m not suggesting that the ancient Mayan calendar was set up like a paperback or a Kindle, but that is how so much climaxing happens on earth, whether a sexual encounter or a symphony.

In similar fashion, human evolution speeded up during the final measures of the Mayan calendar. Especially from 2011 through 2012, spiritual development accelerated exponentially.

Hey, you remember. The life events! The wacky job changes! The life lessons, coming thicker and faster than a blur of owls from Hogwarts!

As a healer, I sure was seeing this up close and personal. New clients came because they were evolving super-quickly and wanted to move forward faster. All my healer colleagues who lurk at this blog, didn’’t you notice something similar with the different modalities you offer?

Big growth became available, big pace spiritually! Around December 22, 2012, a shift began into our new era. Whew, the cosmic page-flipping slowed down. And our pace of individual evolution has reverted back to normal, while we keep all that hard-won spiritual evolution.

Here’’s how I understand it. By The Shift, each of us has evolved a great deal. Now we continue further evolution on that basis. We evolve, as always, based on free will. So we can freely choose to grow quickly. Or slowly. Or stubbornly refuse to budge (and discover how well that choice works….)

In personal terms, then, pace of growth is back to normal. However, something big has changed in collective consciousness, something that affects you deeply and personally.

How The Shift Changed Life for You Subconsciously

Let’s talk dimensional frequencies now. Blog-Buddies, have you ever worn 3-D glasses? Hint: They’re not just for watching “The Hobbit” or “Avatar

You have worn 3-D glasses for your entire life, actually. Three physical dimensions are built into reality here at Earth School.

Okay, to be accurate, guess what? Even without fancy glasses, natural or movie theater-style, you have been wearing 5-D glasses all along: Physical three dimensions, plus time and space.

All along, has your personal experience has been limited to five dimensions? I don’’t think so. Do you?

Instead this planet used to be structured so that just five dimensions were part of our official collective evolution, what has been supported during our conscious waking hours, by collective consciousness.

Sure, each of us had a private spiritual reality with added dimensions, as appropriate. Only that was private, not supported strongly in collective consciousness.

If you have heard of reincarnation, this concept will seem obvious. Older souls, with more experience, become capable of living at higher dimensions.

Now, if you haven’’t heard of reincarnation, now I have mentioned it, you may remember, “Of course, many lifetimes ago I used to know about the idea of reincarnation.”

Anyway, you Blog-Buddies, are especially likely to have incarnated with subconscious awareness of many dimensions, beyond the standard five.

Consider the possibility that your former dimensional access consciously, before The Shift, could be described with The Tube Model of Dimensional Reality.

Before The Shift? The Tube Model

Except for those with unusual forms of consciousness, such as the autistic, all adult humans before The Shift participated collectively only in the five standard dimensions of earth. History, geography, science, even the arts, were mostly be about objective reality, the 5-D kind.

Yet you also came here with your long history as a soul, including your personal, mostly subconscious, access to higher dimensions. Let’s use an analogy to picture this former limitation to your identity as a person. Imagine a long tube surrounding you, similar to a test tube perhaps, with you at the bulb end and an open top.

The test tube in this analogy has a variable length. Your personal consciousness tube has been as long as it needed to be… in order to store your experiences of each vibrational level, one after another: Dimension 6, maybe Dimension 7, Dimension 8, and so forth.

All that dimensional knowing was your personal business.

  • During sleep and dream time, you were free to explore all those dimensions: Learning, integrating, volunteering, exploring, etc.
  • When awake, you were stuck, having to live mainly in terms of the regular Earth School Big Five Dimensions.
  • Because the main, shared, human conversation was in 5-D.

Except… before The Shift, sometimes you found a kindred spirit. When the two of you were together, you could sense a commonality. Deliciously nonverbal!

In terms of my test-tube analogy, each of you would intensify your private experiences of more than the standard 5-D. It felt less lonely being you.

In spiritual ways, subconscious ways, whatever ways, your conversation would mostly be expressed in terms of the obligatory, exclusive 5-D. Yet, in subtle ways, the two of you might share overtones, associations, highlights, extra feelings.

Get the bittersweet limitation? Even with your best communication, it was still your personal test tube, cut off from everyone else’s test tube. Not supported by collective consciousness, as with 5-D reality.

Despite all those lovely friendships, can you recognize a long-term existential depression, a habitual way of feeling alone? That may be related to the old setup on earth, where collective consciousness emphasized just the five standard dimensions.

Well, that has just changed. To me, this new ability to connect with others fully is the very human essence of The Shift.

The Shift is going to bring you way more fun. You’ll feel less than a fish out of water and more like a fish in water. A fish with other fish of your school. To clarify, let’s go for a more global model. Drier.

After The Shift? The Rainbow Model

Rainbows are circular, as you may know. I like using rainbow layers for a model of collective consciousness after The Shift. Some of you might prefer thinking in terms of a dartboard, provided you avoid the notion of being pinged by some random object. Because a dartboard shows that multiple layer concept so clearly.

Collective consciousness now supports more than five dimensions

Earth now has more than the five old layers to the official shared rainbow of collective consciousness. Concentric circles go out for every one of the dimensions that people experience. Every one of yours, for instance.

Certainly, since The Shift, funky things have happened with us Earthlings getting used to higher dimensions.

For example, a medical intuitive and healer based in Rhode Island who gave me permission to share the following story (my paraphrase):

“There are many people, lately, who have health problems that are related to their fit on Earth. Various portions of them are getting caught in other dimensions.  Just the other day, I had this client, Gladys, who stopped being able to see properly.

“When I went in to do the healing, I found out that Gladys’ vision was working on the 16th Dimension.

“Well, I went over there, and I grabbed her eyes and I brought them back here and re-inserted them into her body fully. Then Gladys could see again.””

Bottom line about you after The Shift: What if, all along, your private tube of consciousness brought you solitary access to Dimension 7 or 16 or whatever? Now the loneliness is over. Subconsciously, and maybe consciously, you’’re linked with all humans who can experience at that dimension.

Collective growth, going on in the background; a deep, subconscious kind of support for your full evolution.

You see, Blog-Buddies, the role of earth has changed. Extra dimensions are now part of our collective consciousness. Not required by all people. Just available, to those with access, for anchoring deeply into earth.

Which makes it a lot easier and less lonely, being yourself and using all the consciousness you have attained so far.

To benefit from The Shift, do you have to learn my techniques of RES Energy Reading? Nope. Nothing is required of you, other than regular breathing, eating, etc., for living as a human.

Enjoy the liberation. You are no longer exploring higher dimensions mostly on your own. Subconsciously and energetically, you are jointly connected to other people. Whichever ways you choose to explore and grow, you will now do it so much more easily. And this will definitely help you to attract more money. Especially if your aura isn’t attracting what you don’t want due to STUFF, based on tar-like junk and gunk.

If angels used to be your best friends, guess what? Maybe you’ll find more people to relate to. The Shift won’t solve all personal problems but it does solve something way deep and formerly universal.

Get out the Tar

Now you have a model for understanding the big vibrational change here at Earth School with The Shift. Well, what is the practical point?

Mostly, The Shift is wonderful. And the upgrade of human consciousness is available without your needing to do a thing. However, you can speed your transition into enjoying all this. A quick, one-time healing that will make this possible.

Here’s where we need to talk tar. Specifically, “Tar-like gunk and junk” in people’s auras.

After The Shift, I started finding a new kind of astral debris in my clients. Every single person with whom I did a Skilled Empath Merge was showing a tar-like junk and gunk. Research showed me that this had to do with a new opportunity to release the heavy vibrations that every human on earth used to carry.

Used to be, this was no more optional than gravity. Used to be, human life on earth emphasized five heavy dimensions. Carrying energetic tar in our auras helped keep us involved.

Now that auric, subconscious heaviness is optional. It is leaving, sooner or later, but wouldn’’t you like to get rid of it sooner?

The technique below can do that for you. This is a one-time technique. Feel free to share a link to today’s post. Afterwards feel free to comment about the results or ask questions at a dedicated post at my blog for this purpose.

What happens if you don’t move out the tar? Eventually it will rub off, taking months or decades. The great thing is, you can heal every bit of it now. This astral-level debris is not STUFF like a cord of attachment. (With cord-cutting, permanent healing requires skill for moving out one cord at a time, including aura-level insights as appropriate.)

Nope, this is just a generic, old-earth, pre-Shift type tar. And you can release all of it right now. All you need:

  • 7 minutes of precious earth time.
  • Sit comfortably in a chair, no pets or other people with you.
  • No multi-tasking.

Just read the following instructions and then follow them step by step. (Please do not improvise here, because neither you nor I know what the consequences would be. Use your creativity after you have received the healing. Celebrate away!)

How to Remove the Tar-Like Gunk and Junk

Say out loud: God (or substitute the term “Highest Power” if that is more comfortable for you, starting now and for the rest of this healing), “I call on you to be here with me now for this Alignment with Earth’s full set of dimensional frequencies.”

  1. Close your eyes and notice how you feel in your body, one or more physical sensations. Say out loud, “Right now I feel like this….” and complete the sentence. (Give yourself maybe three minutes for this. Take your time. See Comments below.)
  2. Open your eyes and say out loud: “God, please shine your light of truth into all the low-vibrational frequencies that are no longer needed by me as I live on earth. Please separate them out from me.
  3. “Fill me with healing energy of spiritual love, light, and power. Over at the frequencies that have been removed, please move them forward vibrationally until they dissolve into pure light and are completely recycled. Thank you.”
  4. Repeat Step 1. (Again, give yourself maybe three minutes for this. Take your time. What, you’ve got someone more important to learn about right now? ;-)) Know that your ceremony of healing is both successful and complete. Open your eyes.

Welcome to a more joyous life after The Shift. And after the tar-like junk and gunk.

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  1. 1

    This article was also published in Pathways Magazine, so I waited until publication as they had First Serial Rights.

    On another blog post, I told you’all I was waiting for publiction, plus offered some tips that you still might find useful.

    Integrating spiritually after The Shift into the Age of Aquarius, which is here:

  2. 2

    My apology to any of you Pathways Magazine readers who had a hard time before today with finding the SEARCH terms referred to in the print edition of this article in my column in the Spring 2013 issue. Because in that article I did invite you’all to comment at a post here that you could find with search terms for “Tar-Like Gunk and Junk” — oops!

    Unfortunately I didn’t check back to make double check that the post ( ) had “Tar-Like Gunk and Junk” mentioned as a big enough deal to be picked up with searching.

    Golly, life on earth is full of details to keep track of, still in those main five dimensions. Hope no inconvenience was caused to any of you.

  3. 3
    Dave says:

    Excellent post Rose! Thanks!

  4. 4
    Tehya says:


    Thanks for the easy to understand description. I didn’t feel this gunk and junk as strongly until AFTER our recent session when it was gone, so I hope/assume that was just releasing. Or perhaps completely unrelated to our session.

    By the way! My intention for that healing was to make more money, and after our session that day I scanned an old lotto ticket that was in my wallet and made 10 bucks. A good omen.

    Then a week later, just this past weekend, I got a LARGE check in the mail from my tax return (many, many times over what I was expecting). It will allow me to fly to the states for both Level 1 and 2 of your Aura Reading and Cords of Attachment workshops this year! Thrilled!

  5. 5

    TEHYA, wonderful news! It is very smart to take the Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop before Cut Cords of Attachment, even better to take both through to Level 2.

    Thanks for sharing your news.

  6. 6

    DAVE, so glad you find this set of understandings, and the technique, helpful. 🙂

  7. 7
    Jennifer says:

    I have a question about the exercise. Are steps 2 and 3 done both times with eyes open, or is it different than that? I want to be sure that I do it the right way.

  8. 8

    JENNIFER, that was a good question because I had a bad typo in Step 4. Fixed it.

    Read all four steps over now and things should be simpler.

    Thank you so much for calling this to my attention. Enjoy losing the tar-like gunk and junk and filling up with pure YOU!

  9. 9
    Jennifer says:

    Hey, sorry about another question, but I want to get this done properly. Does it take the full seven minutes? I think it would be easy to complete everything in much less time, but I also want to make sure it works.

  10. 10

    JENNIFER, Dear Heart, so great to hear from you! Both times!!

    Thank you for asking the second question.

    It does not have to take a full seven minutes. Just don’t rush. With Steps 1 and 4, noticing your body, stay a while. Hang out. Show some interest in yourself.

    Good for you.

  11. 11

    JENNIFER, I just gave a shout-out in your honor. Plus adding a bit to the post at the end.

    Take a look.

  12. 12
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    Re: Comment 6, for people who are not able to attend your workshops in person, do you also recommend that they learn to read auras before attempting to learn cord cutting skills from your books?

  13. 13

    Definitely, RACHEL.

    The easier book of mine to learn aura reading would be “Read People Deeper,”

    Which you can preview here, in case you don’t have it:

  14. 14

    Second choice for learning aura reading in depth from a book would be “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” which you can preview here:

    This is a really systematic approach which will reward you with many, many applications of using aura reading for health, self-knowledge, relationships, consumer choices, healing.

    Going through the whole book, by yourself or with a friend, is a great preparation for cutting cords of attachment.

  15. 15

    Not everybody learns easily from books, I know. Especially a skill that requires effortlessness, ease, trusting yourself. And these are signature qualities of the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

    Last workshop, we had a couple of folks who flew in from the European Union, but I know that isn’t always practical.

    One suggestion is to have one phone mentoring session with me at a time. For aura reading, you might want to make it a session over webcam. Even though we won’t be recording it, with this particular skill set there are advantages to being able to see each other.

    None of which include “Seeing the colours,” of course.

    You can learn about individual sessions of mentoring and also the better deal of doing a “Day of Mentoring” at this link:

    I’ll be doing one of those for some Australian clients soon. Yes, I know it’s a big commute to metro Washington, D.C.

    So I hope all these resources help, RACHEL and other Blog-Buddies.

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