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Calling all empaths: Want help? How can you increase the depth of your Empath Empowerment skills?

A Empath Empowerment with Rose Rosetree sound file goes along with today’s post, in case you’d like to hear these words straight from that Empath Coach named Rose Rosetree.  For sure, I want to thank the Blog-Buddy who volunteered to make a transcript that I have adapted for today’s post.

You know, if you’re born an empath, you have at least one gift as an empath for life. Being born as an empath is really a great thing, and 1 in 20 people chose that when making a life contract.

So, you have incarnated as an empath. And yet, until you’re skilled as an empath, it’s not a treat at all.

Until you’re skilled as an empath, it can really be quite annoying, quite vexing, being an empath. Not to mention how really, really confusing it becomes when somebody pairs two terms that really don’t belong together, psychic and empath.

Today one of my clients reminded me how you all of you Empath-Born-Blog-Buddies don’t necessarily know much yet about how to deepen your empowerment as an empath.

Just because it was so obvious to me, I never wrote about it before anywhere, as far as I know! So I hope today’s post is helpful to you.

Take the Empath Quiz

Step One for getting skilled as an empath is to find out about whether you are an empath. One quick thing you can do is to take my quiz about being an empath:

Want more than one quiz? Glad to help:

Step Two for becoming a Skilled Empath

Start actually using the system of Empath Empowerment(R). Yes, there’s a reason I trademarked it as a system. There’s a reason why it has a name.

This systematic method can help you develop skill and boundaries as an empath. This is decidedly not the same as many other approaches for empaths now available in the New Age marketplace.

If you’re interested in using your consciousness as an effortless asset for your mental health, sure you can learn this particular skill set.

To me, being an skilled empath is not busywork, nor worrying about your boundaries, nor substituting psychic exploration for having a rich, human life.

Being a skilled empath is not hyper-vigilance about STUFF you have picked up from unskilled empath merges, analyzing whose STUFF it is, and then doing extra techniques for getting rid of it. (Unskilled empaths do unskilled merges constantly, all day long, and have no conscious idea how much STUFF is cluttering them up subconsciously….)

Being a skilled empath does mean using your empath gifts by waking up consciousness from inside you. A skilled empath doesn’t pick up STUFF from other people. Your empath gifts stay turned OFF except whenever you consciously choose to turn them ON.

That’s what being a Skilled Empath is to me. Definitely, that’s what I can help you to do too, effortlessly and automatically.

Getting started if you’re a beginner empath

The simplest resource, and really the cheapest one, is the how-to book “Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment

It’s the first book I made into an ebook to help empaths, because it is potentially so life changing. And whether as an ebook or a paperback, this how-to is about as inexpensive as these things can be. So, please, be kind enough to yourself to get your very own copy of “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.”

Becoming an empath is an inside job. No amount of help from me will substitute for how you use consciousness.

However, I can give you the benefit of my years of experience as a pioneer in this field. Together we can team up to help you develop real skills, skills that you will own for the rest of your life.

It’s a passion for me, Fellow Empaths. I have worked really hard, for years, to refine and develop a system that is simple to learn; then smooshed the whole bunch o’ help for empaths into a simple 30-day plan for Empath Empowerment.

10 Tips for using my empath book for beginners

  1. Go through “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” the first time by reading it like a novel. Read for pleasure. Skip all the exercises, so you can expose yourself to the concepts for your first encounter with the book.
  2. Then go through and read one chapter a one day, easy and sloppy.
  3. Whatever the technique for that day is, do it.
  4. Usually there is something, but that empath assignment won’t amount to more than 10-15 minutes out of your day.
  5. Just do the homework and chapter one time. Please. Don’t keep doing it and re-doing it and doing it some more.
  6. Hey, I know what it’s like to try extra hard, I really do. But that won’t serve you. (If it would serve you I would recommend that!)  Just do that little, short chapter each day and get on with your life.
  7. If you like, you can even skip the last three chapters, because they’re about the learning skills of Skilled Empath Merge. Which are absolutely delightful and wonderful and funderful, but are not required to become a skilled empath. So skip that part if you’re just interested in having power as an empath, having a great life.
  8. Afterwards, you may choose to through “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” a couple times more.
  9. Every time you cycle through it, in months or years to come, it will deepen your own experience of Empath Empowerment. So that’s great.
  10. What if you’re simply a beginner? What if you’re worrying all this won’t help you? Relax. This is the most widely tested system for empaths in the world. It can definitely help you to enjoy the benefits of being a skilled empath.

Even deeper ways that help empaths

Let’s say, like many of you Blog-Buddies, you have done all this already. That complete 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment? You have done it.

Well, does that mean I can’t help you get even better skills? Not at all.

Allow me to introduce you to my head-slapper moment which I had this morning.

Ahem, let’s say it more officially: “Allow to me to introduce you to my other book that I wrote for empaths.”

It’s called “Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit.” And no, these two books are not just interchangeable.

  • “Empowered by Empathy” contains a much deeper and more comprehensive set of skills for being an empowered empath.
  • Although written first, I do recommend that you use it second, because it’s deeper.
  • This approach explains things more comprehensively than “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.” Especially important, “Empowered by Empathy“contains the “Coming Home” technique.

My single most important technique to help empaths

That “Coming Home” technique is a kind of meditative experience that you can learn to do from “Empowered by Empathy,” either in its print edition or as an audiobook. Also in authorized editions for Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Turkish empaths, or readers in the Slovak Republic, in case one of those languages comes more easily to you.

Why is this one the only audiobook I have made so far? (BTW, you can sample my audiobook for empaths here.)

Simple! Because skills for empaths are so life-changing. That audiobook recording of how to do the Coming Home technique is a great resource. Alternatively, you can read that empath how-to in the print edition and make your own recording in your very own personal voice. Just leave spaces between the parts of the technique. Your recording can become a really terrific resource for you.

You see, what I recommend for deepening your Empath Empowerment is to read all the way through Part One of “Empowered by Empathy,” which is about a third of the book, or about 100 pages.

Start doing the Coming Home technique every day of your life until you’ve gone for many, many, many days where you haven’t needed to do the “Wake Up Call” technique, as it’s called in “Become the Most Important Person in The Room,” like the “First Aid” technique, as it’s called in “Empowered by Empathy

In other words, you are very, very skilled as an empath. By then, it won’t be so important to do the “Coming Home” technique on a regular basis.

Be patient as your empath skills develop

Rose having fun doing Skilled Empath Merge on Kim

Consider Skilled Empath Merge to be your reward. Turning your empath gifts OFF counts as your everyday blessing, life-changing for human happiness.

Developing true Empath Empowerment can become a major milestone in your personal development, as so many empaths before you have learned. I would love for you to experience this too, the big awakening from inside that happens with gentle, steady practice for those few minutes a day.

Okay, when you start, the “Coming Home” technique could take you 15-20 minutes the first time. If you have made a recording for yourself, or you have just written down instructions, it could continue to take you 10-15 minutes for a couple of weeks or months.

  • After you’re very good at “Coming Home,” very experienced, know what that means? You will have released loads of STUFF from your energy field already. (Yes, “Coming Home: is a technique for permanent aura healing.)
  • You will also have filled up with more self-awareness and expression of your soul. (That’s the magic combo in Energy Spirituality, right? You take out STUFF permanently, then put in what expresses your soul.”)
  • By then you can do a fine job with “Coming Home” in five minutes or less.

Why is that “Coming Home” technique so vital for being a skilled empath? It prevents your taking on STUFF. It’s deeper than the quick, practical approach in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Pssst, here’s the writer’s perspective.

“Empowered by Empathy” was written for people who like to read books, who like to think deeply and understand deeply.

It also, by the way, has multiple chapters filled with advanced techniques for Skilled Empath Merge that are not anywhere else in the known universe, far as I know.

After teaching empaths for about 10 years, I began to understand that the culture has changed. There’s a reason why Dummies books are so popular, and it’s not because we’re all dummies now.

There’s a change to the culture where many people want a light, funny, quick approach. Help that comes as easy as possible.

Any of you Blog-Buddies who have read multiple books by Rose Rosetree know that the more recent books I’ve written have that kind of light, fast-moving tone.

Hey, that’s the historical period in which I’m writing. I’m here to help as many empaths as I can, not write in my favorite format, solid iambic pentameter.

So, “Become the Most Important Person in the Room” is a very solid method that will work. For a deeper, more advanced version of that same method, turn to “Empowered by Empathy,” including the “Coming Home” technique.

More help for empaths

Well, I have a little good news for those of you who, despite my recommendation, don’t feel drawn to learn a long meditative technique from a book.

What if you just don’t feel comfortable doing that?

Don’t feel bad. You’re with the majority of human beings!

Here are some extra resources to help you.

Extra empath resource #1

One great resource for you as an empath, if you can manage it, is that once a year I give an Empath Empowerment Workshop, Level 1.

This year, it will take place in Sterling, Virginia, March 16th & 17th, 2013. If you can come to that two-day workshop, that would be fabulous. I will coach you personally to learn the “Coming Home” technique.

Plus, this workshop is designed to jump-start your rapid development as an empath by about six months, compared to how you come to the workshop.

Extra empath resource #2

Personal mentoring sessions are also available, by Skype webcam or phone or in person. Your choice.

Consider booking one 55-minute session of personal mentoring, where I explain the “Coming Home” technique and coach you in it.

That is one very well-defined session, and it can include making a recording of the technique that you’ll be able to use later if you wish, whenever you want. So that is a more easy breezy way to learn the “Coming Home” technique, custom tweaked just for you.

Take heart, empaths

You know, Blog-Buddies, Empath Empowerment is not difficult.

Learning these empath skills, you still are a pioneer in the world today —  among the first thousands of people to learn this.

There is no question that even just reading all the way to then end of the blog post for today, you really are a pioneer. You’re way ahead of people who are trying to use psychological techniques to fix or heal or compensate for something that has to do with spiritual consciousness and identity.

Yes, you’re way ahead, just being interested in this approach.

You’re way ahead of people who are treat being an empath like a mechanical problem with a person’s energy field, where supposedly the individual just needs to do the equivalent of clearing and vacuuming out his aura and getting rid of STUFF.

Empaths skills need to be learned in the context of Energy Spirituality, in my opinion. We’re approaching empath skills as part of your personal evolution, emotionally and spiritually, on your personal path to Enlightenment.

Everything about how these empath skills are taught can move you forward rapidly towards a strong sense of identity. Towards wholeness: Spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.

Empath skills, cultured this way, are also important if you care about being on a personal path to Enlightenment.

Please, feel encouraged, be encouraged, and also just enjoy the benefits of a really deep experience of Empath Empowerment. If you were born as an empath, oh yes, you can do this.

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    Is depth and refinement at doing Skilled Empath Merge directly proportional to the depth and refinement with which you notice yourself, as a skilled empath??

    Obviously there are other variables, like practicing, and like using the techniques that work the best for you, but I think this one is very important… it seems so perfectly obvious…!

  2. 2

    JORDAN, you are absolutely right.

    For clarity, I would just tweak your statement slightly:

    Your depth and refinement at doing Skilled Empath Merge are directly proportional to the depth and refinement of your self-acceptance.

  3. 3

    Today, talking with Blog-Buddy “GLENDA,” I was reminded that sometimes a skilled empath can grow forgetful about what is really involved.

    It is so powerful, doing the “Coming Home” technique, as you can learn from “Empowered by Empathy.”

    Unfortunately, what happened with GLENDA wasn’t unusual.

    She forgot about doing “Coming Home,” even though it takes just a few minutes a day, once you get the hang of it.

    And thereby it wakes up a person hugely on the path to Enlightenment.

    Also, it protects an empath against unskilled empath merge by waking up from inside, thus turning all empath gifts OFF for most of the day.

    Please, Empaths, even on April Fool’s Day, take three serious minutes to keep yourself strong and clear as an empath.

  4. 4

    Another thing that GLENDA fell into doing concerns one technique taught in both my books for empaths:

    In “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” it is called the “Wakeup Call” technique.

    While in “Empowered by Empathy,” it is called the “First Aid” technique.

    Either way, one positions consciousness in a certain way, speaks out certain words with Power of Command, then positions consciousness back at self, then ends the technique.

    Unfortunately, GLENDA began to do a Tim Ferriss, as it were. 😉

    She began to leave off most of that technique and use the words in the technique like an affirmation, saying them aloud during the day from time to time.

    Please, please, please, empaths. Do not do this.

    If you are going to use a technique of Empath Empowerment, use it on purpose. Use the full technique.

    Do not shortcut yourself.

    That technique works as taught. In the variation mentioned above, it does not work.

    It isn’t a matter of pleasing me, I assure you. It’s about getting results for yourself, enjoying the magnificent quality of life available to any skilled empath.

  5. 5
    Jordan says:

    Rose, thank you for comment #2. I’ve had some big ahas about self-acceptance, denial, projection, objective/subjective realities (and why they would be so clear once Enlightened)…

    Plus how they relate to seeing truth clearly when doing Skilled Empath Merge, aura reading, or really anything!

    It’s all become a lot more literal, recently! Aha!!

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