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Skilled Empath Merge with Francis, the New Pope

Pope Francis, researched with Skilled Empath Merge newly made pope.

Francis, the new pope. I’ll research him with Skilled Empath Merge. Curious? I sure am.

The Catholic Church’s New Pope, Francis — are you curious about him? What’s he like energetically and spiritually? Today I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis.

Such a big deal, when that famous white smoke rises up from the Vatican! It is thrilling, even if you’re not Catholic, to learn about a new pope. This Jesuit, Pope Francis #1,  is only #266 in the lineup of Catholic popes.

I wasn’t going to do any aura reading on him at the blog. At least not until I had finished playing catch-up with our contest winners. Except I just can’t stand the suspense.

All I have read so far about this new pope, this Francis… Golly, it seems fraught with contradictions.

Why Be Curious about New Pope Francis?

Most famous so far: New Pope Francis’s vaunted humility

New Pope Francis is known for being unpretentious, flying economy class, praying quietly in the last row of pews at his local church, back in the day.

What will show at the level of chakra databanks? Will it match or contrast with his social and financial behavior?

Also Famously: New Pope Francis Is Conservative down to his Clothing

You don’t expect flashy dressing from a priest or archbishop. Okay, yes, from a pope. 😉

Therefore, I was startled to read, via Argentina’s La Nacion by way of NPR, that when Bergoglio traveled to Rome, he kept a low profile and didn’t like to reveal that he was a cardinal:

“That’s why he is frequently seen wearing a black overcoat. Also, when he was declared a cardinal, he decided not to buy new clothing. Instead, he ordered the clothing of the previous cardinal be mended to fit him.”

What will show at the level of chakra databanks? Because clothing has nothing to do with who New Pope Francis really is. In fact, you may even have heard a saying, courtesy of “Little Red Riding Hood”: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

How Conservative will New Pope Francis Be?

So here comes a new pope, at a time of great change within society. (Also presiding over the Catholic world at a time when, as we at this blog appreciate, Earth has a far faster pace of spiritual growth after The Shift.)

Thus far, Pope Francis’ history reveals him to be against marriage equality and against allowing same sex couples to adopt children.

What will show at the level of chakra databanks? Is it appropriate to name himself after saintly St. Francis?

Scientific studies have shown homosexuality in different animals. If St. Francis encountered a passerine bird who wasn’t hetero, would the saintly monk have inflicted punishment? Maybe flung him out of the birdbath? Told the birds they were messengers of “The Father of Lies”?

Plus a Hint of Scandal and Cover-Up

Oboy, just the sort of thing the Catholic Church needs right now, more scandal 😉 Reuter’s News Service reports that:

Bergoglio’s career coincided with the bloody 1976-1983 military dictatorship, during which up to 30,000 suspected leftists were kidnapped and killed — which prompted sharp questions about his role.

The most well-known episode relates to the abduction of two Jesuits whom the military government secretly jailed for their work in poor neighborhoods.

According to The Silence, a book written by journalist Horacio Verbitsky, Bergoglio withdrew his [Jesuit] order’s protection of the two men after they refused to quit visiting the slums, which ultimately paved the way for their capture.

Verbitsky’s book is based on statements by Orlando Yorio, one of the kidnapped Jesuits, before he died of natural causes in 2000. Both of the abducted clergymen suffered five months of imprisonment.

“History condemns him. It shows him to be opposed to all innovation in the Church and above all, during the dictatorship, it shows he was very cozy with the military,” Fortunato Mallimacci, the former dean of social sciences at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, once said.

I Can’t Tell You Who Said What, Did What

Let’s be clear. Using skills of Energy Literacy is not the same as doing a psychic reading.

None of the techniques that I use and teach will tell us about whether or not Pope Francis ever was cozy with a military dictatorship. Not yes. Not no. Or even sometimes.

Still, the aura of New Pope Francis contains parts called “chakra databanks.” These can tell us plenty.

And soon will.

Doing Skilled Empath Merge on New Pope Francis

How can I resist? A kind face, a sweet reputation, with the hobby of playing soccer.

Not so sweet. New Pope Francis is staunchly and actively anti-contraception. By contrast, witness the “shifting viewpoints among Catholics. In the United States, for example, 90% of Catholics are using contraception and 82% think it is morally permissible.”

This super-intelligent Jesuit can undoubtedly parse the words of Christ minutely. Yet, pardon my saying (as a non-Catholic), maybe he isn’t so concerned with how human beings actually live when they aren’t in church.

Also, evidently he is carrying forward the usual Catholic “platform.” No willingness to reach out to the world’s enormous LGBT population.

Concerns like these will help me to choose which chakra databanks to explore. However, while researching, I’ll put aside all of Rose Rosetree’s questions or qualms about this new pope.

You have to let go personally, when doing Skilled Empath Merge.

So why do that kind of aura reading research? Skilled Empath Merge provides the deepest experience for folks like me. Empaths!

Yes, 1 in 20 people (Catholic or not) have been born as empaths. After learning Empath Empowerment®, every empath can excel at doing Skilled Empath Merge.

Do Your Own Aura Reading or Skilled Empath Merge!

Read away, with regular word literacy.

If you’re really bold, though, do energetic literacy research on your own. Join me with comments or even a guest post. Recommended: Use a dedicated technique of Energy Literacy. Or you face readers could use our second photo shown here to do a face reading, for which my recommended how-to would be The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Semi-tech? To learn more about chakra databanks and how this sort of comparison aura reading research is done, check out this nuts-and-bolts aura reading article here at the blog. Move down toward the end of the article, as the beginning focuses on aura reading research about movie stars. (Hey, we don’t get that many new popes to read around here. 😉 )

What a great chance to compare pre-pope aura from, literally one month before. And then brand new, pope aura, freshly photographed as New Pope Francis.

Here are the photos I uses, Blog-Buddies. If these links go out of date, use your favorite search engine to find replacements.

Argentine Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio Aura Photo

For a skilled aura reader or skilled empath, every photo is an aura photo.

Open up aura reading Archbishop Bergoglio on a separate screen, if you like.

Pope Francis Aura Photo

And here’s your photo for aura reading Pope Francis.

Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Physical Reality

Skilled Empath Merge with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

9 inches. Folks, would “Constipation” sound disrespectful? Certainly, this is a deeply stubborn man who holds on with an extraordinary degree of loyalty to whatever he trusts.

Any of you Blog-Buddies happen to hang out at the Vatican? I suspect Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio has quite the reputation there as the most loyal, conservative stubborn church official they ever have met.

This chakra databank is small, dry, nearly crumbly. Therefore, I suspect that the Archbishop deeply disrespects human life. Rather, he inhabits a world of ideas.

Hardly a world where human life has any inherent juice or joy!

For the vastly different experience of another Catholic celibate, check out this link to one of my very favorite poems: “What is all this juice and all this joy?”

Experiencing the physical reality of Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio could be enough to give a person a nightmare. Not that he’s wicked. But this experience alone has me prepared to explore a singularly tough, rigid human personality.

Sigh! Interesting.

Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis

9 inches. Pretty interested. Pretty excited. Thrilled, even.

Pope Francis still doesn’t do emotions much. You can tell, because 9 inches of thrill isn’t much for most human beings. This chakra databank is still way under-functioning, compared what would be a normal size for this man’s aura.

He is having ideas and concepts about being Pope Francis… while standing in front of a cheering, enraptured crowd.

What’s going on with him energetically?

Physical life itself — it’s still as dry as crumbling old toast.

Putting words to the experience, I offer this language: “I am having ideas about life, am having interactions in a sad physical world that is the testing ground for my steadfast principles that will bring souls to heaven.”

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Does the man tend to do what he says he will do?

Skilled Empath Merge with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

5 inches. The Archbishop knows exactly how much follow through to do, and he does it. That’s the good news about this chakra databank.

Not so good: He knows how to stall like a pro. Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio likes to say no. He hates change. He needs stability.

Therefore, he feels perfectly fine about hunkering down and neglecting or forgetting or administratively down-listing anything he personally does not want to do.

Gee, should be interesting to find out what that means for him as a pope.

Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis

2 inches. For now, New Pope Francis is taking it slow. He waits to find out what is going on. What power does he have? What will he really get to do? Will there be more to the job than what’s happening now, being adored?

Doing this Skilled Empath Merge, I am fascinated by the exceptional political savviness of this man. He pays attention to getting power, keeping power, using power in order to stay invincible.

Power integrity will be calibrated for him in the context of what wins. He’s still learning, quietly exploring with his usual hidden cunning. A characteristic helpful for winning over his foes, perhaps. (See the conclusion to today’s article.)

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power in Relationships

This chakra databank informs us about personal style, at the time of the photo, with collaborating with other people. Or not.

Not every day does one gets to research this with a brand new pope. As Francis, he becomes the only man in the world whose job description includes papal infallibility.

Skilled Empath Merge with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

4 inches. So fascinating! Already as an Archbishop, Jorge Bergoglio has an interesting sense of self.

As a major authority figure within his religion, this man feels absolute certainty that his every thought, feeling, desire, word, whim is Divinely blessed.

What motivation would Archbishop, Jorge Bergoglio have to share power with anyone?

He won’t even listen, as in really pay attention and hear.

Nor will he watch with interest, let alone see another person’s point of view.

And I doubt he will either feel or respond to mere… feelings of others. Oops?

To what can I compare the power sharing of this throne-like man? (Note: I’m not comparing him to a man who sits on a throne; with all respect, that’s too flexible. He is more than the throne itself, a nice solid antique one made of wood.)

So reminiscent of those famous words from one-time President Nixon: “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.” Of course, I’m describing an energy only, not a deed. As for making predictions? Let’s leave that to my honorable colleagues in mind-body-spirit who are psychics. I’m not.

Skilled Empath Merge with Pope Francis

90 miles. In the moment of this photo, Pope Francis feels a reverence and personal surrender. These are entirely new to him.

His old ways of sharing power don’t apply for now.

Will he be transformed by a special blessing within the office of the papacy? Will the collective consciousness of the world’s faithful Catholics support him? Transform him?

In this moment, he is all benevolence, feeling extraordinarily and unprecedentedly inspired.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Skilled Empath Merge with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

5 inches. Why would this man require something so “trivial”? Mere words don’t matter. Saying things is pretty much a snoozer, as the church has already said whatever matters.

It’s lucky the Pope will give sermons, rather than interviews.

As a communicator, while still Archbishop, this man hides his contempt for people with extreme, even excruciating dullness.

Evidently he readily can put people into a sleep-like state. Then it won’t matter much whatever he says.

Don’t expect him, as Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, to answer questions unless he wants to. Don’t expect him to feel confined to mere facts when he does answer, either.

Of course, there may be a special grace that enters into any part of his aura as a result of being named pope. Think collective consciousness, Blog-Buddies…

Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis

4 inches. Even amid the marriage-style sacramental bliss he’s experiencing in chakra databanks like the Solar Plexus Chakra databank I have previously described, some things don’t change.

Pope Francis remains a deeply secretive man, expertly guarded as a communicator. Cunning, watchful, he feels no connection to “Telling the truth” as others would. He says what serves his purposes. Human-style scruples are as absent as spontaneity.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Jesus Christ

Not everyone has chakra databanks about connecting to Jesus Christ. Because everyone has many chakra databanks related to current lifestyle, interests, and growth areas. Let’s explore this one, probably the most likely one to be really gorgeous in this new superstar of the Catholic Church.

Skilled Empath Merge with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

2 inches. Well, it should be interesting reading what happens after becoming Pope Francis. Because at the time of this photograph, sadly, all I find is a small showing.

Security here is a blessing.

The connection to Jesus Christ feels wonderfully secure and comforting, solid and dependable. Plus there is a fine cerebral kind of certainty, as well.

However, sigh… Another way to put this is, “He hasn’t had an authentic spiritual experience for a very long time.”

Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis

10 inches of a faint, fine connection. Gee, who would have thought it might be a life-changing experience, becoming Pope of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

Pope Francis has a faint but authentic connection to Jesus Christ. He has received what, in terms of Energy Spirituality, might be called a Third Eye Opening.

Gentle, very slight, but incredibly sweet!

The wonder of this means so much to Pope Francis.

Ironically, everyone reading this blog right now has probably lived for years with a much stronger showing at the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source. Having glorious, clear experience here is the long-term destiny of everyone who desires it.

Spiritual practices galore, as well as healing techniques for moving out STUFF, make a difference, one day at a time.

It will be interesting, how this new pope integrates such an experience. Will this shut down again? Grow bigger over the years?

In this moment, the experience is still new. It feels pristinely sacred.

High Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Skilled Empath Merge with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

Humanly, what is it like to be this very highly placed Archbishop who? At the time of this photograph, the Archbishop is conducting Catholic Mass, a sacred service complete with the body and blood of Jesus Christ?

(I’m assuming he’s celebrating a Mass here, Blog-Buddies. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

90 miles. Aha! Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio lives for this.

He does experience joy. Now. He enjoys being a center of attention in this role.

This priest has the feeling, more than usual, that (Due to his priestly vows? His status as Archbishop?) every impulse of his personal ego brings perfect service to God.

People may not appreciate him or understand them, but God does. And a sign of this is his exalted status within the church.

Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis

27 miles. Finally, Pope Francis feels important. He feels loved.

A bit of confusion about this soul thrill, seems to me, conflates his personal ego with his “selfless service.” Tricky mixup there, the sort of thing a person can sort out eventually. If motivated.

A renunciate in lifestyle, for sure, this man has a very strongly householder sense of self. Only it is covered and confused by mislabeling. Perfectly human needs are translated, as if into a second language.

Being human feels okay because, in the moment of this photograph, he’s allowing himself to bask in the praise and the fame, all the while convinced deep within him that all is going to God’s altar.

Interesting and complicated, this human thing. Clearer and less complicated as a person evolves, and surely this big boost of soul thrill will help this evolving soul one way or another…


Reading chakra databanks means two things, basically:

  1. Reading a person at the Higher Self level, regarding gifts of the soul in a chakra databank. Which I am NOT doing with Pope Francis, because the other type of information is the really practical part.
  2. Reading a person at the subconscious level, regarding the size and quality of astral-level energy in a particular chakra databank.

The latter is what  I have researched subconscious patterns throughout this aura reading. We already have plenty of evidence, cited in the introduction to today’s blog post, that surface behavior, with the conscious mind, reveals a man who appears to be a humble servant of God.

Although some chakra databanks reveal reason for optimism; most out of this (admittedly) small representative sampling are disappointing.

Undoubtedly New Pope Francis is evolving through it all. All the world will be watching. Just how much he is willing and able to grow at this time in his lifetime?

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  1. 1

    Photo credit for the New Pope photo goes to The Catholic News:

    While photo credit for the Archbishop photo goes to National Public Radio:


  2. 2
    Lara says:

    I am so glad you were too curious to resist!! Wow… fascinating and what an incredibly underwhelming personage! Is this part of a long gradual global shift away from organised religion into spiritual self authority and more inclusive spirituality as the grip of an organised religion is weaker for those with whom he doesn’t resonate… I wonder..

    After all we are all moving up up up right now faster than ever (spiritually and socially) so there is great significance to the Catholic church choosing someone who sounds like he ain’t so keen on going with that flow. Stabilising or becoming obsolete.

    Thank you for the reading!

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    Really fascinating, Rose!

    When I heard he had named himself after St. Francis, I was touched and happy. To me, St. Francis is so kind, sweet, and gentle.

    I thought maybe Pope Francis would be a bit like his namesake. I guess not!!!

  4. 4
    Dave says:

    This struck me from my skilled empath merge: “Doing this Skilled Empath Merge, I am fascinated by the exceptional political savviness of this man. He pays attention to getting power, keeping power, using power in order to stay invincible.”

    He seemed more like an old and stubborn military leader than a sweet religious one, to my perception.

  5. 5
    Jim Curry says:

    Well, it is not unreasonable for practicing Catholics to hope for improvement. We can hope that the Pope would support the restoration of integrity to the institution in many ways. That would include financial integrity, both through its banking system and through management of donations. It would include the sort of integrity that would greatly enhance protection of our young people from sexual predation. It would include a restructuring of our clergy to get people who “get it” and not people who are baffled indeed by the problems of lay people. It is not unreasonable to hope for someone who could bridge the gap between lay people and clergy. It’s not unreasonable to hope.

    Hoping doesn’t mean we’re going to get it, I guess. Oh well. At least we can say oh well in the cool Latin way: Sic transit gloria mundi.

  6. 6

    JIM, when it comes to cool, groovy Latins, you come to mind.

    Seriously, you are so sweetly and seriously Catholic, like many of you Blog-Buddies.

    Keep on adding that cool Latin vibe to collective consciousness of the world’s practicing Catholics, Dear Heart.

  7. 7

    JORDAN, isn’t that fascinating, the difference between surface Maya and image building and reality all the way at the level of chakra databanks?

    Of course a wolf may wear sheep’s clothing, when people look just at appearances and, even then, may not look too closely.

  8. 8

    DAVE, I’m proud of you for doing some Skilled Empath Merge on your own.

    Wonder when this blog will see our first Guest Post from you.

    Meanwhile, I’m fully aware that I promised you that prize in a former Blog Contest, so I will be doing that aura reading of Elvis next.

    Unless something wildly unexpected happens that I just can’t avoid reading.

    And a twinkle back to you, Ms. RACHEL. You know why.

  9. 9

    LARA, a fascinating idea indeed!

  10. 10
    Angie says:

    Thank you Rose for this very interesting article.

    You totally confirmed everything I had felt looking at the first pictures of the man. I am not surprised a single bit…
    It seems like he really caries some kind of austere feeling with him, that is what most of his facial expressions have given me the impression of so far.

    Let us hope for the sake of Catholics he will do some good, I really hope he will go along the lines of what Jim said, I couldn’t agree more that the Church needs it !

  11. 11
    Rachel says:


    I too am delighted that your curiosity got the better of you… so perhaps it is worth making requests after all? (just kidding – I will restrict myself to contests in future!)

    Seriously, it’s fascinating to read about the difference between the public image and the truth of the person. Thank you for doing this post.

    It’s another blow to my idealism; I still can’t quite get over these huge contradictions between what people say and what they really, truly feel.

    A couple of days ago the BBC quoted Pope Francis as saying: “The world should set off on a path of love.” When I read that, my heart cheered. How wonderful it would have been to have a worldwide religious leader who truly felt and believed that.

    What a shame to have business as usual, empty phrases uttered with little substance beneath them.

  12. 12

    Dear RACHEL:

    Take heart. Seems to me, you are at an interesting phase in your pursuit of Energy Literacy, Empath Empowerment, moving forward on your path to Enlightenment.

    Old illusions can be seen as illusions.

    Right now this represents a loss. There can even be grief. Or a sharp sting about considering truth, in contrast to life’s more comforting illusions.

    But, if I’m right about you (or other Blog-Buddies in a similar kind of growing pains), take heart.

    There is such huge room for your idealism.

    There is so much hope for all your longings to find authentic truth and goodness in this world.

    And even to contribute to it more and more.

    Which kind of person do you believe can make a bigger contribution to bringing light into this world, someone who kind-of trusts in illusions and intermittently hopes for the best?

    Or how about becoming someone with clear knowledge, here and now, about objective reality?

    How about living now as someone who is a reasonably self-accepting human, rather than living in denial?

    And also, of course, you definitely happen to be someone who has moved out STUFF from your subconscious mind that makes it hard to sort truth from fiction, present from past.

    You are becoming a personnification of the truth you wish to find in the world, dear RACHEL.

    Any day now, the joy of this kind of consciousness will seep into everyday reality.

    For now, just keep moving forward on your journey, bringing your integrity and honesty.

    I can’t promise you no pain on your journey. Then I would be lacking honesty and integrity. But I sure can encourage you on this growth path.

    Run these ideas past your own self-authority. Any questions, from you on this?

    (And that’s a bloggy offer to you, RACHEL, and to any other Blog-Buddies who are going through similar growth pains.)

  13. 13
    Rachel says:

    Thank you for your generous response! It’s lovely of you.

    I do agree with you about the value of freeing ourselves from illusions, though in the short term it feels sad. It made me reflect that ‘disillusionment’ can be healthy and life-giving precisely because there is literally a shedding of illusions…

    So it’s a good sadness.

    In terms of questions, what puzzles me is how I can be an empath and thus have a direct experience of what it is like to be someone else, while simultaneously not ‘seeing’ those same people clearly, being fooled into believing their words – when something completely different may be going on at the level of their auras.

    Also, having read Elaine’s guest post, is it really possible that someone’s aura can change so rapidly, from one day to the next? I haven’t yet begun to learn to read auras, but I’d understood that part of what makes up our auras is the accumulation of our daily habits over longer periods of time?

  14. 14

    Let’s start with the easier question, RACHEL. When an aura reader or empath finds a change between one day and the next, that only matters if it is the same aura reader.

    For instance, I researched two chakra databanks and found a change.

    Consider what happened in that man’s life. First he has the shock of winning the big vote, having the right-colored smoke come out of the Vatican, and he is suddenly being photographed as The New Pope.

    Then he gets to sleep and awaken, pray, start to integrate, and then have his first meeting with HIS cardinals. (I think I got that sequence correctly. You Blog-Buddies, go ahead and correct me if appropriate.)

    That is more change than most humans would have in 10 years.

    Why wouldn’t his auric field change?

    So you’re right that daily habits make up the showing of an aura at the level of chakra databanks, but so do life events, major drama, etc. Make sense?

  15. 15

    Now for the more fascinating question, to me, RACHEL. From your earlier comment, “what puzzles me is how I can be an empath and thus have a direct experience of what it is like to be someone else, while simultaneously not ‘seeing’ those same people clearly, being fooled into believing their words –when something completely different may be going on at the level of their auras.”

    Being an unskilled empath means what? Having subconscious, super-quick, unskilled empath merges with random people.

    Is this like sitting in a conscious state, as a skilled empath, or an aura reader with Stage Three Energy Literacy?

    Of course not.

    That’s why I’m teachin’ you kids!

  16. 16
    Curious to Know More says:

    Rose, you rock!!

  17. 17
    Somebody Else says:

    Rachel, it has been my experience that many (most?) unskilled empaths are much more interested in their intuition and inner experience (including what they’re hoping, wishing, etc.) than in what people are actually saying and doing in objective reality. And to notice and understand what people are saying vs what people are actually doing often requires a great deal of paying attention to objective reality. As an unskilled empath, it was so easy for me to pick up on what people were projecting and what I wanted to believe. As a skilled empath, I don’t have that problem so much anymore.

  18. 18
    Rachel says:

    Ah… got it.

    I think I am a skilled empath now (yes?), but I have not yet attempted a skilled empath merge. That will no doubt be very informative regarding the candidates I have in mind!

    Thanks, Rose.

  19. 19
    Lisa says:

    Thank you Rose for your insight. I remember something similar (either a post or in conversation, I can’t remember) when Pope Benedict XVI assumed the Chair of St Peter. Then later on, you did an energetic reading of Pope Benedict meeting George W Bush. The energy of Pope Benedict was distinctly different and far more spiritual in nature.

    This is an excellent “before” picture of Pope Francis. Moving into the Chair of St Peter is more than a job promotion. It is an entire spiritual change and shift as this man becomes a conduit for the Holy Spirit for the Church. As he becomes attuned to his new position and embraces it, it will change him at all levels.

    Take another picture of Pope Francis in a few months to a year and note the differences.

    One of the reasons to pray for a new pope is to help him settle into that new position spiritually.


  20. 20
    Rachel says:

    Somebody Else,

    That is a very insightful and helpful comment, thank you.


  21. 21

    LISA and other Blog-Buddies, have any of you been following Pope Francis?

    I am so impressed with him, as with this story:

    It might be inspiring to do an other Skilled Empath Merge based on a recent photo to find out how he has been evolving mega-rapidly since becoming the pope.

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