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The Seven Biggest Questions



So you’re interested in Deeper Perception! Yet you also live in objective reality, inescapable so long as you live here at Earth School. What people say and do, located right on the surface of life.

Good old objective reality, where certain choices cannot be avoided. And where each choice carries consequences, like it or not.

So often, Blog-Buddies, talking with a client in a healing session, I say something like this, “We’ll get to that aura reading part soon. But first, let’s pay attention to objective reality, Because Deeper Perception never works well as a substitute for common sense.”

Sunday, March 24th, is the day for a new Pathways Expo, a fabulous local/regional fair of the Mind-Body-Spirit community in the metro Washington, D.C. area. I’ll be there giving a talk on “The Power of Face Reading,” signing autographs for my books, giving short face readings and aura readings; altogether 10 varieties of energy literacy readings to choose from. Yes, here is my last shout-out for those of you who might come to Bethesda, Maryland for the Spring Pathways Natural Living Expo this Sunday, March 24, 2013. One more great reason to come? You can meet THREE of my talented apprentices in the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program, all of whom have kindly offered to help at my Expo Booth Sweet 16.

Writing today’s post, I’m thinking about some of the conversations I WON’T be having with folks visit “Rose Rosetree’s Energetic Literacy.” at that Pathways Expo.

Conversations about seven life choices that could trump any healing session of Energy Spirituality, any session or technique of Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology, any session of Past-Life Regression Therapy.

Seven choices that might seem simple, yet they carry so very many consequences.

Two of the following choices are hardwired into your mind-body-spirit system. Most are optional. All affect your spiritual evolution. Have you consciously thought about them lately?

1. Right handed, left handed, or truly ambidexterous?

Now that’s a simple question to answer, isn’t it? Gone are the days when school children were forced to act right handed when they weren’t.

If you use your dominant hand automatically, then you have accepted your handedness. Thus you have set a fine precedent for self-acceptance about every aspect of yourself.

Which would be a really good thing. For one thing, if you’re on a path to Enlightenment, so many different approaches can get you there. But what’s never optional? A deep self-acceptance of things about you like right handed, left handed, or truly ambidextrous.

About this choice, as with all seven in today’s post, you Blog-Buddies are so invited to share.

 Definitely share questions you think are more important than the seven I have chosen here. Which, to YOU, are The Seven Biggest Questions?

I’m curious if any of you have done the trick of trying to force yourself into being right handed, or experimenting with trying hard to become ambidextrous all day long Perhaps, supposedly, to “become more evolved”? 

(Have I encountered that in some ambitious students and clients over the past 43 years? Yes, actually.)

2. Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is not a choice (at least almost never). Like anything about how one is hard-wired for an incarnation, one’s sacred sexual orientation is something to accept and enjoy.

Sometimes, though, a person might need to experiment for a while with something different, just to smash boundaries, pay off old karma, or experiment. A sexual orientation question might go, “In this lifetime, am I heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual; an exotic variation on LGBT or very plain vanilla?”

Cord-cutting is really valuable for helping people clean up issues around sexuality, including busybodies who criticized or bullied, including current or former lovers.

If there is pain or confusion around sexual orientation, it is really important to cut cords of attachment that are relevant. Another resource that can be tremendously helpful for resolving issues around gender and self-acceptance? Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression.

As with any of today’s seven questions, please be kind to yourself if you have had trouble with such an “Obvious” question. That sexuality question is a big deal for some, and not necessarily easy to answer.

With all the prejudice and propaganda around gay marriage, bullying related to being LGBT, etc., it can be hard to drown out the self-righteous voices (including new Pope Francis, perhaps) where people are so very sure about what another person “must” answer about sexual orientation.

If it’s any help, do know that our Enlightenment Life List definitely includes members of the LGBT community. One famous example is Ellen DeGeneres.

3. Householder or renunciate?

Simple question? Not really. Not in my experience of helping people as an Enlightenment Coach.

  • Many spiritual teachers claim to teach householders, yet are using a renunciate technique that produces a renunciate’s detachment from life.
  • Or the expectation of celibacy may be a little secret surprise that is announced after five years into studying with your guru.
  • Or the spiritual teacher purposely lies to householders “for their own good.”
  • Or the spiritual teacher has entrenched habits of lying to self about being a renunciate or not.
  • Sometimes there is simply confusion. Which is one reason why many blog posts at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” are a’coming about Householder Enlightenment; already we have shared guest posts and articles about the perils of living in the tricky middleground, neither true householder nor true renunciate.
  • Spiritual addiction often complicates a clear lifestyle choice.

Moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment, it may be time for a course correction. This blog can help you with the information part of evaluating your current beliefs.

Often an Energy Spirituality session or two can make a big difference. Subconscious patterns, for instance in cords of attachment, can pull and tug a person toward the opposite lifestyle chosen by the conscious mind. When STUFF is permanently healed, free will works far better.

As you are here and now, reading this screen, do you have a clear answer to Question #3? If not, what will it take for you to decide?

4. Accept your current marital status or change it?

This one is a trick question, since both answers could be the best choice for you right now. Single or dating, in a relationship or not? Separated or divorced? In the words of Ann Landers, “Better off with him or without him?”

Notice objective reality right now. If you want to change some aspect of it, do your reasonable best. Meanwhile, please be kind to yourself.

Trickiest of all, due to the times when we live, what if you’re in a love relationship now? Ask yourself “Married or Partners?”

Is calling yourself “partners” really just a cooler, more contemporary version of being legally married?

Some research suggests that infidelity is more likely. Breaking up is more likely.

Personally, I give three cheers to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his new advertising campaign. Criticized as “shaming” teen parents, that doesn’t seem the purpose. Instead, Mayor Bloomberg is attempting to alert dreamy-eyed adolescents that teen parenting is fraught with hazards that exist in objective reality. Teen parenting isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s smart to make an informed choice.

On Tricky Questino #4, conflicting research can be cited about marriage, poverty, single parenthood, divorce. Whether or not to be partners, or married, or commit to any one relationship — this is such a personal, situational choice.

If you are currently making such a choice for yourself, what can I offer you by way of an aura reading perspective?  Spiritually and energetically, something powerful happens to help a couple evolve when there is a marriage ceremony, wheter a civil or religious marriage commitment. I wrote about what I observed happening spiritually during marriage ceremonies in “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” The quick version? If you make the commitment of a legal marriage — assuming that your kind of marriage is legal — you may evolve faster spiritually, compared to a partnership.

What if you hate marriage as an institution? Perhaps you still cringe at the example set by your parents. Perhaps you suffered through a horrid divorce of your own.

Consider cutting those cords of attachment. Without cord-cutting, those patterns will replay 24/7 in your aura and subconscious mind. By now, Blog-Buddies,  you surely understand that using skill at cord-cutting will produce permanent results for each cord removal.

You might have very significant reasons related to finances or property or other objective reality considerations. Just, please, don’t slip-slide into thinking that “Marriage means nothing.” Energetically and legally, the choice is a very big deal, carrying major consequences now and for your future.

5. Are you in charge of your life or not?

Whether householder or renunciate, you have a very big philosophical choice about your personal desires, ideas, goals.

Do you want to live a life of surrender, spiritually? Many a spiritual seeker makes life into a kind of guessing game, asking Jesus or angels or signs and synchronicities to provide guidance. It’s a very sweet path, not being in charge but instead being in flow.

When choosing, though, think it through. You might decide, one’s personal ideas, dreams, and interests are not some inconvenient nuisance. Making choices for yourself can be considered part of your spiritual evolution; in which case, consequences become way more informative.

Compare that to the path of GLADYS, a woman whose aura I just researched for a client today. Far as I could tell, GLADYS lives in a sweet state of spiritual surrender/spiritual addiction right now. As part of GLADYS’s surrender experience, she has four angelic guides who rotate, telling her what to do.

GLADYS’s life has become defined around obedience, finding the messages and following them.

Such an interesting way to live! However, details of her personal life don’t seem especially informative. Having a rather spaced-out way of connecting to objective reality, sprinkled lavishly with disdain, GLADYS’s current path may not be as beautiful as she thinks. Reading a variety of her chakra databanks, not just one or two, with Stage Three Energy Literacy, guess what? Apart from the beauty of spiritual surrender, GLADYS’s human choices and consequences don’t count for much, except in the context of obedience.

My opinion here, for what it’s worth? God really can handle human use of free will. Why not give it a vigorous try?

What if some choices that don’t work out? Those, a person can call “Destiny.”

In short, you don’t really have to sit around waiting for your marching orders from fate. Unless that is your current preference.

Have you thought about which way you choose to live now? Otherwise you might fall into someone else’s ideal, one that doesn’t really suit you at this time on your own journey of personal development.

6. Does your (current) name help you or hurt you?

Most controversial on our list, this question isn’t for everyone. It isn’t trendy — yet — to research what your name does to your aura.

Yet, to this aura reader, it’s a fact.

  • Your first name, middle name, and last name may help you a lot to fulfill your purpose in life.
  • Or not.
  • Or very much not.

By researching the impact of your name on chakra databanks, you can find out. You can answer that question. You can celebrate your current name or change your name legally and dramatically improve your life, as appropriate.

Appropriate naming for your soul expression is especially important if your path of personal development has moved you into some really big shifts, such as virtual reincarnation. (“Virtual reincarnation” means changing so much, within this one lifetime, that it is almost like grafting a completely new and more evolved version of your human identity onto what has gone before.)

Whether you use my technique of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research or some other resource, consider using the best method at your disposal. It amazes me how many people believe, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” Yet never once has there been a question about that ill-fitting old name.

7. God’s child or God’s grownup?

Two, at least two, very different paths are available in spiritual development.

“God child” is a path of surrender, always being on the lookout for what you are meant to be or do or feel or learn.

God’s grownup” means that you set a personal agenda. You decide your growth priorities, as in setting YOUR intention for a session of Energy Spirituality, making YOUR New Year’s Resolution, setting YOUR own personal goals.

If things happen in ways you did not expect, that is where you can call it “Fate.” And then you can go back to using your free will appropriately.

Two very different ways of life will follow as a consequence. You might do them in sequence. Just don’t try to do them simultaneously, an awkward back-and-forth.

Your answer, to any of our seven questions in today’s post can help you gain clarity and a sense of purpose as you move forward on your personal path of spiritual development.

Ultimately there really isn’t one CORRECT answer for anyone, just your answer for now. Even with our first two questions here.

Dare to choose your answers for now. Leave the rest for later. But when you do answer a question, congratulate yourself. By committing to your way of having this human life, you will move faster and futher on your personal path to Enlightenment.

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  1. 1
    Brittany says:

    I had fun with this assignment! Thank you, ROSE.

    1. Years ago, I read that if you did something from your daily routine with your non-dominant hand, you would benefit from the rewiring in your brain. This struck me as an easy thing to do for such a cool payoff, so I started brushing with my left hand. I continued the routine for a couple of years, noticing increased dexterity until it was no different than brushing with my right hand (and my gums appreciated the gentler touch).

    During that time of my life, I was in a lusterless marriage with few rewarding relationships and a community that just wasn’t a good fit. The time period where I was learning to use my other hand to brush correlates to when things seem to have been going on “behind the scenes,” and I was preparing to take the leap into a thrilling new environment.

    2. Boringly enough, I’ve never questioned my heterosexuality. I have heard that I give off a lesbian vibe. I do consider myself to have an “open” sexuality, though, because I am open to connecting intimately with all genders.

    3. I am on a householder path, and I don’t think I’ve ever had spiritual addiction. Perhaps I’ve spent some time being a meaning-and-purpose junkie. I may have an addiction to logic. I assume that is what you are referring to when you tell me how “brainy” I am, ROSE.

    4. I was married for seven years; it was a friendly domestic partnership. The next time around, a marriage will have all the spiritual significance for me that my first one did not. The woman I was when I got married isn’t who I am today. She wasn’t capable of meeting and relating to the type of partner I require.

    5. I am in charge. The consequence of this is that I am unappealing to people who don’t like seeing someone in charge, which includes formerly close friends and family. I have never been inclined to talk to angels, but at times in my life I have prayed to an amorphous God. Now that I have lived in Oklahoma for a while, I frequently find myself thanking Jesus!

    One of my philosophies is (in the words of Bob Marley) “what you refuse is what you should choose.” I noticed that ideas I had a knee-jerk, negative reaction to typically ended up being what I would come back to as the best option, and I wanted to streamline the procedure.

    6. On one hand, a lot of people tell me that my name, Brittany, doesn’t suit me. On the other hand, according to the Kalabarian report I did on my name a couple of years ago, my first name is pretty supportive of me and my last name is, too. I would welcome a reading of the impact of my name on my chakras.

    7. I like to spend time in being “God’s child,” but my M.O. is as “God’s grown-up.” Is this like the renunciate/householder issue where I must choose one or the other?

    I set vague agendas based on what I think is the most entertaining path of least resistance to an interesting outcome. In the past, it has been a bonding experience to contemplate meaning with people; kind of like our version of church. But lately I am becoming tired of hearing myself extrapolate meaning. I just want something novel, something spicy, something experimental. I want action, constructive and destructive.

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    Following Brittany’s start –

    1. Right handed, but I try to use my left handed as much as I can to exercise the other half of my brain. Life coach Martha Beck once wrote that if you want to see things from a new perspective, try writing something with your non-dominant hand. I try this sometimes – and often I do arrive at a new POV that I might not have considered before.

    2. Heterosexual. And I fully support gay marriage. I tend to have male friends to have a generous sharing of feminine energy, in addition to masculine energy.

    3. Householder. In this lifetime. I believe I had a lifetime as a renunciate in a past lifetime, though.

    4. I accept my current marital status as single. If I meet the right person, I will probably get married. But until that time arrives, happily single.

    5. In charge of my life, which means I own the successes but also the mistakes. That means I also get to re-calibrate and make different choices at any time.

    6. My current name neither helps nor hurts me. I have definitely experienced virtual reincarnation and find myself growing and evolving daily, experimenting much more than I did in the past. Just today I tried wearing nail polish for the first time in years and next week I plan to color my hair, something I also haven’t done in years. I believe my image should keep up with who I am, but more accurately, I believe that my self-expression and the image I project is an outward manifestation of how I’ve changed on the inside.

    7. God’s grown-up. If anything, I am growing and learning faster than ever before, with much more self-authority than ever before. It’s exciting and exhilarating, to be sure, and yes, there are moments that I feel as though I am jumping off of a cliff – and this is coming from someone who has actually gone skydiving!

  3. 3
    Primmie says:

    Interesting questions!

    1. Left handed. I’ve always loved being left handed for some reason. Sometimes when I draw or paint I use my right hand to create an image and then my left to finish it as I like the naivety that my right hand has.

    2. Heterosexual.

    3. Householder, without a doubt.

    4. Very happily married.

    5. In charge of my life.

    6. I’ve not thought about this, although I didn’t take my husband’s name as I didn’t like it and I thought a lot about my children when I named them. It’s interesting to think about this. I wouldn’t use the phrase “virtual reincarnation” but I have changed a lot in my life.

    7. Not sure how to answer this. I’ve never liked the phrase “child of god”. I’m not a child.

  4. 4

    Thanks so much for your comments so far, BRITTANY and ANITA and PRIMMIE.

    About the ambidextrous Question 1, I agree that it makes a fine exercise to use the nondominant hand sometimes.


    I do it myself with brushing teeth, too.

    But some people also force themselves to mimic being ambidextrous all day long, and that is like other ways that some folks can be way ambitious about spiritual development in a way that backfires, you know?

  5. 5

    Re Point 3, BRITTANY, I call you “Brainy” because you are exceptionally intelligent. That simple, Dear Heart.

  6. 6

    What if, as with BRITTANY’s Point 6 in your comment above, you are open to Name Change Research?

    Prepare for this session of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research by making a list of first names and last names that might interest you. Add some hobbies and other things you are curious about, in case we get around to them in your session.

    As with any Thrill Your Soul Aura Research, you supply an intention. Then we spend about half the session time going into a baseline of a representative sample of your chakra databanks, including ones like:

    * Root Chakra Databank about Making Money
    * Heart Chakra Databank about Emotional Growth
    * Throat Chakra Databank about Communicating with Others to Gain Respect

  7. 7

    Then, in the second half of your session, we research the impact of one item at a time. That can include:

    * Your first name.
    * Your last name.
    * Other names you think might suit you better, researching one at a time.

    If your name researches out as perfectly fine, then we can use a lot of that research time to give you feedback directly from your auric field about hobbies, career possibilities, health choices, places to live, possible lovers — whichever research items you name, one at a time.

    Unlike other systems of research, this type is nuanced to provide information about aspects of life that are important to you.

  8. 8
    Brittany says:

    Thanks, ROSE, for the session information, for the compliment and for reading my answers in the first place. I did not realize how very scattered I was/am until I tried to read my comment the next day. Woo wee!

  9. 9
    Rachel says:

    I would love to have a name research session at some point. It would take a pretty big leap of courage to actually go ahead with putting it in place though!

    I already know that all three of my names are a terrible fit for me – but as of this moment I haven’t been inspired by very many alternatives.

    All in good time…

  10. 10
    Amy says:

    1 : Right handed. When I was little (say 7) I had very lovely neighbours that taught me Irish and bought me books and played monopoly with me, and one of them was actually ambidextrous. So at the age of 7 / 8 I did try to develop my left hand too. It didn’t last for long, though I found many other projects that were supposed to make me more ‘evolved’.

    2 Heterosexual, also another supporter of marriage equality

    3 Householder – now firmly enjoying living in a flat with my new housemates, loving food shopping and making recipes and spending too long in the supermarket trying to get a good deal!

    4 I do have a boyfriend, who is lovely. I have said that I won’t move in or buy a place with a guy until I get married so. I do want to get married, although at 23 I’m going to wait a while 😉

    5 Very much in charge of my life. I set myself goals, short and long term, I am raising my standards for my life, as they were too low previously! I do like to look for things that I can do or learn to improve. I thought today that I could look for a public speaking course, which would help me be more confident at work and stand me in good stead, and also that I could put a linen tablecloth on my chest of drawers so it looks nicer for me when I come in.

    6 I would love to research this in a session. I like my name but I’d like to know if it helps or hinders me. If I thought it was hindering me I wouldn’t hesitate to change it. Would like to swap my first and middle names around, but Laura is also the name of my flatmate so that would be weird just now.

    7 Firmly God’s grown-up. I did like being God’s child when I was an actual child though. I’m enjoying living on my own terms now.

  11. 11
    Elaine says:

    1. Ambidextrous. I write left handed, brush teeth and eat left handed, but pretty much everything else is with my right hand, such as throw a ball, hit a baseball bat, play golf, etc. What I do right or left hand is a natural selection I don’t ever think about. It just happens with the hand that does it.

    2. Heterosexual. One of my son’s is gay and I am definitely for equality.

    3. Householder. I’ve worked for myself most of my adult life and love it. The last 2 years I’ve really embraced the householder journey. All my joy (read all my work ventures as joy) whether painting, transcribing or writing is done in my home office.

    4. Single and after 20 years of marriage and 9 years now on my own, pretty much loving it. Would I change the status? If someone came along that fit into my world, yes. Would I ever get married again? Probably not.

    5. In charge of my life? In almost every way, like 97%. Nobody’s perfect. 🙂

    6. Name, not who I am today, but would I change it? I don’t know. It’s a big step and I get attached to things that are comfortable at times. However, I do use a pseudonym in my writing, thanks to our research Rose.

    7. Definitely the grownup

  12. 12
    Jordan says:

    Rose, I wonder if you could comment about age and name change research.

    Maybe this was just a personal thing, but a few years ago I asked about name change research in a session and it turned out it wasn’t a good idea because I hadn’t grown into my current name all the way yet.

    It made total sense, but was disappointing as name changing is touted as a such a quick and dramatic way to improve your life.

  13. 13
    Kira says:

    I know no one knows me here yet, but I’m game to answer these.

    1. I’m primarily right-handed, but I do a bunch of things left-handed and back in college, I avoided notebook marks on my arms by switching hands depending on which side of the page I was writing on.

    2. Bisexual.

    3. Householder, definitely!

    4. Married (to a man) and happy about it, but open to things changing.

    5. I’m in charge. I get advice, but following it or not is my choice.

    6. I don’t know if my name hurts or helps, but the name I go by (Kira) feels like it fits me better than my real name (Kimberly). Others have agreed with me when I told them my real name. (I started going by it in college, where very few people knew me. But I like my real name enough to not have changed it legally.) Oh, my married name feels better than my maiden name, too.

    7. God’s grownup. I don’t really think of myself as a grownup because I think of grownups as sticks-in-the-mud, but in the sense you mean, I am one. (When I was a child I constantly felt like my opinions didn’t matter enough.)

  14. 14

    All these responses are absolutely great, Blog-Buddies. You’re sounding out a really important theme here, which is your personal sense of self.

    That is the right answer to any question.

    This blog, all my work about healing with Energy Spirituality; the face reading, aura reading, Empath Empowerment — every bit is safe because it is based on a strong sense of self.

    Beware investigations into the paranormal, the woo-woo, The Romance of the Astral, that are motivated by the desire to find yourself out there, somewhere, over the rainbow.

  15. 15

    JORDAN, in response to your question in Comment 13, Thrill Your Soul Name Research is appropriate when you feel that it is.

    Not like Face Reading Secrets(R) which (like most systems of physiognomy) demands that the person whose face is being read must be at least 18 years of age.

    It’s a personal thing, doing aura reading research around your name. If it’s too early for you to do this, because you’re still growing so very fast, etc., that would be related to what I find in your aura during the session.

    It never hurts to prepare a great big list of possible choices in life to research. See Comments 7 and 8 above for more about this.

    You might find this article about Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading helpful as well:

  16. 16
    David says:

    When I studied brain physiology in grad school a few years ago, we explored some recent research on sexuality. Our sex is of course black and white and determined at fertilization. But our sexual expression is determined by the womb chemistry during the second trimester. This is on a spectrum between “rambo” and “girly-girl”. Most of us are somewhere along the spectrum, moderate versions of our sex. Some cross the line and express as the other sex, thus being gay. So yes, it’s not a choice of the person or their parents. And it’s wired into the physiology.

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