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Winners announced for Face Reading Contest

Face Reading Secrets with Rose Rosetree

Our New Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest has three winners, made official today. Three face reading posts will follow. Announcing the winners, I thank everyone who nominated a public figure for a face reading.

First Winner is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, proposed by JILL ERIN. The mystery she hopes to solve with face reading: What does the man have against super-size, yummy drinks?

Joking. That isn’t exactly it. We’ll get to her mystery-solving request when that face reading appears.

Second Winner is Tim Ferriss, author of best-selling lifestyle books such as “The Four Hour Workweek.” CURIOUS AS EVER nominated, and JORDAN added enthusiasm as well, for this quirky man with such a large following.

Seems ironic for me to take time reading this particular man’s face, as I will likely spend more than four hours on each of these blog posts, his included. Would that make him, in theory, worth my entire work week?

Ooh, what if I write this face reading post and am converted to the Tim Ferriss way of life? Would reading his face mean I won’t get to help clients with Energy Spirituality sessions; no teaching the workshops for my amazing students; no helping my apprentices in the Energy Spirituality and Face Reading Programs; no aura research for my clients; no work on getting my published books revised for new ebook editions; no work on any new books that already are fountaining around my whole mind-body-spirit system; no publishing articles in Pathways Magazine or Hypnogram(R) (National Guild of Hypnotists); barely any blogging at all, and … no face reading?


Definitely I will get a kick out of reading Tim Ferriss. Gee, do you think he might be my mirror image soul mate?

Third Place Winner is famed news anchor Brian Williams from “NBC Nightly News.” PAIGE provided this thought-provoking nomination, with plenty of face reading details she is curious about. You’ll be reading about all that when we get to the “News of Face Reading Data on Brian.” 🙂

Thanks to all you participants in our first contest for 2013.

Face reading can bring personal development, not just solve mysteries

Blog-Buddies, I’m so into the power of face reading. Actually, I’m delighted to do face readings for so many reasons.

Underlying any particular face reading at this blog or elsewhere, I aim to:

  • Help you appreciate how your (and each person’s) face reflects the soul
  • Encourage you to use a physiognomy system based on the premise “God don’t make no junk.”
  • Provide a soulful alternative to today’s unrelenting pressures for cosmetic surgery, Botox — even having cosmetic surgery become the new makeup.
  • Help you learn the easiest form of Energy Literacy, a perfect preparation for the different types of accurate insight available from aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge
  • Inform you about the ways people evolve here at Earth School, as documented by that sacred real-life scripture, YOUR EVOLVING FACE.
  • Open your heart of compassion.

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  1. 1
    Paige says:

    Thank you so much Rose for this gift of your time to do these face readings. I am so excited about all three.

  2. 2

    We’re getting very close to Comment #13,000. Fun to have that in 2013.

    Who will it be?

  3. 3
    Anita says:

    Congrats to all the face reading contest winners – looking forward to the readings, Rose!

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