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Face Reading Secrets® the Basics

Rose Rosetree, back in the day, sharing basics of Face Reading Secrets(R) with Romi.

This article explains the basics of Face Reading Secrets®. This distinctive, trademarked system can help you read faces for character, and do it powerfully. (Sometimes known as “The Power of Face Reading.”)

I’m so glad you’re interested in reading the secrets. Physiognomy has fascinated me since 1975. I turned pro in 1986, and have done face reading consultations for people all over the world, as well as face reading interviews for publications as different as USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Catholic Standard.

This blog includes many face reading posts. Today’s is a good one to read first, if you’re curious about reading faces.

What is most important to know about face reading? Let’s start with basics of face reading. Neither too little detail, nor too much. Just right!

Basics of Face Reading #1. What Is It?

Face reading means the ancient art of reading faces for character.

Who is this person? Modern systems of face reading aim to explore this question in detail. By contrast, older systems used to generalize or do fortunetelling.

I teach Face Reading Secrets® as a form of Deeper Perception. Sure, you’ll find books about how to judge someone instantly by the face, but that isn’t really an art. More like shallow perception. Have you ever been on the receiving end? Sure can sting!

Face reading is not expression reading. Nor is physiognomy (face reading) the same thing as face judging.

Face Reading Secrets® can be easy to learn. But beware! Once you find out how accurate it is, you may want to linger and learn, not just take one minute to make a superficial assessment. Face reading can definitely be part of DEEPER Perception.

Admittedly face reading is controversial. Despite being 5,000 years old! The Wikipedia entry for physiognomy, for instance, is both inaccurate and gratuitiously nasty, IMHO.

My recommendation? Use your own self-authority to decide about face reading.

Many systems have been developed to research spiritual mysteries of the face. Face Reading Secrets® is the system I use. Within the field of physiognomy, some of my colleagues have called me the Mother of American Physiognomy because of advances I have been able to bring to this type of personality profiling.

Basics of Face Reading #2.  A Unique System for Our Times

Face Reading Secrets® is trademarked. Why bother? This system is very different from other ways that folks have read faces for the last 5,000 years.

Here is what face reader Narayan Singh Khalsa wrote in the forward to “The Power of Face Reading“:

“No wonder only the most dedicated students of physiognomy attempt to survey the full range of literature in this field, 60 titles since Lavater that I, personally, have encountered.

“As I was reviewing this literature for my first book on the meaning of facial features, I ran across a little gem of a book called, “I Can Read Your Face.” It was Rose Rosetree’s first work in this field, unlike anything I had seen before. It was the first face reading book that came from the heart —and the real truth of the matter.”

Basics of Face Reading #3. Historical Perspective

It can be fun to look at face reading books before and after 1988, when my first book with this system was published and folks around the world began to use “The Power of Face Reading” for personal development.

Before using Face Reading Secrets®?

  • Face reading systems emphasized fate, heredity, your set place in life.
  • Often, face reading was used for fortunetelling, making predictions, deciding who is lucky at what.
  • Frequently, face reading would be used to make generalizations about a person’s past, like “Had a hard childhood” or “Mother ate too many dairy products.”
  • Worst of all, face data was often considered either good or bad.
  • Okay, this is even worse: People were often compared to animals, or stereotypes about animals.
  • Changes to faces over time were not considered significant. (Understandable since photographs weren’t available for much of the history of physiognomy.)

After discovering the power of face reading?

  • Face reading can be used for personal development, part of a person’s growth path in life.
  • Face reading informs you about personal style, not destiny.
  • Everyone is considered valuable, not certain lucky people.
  • Interpretations of face data aim for balance (more on that to follow in today’s post).
  • Face reading can be as sophisticated as you want it to be.
  • Especially important to me, Face Reading Secrets® emphasizes your use of free will.
  • Researching how faces change over time, via photographs? Yes, this is especially significant. (Have you have noticed? Even selfies are available these days. 😉 )

Basic Consumer Fact About Face Reading!

because a face reading book has been published recently. does that mean the author is using a contemporary system of face reading?

Definitely not. Many popular books use antiquated versions of face reading that emphasize judgment or fortunetelling.

. If you’re interested in predicting the future by reading moles and freckles and pimples, for instance, that would be a more traditional type of face reading system.

If you want to read yourself at the time of one particular photo, or check out a friendly face at a dating website, if you are interested in learning about yourself in the here-and-now, there I can help you! Other authors with face reading books today are in that same direction, more contemporary than traditional.

Basics of Face Reading #4. It’s Practical

You might choose read Face Reading Secrets® for business or relationships or as part of your path of personal development. Or you might just want to browse at this blog or elsewhere to learn inside information about celebrities.

Face reading isn’t just gossip, however.

Why? Physiognomy is accurate when done by someone who has developed professional skills at face reading. Even though different systems provide different interpretations, we face reading professionals approach our work with a caring intent, not merely to gossip.

Basically, the intent behind any face reading, at least here at this blog, is never to have fun at somebody else’s expense. There’s no malice.

So, instead, you will find a sincere attempt to use face reading for personal development: To learn about yourself, be more successful, and lead from your strengths in life.

Personally, face reading can help you to solve the mystery of “Who am I?”

Specifically, the system of Face Reading Secrets® includes information about communication, sex, how a person handles power or deals with money or makes decisions. For instance, one of my how-to books, “Read People Deeper“, includes 50 categories for learning what makes people tick.

Bottom line: You can learn so much accurate information about people, it’s amazing.

Basics of Face Reading #5. It’s Accurate

Really, what’s the point of reading faces… if it isn’t going to be accurate?

Many students of Deeper Perception like to start with Face Reading Secrets® because it’s ridiculously easy to learn. And accurate.

Some of the folks at this blog start with aura reading. Others are empaths, so they make it a priority to learn how to stop automatically picking up pain from others; in the process of gaining Empath Empowerment, they can learn how to do Skilled Empath Merge instead.

I haven’t taken any surveys yet. But my guess is that most of you Blog-Buddies first were interested in face reading.

Definitely it is a great place to start. As a face reader, you can progress all the way through to professional-level skills.

Basics of Face Reading #6. Get Started

Invest in a mirror. Because everything you learn to see on yourself will be important for understanding yourself.

And every item of face reading that you learn to see and interpret on YOU may also show up in other people, live or in photographs.

Definitely, invest in a book on face reading, so you can learn a complete system. I have written many books on Face Reading Secrets®, with many authorized editions translated into languages other than English. The simplest way to find them is to go into a bookstore in your native language, type in “Rose Rosetree” and see what you find.

My best book for beginners (also intermediate and advanced face readers) is “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” published just a couple of months ago as a print book, Kindle edition, and other ebook formats. Basics and beyond!

The sequence of learning helps you to get really good, really fast. Plus there is a great set of photos that you can use for reference for the entire book. Click here to preview that wacky Cast of Characters.

Whichever physiognomist’s book you buy, that will use a face reading system to help you see and then interpret the face data. All face reading systems are not alike! So choose with your best consumer smarts.

Basics of Face Reading #7. When Using the System of Face Reading Secrets®

See it. Interpret the talent. Acknowledge the possible life lesson.

That simple! You will find the following four steps to read faces in my blog posts, when I do a face reading of someone in the news or a contest winner.

(From time to time, we have contests at this blog, and you will be able to nominate the public figure of your choice for a free face reading, free aura reading, or free Skilled Empath Merge. 🙂 )

1. Face Reading Characteristic

You read one item of face reading data at a time. First part is to see it.

2. How to See It

After naming the face data, I help you to see it.

If you invest a bit of time to see that one thing — because it is always one thing, not a bunch of characteristics like “Big Schnozz” — that can help you move forward as a face reader.

3. A Corresponding Gift of the Soul

This profound, soul-level, gift is the heart of my system. Every single facial characteristic that I might read for you does signify something wonderful about the person.

And it isn’t a superficial characteristic, nor a vague generalization like “Nice person.”

In this part of a face reading, you learn very specifically, about a soul-deep gift that goes with the face reading data.

4. The Potential Challenge

Again, very characteristic of Face Reading Secrets®, I will include ths part of the interpretation.

The potential challenge matters because:

  • If you have overcome it, you can be proud of yourself. Personal development is the name of the game here at Earth School.
  • If you haven’t yet overcome that challenge, maybe you will have more compassion for yourself.
  • And if you are studying my face reading of a public figure, it’s interesting to consider whether or not that person has overcome the potential challenge.

Enjoy using the power of face reading. It really can help you with self-esteem, communication with others, and gaining wisdom on your path of personal development.

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