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Face Reading Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City

Michael Bloomberg, ready for his face reading

Michael Bloomberg, ready for his face reading

Who isn’t fascinated by the New York Mayor? If you follow the news, you know that Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t just rest on his big pile of money, as one of the richest men in the world. This face reading is going to be fun.

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN won the #1 Face Reading at our recent Mystery Face Reading Contest for several reasons. Learn more about them toward the end of today’s post. (Pssst. This inside perspective could help YOU win future contests at this personal development blog using Deeper Perception.)

Now, quoting JILL ERIN, I’ll highlight in red all the practical points that I aim to address today with the face reading of Mayor Bloomberg:

“I would respectfully request the reading of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s face in this contest. Mayor Bloomberg is in the news a lot, lately, for the moving of his agenda items like gun control and disallowing the sale of large sodas (even, recently, disallowing the ordering of a pitcher of a drink at a restaurant) in New York City.

“He is strongly opinionated, and, seems to me, thinks he knows what is best for everyone. I am interested in where that kind of need for control and consolidation of power shows up on a face. Actually, I would be interested in anything that shows up on his face.”

Since JILL ERIN posted the winning nomination, slightly more than one mere month ago, out comes a new controversy.

The main photo I will use for today’s face reading is just four days old. Camera angle isn’t perfect, but the photo is current and shows Mayor Bloomberg’s face from the front, without his face data distored by smiling. Click here to open up this face reading photo of Bloomberg in a separate window.

Click here to learn some Face Reading Basics for Beginners. And remember our new online resource with free coaching in physiognomy, how to correctly identify face reading data. Okay, back to Bloomberg.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Face Reading Characteristic: High Cheekbones

How to See It

Where do cheekbones stick out most on Mayor Bloomberg’s face? Right beneath his eyes.

That’s what High Cheekbones are in Face Reading Secrets®. They are NOT the same thing as Padded Cheekbones, Prominent Cheeks, Pretty Cheeks, a cheek tattoo emphasizing one’s cheek, or other cute cheeky characteristics often confused with High Cheekbones.

And another example of High Cheekbones came up when I searched Wikipedia. Instantly I sent the wrongly described gorgeous cheeks of Natasha Poly over to Comment 5 at A New Educational, Free Face Reading Service.

Okay, back at Mayor Bloomberg…

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Uses social clout to stick up for his personal values about right and wrong.

With this characteristic, it seems likely that Mayor Bloomberg has gone the controversial route when he felt it was a matter of upholding what was right. Even if the sentiment wasn’t popular.

  • Gun control, where so many of today’s political leaders are afraid to represent the majority of Americans who do want some limits on firearms.
  • Aiming to stop a major contributor to the nation’s (and New York’s) obesity epidemic, not prohibiting soda sales — just stopping a marketing ploy that makes it super easy and extra cheap to buy super-size sodas.
  • Educating teenagers about the perils of teen pregnancy. Not keeping teens from “Doing it” or even forbidding pregnancy. Just using his power to add objective reality to a teenager’s worldly wisdom.

Sure, you might equally say, Mayor Bloomberg stuck his nose (okay, cheekbones) where he had no business:

  • Daring to limit assault weapons, which can be considered a sacred right for anyone who wishes to purchase them.
  • Thinking that government can appropriately intervene in public health matters. Or that free enterprise is thwarted by making it harder to buy that great deal, a super-size drink.
  • Shaming teen parents and their children by citing harsh statistics.

Potential Challenge

Does speaking up, or using one’s power as an elected official — including all you Blog-Buddies who are mayors, senators, small planet owners, etc., as applicable — do you call that leadership? Or does it count as thinking “he knows what is best for everyone?”

Thereby hangs a controversy or challenge, to be sure. In face reading terms, offending people is the potential challenge with High Cheekbones.

Face Reading Characteristic: Small Cheek Padding

How to See It

How much padding, or flesh or flab, covers that face’s cheek contours? For Mayor Bloomberg, not much at all.

That’s why my technical term for this is “small.”

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Self-reliance. Michael Bloomberg makes choices and carries them out socially/politically as someone willing to go it alone.

His leadership style doesn’t require consensus. Instead, he simply leads.

Potential Challenge

Bad at gaining consensus?

Flaunting his power, rather than softening it?

Especially if you didn’t agree with Mayor Bloomberg politically, it’s easy to see how offensive his actions could seem.

Small face reading note about cheek padding in American history

In America, we don’t usually elect high-level politicians to office unless they have well padded cheeks. That keeps the power style more moderate.

I can’t offhand think of another high-level American politician right now, other than Mayor Bloomberg, with this gutsy power style of Small Cheek Padding combined with High Cheekbones. A historic example is this dude, not necessarily popular, either. Widely despised for being too pushy.

And like Bloomberg, a Republican, actually. This guy? Abraham Lincoln.

Face Reading Characteristic: Blarney Lips

First let’s give credit where it is due. The term “Blarney Lips” comes courtesy of the great face reader, Lailan Young.

How to See It

Compare the proportions of the upper lip and the lower lip. On Mayor Bloomberg, the lower lip is about triple the fullness of his upper lip. Back at President Lincoln, he had one of the most VERY versions you’ll ever see of this same face reading characteristic.

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Exceptional persuasiveness. (Though not convincing to everyone, in Mayor Bloomberg’s case. 😉 )

Potential Challenge

Lying, just to see how far he can take his gift?

(Often folks want to use face reading for telling who is a liar. Although there are some characteristics, like this one, that could be related to lying, guess what? Aura reading is far more reliable when you care about telling the truth or not.

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” can teach you three different Lie Detector Tests. If lying is a big deal to you, I urge you to learn this skill set. You definitely can.)

Face Reading Characteristic: Right-Angling Nose

How to See It

First, remember how to tell right from left on another person, like Michael Bloomberg in our photos today. Cross over, as if shaking hands.

Imagine a dot at the bridge of his nose. Imagine a second dot at his nose tip.

Connect the dots with a line.

For Mayor Bloomberg, the line angles toward the right side of his face.

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Is relatively famous. Knows it. Enjoys it.

Potential Challenge

Having trouble handling the fame? Doing things just to stay in the limelight?

Face Reading Characteristic: VERY Large Eye Deepeners

How to See It

Sometimes this characteristic is called “Bags under eyes.” Beneath those eye sockets, there is flesh galore.

Consider for a moment how common it is for celebrities, including politicians, to get cosmetic surgery. If you watch TV in America today, even cable stations, you’ll seldom see people with Eye Deepeners.

By the time of this over-40 photo of Nicole Kidman, the talented actress has bought herself the expected “No lines or wrinkles around the eyes.” Also a certain blankness to the forehead that screams “Botox.” Isn’t it sad that it’s no longer enough for a female actor to have washboard abs? Now she’s got to have a washboard forehead.

Not being a fan of cosmetic surgery, in general, I give Mayor Bloomberg points for not having this oft-despised facial characteristic surgically erased. He gets to keep the talent. Whereas getting his under-eye area “cleaned up” with a scalpel, he would be saying no to inwardly having one of the biggest talents of all that has developed on his face.

These Eye Deepeners help to balance to the other gifts I have discussed in the rest of today’s face reading, a fitting conclusion.

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Dealing with difficulties (including choosing whether or not to do one more controversial action as a politician) what does someone do?

People can have Eye Deepeners, Eye Extenders (a.k.a. “Crow’s Feet”) or no lines at all. (See previous point about cosmetic surgery.)

The talent arises when there is conflict, controversy, or frustration in life.

Someone with the Eye Deepeners is prompted to go within, soul-searching, paying more attention to his own conscience than to polls or fans or foes or anyone else.

Potential Challenge

Sorrow. Not getting over the sorrow.

Actually, Eye Deepeners can relate to getting stuck emotionally or energetically in a way relating to any negative pattern, with the STUFF strongly stuck at a subconscious level.

Of course, with Energy Spirituality, my motto is “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.”

Can be healed. Doesn’t mean that the person who seeks help that will find something effective. Gotta love Earth School, right? Also being a smart New Age Consumer….

Pointers for winning future contests for free face reading, aura reading, Skilled Empath Merge

Consider my summary as advice for entering future contests, Blog-Buddies. Because you just know we are going to have them. 🙂

1. Choose someone famous for more than simply being famous.

Like him or loathe him or (I’ll admit to…) love him, Michael Bloomberg isn’t just another YouTube one-hit wonder — someone who jibes with collective consciousness in some way, or has good fame karma, but not necessarily many achievements in this lifetime, in objective reality.

2. Good, clear photos.

JILL ERIN provided a treasure trove of photos to use for the face reading.

Thanks to, it is fun to chase down an appropriate photograph. Click on the IMAGES tab and type in your name of choice. Then open up one photo after another until you find one that really works for face reading, aura reading, skilled empath merge — whatever the type of contest.

3. An appreciative tone.

True, I don’t take bribes for deciding who wins a contest here at the blog. Nonetheless,  “I respectfully request” is a beautiful thing to read, to feel. JILL ERIN won points with me there.

Never hurts to say please or thank you when asking for one of those free/volunteer services at this blog, whether submitting candidates for the Enlightenment Life List or enjoying that free new educational service for face reading. I’ll do the aura reading etc. either way, but with a respectful entry, I’ll be happier. 🙂

4. Some passion, some detail, when you nominate. Why do you care?

Let your passion be known when you nominate someone for a free face reading, aura reading, empath merge. At this online community, we have civility and respect. You won’t be mocked for making your perspective known.

With JILL ERIN’s nomination, her measured language couldn’t conceal a certain degree of outrage at Mayor Bloomberg. She cares!

Do I agree with her politically. Nope. I’m pretty much at the opposite view regarding Mayor Bloomberg’s recent controversial actions. Giggles, far as I’m concerned.

Proposing that I do the aura reading, face reading, etc., go ahead and spill it. What do you want to know? And why?

That’s what adds extra life to this so-lively group. It’s not a political blog but a blog about personal development.

If you wish, this blog could even be about your moving forward on your personal path to Householder Enlightenment. That’s something you have the right to care about… passionately.

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  1. 1
    Jill Erin says:

    Big Thank You, Rose, for this face reading. I knew that you would love him. And, you are right, he irritates the H___ out of me. It’s not even so much that I disagree with what he is saying. It’s his style. I have read a LOT of all things Lincoln and only grew to love him more and more. Perhaps it was that he went about his convictions with more sensitivity and willingness to work with those who held an opposing view – which won over most of them to his side (i.e. his entire cabinet, which was composed of the very men who had run against him).

    Interesting man, indeed. Thank you, again, Rose.

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    Very interesting! I wouldn’t have thought he had small cheek padding, because if I imagine pinching his cheeks, I think I could grab some. Hrrrmm…

    Mayor Bloomberg is actually an Independent. (Just looked it up… He was a Democrat until 2001, then Republican 2001-2007, now Independent since 2007.)

    I’m not sure he could get away with the kind of stuff he’s doing without having the GOP revoke his membership!!

  3. 3
    Jill Erin says:

    BTW, Rose, I love your new photo! Beautiful.

  4. 4

    JILL ERIN, you are so welcome.

    Yes, I share the LOL over irritating the Heck.

    Isn’t that inspiring, all you Blog-Buddies on a path to Householder Enlightenment.

    As both JILL ERIN and I can attest, there is definite possibility of humanly having one’s Heck irritated (wherever on the body that might be)….

  5. 5

    Lincoln was way more sensitive, JILL ERIN. However he also suffered a lot more, didn’t he?

    Also, I don’t have the impression from having read Lincoln’s aura from photos that he has THIS in common with Michael Bloomberg, aura and all…

    Even a teensy bit of Stage Three Energy Literacy on a Bloomberg photo suggests to me strongly…

    Michael Bloomberg has come in on The Ray of Shiva. Make sense here, Blog-Buddies?

  6. 6

    JORDAN, this is why we’re doing all the educating at the new blog post with free education for face readers at identifying the face data:

    Thanks for the political update in your Comment 2. I find that fascinating. It explains a lot. (You can tell this native New Yorker does not follow NY politics very closely.)

    Also, thank you for spelling “Hrrrmm…” properly for me. This English major is glad for the education. LOL

  7. 7

    JILL ERIN, glad you like the new photo. A few were taken for the website and blog, but the blog and my Facebook page are the only places it’s uploaded so far.

    The old pictures were seven years old. My aura has evolved, and I didn’t want to be in my role as “Enlightenment Coach” while carrying around a not-yet-Enlightened aura in those old pix.

  8. 8
    Lara says:

    I didnt know much about Michael Bloomberg till I wikipedia’d him just now. I think he sounds pretty great! Leadership is tough. Build consensus and you may get alot less accomplished. I guess thats not Ray of Shiva style. Hrmm.

  9. 9
    Kathryn says:

    Delighted to know more about Bloomberg. I have been impressed with each of his stances and am particularly pleased with him entering the field to put some objective reality into the “romance” of teen pregnancy. All of the economic research shows that in the GREAT majority of cases (with a very small number of exceptions) the mothers and children are doomed to a life of poverty and struggle. And it takes two parents (actually even better extended family, or gosh, a village) to raise a child. This ain’t something for a teenage…or even most adults to take on…if the mother truly has the child’s welfare at heart.

    (Not that I have any strong opinions on this topic..:-) )

  10. 10
    Zelda says:

    I enjoyed this face reading of Michael Bloomberg. Though I haven’t followed NY politics very closely, I’ve always appreciated him and his willingness to take stands on issues and act. He’s an Aquarius, like me. I tend to be intrigued by prominent Aquarians and so usually follow them.

    While the approaches he takes might be strong and ruffle some feathers, what I see is an intention to wake people up and to get us all to take a look at changing certain behaviors that are costing the broader community way too much. Reminds me of the days when people started to wake up to the costs of drunk driving and then smoking.

    It’s that vantage point, looking at the broader community, that is sometimes misunderstood, IMHO. But actually very Aquarian. He’s got the courage to take a stand and act independently and these days, he’s acting on issues that are quite important to me, too.

    It’s always tricky, especially in American culture, to balance individual freedoms with the good of the broader community. I think that Bloomberg is playing an important role in these big issues we face today.

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