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Face Reading Tim Ferriss. Fast.

Time matters, we all know that. Tim Ferris's relationship to time may be different from yours.

Time matters, we all know that. Tim Ferris’s relationship to time may be different from yours.

Second prize according to the winner of our New Mystery-Solving Face Reading Contest?

That would be a face reading of Tim Ferriss, author of best-selling lifestyle books such as “The Four Hour Workweek.” CURIOUS AS EVER nominated, and JORDAN added enthusiasm as well, both wanting to learn more about this quirky man with such a large following.

Well, it seems only fair when reading someone who evidently prizes efficiency over other concerns: I, too, will hoard my precious minutes. I mean, will show my flair for being waaaaay to intelligent to bother doing my blog according to any standards other than my own highly intelligent ones that give me extra time.

Unique face reading opportunity, Blog-Buddies! I can time every second allotted to the face reading of Tim Ferriss. How about a big 60 minutes for learning what makes Tim Ferriss tick? Sounds generous to me.

Incidentally, I do value spending more than four hours in a week to serve humanity, use creativity in ways that matter, etc. Those are my values, but today’s post is all about Tim’s. So let’s be wonderfully efficient, because that matters so very much to him. Undoubtedly Mr. Ferriss agrees that if it can’t be said in a quick sound bite or two, it doesn’t matter.

Tim is making a great success, in his iconoclastic way, by emphasizing his control over life. Like Blog-Buddies JORDAN and CURIOUS AS EVER, I do wonder…

Why does Tim Ferriss excite such a large following?

That is the mystery I will aim to solve.

Face Reading Characteristic: Trendsetter Lips

How to See It

A pair of triangles adorn Tim Ferriss’ upper lip. Sometimes these are called “Cupid’s Bows.” But not if you want to use “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” which doesn’t name any face data with references to Roman mythology, Greek mythology, or animal names for face data.

Most upper lips are not nearly so defined, and the shape could be curvy or angled, rather than triangular.

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Tim is able to speak on behalf of an entire group of people, representing their collective consciousness.

Sure, Trendsetter Lips. This is how Donald Trump (when first popular) looked like Shirley MacLaine (when becoming the face of New Age). And, now, that same face data graces the communication organ of Tim Ferriss. (Would provide illustrations, but no time. Oops.)

In his case, Ferriss does speak for the Twitter lovers among us. He’s a character among the count-up-quick 140 characters.

Thus, how apt that CURIOUS AS EVER’s nominated literally referred to Tim Ferriss as exciting “a large following.” A term from Twitter, right?

For Twitter, following counts as the ultimate praise, the equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize in the Twittersphere. Wow, having a large following! Sweet as a tweet!

Personally, I consider Twitter the ultimate expression of “depth communication” in Kali Yuga.

Fortunately, Kali Yuga may not be as important a perspective on life as it used to be, now that The Shift has happened. (At least for those of us who allocate time to keep up with current events in consciousness.)

“Large following” will, I suspect, continue to be really important and indicative of wisdom for however long people continue to value a tweet as wise and wonderful. Long may Tim Ferriss serves as their proud champion.

He is totally cute. Evidently, Tim is also totally sure that he has figured out the important parts.

This would be the community in collective consciousness who need a champion like Tim Ferriss.

When finding today’s photo link for the exciting Mr. Ferriss, I learned that he has created “miracle shortcuts” for jobs (The 4-Hour Workweek) and fitness (The 4-Hour Body).

One example of this man’s uncanny grasp of the profound and original:

Most “balsamics” are fakes; I suggest sherry vinegar and champagne vinegar instead. Use the sherry with fatty meats and the champagne with foods you don’t want to stain.


And here is Tim Ferris again, speaking to the collective consciousness of people who want to be really gourmet about fixing themselves superior meals while on travel:

Hotel-Sink Salmon
Get a thin fillet. Fill your sink with the hottest water possible. Season salmon and seal inside an airless ziplock bag. Submerge bagged fish. If it’s a small basin, you’ll need to keep the water running to maintain a temperature above 122 degrees. Leave it alone for 20 minutes. You’re done.

Speaking as a world traveller about that one, would this recipe have helped me in Tokyo, in Frankfurt, in London, in Paris? In New Mexico, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, Delaware, Ohio, other states where I have travelled to teach workshops?

Not really. I never found thin, fresh salmon fillets right around the corner. Nor was it even easy to locate a reliable airless ziplock bag. Suppose I could have picked up some super-sharp knives and a cutting board for this convenient tip, plus the other supplies. That alone would have taken more than 20 minutes.

As for running the hot water in my hotel room sink for 20 minutes?

Well, the idea sounds really cute, especially the less you think about it.

Potential Challenge

Over time, people addicted to the most surface, gimmicky aspect of life may mature.

Oh wait, the potential challenge about Ferriss’ face reading data. Well, gee, who cares about a potential challenge if one is representing only a thin slice of life?

Overcoming challenges takes time. It is for people who like to use human time to reflect, to take responsibility for their actions, to connect deeply to others, to pursue personal development rather than sprinting through life like short-distance runners.

If Tim Ferriss doesn’t have time to care about potential challenges in his personal development, why would we take time to describe them?

Face Reading Characteristic: Natual Lipliner Around Upper and Lower Lips

How to See It

Look around the edges of each lip. You will see a fleshy ridge, like someone using a lip-liner pencil. Only no cosmetic is needed. This is all natural.

Good. Saves time.

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Able to convey information in the most succinct manner possible.

Potential Challenge

Clueless that there might be more to say than a quick summary? Annoyed at people who take, seemingly, way too much time?

Face Reading Characteristic: Deep-Set Left Eye (Only)

How to See It

Blog-Buddies, take out your built-in 3-D glasses. Remembering to cross over for face reading, compare how deeply Tim Ferriss’ left eye is set in the socket, especially compared to his right eye.

Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Secrecy. Reserve. Hiding how he hides out, what he really feels or thinks.

Two-Minute Conclusion

Okay there’s no time to go into more detail about that last item of face data, or any others. Must race to conclusion.

Unlike the affable, easygoing, charming persona that shows on so much of the right side of his face, Tim Ferriss’ face shows an exceptionally large number of asymmetries (differences between left and right).

Thus, his persona in public is radically different from the Tim Ferriss his friends would know, those deep friendship I hope the man accumulates during all those extra hours he saves by getting work and fitness needs and cooking, all taken care of so much faster than happens in the lifestyles of inferior people.

As his blog notes, Tim Ferriss features “Experiments in Lifestyle Design.” He may not, exactly, live. But that’s none of our business, even if we were doling out time to learn about him in greater depth. Which, of course, we won’t.

Although Tim Ferriss’ public identity and career are built around his being the quickest, most counter-culture, genius-smart new thing on the block, it makes sense that there might be more to him. Of course that doesn’t show when all that really matters is quick and

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  2. 2

    A link early in today’s post goes to a highly ranked blog post about efficiency in everyday life.

    A possible soul mate for Tim Ferriss can be found over at Katelyn’s post:

    I am particularly taken with her conclusion, “I find that beautiful, delicious food, plenty of healthy rest, natural movement, and a positive outlook bring enjoyment to my everyday life, and can do the same for yours.”

    Isn’t it great how she can know you and me so very well? She doesn’t even know what our problems are, yet she has solved them.

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    Lol, wow!! I never knew you were such a big fan of Tim Ferriss, Rose!

    My impression of his work was always a bit different, and I think it’s because when I read the 4-Hour Workweek (well, the first half of it, haha!!!) I definitely put it in my own context.

    I knew I wasn’t going to have a lifestyle like Tim Ferriss’ and that most of his tips would just make me insane. But he did inspire me to look at my life a bit differently, to see possibilities.

    And my take away from his book was that he was saying, be more efficient in the things you don’t like doing but have to do, so that you can spend most of your time doing Soul Thrill activities.

    But it’s true, he also emphasizes efficiency when he is just ‘having fun,’ like when he talks about his strategies for winning dance competitions and becoming a martial arts ‘expert.’ (Basically: Find loophole, cheat the system).

    So I guess I like his big idea, personalizing your life, but the specifics don’t work for me.

    BTW That sense of hiding is really, really, painfully obvious to me in his writing.

  4. 4
    Sandra says:

    Rose–you crack me up! I particularly like how you ended this post in mid-sentence. Time’s up!

  5. 5
    Jill Erin says:

    Very clever reading, Rose. Love your sense of humor.

    I also notice his high set ears. He is quick to make judgements so he saves time there. And his eyebrows are set close to his eyes so he doesn’t think about what he is going to say before speaking. Again, saving a lot of time.

  6. 6
    Paige says:

    Rose this was hilarious, Especially “the idea sounds really cute the less you think about it.
    I really enjoyed this reading, thank you!

  7. 7
    Primmie says:

    Very funny reading Rose, thank you! Hmm, it would seem I have trend setter lip. Fascinating.

  8. 8
    Curious as Ever says:

    Thanks, Rose, I’m delighted that you picked my candidate, what fun! Very interesting about the lips and the deep set eye… and your post made me chuckle several times.

    To me there’s something really strange about Tim Ferriss. He is easy to poke fun at (that salmon in the sink recipe, all the crazy photos of him on his website, posing in various outfits and even hanging off a tree, etc), and yet I’ve read a couple of his books (not the recent one on cooking, that I don’t need) and found them both thought provoking and useful.

    In looking at his website and blog, to me he comes across as narcissistic and weirdly revved– an unappealing & exhausting combination– yet it also seems to me that he exudes a kind of childlike joy, not just in receiving attention but in reframing things, puzzling them out, and explaining them. When I watched him on a video (I think it was an old TED talk) he seemed somehow generous– and yet, the whole thing about him is that he is not generous, or, at least, not generous with his time. There, for me, is the conundrum.

    Rose, I really appreciate your blog.

  9. 9

    Thank you so much for your comments, Blog-Buddies. CURIOUS AS EVER, I really appreciate your comment.

    The golden elephant in the room about Tim Ferriss is how appealing he is to his segment of collective consciousness.

    For so many people, he is giving them something lovely that they need and cannot find elsewhere.

    A complicated man, surely! Even a casual reader can enjoy the childlike joy you mentioned, and the thought-provoking, useful information would be a plus.

  10. 10
    Lara says:

    Ok I admit I havent read Tim Ferriss’s stuff or heard of him till now, but .. after this reading I did some googling.. can I please poke a little fun at him too? I think this rivals the salmon thing for “cute the less you think about it”… (I’m such a meanie)

    A little gem from an interview:

    “…One good friend and I actually reserved a VIP table at the world-famous night club Confraria there (Brazil) — $60-100 USD per night — so I could finish editing my book over red wine and dancing locals at night. It was incredible…”

    Sandwiched in a paragraph about conquering fears was this awkward bit of self promoting YOLO. Is it possible to edit a book in a nightclub with wine, and a friend hanging out?

    Anyway… from google images the most striking thing I noticed about his face was his chin. Very proceeding (?? jutting) at the tip and long overall. It’s kind of disguised by his hands in this pic.

  11. 11

    LARA, thank you so much for sharing that story. Isn’t it fascinating? Every group in collective consciousness has its very public heroes today.

    This possibility is so evolutionary, given all the opportunities for people to be famous. And given the 24-hour news cycle, and insatiable need for tweets, etc.

    Works perfectly with how life is evolving super-fast after The Shift.

    People today can easily get to explore different ways to live here at Earth School. With over-the-top celebs to cheer them on.

    This interview story about Tim Ferriss reminds me of many folks I have seen in coffee shops, computers out, busy writing.

    Some people enjoy Being Writers in public. Some people do their best writing that way.

    Worked for Samuel Johnson and his best buds, back in the day.

    Would it work for me? Today? No, for the kind of writing I do, this Be an Important Author in Public scene would be a vomitocious nightmare.

    Perhaps that is one reason I find Tim Ferriss as cute as a button, but not personally inspiring.

    With this interview incident, Tim is letting people with this kind of inclination know that he does it, too. Just what they aspire to do.

    Then he does the trendy whatever in an over-the-top way that makes it seem extra glamorous, casual, etc. He is fulfilling a very important role in collective consciousness, surely. Sweet as a tweet.

  12. 12

    Incidentally, you could definitely make a little comment about Tim Ferriss’ Out-Angled Chin Thrust.

    Add it here, though, at the one part of our blog dedicated to learning to see like a face reader, which you are clearly doing. 🙂

    Just supply a one-click photo link and away we go!

  13. 13
    Jill Erin says:

    I notice that Tim also has high set ears and very close trimmed beard and mustache. He makes up his mind quickly and presents a masculine self, without it being too overpowering. I bet a lot of women find him to be sexy. He was careful to not cover that nicely defined philtrum.

  14. 14
    Not a Timothy Fan says:

    I came across another book by Tim Ferris the other day. It made me laugh. The title is “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman”.

    All this can be yours in 4 hours a week!

    And for women, there is a chapter called “The 15 Minute Female Orgasm”, where Tim instructs women on how they can speed things up:)

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