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What I Would Want from Aura Reading, If I Were Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Yesterday’s fabulous aura reading by JORDAN displayed the sophisticated art of aura reading movie reviews.

Jessica Chastain didn’t do terribly well with her Chakra Databank Change Points. Still, the aura reading research suggested that motivations for Jessica aren’t deeply artistic. Of course, it’s amazing to even make a living as an actor. She could have plenty of motivations in career — or in life — other than high art.

As JORDAN suggested, the motivations in Jessica Chastain’s career might be more social, related to: Receiving admiration, showing people how special she is, working her sex appeal, getting life’s goodies, trying to (finally) have enough.

Though perhaps not yet succeeding at the “Enough” part.

No aura reading can tell us for sure how another person feels or thinks. Instead chakras and chakra databanks, show patterns.

So I don’t know for sure what Jessica Chastain would have preferred, by way of aura reading.

Still, I do know some things about aura reading itself. For today, I thought it might be helpful to consider how aura reading could help somebody like Jessica Chastain.

Along the way, I’ll provide one of those goodies… adding to her personal goody collection.

Why do aura reading, anyway?

Maybe I’m prejudiced. Okay, I’m definitely prejudiced.

Rose Rosetree considers aura reading the most practical skill set a person could gain, inwardly.

That’s subjective reality, folks.

For objective reality, life’s most useful skill sets would be different. Maybe walking, computer skills, talking, kissing, and cooking a thin slice of raw salmon in your hotel sink. 😉

What IS aura reading?

Like Jessica Chastain, you have a physical body. Around that you have an energy field, full of information.

Technically, that electro-magnetic energy field contains one layer of energy body inside of another. Don’t let that get you dizzy, though.  😉

For most aura reading purposes, it isn’t necessary to go into detail about which body lies within which, nor the function of each type of energy body. A confusing topic. Witness the totally contradictory schools of thought about which body fits in which order.

Instead, let’s keep our eyes on the prize. For aura reading, that prize is information, just like any kind of reading.

For aura reading to be practical, it’s enough to consider ALL your energy bodies/light bodies/astral bodies/etheric body/emotional body/mental body/causal body etc. as “Your aura.”

Exactly what matters, in a practical way, about your aura? It is full of information.

In Energy Spirituality, information is obtained about emotional and energetic functioning; supported by skills for making a big-deal difference.

Whatever your specialties in aura reading, it had better be good for something. Unless you have waaaaaay more spare time these days than other mortals.

So, okay, back at what might be helpful for Jessica Chastain, if not aura reading about the artistic merit of her very acclaimed (on the surface of life) performance in “Zero Dark Thirty”?

Aura reading could help Jessica Chastain…

To learn inside information about herself and others. Aura reading helps anybody do that, in person or when reading regular photographs. (As you may know, to a fully skilled aura reader, every photo is an aura photo.)

What’s really practical about aura reading? Jessica Chastain might use her own personal aura reading skills to:

  • Screen dates
  • Learn about other actors, quickly — What makes them tick, what is great about them, what might not be so great… and how to work around that
  • Choose healing practitioners
  • Even choose new diets because, evidently, one would always be necessary in order for Jessica Chastain to maintain that current leading-lady requirement, a starved look

About that last part, if any of you casual readers think that Jessica Chastain is just “Lovely and thin,” you definitely haven’t been reading her aura. Or considering “The Anorexic Ideal,” as we have often discussed it at this blog.

Small nod to The Anorexic Ideal

In Hollywood, sex sells. Starvation sells too. Bizarrely, starvation is equated with being sexy.

In America, an estimated 7 million women and 1 million men have anorexia today.

Take a look at Jessica Chastain’s collarbone and shoulders.

Then take a good look in the mirror at those same body parts, as you have them right now. Remember that the camera adds 10 pounds. Any idea how super-emaciated a woman must be before the bottom of her collarbone and the edges of her shoulder bones stick out that much?

As glamour consumers, we’re so used to overlooking any human concerns about how crazy-thin a woman must be. Nope, we notice the dress, the look, the makeup, the pose. Our attention is directed there. Sadly, Blog-Buddies, we have been so well trained.

One reason, among so many, why I wish everyone with regular literacy could gain energy literacy?

Moviegoers and consumers who do aura reading will stop loving the look of starvation.

We will be able to read that kind of screaming “Feed me,” that JORDAN found without trying yesterday. Did you notice that part, what happened while doing her aura reading research on glamorous Jessica Chastain. Any Root Chakra databank on that hungry woman would have included that sort of data.

Denial doesn’t change the truth of an aura. Acting can morph or disguise. (That’s why sometimes at this blog we do aura reading movie reviews, then tote up the triumphant Chakra Databank Change Points.) Human misery, plus denial and heroic self-will, can win accolades too, of course. Win accolades right on the surface of life.

With aura reading, from Stage Two Energy Literacy and especially with regular Stage Three Skill at Energy Literacy, anorexia screams out. Denial doesn’t blind us to what shows in the aura reading. Socially inculcated habits, averting attention from self-starvation? That doesn’t fool an aura reader.

No wonder it would be worthwhile to learn aura reading just to make a difference in changing the anorexia culture!

Back at how aura reading might help Jessica Chastain

If she were interested in personal development, Jessica might make use of Energy Spirituality skills by having a professional in that field assist her with some Aura Healing sessions.

Or, maybe, not being so thoughtful in her values right now, that wouldn’t interest Jessica.

Still, needing more confidence, she might enjoy receiving an aura reading that emphasizes gifts of her soul.

In the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), you can learn to read auras in depth and detail. And do it easily.

You can read what is going on with any chakra databank:

  • Each chakra databank has a size and quality, at any given time.
  • This is astral-level information, revealing what goes on at the subconscious leve.

Each chakra databank also contains a gift of that person’s soul.

  • This component of a chakra databank is permanent, can’t be messed up by anything.
  • True, STUFF might cover it up for all practical purposes.
  • But STUFF can always, always, always be healed. (A motto of Energy Spirituality, and not merely a theory but the purpose of all those skill sets like cord-cutting.)

Five pieces of good news, reading Jessica Chastain’s aura

Researching this celebrity, based on this picture of Jessica Chastain, aura showing, here comes a quick survey of a few gifts of her soul, one related to each of the following chakra databanks:

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Gift of the soul:

Very aware of objects, their heft, their weight, their dimensions. Able to take physical life seriously, on its own terms.

Comment from Aura Reader Rose:

Sometimes we avid movie watchers (self included) forget how very physical actors must be in order to succeed. There’s good reason it is called “Show Business.”

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Making Money

Gift of the soul:

A hunger for wealth, an excitement for making money, and a natural positioning of consciousness in life for making real, spendable money.

Comment from Aura Reader Rose:

This gift is very helpful for someone with the desire to make a lot of money. Jessica Chastain has many gifts that have helped her stand out in one of the most competitive professions in America. (Plus the karma to succeed, as well. Let’s not forget that fame is about karma, more than anything else.)

When I did research on becoming successful financially for “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” I was shocked at how many people relate to money. Of course, I went on to include workarounds for becoming extra successful. I didn’t spend the whole book going, “Wow! Other people have ways of being, all the way down at subconscious and Higher Self levels. And these ways of being are not Just Like Me.”

Didn’t spend the whole book repeating that. But I sure could have.

One big reason for aura reading is definitely to learn who other people really are inside. The answer? Never is it “Just Like Me.”

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Gift of the soul:

Seeks love. Wants so very much to love others and be loved by them. Ideals move her toward telling the truth that resonates emotionally.

Comment from Aura Reader Rose:

STUFF can really get in the way of using one’s gifts of the soul. But once STUFF moves out, one cord of attachment at a time (to use cord-cutting as an example), a person spontaneously uses that gift of the soul.

Even if this gift of the soul isn’t functioning terribly well, throughout this particular Throat Chakra Databank, at the time of this photo, guess what?

To the extent that Jessica Chastain does speak emotional truth to power, it helps her succeed as an actress. Plus, it is just plain beautiful.

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Growth

Gift of the soul:

Strong ability to know, in the moment, when she likes somebody or does not like somebody; when she trusts the person or not.

Comment from Aura Reader Rose:

In an acting career, at the highest level of acclaim, Jessica Chastain may have used this to get where she wants to be. Or some of this self-authority may have been sacrificed on the altar of her ambition.

That would be the human narrative side of things. What remains at the subconscious level, where STUFF messes up the performance of this Heart Chakra Databank? From my perspective as a healer in Energy Spirituality, it’s important to note that only one thing matters.

STUFF is in the way. One healing session at a time, STUFF can be healed. Old STUFF from the past can stop impacting Jessica Chastain’s life now, so that she can enjoy this gift more fully.

We can’t all be Jessica Chastain. We can be who we are. And this is a potential for every one of us. Could even be called “Your main purpose in life” or “Your sacred purpose.”

Each of us can use our gifts of the soul. Energy Spirituality doesn’t have to be the method used for healing, of course. So many resources are available today. With your self-authority, you can find what fits you like a healing glove.

Blog-Buddies, each of us has the wisdom to choose our own path of personal development. What matters is that it exists. It is a yellow brick road for each person.

Maybe the biggest lesson of all from aura reading is this. No matter how bad things may seem, how hungry a person may be (in any sense), however frustrated a person might be (at any level of public acclaim or apparent outward success), always there are gifts of your soul.

Always, if there is STUFF in the way, that STUFF can permanently be healed.

You can definitely lead in life with the gifts of your soul. One name for living that way, STUFF-free? Householder Enlightenment.

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  1. 1
    Primmie says:

    Thank you Rose. You’ve just articulated beautifully the main reason why I love your work and this site. To know that other people are not like me and to, in part, know how other people truly are.

    You write so clearly about the internal processes of people and I love how unique your readings are.

  2. 2
    M. says:

    Aura reading colleagues you’re already committed to working with for an extended period of time seems like a bad idea after all this stuff with Jessica Chastain.

    What happens if you’re starting a new job and you read your coworker and find out that they are putting on a completely false front like Chastain? How could you ever feel comfortable around them if you know they’re wearing a mask that conceals a major issues? Every time they BS you know that they are doing it and it would be like being lied to every single day.

    Which brings up an interesting aspect of having this skill set: you get to realize that there are times when you just don’t want to know.

  3. 3

    M. what a fascinating worry you bring up.

    Aura reading colleagues you are committed to working with? (Or family members? Or new in-laws? Or neighbors?)

    I’ll answer point by point, because there are many points.

    Let’s start with something especially important. “There are times when you just don’t want to know.”

    Absolutely correct. Which is why common sense — and energy hygiene, both — demand to do aura reading only for very short periods of time.

    You choose to do it. You use a technique.
    Technique over, and you’re back to objective reality once again.

    Using a dedicated technique, not an improvised one, is so important for protecting yourself. So is not overdoing the aura reading.

    No more than 20 minutes of the Space-Out-Or-Strive-For-Spiritual-Expansion time per day, please, Blog-Buddies. Your life will be so much more balanced this way.

  4. 4

    Similarly, M. let’s be clear that aura reading is not a smart substitute for professional skills at work, or good manners, or common sense.

    Deeper Perception of any kind works best as a supplement, not a substitute.

    So it would not be wise at all for Jessica Chastain to read auras of all her work colleagues all day long or pay an expert to do it for her.

  5. 5

    When reading auras, you can learn gifts of the soul. (At least you can with Stage Three Energy Literacy, using techniques from the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).)

    That is what I demonstrated for you’all in the post above.

    Knowing about gifts like this? Sure could get you off on a good start with your director, fellow actors, etc.

    Aura reading can give you the key to someone’s heart, basically.

    Don’t you think that might be a good thing?

  6. 6

    Before continuing with the response to your questions, M., PRIMMIE, thank you so much for your lovely comment.


  7. 7

    Okay, back to work with the teaching part and your thought-provoking comment, M….

    Seems to me, it could be very valuable to research a fellow actor for integrity.

    I would definitely do the three different Lie Detector Tests in “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” or the equivalent from “Read People Deeper.”

    I would definitely want to know about:

    Verbal integrity — Does the person tell the truth? Or, if not, what are the customary ways of lying? (Then Jessica Chastain could work around them.)

    Power integrity — Will this person follow up on verbal commitments? If not, what are the patterns? (Then forewarned is forearmed, right?

    Just recently, I read this Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity. JOE was pretty sketchy about following up on what he promised… but if he was closely supervised, he would remember to homor his word.

    If I had to act with someone like that, I would want to know that, just so I would not hold unrealistic expectations. Why be surprised and disappointed over problems that could be prevented?

    Spiritual integrity — such a fascinating bit of Maya on earth. It’s an education in itself, exploring the difference between what is assumed, or pretended, and a person’s deeper motivation about what seems sacred and honorable.

  8. 8

    Another important point to share, M., as someone who does aura reading in practice, rather than in theory….

    Aura reading can be a very graced way to learn the truth about someone.

    I don’t always communicate the loving glow highlighting the information, nor do my talented guest posters. It’s a deeply personal experience.

    Let’s remember, when you perceive and read auras clearly, that is the level of angels and sacred human beauty.

    To read auras, sure the energy literacy can be considered everyday, normal, everybody can do that.

    But plenty of everyday, normal activities are just extraordinary…

    * Like living, one magnificent day at a time, with someone you love
    * Like talking to a dear friend, enjoying what makes that friend so special to you, drawing on what you already know, expanding that familiarity
    * Like taking a walk, feeling healthy, playing in a grownup’s way
    * Like breathing in and getting to breathe out, all of it a renewal, each breathing cycle a unique privilege
    * Like learning every single day of your life. Every. Single. Moment. Actually.
    * Like being able to pray to God, or meditate and listen to God, whenever you like. No legislation needed, nor permission from anyone else.
    * Like having the opportunity to improve in speech or action, and know that each day is a totally new beginning

    Aura reading can be part of this sweet and sacred flow of life.

  9. 9

    So if you have a job that involves spending how many hours a day, 10? 15?,

    If you have a job where the movie cast and crew become your family for months at a time,

    Perhaps you’re on location in a place that is uncomfortable as well as unfamiliar

    And if you have a really high-pressure job, where you’re not supposed to let those pressures show

    And meanwhile, you have to memorize line, hit your marks, take direction, repeat the same performance only different, “Seem natural,” and do the same emotionally intense scenes over and over and over…

    Yes, I would (personally) want to know about gifts of the soul for my co-workers.

  10. 10

    Finally, aura reading does not necessarily mean psychic reading or random hits.

    Many of us have known talented aura readers of this kind, who are like walking pincushions for the woes of humanity, tossed at them like flying pins that lodge in consciousness.

    Recently I spoke with a friend who described being talented at Physical Oneness. She has, on her own, gotten to the point of feeling physical symptoms, asking, “Who has this problem?”, and then calling up the sufferer to try to help.

    A sweet form of service with a high personal cost! This is so far from what I mean by Skilled Empath Merge or Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

    This really could be a nightmare, M.

    But when you use skills, or do a well-designed technique (rather than a survivor’s workaround), then you gain control over your quality of life.

    As an aura reader, you chose which chakra databanks you need for the guidance you seek.

    You decide if you want to read a gift of the soul.

    Or perhaps you would rather read about the current size and quality of a chakra databank, problems and all.

    Whatever information you gather, you are protected in every dimension. Protecting yourself is built into all the techniques I teach. And then, so, is co-creating with your favorite form of the Divine.

    Not too shabby.

    So yes, I stand by my recommendation to use aura reading at work, in a reasonable way, with skill. What a practical way to make life more informative and help you to be more resourceful in how you interact with others.

    Phew, long answer, M. But your question was so great!

  11. 11
    Dave says:

    Wow. Excellent post and excellent comments, Rose. I couldn’t agree more with the practical applications of aura reading you highlighted in comment 8. I will do a guest post sometime where I talk about the great ways I use aura reading to benefit my own life.

    Also comment nine was just beautifully written. Thanks!

  12. 12
    M. says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Rose!

    Yes, you’re right. We don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to aura reading people we know.

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