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Face Reading Brian Williams for Integrity

Face reading celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams

Face reading celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams

Face reading for integrity? Sure.

Third Place Winner in our recent Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest is famed news anchor Brian Williams from “NBC Nightly News.” PAIGE provided this thought-provoking nomination, with plenty of face reading details she is curious about:

How much does he love the limelight?? What about integrity??

Also he has such an interesting face, his chin goes in one direction and his nose in the other. His crooked mouth. Way before I had knew anything about face reading I would notice his crooked face.

Fine questions from PAIGE. At a time when so many TV personalities are pretty faces, like advertisements for cosmetic surgery, Brian Williams’ authentic and asymmetrical face strikes me as truly refreshing.

Sure, it is possible to do face reading on someone who has had cosmetic surgery. Only it’s far more interesting, to me, to explore quirky face reading data that develops naturally. Life can be more than a beauty contest. Even TV can be more, as you Blog-Buddies outside America know better than we do.

Because TV in the USA is like a constant Beauty Contest, maintained via cosmetic surgery. It’s so refreshing to see a big TV celebrity whose face expresses his soul (as all faces do), but whose soul has not had to scramble to revert back to changes made to the face for the sake of Beauty Contest appearances.

Incidentally, I don’t think I have ever seen a minute of Brian Williams on TV. I avoid nightly news shows, preferring to read my news in The New York Times or The Washington Post. In direct contrast to ratings statistics, that suggest more and more folks get their news from network nightly news shows.

Yes, I’ll watch some cable news shows, being a fan of Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, plus getting many a good laugh from faux-news shows courtesy of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. None of these offers bloody, violent clips… unless you count vid-clips from Fox Cable. Ironically, I’ve done face reading interviews for Fox Cable and also for Steve Doocy (now on “Fox and Friends,”). While the closest I’ve come so far to an interview with my broadcaster heroes is a face reading segment on “The Colbert Report” where Steven Colbert spoofed me. He was, I suppose, too intimidated to interview me. 😉

Prepare to join me in this face reading of Brian Williams

Abandon all preconceptions, all ye who enter here. Often we form a Stage One Energy Literacy opinion, watching a TV broadcaster. We get a feeling, pick up a vibe.

Now I’m all for Energy Literacy, but the Stage One kind can confuse us as much as help us, given how complex people are and given how some performers send out personality projections that can strongly contradict the true auric modeling.

Face reading can serve you as a skill set for Stage Three Energy Literacy because it delivers quality information about specifics in life, with detail and depth.

Face reading also happens to be the easiest form of Energy Literacy to develop. You can read face reading basics here at this blog. These Face Reading FAQs can help, too.

When you’re ready to sit down for an hour or so and start gaining solid skills at face reading, I’d recommend “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Or you can go for one category at a time, checking out useful data about Spending Money or Risk Taking or Sexual Adventurousness, as made highly researchable in “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.”

  • Would you like to open up a larger version of the photo at the top of this post and, even, enlarge it? The use this link for Face Reading Brian Williams.
  • And, of course, remember to cross over when reading a photo so you can accurately tell left from right.

Okay, Fellow Physiognomists, let’s go check out this Brian Williams.

Face Reading Data: VERY Right-Angled Nose

How to See It

Hold a blank index card lengthwise, covering up one half of Brian’s face at a time. His right half (on your side of the screen) has way more nose than the other half, doesn’t it?

A Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Brian Williams does love the limelight. He has craved it. And the fame has changed him as well.

Having fame in this Age of Famous for Just Being Famous…

It is a gift, a blessing.

If merely wishing for fame, or doing Law of Attraction practices brought huge ratings, we’d have an even bigger celebrity culture today than we do. Objective reality tells us there are only so many slots available for “Famous.”

To win one, it helps to have fame karma. Also a plus to be talented, to work hard, to build a solid reputation.

This face reading data on Brian Williams only tells us that he has a talent for being famous. We’ll need to read more face data to learn about other talents. For how that fame karma came about, Brian might try past-life regression or a psychic reading.

The Potential Challenge

How much is the one with the right-angling nose willing to do in order to have fame? And how much will be enough?

Face Reading Data: Crooked Smile

How to See It

As you may know, Blog-Buddies, face reading is not about expression but the structure of a face. In the case of a crooked smile, we’re looking at the structure itself, interpreting that.

Brian Williams’ crooked smile is higher on the left side. To see it, hold that blank index card horizontally.

Align the upper edge of the card at the lower corner of his mouth. See how much higher the other corner is?

Then try placing that blank card horizontally so the lower edge of the card is right above the higher corner of Brian’s mouth. See how much lower that other corner is?

A Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Crooked smiles of this kind convey a kind of insider’s wink. “I’m on your side. I’m your buddy. We may be in public, but really I’m speaking just for you.”

Another component may be, “Secretly I share your values.”

This can be immensely appealing. Recently I facilitated cord-cutting for a client, GLADYS, who admitted she adored her bad boy ex. He had one of those crooked smiles. And, for her, that secret-like, insider’s naughtiness melted her heart.

The Potential Challenge

Three in this case: Lying? Pretending? Making a virtue of pretending?

Face Reading Data: Left-Angled Chin

How to See It

Hoist your blank index card back into vertical position. Place it down the center of Brian Williams’ face, one half at a time.

Especially if you have a large version of his photo open in another window, you may be astounded at how much chin is on the left side of his face, compared to the right.

A Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Ethics matter to Brian Williams. They matter more than to most people. He takes ethics personally.

“Ethics” means what people actually do, in contrast to what they say.

Here’s a hint about why Brian Williams is so loved by his fans. Reporting the news affords many opportunities to notice ethics in public situations of importance.

The Potential Challenge

Going out of his way to keep up the pressure on situations that bother him?

One man’s potential problem might be a fan’s greatest pride.

Any of you Blog-Buddies fans of Brian Williams? Have you seen him do protracted reporting, following up when others wouldn’t?

Face Reading Data: Lowbrows

How to See It

Notice the distance between eyes and eyebrows. On Brian Williams, that distance is really short. Well, that means lowbrows!

A Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Exceptionally spontaneous speech. Able to think and speak in a quick flow that improves communication.

This communication style can really help a broadcaster, and many have it.

The Potential Challenge

Timid about speaking up and letting those ideas flow?

Given the career, I suspect that Brian Williams overcame that potential challenge long ago.

Face Reading Data: Puffs over Eyes

How to See It

You’ll see it more strongly on Brian Williams’ left eye, but both eyes have this face reading data.

There’s a wad of flesh that hangs down, covering some of the eye.

In real life, you’ll see this often.

On TV land, you’ll seldom see it. Because the celeb has run, shrieking, for a face lift.

Three cheers to Brian Williams for having the courage to go on national television with his authentic face data!

A Corresponding Gift of the Soul

Able to muster outrage. Able to focus indignation.

Even for those of us who are not news anchors, life can be just a trifle exasperating sometimes. But what do we do with that potential energy?

Puffs over eyes can relate to effective Ready. Aim. Fire.

Many in this blog community are into peace, love, light. But many of us are also into power.

Puffs are a power-related characteristic, different from being a rageaholic. Puffs suggest a motivation to say or do things in order to right a wrong.

The Potential Challenge

Stored anger that hasn’t found a vent? If this challenge has not been overcome, the Puff wearer may become irascible over small crimes, tiny misdemeanors.


Brian Williams is a walking box of contradictions. The asymmetries in his face may have awakened great compassion within him, and he’s complex enough to report on very human problems.

The more asymmetries are on YOUR face, the easier it is for you to appreciate life in its complexity.

Brian Williams speaks for real people, with real problems. And despite that crooked smile, this face reading suggests that when he seems to care about what he’s reporting, that is totally authentic.

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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    Interesting Rose. What I also wonder about is the nose tip that when seen up close almost has a dimple at the very end. So I’m thinking this may be related in some way to money, saving or investing money. And also the groove on the right side of his check, could that be a potential challenge with attracting the opposite sex or having something to do with charming people? So as a newscaster it would come in handy.

  2. 2
    Paige says:

    Wow Rose, I enjoyed every word of that. So interesting. I have been aware of Brian Williams even before he was the anchor for the evening news and always wondered about that crooked face. Now it all seems to fit. Thank you so much!! Plus a great education in face reading.

  3. 3

    You’re welcome, PAIGE and ELAINE.

    Tomorrow I aim to get to your questions, ELAINE.

    For now I want to be sure to give the due photo credit,

  4. 4
    Curious As Ever says:

    Thanks, Rose, this is such a helpful example.

  5. 5
    Jill Erin says:

    Fascinating read, Rose. Since I haven’t had TV for about 8 years now, I have only vague memories of Brian Williams. But, he sure does have an interesting face! Wonderful example for learning.

  6. 6
    Elaine says:

    Given the recent news regarding some of Brian William’s reporting, makes me wonder about two potential challenges you noted over a year ago in this post, Rose.

    Crooked Smile: The Potential Challenge

    Three in this case: Lying? Pretending? Making a virtue of pretending?

    The Potential Challenge

    How much is the one with the right-angling nose willing to do in order to have fame? And how much will be enough?

  7. 7
    jannah says:

    right on Elaine excellent observation.hope rose will update now williams has been suspended 6 months without pay. my comment is I could never watch Brian williams because of his abnormal features I thought he may have been beaten up or his mother had a tough delivery non the less he made me feel very uncomfortable. rose you can be so accurate now I understand the reasons why

  8. 8
    Susan says:

    Dear Rose, It is especially interesting to read a couple years after your face reading of him and after his recently being caught in unethical reporting. You stated he is very concerned about ethics. How does that work under these circumstances? Thank you.

  9. 9

    How it works, SUSAN, is that we humans have a chance to live ethically or not.

    Integrity can slip away.

    Aura reading is especially useful for catching ethical problems, as many of them do NOT show in face reading data.

  10. 10

    I’m so glad you shared your question, SUSAN, because many people assume “I’ve had my face read. Now that is done.”

    Or “I’ve had an aura reading. Now I know about my aura for the rest of my life.”

    That would be preposterous. A face reading or aura reading informs you about a person at the time of the reading. If a photo is used, the reading tells you about the time that the photo was taken.

    Make sense?

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