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Crystal Empath Aura Experience

Crystal Empath Aura Photo

Crystal Empath Aura Experiences — they demonstrate aura changes with Skilled Empath Merge

Crystal empath aura photos. They show me doing different Skilled Empath Merges with different semi-precious stones.

Technically “semi-precious but way precious to me.

What a great idea, requesting that I do Skilled Empath Merges. (See Comments 6 and 12 at Every Photo Is an Aura Photo.)

Sure, can do. Here come five different Skilled Empath Merges, just for you, Blog-Buddies.

First of All

For background on what it means to be a crystal empath, the fullest description I’ve written yet can be found in The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.

For instructions to do Skilled Empath Merge, see The Master Empath.

Crystal Empath Aura? Yes, That Gift Might Show in Your Aura

All empath gifts show in auras. Any of you who are still learning whether or not you’re an empath, or what to do with it, here’s one vital point about being a crystal empath. Like any of the other empath gifts you might have, only having even one empath gift is plenty to qualify you as an empath for life.

Have you been tormenting yourself over whether you possess every single empath gift possible? Have you worried that you need every one in order to qualify (including science fiction versions of being an empath)? Please, have mercy!

I repeat, in case this might help you: Any empath gift qualifies you to do fabulous Skilled Empath Merges. They aren’t flashy, as you will find with today’s post. Yet, for the empath, any Skilled Empath Merge is most informative and personally meaningful.

About 1 in 20 people worldwide has been born as an empath, except in Japan where the rate is more like 1 in 5 people. And no, this is not science fiction. Unskilled empath suffer. Skilled empaths progress very rapidly with personal development.

Of the eight people from this blog community who moved into Enlightenment so far, all eight are empaths.


Without further ado… I’ll explore a handful of my favorite stones. Fun!

Crystal Empath Aura

Skilled Empath Merge with Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Doing a skilled empath merge with Rose Quartz? Easy-peasy.

This rose quartz properties link gives you somebody else’s perspective. Below is what this crystal empath experiences, doing a Skilled Empath Merge. This piece of rose quarts assists with:

  • A solid steady knowing about humankind.
  • A large, spacious kind of consciousness.
  • Patience with allowing people to be who they are and, gently, unfold on their path of personal development.
  • No rushing but a receiving in safety, with all the patience in the world. And beyond the world.

Crystal Empath Aura

Skilled Empath Merge with Pink Calcite

The color of this peony reminds me of the vibrant pink of my pink calcite. Only, technically, the crystal is way paler than this flower.

Overall, I enjoy calcites even more than their quartz cousins. This chunk o’rock may seem to have hard edges. But what will we learn from this Skilled Empath Merge?

Before going there, here’s a link to info about properties of pink calcite. As with all of the parts of today’s post, I’m not adding the links or reading them until after doing the research personally. Just getting the general interest info typed in before doing one Skilled Empath Merge after another.

So this is one crystal empath’s experience of one piece of pink calcite:

  • When people care about something emotionally, this pink calcite can join in consciousness to help evolution happen extra quickly.
  • So often in human life, it can seem like a disadvantage, having strong emotions or experiencing great emotional range. Pink calcite was created for such people.
  • Pink calcite helps emotions serve as a motor to help a person find a very personal truth, one situation at a time, one tender feeling at a time.
  • For those who wish to evolve into greater personal development, pink calcite helps the emotional component of a person’s nature become supercharged with freedom, with flow; even trust that emotions can lead to finding meaningful answers.

Crystal Empath Aura

Skilled Empath Merge with Green Calcite

This crystal photo looks a lot like my favorite piece of green calcite.

This lovely greenie has been in my crystal collection from way before my son Matt was born. (Soon this kid will turn 22, yowza!)

What will we learn from this Skilled Empath Merge into gorgeous green calcite? (Rather than about this besotted mother’s pride and joy….) Yum, green calcite!

Before going there, here’s a link to info about green calcite properties.

  • Divine mercy and lovingkindness shine through.
  • Making contact with this stone, a person can relax totally, feel totally accepted.
  • Change feels safe. Personal development and spiritual growth are nurtured, based in unconditional love.

Crystal Empath Aura

Skilled Empath Merge with Gold Calcite

I really, really enjoy gold calcite. Before I learned to do the style of past-life regression I facilitate now, I used to use crystals and facilitate past-life regression as I learned from some students of my favorite crystal healer, Katrina Raphaell.

Back then, I loved using gold calcite as part of that healing skill. I still enjoy having it, holding it, sometimes inviting an Energy Spirituality client who comes here in person to hold it during a session.

What will we learn from this Skilled Empath Merge? Before going there, here’s a link to info about properties of gold calcite. Sometimes called “Honey calcite.” Sweet! And now, to the consciousness of this crystal empath, what is gold calcite good for?

  • Gold calcite brings impulses of transcendent power. This Divine power can make human power feel more acceptable.
  • Especially helpful for those who strongly relate to love and spiritual light, yet find that power can seem contradictory. Gold calcite makes a wonder-inducing guide. Even a close and encouraging friend.
  • Gold calcite awakens the feeling that “Your human joy is God’s joy. Your desires are sacred. Pursuing them, you are simply pursuing God’s desires for you. Trust your human self.”

Crystal Empath Aura

Skilled Empath Merge with my trusty laser wand

This laser wand may look familiar to some of you Blog-Buddies.

And not just because it was THE tool I used for at least 10 years whenever I facilitated cord cutting for a client. This dear crystal-comrade is on the cover of both my books about how to cut cords of attachment.

Take a bow, mighty laser wand! It’s one thing to work with you. Something else to do a Skilled Empath Merge.

Before going there, here’s a link to info about characteristics of laser wands. Now, woo-hoo! How does a laser light bend energy?

  • Bright, it’s sun bright, dazzling bright, a very concentrated Divine presence there for healing.
  • Knowing is very present. Not an already-known. Or an everything-knowing. More an improv-knowing, where whatever knowledge might be needed for the current healing has availability. Guaranteed.
  • Joy is the other characteristic of this laser wand: Past joy, present joy, joy to move forward with full integrity in the healing.

In Conclusion

By now I have finished this post’s research with Skilled Empath Merge. Very much an experience in the present.

How about in the future? I do look forward to a time when crystal empaths will write about our experiences. Doing quality techniques as skilled empaths. Exploring the energetic signature of a crystal in a more personal way.

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  1. 1
    Amy says:

    Thank you so much for this Rose. I found this post fascinating! I’m already considering buying one of Anna Mariah’s creations now. I also love that you were the one who she researched her name change with. (Already read her blog now!).

  2. 2
    Melanie says:

    Thank you for sharing, Rose! This is awesome!! 🙂

  3. 3

    Thanks Rose. Love the idea of doing a skilled empath merge with the stones. I usually do that when people are trying things on as that allows me to see how the stone is working for them specifically. The interesting thing with that is that the same necklace will work differently depending on who is wearing it. It’s like the stones come alive in a new way to interact with each wearer…as if they know what is needed. Working with you on enhancing my empath skills and aura reading certainly upped my clarity in readings. Thanks

    My favorite book about gemstones is “The Book of Stones” By Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. They each write their own perspective, his more physical, emotional, hers always more spiritual. Great combination of their own empath skills and their outlook on life.

  4. 4

    Wonderful reference, ANNA MARIAH. I knew there had to be such books.

    And hugs to you, AMY, and MELANIE.

    Small reminder to all you Blog-Buddies. Every time you post a comment on any topic here at the blog, it helps make you eligible to win the aura reading of your choice of newsmaker over at this contest:

    All your comments will be toted up through May 15, 2013. So go for it!

  5. 5
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    On the topic of name changes, can you advise? Do you suggest that someone simply picks names for research that they like, that appeal to them, or does it often work best when there is some kind of connection to a name, such as, oh I don’t know, a slant on a favourite middle name, or a genealogical connection of some kind?

    Or do you think name changes can work well even if the candidate has no previous connection to their new name at all?


  6. 6

    Soul Thrill Research for Names, the items you list in advance for research DO work well even if the candidate has no previous connection to a new name at all.

    After all, RACHEL, you are an ancient being with a deep history and LOADS of previous connections. Hey, just before getting to your comment here, I facilitated a session of Soul Energy Awakening past-life regression.

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    This particular human experience of yours or mine is, of course, immensely interesting.

    But to think it is the only one, or that the circumstances of a name being chosen in this lifetime mean a great deal?

    Consider, you may have already gone through one or more virtual reincarnations since we began doing sessions.

  8. 8
    Rose Rosetree says:

    My advice: Create any list you like. The jucier and bigger the better.

    All you need is one name, but it’s fun getting there.

    All in all, thanks for asking.

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    October 15, 2017 I made a separate post of the second half of this original article.

    Golly, this was a long one. Enjoy reading the updated article here. As “Aura Photos, Empath Merges.

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