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Living Now. Help for Spiritual Seekers

Living Now

Living Now. For instance, who can you find in the mirror? Special offer. 😉 Right NOW.

Living now. Did you know you’re more likely to live in the present if you’ve had some sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) or done self-healing?

Lookee here. That’s why I offer this free online workshop.

Also, that’s why I publish books like these:

First Things First, About Living Now

Now is not a theory. At least not if you seek satisfaction and Enlightenment. Love and respect. Wealth and success. Physical and mental health.

Seeking personal development for any of these areas? Living now is your requirement. The best goodies in life will be yours most powerfully when you live in the now.

Which kind of now? A very human experience, no mere theory.

Living Now. Banish These Expectations, Please

What does it NOT mean, living in the now? As I used to think for decades, while frantically seeking for a permanent mystical state, the path to Enlightenment does not mean trying to live in some different dimension to the exclusion of earth present time.

Living in the now, if you care about personal development, need not be confused with:

  • Living in a positive state
  • Feeling a happy mood
  • Radiating an idealized kind of perfection
  • Constantly practicing the presence of God
  • Trying really hard to live in synch with Jesus (or anyone else)
  • Living from the heart
  • Being detached with your mind
  • Or being out of your mind.

Living Now, Like Enlightenment, Is Far Simpler

Whew, such a relief! For you, being human, now can simply mean here and now.

However you are, right now — that’s good enough.

However you happen to spontaneously feel in your body, wiggle around in your mind, let your intellect work its mighty brain power, feel emotions of any kind, express your soul to whatever degree, have a spiritual connection to your chosen ideal.

Also known as being interested in life, your life, here and now.

Living Now.


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    That amazing clock comes from

    While the photo of away moment comes from:

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    Somebody Else says:

    Soul Energy Awakening past-life regression sessions have helped me immensely with living more in the here and now.

    Before my most recent set of past-life regression sessions with Rose, she told me in a 55 minute session of Energy Spirituality that I had a spiritual addiction. Again.

    The problem was not too much channeling or praying or other spiritual practices. It was daydreaming.

    Not because it was my goal in life to be a marathon daydreamer, but because I had frozen blocks of energy around needing certain things I wasn’t getting. So I was obsessed with the few times I actually got what I’d been craving.

    Soul Energy Awakening past-life regression sessions healed SO MUCH STUFF. I have little desire to dwell on the past anymore. The present is much more real to me. And much more fun. AND the more I live in the present, the more I get what I want, just naturally.

    Thank you, Rose! (And thank you, Divine Beings!)

  3. 3

    You’re welcome. My joy!

    And thank you for sharing, SOMEBODY ELSE.

    STUFF removal followed by PUT-IN of what works with your soul right now — this does move a person into the now.

    And in a spontaneous manner.

  4. 4
    Dave says:

    My life has changed so much since cutting 6 or so cords with Rose, and 20 + on my own. It really is hard to quantify but life is so much easier now. I can be much more effective as a multi-faceted human. I also want to be a graduate of that program some day. I still need a few more workshops to join the program I believe. Hopefully I will have those done in 2013.

  5. 5

    DAVE, thank you for sharing your entry more into the NOW. 🙂

  6. 6
    Morgan says:

    Rose – Can you do a post on how popular “healing” techniques are mistaken for techniques that truly get rid of Stuff? I’m thinking of techniques that have the effect of anesthetizing rather than the true removal and put-in aspects.

    This blog article reminded me of how grateful I was for John Gray’s memory exercise (in ‘Mars and Venus Starting Over’ book) but in a healing session with you, I learned I still had the issues in my aura. I always wondering why I felt like that technique worked. Maybe it was related to being able to be more in the present even though the Stuff was still present… (?)

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