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Past-Life Regression Aha!s

Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression can be a way to take a big step forward.

Past-Life Regression. I’ve got a treat for you today, with stories of facilitating Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, a form of past-life regression.

Today I’m going to introduce you to something special for emotional and spiritual growth. The whole field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is about that. But many of you don’t know yet about one of the most powerful ways for helping RES clients. Let’s change that right now!

Past-Life Regression for a Big Step Forward

One of the trademarked systems within. Later I would go on to become a consulting hypnotist who specializes in past-life regression to remove frozen blocks of energy. Now my clients are recovering. 😉

Recovering nicely. Recovering from stored-up trauma from this life and previous lifetimes.

Energy Spirituality is the system I have developed overall, an interlocking set of many skill sets, including Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression. Or simply Past-Life Regression for short.

You see, during 43 years as a facilitator of personal development, I have become passionately interested in how much people can grow as a result of removing STUFF, then filling up with what really expresses that individual’s soul now.

Past-Life Regression to Remove STUFF

And Put In a Stronger Soul Expression

“STUFF” is my (hopefully unintimidating) name for stored emotional and energetic debris at the astral level — a level that corresponds to the subconscious mind.

STUFF comes in many varieties, but the most important thing about it is that STUFF can always, always, always be healed. As a holistic healer, I have pioneered some professional skill sets for cutting cords of attachment, removing psychic coercion, upgrading facade bodies, and other big bang for buck-type healing.

In my experience, though, certain types of STUFF, are best removed with Past-Life Regression: Recurring patterns emotionally or behaviorally; health problems that medical professionals are not able to help; and attraction/repulsion problems with sex, money, love relationships, fears, etc. 

Karma, STUFF, and Past-Life Regression

There is a strange and mysterious relationship between karma and STUFF removal, particularly large frozen blocks of stuck energy from the past. Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression — That’s the full, fancy name for what I do with hypnosis — produces notable results related to karma. Could healing now prevent troubles later? Still an ongoing topic to explore…

What’s already clear? Past-life regression can do so much to nourish the soul. Beyond that, for certain kinds of STUFF removal, nothing can match the effectiveness of past-life regression.

In today’s post, I would like to inspire you with possibilities. What happens when your healing journey includes past-life regression hypnosis? What can be achieved within that field, when the hypnotist aims to identify and remove frozen blocks of energy?

Could even be, the important “past-life” frozen blocks for removal can sometimes come from this life. Yes, earlier in this very same lifetime. Not as flashy as when a past-life regression session involves an incarnation centuries ago. Not as flashy, merely productive….

Past-Life Regression Gave Masa

“The Happiest Day of My Life”

Some clients need only a session or two for enormous improvement due to the removal of frozen blocks. Such a client was “Masa.” (Not his real name. All names in this article have been changed.) (Except mine. ;-))

When he first entered the healing room, Masa looked incredibly dapper, in that way I associate with certain Japanese businessmen.

We were in Tokyo, Masa and me. Along with a fabulous interpreter, “Taeko-san.” Without her, of course, there would have been no hypnosis.

Masa was extremely dignified, with impeccable posture and an even more impeccable grey three-piece suit. Anxiety was the problem he came to solve. You would never know from his body language that anxiety could remotely be a problem. I vividly remember the calm, methodical way this man folded his suit jacket over a chair, then removed his exquisite vest and placed it on the chair as well. No wrinkles for this guy!

Soon Masa was lying on a sofa. (For the depth work of Energy Release Regression, I prefer a reclining position rather than the usual hypnotist’s recliner.)

Past-Life Regression: Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis Begins

Very soon, I moved Masa into a deep hypnotic trance. Soon afterwards, Masa made contact with a childhood incident that had created some horrible frozen blocks. Lodged in his aura. And trigger-able at random.

As a curious little four-year-old, Masa-san opened the door to the family car. Discovering that he could get in, he sat in the driver’s seat and began to play driver.

Somehow he must have lifted up the emergency brake, because the next thing he knew, that little boy was riding down “a great big hill,” moving faster and faster until he “crashed” the car.

In external reality, I’m guessing that neither the hill nor the crash were too huge. Probably it was a bit like some of my early driving lessons with a standard shift, where I kept sliding backwards because of the “Unbelievably steep incline” of a pretty darned flat parking lot.

Anyway, this runaway car ride was a serious horror for Masa. Excellent, to this healer! I used dedicated techniques that allowed this client to explore the stuck energy in his gut, then smash up that frozen block forever. Afterwards he filled himself up with clean new energy, representing a fresh beginning for him. The aura equivalent of wrinkle free!

Past-Life Regression: Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis

Ends Happy

By the end of his session, Masa looked as perky and dapper as ever. Okay, he positively glowed. If anything, his three-piece suit looked more suave than before. I’ll never forget what he told me next, through our interpreter Taeko:

“This has been the happiest day of my life. It is better than the day I got married. It is better than the day my first child was born. It is better than the day my other daughter was born, too.”

In Conclusion


For so many reasons, I’m excited to bring Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis (SEAH) into the world. It’s very different from other forms of  past-life regression.

Let your subconscious mind choose the memory. Teaming up with a professional who knows how to move out large-intensity frozen blocks. And bring in new replacement energies. Waking up a stronger soul expression. Distinctively helpful on your path of spiritual awakening.

SEAH is “The meal you cannot make at home.”

I have seen living proof that this form of hypnosis, and past-life regression… It can create miracles of healing. Just ask Masa, who is now noticeably more wrinkle free on the inside.


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    Jordan says:

    Reading this post, especially the parts about repression, really helped me. Thank you, Rose.

    I think it’s very powerful how you can describe things that are very traumatic in a matter-of-fact, practical way, with all that compassion mixed in. I am impressed and I like it!!

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