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Grand Canyon Changes You

Grand Canyon Changes You!

Here, Blog-Buddies, is a rare occurrence. A poem, yet it’s not my annual one about Christmas. Back from seeing the Grand Canyon!

Waking there at sunrise changes you.

Angelina Jolie — Controversial Again

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie. She’s the topic of two guest posts today.

Angelina Jolie is in the news again. Consider today’s post an exercise in discerning how celebrities are packaged.

While I’m on travel.

What’s Angelina Jolie’s news? A double mastectomy based on genetic risks:

Travel Advisory


Dear Blog Buddies:

I will be on travel through June 4. Please keep commenting meanwhile; I’ll make your wise words go live just about every day (my best laid plan, anyhow).

Much as I wanted to do both the aura readings from our recent contest before packing that suitcase, it hasn’t worked out.

Face Reading Frances Gerety

Face reading advertising superstar Frances Garety

Face Reading Frances Gerety, Advertising Superstar

Face Reading Frances Gerety. Learn about the most influential woman you’ve never met. Responsible for all those diamond engagement rings you see in American women.

So many engagement rings! So many diamonds! WHY?

Because of “Diamonds are forever.” And who started that meme? Frances Gerety!

Contest Winners Announced


Contest winners announced. Thanks to all who entered this contest for aura reading about sex appeal.

Contest news here! Who won our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal?

This latest contest delivers an aura reading of the public figure nominated by each of our two winners.

Thank Public Schools

Thank Public Schools. Matt and Mom, Dad the photographer, University of Virginia 2013

Thank public schools! They worked for my family, and for many other American families. Sometimes problems get all the attention. This post? Gratitude.

Graduation Day for my son Matt is today. He’s one of about 4,000 to receive a degree today from the University of Virginia.

Householder Enlightenment Unfolding

Householder Enlightenment Unfolding

Householder Enlightenment Unfolding for Rose Rosetree

Householder Enlightenment Unfolding. For me of all people! Never expected that! But now that I’m even an Enlightenment Coach, here’s a personal share.

ANITA was right. JULIE really does have a knack for describing Householder Enlightenment.

Of course, ANITA does too. Likewise other long-time Blog-Buddies, who have been describing their experiences of Enlightenment. (See You asked about Enlightenment. ANITA answered in today’s guest post. and the full sweep of Comments there.)

Spiritual Awakening. Guest Post


Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening. Not Enlightenment, but a milestone on the way.

Spiritual Awakening. Not Enlightenment, but a milestone on the way. This guest post comes from KIRA. Exploring how spiritual awakening has changed her life.

Enlightenment Answers. ANITA'S

Enlightenment Answers

Enlightenment Answers from Blog-Buddy ANITA. Enjoy her wise guest post!

Enlightenment Answers — given in response to a request here at the blog post. Where nothing is more thrilling than progress towards Enlightenment!
Many comments have appeared in a recent thread about Enlightenment, Interested in Enlightenment? How aura reading can help,
Blog-Buddy ANABELA asked: “How was life before the Enlightenment? Was there a lot of healing to be done prior? Rose has shared her story quite a lot on the blog over the years. I’m just curious about how others got there.”

Physical Benefits Indirectly

Physical Benefits Indirectly

Physical Benefits Indirectly. Here Rose demonstrates hand position for cutting a cord of attachment.

Physical Benefits Indirectly. They came after an RES session where Rose facilitated cutting a cord of attachment. ANABELLA’s guest post!

Cutting a cord of attachment with Energy Spirituality. This brings emotional and spiritual growth. Just that.

But could physical benefits come indirectly after cutting cords of attachment? Usually, not worth mentioning.

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