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Enlightenment Aura Reading

Enlightenment Aura Reading

Enlightenment Aura Reading. What, you think in Enlightenment you’ll suddenly start reading auras? Not true. Keep reading, please.

Enlightenment Aura Reading. Are you interested in Enlightenment? Learn how aura reading can help you a great deal. Energetic literacy empowers you!

So why is it that so many seekers of Enlightenment are waiting for aura reading to drop out of the sky?

Let’s debunk this unrealistic thinking about auras.

Enlightenment Aura Reading? Hello!

“Enlightenment Aura Reading.” That’s my quick way of saying, “What, you think Enlightenment comes complete with aura reading skills? That’s simply nonsense.”

Quite some discussion about aura reading, related to Enlightenment! This has been taking place at our Enlightenment Life List. Let’s pull this conversation into its own space. Because the overall question is important:

So many people now are interested in Enlightenment. Yet so few have learned Energy Literacy. Why?

And I would add:

Why don’t more folks pursuing Enlightenment understand the role that aura reading can play in developing Enlightenment?

Enlightenment Aura Reading.

Well, Aura Reading Skills HELP with Enlightenment.

You see, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, with the eight people from this blog community who moved into Householder Enlightenment in this last year, all were interested in aura reading.

All, I believe, have been using their skills to read auras in everyday life, as desired — whether as Skilled Empath Merge or using the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), or both.


Enlightenment Aura Reading. Magical Thinking!

At our Enlightenment Life List, today, DAVID noted the enormous amount of nonsense and magical thinking around aura reading.

He also wrote (in Comment 1179 at that post):

I would suggest that many Enlightened people ignore auras because:

  • It’s not yet their experience….
  • They don’t have skills. They have some experiences but insufficient understanding or training to develop them consistently.

Enlightenment Aura Reading. From this Teacher of Aura Reading Skills

Blog-Buddies, it’s important to go further in that direction of understanding that aura reading is a skill. It is no less a skill than Gutenberg literacy.

Most of us had to learn how to read words, like those on this screen. It wasn’t our “experience” that we could read paragraphs. Learning is a very human thing. To learn aura reading, or Skilled Empath Merge, does not necessarily denigrate personal talent. Nor does learning how to read auras minimize one’s love for God and God’s grace.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, my former guru, has been mentioned frequently in this thread. He belongs in today’s part of the conversation because of his influence and also because he typefies the (mis)understanding many folks had back in the day. And have now.

(Mis)understanding from, for instance, the Non-Duality seekers of Enlightenment at Rick Archer’s wonderful website, Buddha at the Gas Pump. Etc.

Altogether I’ve spent over a year of my life personally in Maharishi’s presence, have asked him questions, went to numerous courses with him and his organization from 1969 until 1982 (approximately), and spent years devotedly learning from his videotaped and audiotaped comments and books. So I think I have the standing to report on Maharishi’s position about aura reading for students.

Enlightenment Aura Reading. Maharishi’s Perspective

Personally, he read auras. He dropped delicious hints about it, in that flirtatious way that Maharishi had of making himself seem really special to us devotees.

Doing aura reading, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would show off. Charmingly, of couse. Mysteriously.

For instance, I remember one instance where Maharishi indirectly bragged about aura reading while toying with flowers. (Flirting and toying with flowers he often did, since flowers were given to him incessantly; I’ve certainly handed him my share.)

In this example, Maharishi was making some point about angels. Evidently he saw a few of them right in front of him. So he flirtatiously tapped each one on the head (or the wings?) with a flower, gesturing about the funny limitation of angels, while saying something like “Those silly adorb angels, they can’t close their eyes.”

Enlightenment Aura Reading. Contradictions Galore

Yes, Maharishi’s attitude toward aura reading was a bit contractory. Ostensibly, the guru was all about sharing, teaching, providing exactly the techniques needed. (Definitely, I’m grateful for this approach. Some of you students, clients, and readers of the Rose Rosetree bunch-o-books may have noticed a certain reliance upon clear and accessible teaching of techniques.)

Yet simultaneously, when it came to aura reading, he would show off, as if this particular ability was an experience that was handed to the Enlightened. An experience, a special thing for all the people in Enlightenment. An experience that might fly over toward you, just as adoring angels would fly over to him.

He also embroidered the notion of reading auras into a romanticized concept of Celestial Perception, romanticized like everything about Enlightenment.

Let’s face it. Indian gurus romanticize experiences of consciousness the way French celebrities emphasize food, wine, and sex. Each culture has its specialties.

In Conclusion

You can definitely learn Stage 3 Aura Reading.

Enlightenment? I can help you move towards it. But no guarantees.

Meanwhile, you can definitely learn Stage 3 Aura Reading.

So think about that!

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I feel like aura reading can help in so many ways to move a person closer to Enlightenment. Even just setting an intention before aura reading, such as “To learn more truth”, “To move forward in my evolution”, “To be of service to people”, “To understand this person better”, “To gain knowledge”, “To see through illusions”, or whatever the case might be – any of these can set things in motion.

    I think a person’s intention matters a lot, and there are certain qualities that can show up as a result: honesty, compassion, understanding, truthfulness and truth-seeking, authenticity. Any number of things might show up and move a person forward!

  2. 2
    Jordan says:

    Hi David, I guess the difference seems extreme when you’re trying to jump to Enlightenment when you’re not ready yet.

    Of course I think this is exacerbated by Enlightenment teachings that go, “All you have to do is realize! You are the infinite! It’s so simple, so easy! Nothing could be easier! Just let go! (You big dummy).”

    Also many Enlightenment stories go, “I suffered a whole lot, and then I woke up!” Without talk of an incremental journey.

    I’m sure all of that stuff has it’s place. But how Enlightenment is taught is evolving too. And getting it to a better place could be a great thing to do.

    I do realize I am spoiled with riches. Right now I am talking to an Enlightened person over the internet on the blog of another Enlightened person with Enlightened community members all around. And all so generous, supportive, and helpful. (Thank you.)

    There are resources all around me and I don’t even have to go anywhere to know I am supported by the infinite in my search. It’s not that complicated. But I like trying to figure out better ways to do all this. I guess noticing it is important to me.

  3. 3
    Amanda says:

    Hi David, I’m interested by your viewpoint on the reclusive vs. householder approach.

    I had a period of reclusiveness and I would have rejected everything at that point as part of the illusion – for the simplest reason, which is that it IS all illusion to that central point within me!

    Then naturally I started wanting to be more human and that’s now my process.

    My point is really that I don’t think the two are exclusive or that there are any rights or wrongs – just each person in process, all the time changing and learning.

    I understand that there is a way the mind works that likes black-and-white thinking – and to define enlightenment among other things – but it’s as difficult as defining anyone or any process. I like Rose’s approach because it’s got that artistic flow to it and a sense of looking for wholeness and individuality.

    I would not ever want to dismiss or diminish my experience of directly perceiving illusion, and yes it is remote and reclusive, but still it was the deepest bliss I have ever had.

    Now I’m coming into the ups and downs of human life and that bliss is absent (I do wonder if it will follow me down the mountain one day ) – but neither recluse or householder seem anything but terms – surely the point is to be peaceful, flowing and present, however that suits the individual soul.

    I’m perhaps not expressing myself all that well, but just wanted to say I’m wary of polarisation, which may say more about where I am than anything else

  4. 4

    AMANDA, JORDAN, and JULIE (From our Enlightenment Life List), these are awesome comments.

    I feel honored (or, in your case, AMANDA, honoured) with your contributions here, elevating this blog.

  5. 5
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I definitely feel like aura reading moved me forward on my spiritual path. I became interested in your work because of face reading, but on some level, even back then, I knew that to “read” a face was not to judge it, but to better understand another person. This definitely increased my compassion for others, as well as myself. Facial characteristics are divinely designed, reveal gifts and challenges; they are not merely to be judged as beautiful or not, magazine cover worthy or not.

    This, of course, led me to aura reading, empath merges, and empath empowerment. The first time I went to these classes and workshops, I knew that I was learning something very significant. Again, I knew that this was not learning about how to “read” people in order to become better at winning arguments or selling them products… I say this because this and similar goals seem to be the message of many self-help and self-improvement books out there currently in mainstream America…. Which was a big turn-off to me.

    Aura reading is about celestial perception. Understanding others at a deep level increased my empathy and compassion, for others as well as myself. I have to say that understanding others better also helped me to understand myself better.

    Aura reading has helped me in so many practical ways, too. Aura reading has helped me participate fully in human life, as well as fully embrace my spirituality and spiritual path. So often, I felt that self-help books focused on practical daily life at Earth School – learn how to dress better, cook better, read body language, organize, declutter – whereas the books in the spirituality section at times appeared to focus on detaching from human life, to reach transcendence through renunciation or isolation from human life.

    I love fashion, cooking, reading body language, decluttering (well, not so much, but being human, I’m always learning, right?). But at my core, I know that what I’ve always been interested in is that which is timeless and of infinite depth. Enlightenment. But as a regular human being.

    I never had language for this. But I think we evolve collectively, just as we evolve individually. I think collectively we have reached critical mass and our collective consciousness has reached the point that everyone has to pay attention now, on some level.

    So that is where I find myself.

    And I still have sessions with Rose for research and healing. Because I’m always learning. Or trying to!

  6. 6
    Anita says:

    Hi David,

    Congratulations on being added to the Enlightenment Life list. I have loved reading your comments, particularly the recent string describing your experience of Enlightenment.

    Would you consider doing a guest post?
    I know that I would love to read it.

  7. 7
    Anita says:

    One reason I adore the fact that Rose has been writing books, as well as blogging, is that she is helping me – and so many others! – understand what aura reading really is.

    I’m pretty certain that what I did in the past was not skilled aura reading, per se, but unskilled empath merges. I just did not know that this is what I was doing. But it was affecting me and my life regardless.

    I also know that when I meet some of the other blog buddies in person – shout out to Julie here – there is something in me that is deeply moved and stirred. I know that we have evolved together and are continuing to evolve together, one individual at a time, but also collectively as a community.

    We may go our separate paths and lose touch, but the connections are still there.

  8. 8
    David says:

    Thanks for the linkback, Rose

    Jordan – the funny thing about awakening is there’s all this prep and work to “get” there. Then when you “switch”, it’s like “duh”. That’s all it was? So while there are lots of people saying “join us, its easy”, that’s the perspective after the fact. It’s true but that’s not how it’s experienced in the approach. 😉

    Amanda – actually, I’m writing an article on that very thing. Householders will typically go through a detachment phase and it still can be very useful to have periods of retreat. But for a recluse, this isn’t so much a stage but the dominant theme. That’s the big difference.

    Yet, there are a lot of teachings who emphasize the second as if it’s true for everyone. You have to stay uninvolved or it’s going backwards kind of thing. However, once the witness is firmly established, we begin to come together with the world so the relationship changes. A recluse doesn’t follow that the same way.

    And my apologies. I wasn’t aware my comments were competing with more knowledgeable regulars. 😉

  9. 9
    David says:

    btw – there are various kinds of shifts along the way and life events that can reduce the background bliss and silence. Basically related to changes in the energy physiology due to clearing or new growth. The post I wrote right after the one on Rose’s Enlightenment List talks about this, from a kosha model.

  10. 10

    ANITA, thanks so much.

    For those of you Blog-Buddies who don’t know, ANITA is also on our Enlightenment Life List.

    Also, ANITA coined the term “Empath Merge.” Yep, that’s her! I have acknowledged her formally in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    Even if I had no other reason to cherish brainy ANITA, I would be grateful for that important language about that key concept for empaths.

    I found the concept but ANITA found that great language. 🙂

  11. 11
    Julie says:

    Awesome comments, Anita! I’m so glad you added them. I had thought of you earlier tonight and hoped that you might say a few things. You are so articulate – it continues to impress and astonish me. I liked your sentence “We have evolved together and are continuing to evolve together, one individual at a time, but also collectively as a community.” I feel this as well.

  12. 12
    Brittany says:

    Often when I comment I have no idea what or how to contribute to the discussion, so I am very grateful for the prodding to get us to comment regardless of our “level” (confidence or otherwise), ROSE.

    This blog, and particularly this blog post, do make me wonder why I am interested in reading about aura reading when I really don’t feel a push to DO IT. My assumption is it is just not the right time for me. I am just really not interested in actively developing aura reading skills at this time. I am pretty satisfied and enjoying my little fast paced earth life and being busy with all my relationships.

    I do love this blog, it’s weirdness and the deeply perceiving people who collect here. I love the feeling I get tapping in to this community. But I also feel I don’t care enough about enlightenment to work towards it in any way other than the way that I am, which is from a side-ways approach. My most lofty and spiritual goal is feeling balanced. “Trying” and “aspiring” to learn energetic literacy just doesn’t fit in my balance atm.

    Thanks, everyone, for participating, listening and understanding.

  13. 13
    Amanda says:


    Thank you, I’ll look forward to reading your article.

    I hope you don’t count me among the knowledgeable! I’m interested in this idea of the stages of enlightenment, partly because my knowledge is limited and my previous research practically nil. I do, however, have the sense that the process is an unstoppable flow and – a little like growing up – something to go through, which mean that the idea of atages makes a lot of sense.

    I shall look up your post and look forward to your article 🙂


  14. 14
    David says:

    Thanks, Anita. I tend to write about what I’ve learned rather than my own story. But Rose has invited me to do a guest post. We’ll see what gels.

  15. 15
    David says:

    Hi Amanda
    (laughs) Well – you’re more knowledgeable about Rose’s approach for sure. My Rose List article links to an article on stages. (where I compare with Rose) I’ve very much experienced stages myself. I was originally exposed to Maharishi’s model but, as the article describes, have adapted it to what I’ve seen in my own and others journeys. There is an underlying process but how a person experiences it specifically varies widely.

    And yes, to a certain degree, it is unstoppable. But as psychology has found, many people stall before self-actualization and fewer still move into transpersonal stages.

    If a person doesn’t understand what is taking place and resists it, that can slow development down. I can describe a number of different kinds of examples of this. The same would be true of subtle perception like Aura reading. You have to be open to it for it to develop. Resistance is a way to close energetically.

    Back to the article… 😉

  16. 16
    Amanda says:

    Hi David,

    I looked at your posts and specifically the one about stages of enlightenment, but I just CAN’T! 😀 – I think I’m not designed to know this with my intellect.

    Which makes sense, because though I decided in my teens that I wanted to be enlightened and that incredible urge has pretty much driven my life, I’ve never been on retreat or picked up the Vedic texts. It’s all been at home, in normal life, with great mentors and helpers such as Rose (except for the early bit where I got all kinds of confused).

    I did like what you said about the world as a divine flow. I have a strong sense that yes, it may be an illusion, but I’m still going to play to the best of my ability.

    So thank you, and it’s good to feel OK about my particular path, I trust myself and my process (whatever it is) more for having explored a little and been bounced back in. 🙂

    I must say I also love the fact that it contains little intellectual enquiry. I am so academic in other ways and it’s been so central to my identity that it’s lovely to be off the hook in this respect.

    I very much appreciate what you said in comment 9about clearing out and new growth. It made sense.


  17. 17
    David says:

    Hi Amanda
    (laughs)Now you know why the blog name.

    But this is also wisdom in itself. There are teachers who deny stages because it’s not their experience (yet) but others because concepts of stages can be a barrier to living it. Our expectations of enlightenment get in the way.

    However, others struggle because their lives are unfolding in unexpected ways. I sometimes use the example of puberty. It’s very useful to understand the changes we’re going through. Hence I do write about it.

    A drive to understand has been pretty central to my journey. Thanks for sharing something of yours.

    Speaking of which, I’ve posted the Householder and Monk article now. 😉

  18. 18
    Suzanne says:

    Congratulations David! I’m looking forward to reading those posts.

    Anita, I love your comments. It is great to know that there is a community of people here evolving individually and collectively.

    Brittany, I can understand not yet feeling the push to be an active aura reader and I think you are right to honor that. For myself it felt like other growth and changes needed to come first. I think 2014 will be my year for developing those skills. I will know when it’s time because I’ll feel the desire, the internal push.

  19. 19
    Suz says:

    How grateful I am that all the information here, and the varying points of view, just “leaped” into my face right as I was starting the next big move on the path. Funny how that happens.

    May I offer two more reasons why someone on an enlightenment path might ignore aura reading.

    First, I didn’t realize it was something I needed to know. My awakening happened within the Christian tradition, so the focus was very different. Being simplistic here (a dubious talent) — anything considered spiritual outside that tradition was either frowned on or ignored. There was so much else to know!

    Second, having once lived several years in a city known as a spiritual high place, and filled with literally hundreds of religions and sects — Eastern, Western, New Age, etc. — my patchy experience with people who claimed to read auras can only be described as humorous.

    “Ohhh, can’t you see that lovely violet just above his [insert special jargon here]?” Um, no, I couldn’t, and nobody could explain why it was important anyway. It was easy to write the whole idea off as useless. Anyhow, I could “see” a whole bunch of other stuff in other ways, which served me better.

    But that was then and this is now. That crazy city was boot camp, and now years later I’m in the trenches. I’m needing quite a few more skills than I was sent out here with because I have taken some grievous hits from others who knew things that I didn’t.

    Thanks for allowing me to share.

  20. 20
    Amanda says:

    Hi David,

    I read and enjoyed your article and actually it helped me to understand a little more of what I already knew, which is that the work I’m doing now is valid and the absence of blissy states just fine. I have already got further than I ever dreamed of and I’m sure there’s more to go.

    I like the idea of meditators smoothing the path. To me it’s a little like the development of computers – in the 50s it took a roomful of machines to make calculations and now we have incredible machines in our pockets which can do the undreamed of from that time’s perspective. So much less effort required, and how wonderful that is.

    I do very much like your blog name. In too deep, can’t go back now – but then again where else is there to go?



  21. 21
    Anabela says:

    Dear Brittany,

    I think Rose’s interpretation of Enlightenment IS a person reaching a greater balance in all areas of life, as well as realizing the elusive “pursuit of happiness.”

    Aura reading does have its benefits, but like any skill, it takes patient practice. Rose even mentored me on aura reading, but I haven’t used these skills very much. I simply wasn’t in the space to gain enough clarity, patience, and strength to do aura readings. And sometimes aura readings may not give you the full picture of a person; that would mean reading every single databank, hundreds of them. And I even venture to say that if you have karma to be resolved with that person, aura readings may not prevent this.

  22. 22

    ANABELA, in your wise Comment 21, so true in every particular.

    Most important, in a practical way, is that aura readings do not change a person’s karma. You change your karma, by setting in motion new karma, by using speech and action in objective reality.

    That is the more powerful approach than doing anything subjective. (Some of you Blog-Buddies will recognize this as a big part of the overall message in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

  23. 23

    Further, from what you said, ANABELA, aura reading — wonderful though it is — does not bring aura healing. STUFF removal, moving out difficult patterns at a subconscious and astral level, literal globs and blobs of psychic-level debris…

    STUFF removal is not done by aura reading, nor by a prayer, nor a wish, nor a visualization. Nor by asking yourself with your conscious mind, “Whose STUFF is this?” (Whether cutting cords of attachment or other healing skills.)

    Dedicated, effective skills of healing make the difference. Aura reading can help to inform the use of those skills, but doesn’t substitute for a dedicated skill set that effectively heals a particular form of STUFF.

  24. 24
    Anabela says:

    I would like to ask a personal question to those who are Enlightened – David, Anita, Julie, sorry if I missed anyone else who is Enlightened and has replied to this thread. How was life before the Enlightenment? Was there a lot of healing to be done prior? Rose has shared her story quite a lot on the blog over the years. I’m just curious about how others got there.

  25. 25
    David says:

    Hi Anabela
    My life changed quite distinctly with Self Realization. Even friends noticed. There was also a bunch of changes that started about 2 years prior in my outer life. Much of the old fell away. But each persons experience is different. Some have quiet inner shifts that slowly bubble to the surface. And enlightenment flowers from this over time.

    There was some healing and a culturing of gratitude prior. After, a lot of bliss.

    It’s useful to note that enlightenment is not something we do. It happens by what is often called grace. This is because it is not the person who becomes enlightened but rather Self wakes up to itself through the apparent person. And what drives that awakening originates from beyond Self or Atman.

    Grace may show up as this or that circumstance, a practice, and various things that pave the way or prepare the ground. In a sense, our whole life is a preparation. And all prior ones prepared us for this one. But this only becomes clear in retrospect.

  26. 26

    Sweet, DAVID. One practical take-away from this comment is that we don’t need to monitor our journeys as we take them.

    There is no evolutionary benefit to pausing, over and over again, to contemplate, “Everything happens for a reason. What is the reason for this?”

    Perfection of one’s life shows in retrospect. Living one’s life, un-self-consciously, hastens one’s progress toward Enlightenment.

  27. 27
    Anabela says:

    Dear David,

    Thanks for your insights! The “Self wakes up to itself through the apparent person” is something I may not completely understand. It may be too abstract and mystical for me to grasp.

    Was there a lot of suffering that you had to heal prior?

  28. 28
    Rachel says:

    “Living one’s life, un-self consciously, hastens one’s progress toward Enlightenment.”

    Wow. That is fab. I love that sentence.

    But do you really think we can change our karma? Isn’t that like the wound that never quite heals?

  29. 29
    David says:

    Hi Anabela
    When we’re ego-identified, we seek to awaken the person. This is normal. But awakening is actually letting go of the person and discovering we’re actually the Self. One way of describing this is that Self wakes up to itself, through the apparent person.

    Another paradox about this is that Self is already awake to itself. Awakening is waking up to itself through the person. In other words, it’s then awake both cosmically and locally.

    It’s not something the mind can ever grasp until it is the experience. You also want to hold concepts and expectations about it lightly. Because our ideas about it can be barriers to living it. The ego we surrender is a mind construct, a concept of self. Awakening is process of letting that go.

    What Rose calls Enlightenment is a more mature stage of this.

    And no, there was not a lot of suffering to go through. I did experience a few deep forgiveness events prior, after culturing gratitude. And I learned it was more about letting go than going through.

  30. 30
    David says:

    Hi Rachel
    If you don’t mind me jumping in, this kind of takes the next step of my closing line of the prior comment.

    Karma means action or energy but is often used in the sense of potential action. Action that has not completed or balanced yet is potential. Why didn’t it complete and resolve? Because there was some resistance. Rose calls this potential energy “Stuff”.

    What does energetic literacy include? Awareness and tools for working with your energy. When we learn to work with the energy, we can resolve potential energy (karma) energetically rather than living it out. Letting go of the resistance. Often we’ll instead resist the energy when it comes up again, thus ensuring it comes back again later. (the wheel of karma)

    In India, they describe karma as having seeds (potential) of several kinds. The 2 keys ones are the massive backlog and the sprouted seeds that are active now. When we connect with source within, we are said to “roast” the backlog or Stuff. Awakening massively accelerates this. Then we’re only left with the active seeds that are the play of our lives. If we can come to these energetically, we can resolve (heal) much more quickly and smoothly, without having to go through the dramas. Then life unfolds much more smoothly.

    So the short answer – you don’t seek to change it (add more) but rather resolve it. It very much can be healed and resolved. But some will always be at play, so having the skills to process it helps.

  31. 31
    Dave says:

    Comment 26 is such great information Rose. Very encouraging.

  32. 32
    Somebody Else says:

    Trying to more fully understand what DAVID wrote, what I’m getting is that on some level, however unconsciously, not-yet-enlightened people are holding grudges. “I can’t forgive myself for doing that ‘bad’ thing,” or, “I can’t forgive them for doing that ‘bad’ thing,” etc. Is this close?

    It makes sense, then, how through Soul Energy Awakening past-life regression sessions, and also regular sessions of Energy Spirituality, the ‘bad’ experiences are resolved, and we can let go.

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    This is fascinating to me.

  33. 33
    Rachel says:

    Hi David,

    Great answer. Thanks.

    I guess I was thinking of karma as ‘fate,’ like the Greek idea that you can’t escape your fate. I never know whether to surrender to fate or to consciously and deliberately ‘choose differently!’

    If you choose differently, doesn’t that mean you are seeking to change something… aargh…

  34. 34
    David says:

    Hi Somebody
    Grudges are one form of holding or resistance but there are other kinds, like fears and expectations. Any emotion that has a sense of inertia to it.

    Past life awareness is one way to make the resistance conscious, by putting it in the original context. But such things can be healed by completing the past or by completing the unresolved energy in the present. The energy nodes or knots of resistance are not fussy. 😉

    yes, if we’re unconscious of the energy, we experience karma as fate. The wheel of karma. But the choices of the past are the fate of the present and the choices of the present, the fate of the future. We also need to remember that we’re not in this alone. Nothing we do has a consequence only for us. It’s all intertwined. This is why they say karma is unfathomable.

    It’s both. Allowing what is unfolding to unfold, but noticing how we’re responding and choosing. Not resisting or fighting but tuning in and choosing with our attention.

    When we change how we are with the world, the world changes to match. When we align with the world, the world aligns with us. When we reach Unity or Oneness, the paradox of free will vs determinism is resolved as we are all sides of the equation; the chooser, the process of choosing, and the chosen.

  35. 35
    Kira says:

    I have been kind of nervous about saying anything until now, but I actually started reading this blog because I wanted to understand an experience I had earlier this year. David’s descriptions do seem to match what I experienced. I write–a lot–in journals, but for this, I had to write a poem. But I don’t really know how to share it here–it’s in the form of a PDF. I suspect it’s too long to come out right in a comment.

  36. 36

    KIRA, here is what I recommend for this blog.

    How long can your poem be? If you like, type it out. Then cut and paste it into a comment box.

    Optional: Also provide a one-click link to a photo that shows your face clearly, at least down through the neck.

    Then I will be able to turn this into a guest post. If you include your photo, I can comment, yes or no, about whether you are ready for the Enlightenment Life List at the time of the photo.

    Also, I can comment a bit about your poem, which has to be fascinating.

    Plus it will be available to all the Blog-Buddies to read. 🙂

  37. 37

    Blog-Buddies, I will be catching up on comments at this thread and elsewhere at the blog tomorrow and days to come.

    Sometimes other time commitments just cause me to spend less time responding to you’all than would be normal… in my ideal world where each “day” contains 72 hours.

  38. 38
    Anabela says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for explaining your experiences to me. I must keep in mind that the path to Enlightenment or Self-Realization is distinct and different for each individual.

    “When we change how we are with the world, the world changes to match. When we align with the world, the world aligns with us. When we reach Unity or Oneness, the paradox of free will vs determinism is resolved as we are all sides of the equation; the chooser, the process of choosing, and the chosen.”

    This is brilliant. Intellectually, I understand your meaning, though of course I haven’t experienced it. I would just be happy to be close to Enlightenment, although life isn’t so bad even now. 😉



  39. 39
    David says:

    Hi Anabela

    Yes, there is a common process, but it is experienced uniquely by each person. Like puberty.

    One of the ironies of awakening is that we discover who we are was already awake. It just had not yet woken in this form. So you’re more than close, however long it appears to take. 😉

    While we may conceptually have a sense of something like unity, if it’s experience is a few stages away, it’s like a teenager understanding married life. In unity, not only have you awoken but the world around you is the same awakeness too. Any sense of “other” falls away and there is a profound intimacy with the world, right in the senses too. We are that which we perceive. Also, the world is a much larger place for us (with enlightenment) and much more full of life (with what Rose calls Glorified).

  40. 40
    Anabela says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for explaining the process to me. I hope that one day I can truly understand and experience what you described.

    It is hard for me to imagine what that kind of blissful state is like.

    There was once a moment where I felt complete peace and acceptance. It was very brief, and although I had the same problems which continued to persist for many years, I got a taste of this sense of oneness. It never came back to me. Hopefully, one day it will.

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