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Learning Cord Cutting

Learning Cord Cutting

Learning Cord Cutting — Blog-Buddies, let me give you some inside information today.

Learning Cord Cutting. Yes, I can teach you skills for self-healing. Today’s consumer article can help you to progress smoothly, with real-life skills.

What, you want to learn this mega-powerful form of self-healing? You wish to learn how to cut your own cords of attachment?

“Easy. Here it is, in one simple blog post.

“Just a paragraph or two will tell you all you need to know.”

Well, would a post like that be your answer to a prayer?

Learning Cord Cutting. Gullibility Won’t Serve You.

Forgive my bluntness. But that idea of “It’s easy?”

That isn’t real skills. Offering that simplistic version of cutting cords of attachment? Ouch.

That would be the pitch of a healer who is either:

  • Inexperienced and inexpert
  • A dreamer
  • A dabbler
  • Someone who considers cord cutting a fun fad
  • Very good at some other kind of healing perhaps, but definitely ignorant about the immense healing potential of cutting cords of attachment.
  • Because you can learn to do this in a quality way, producing real results.

Learning Cord Cutting. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel.

What i you’re interested in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R)? That would be smart. For many years, now, I’ve offered the only trademarked system in the U.S.

And can teach it to you in many different ways.

Recently Blog-Buddy DAVE noted that he has cut 20 cords of attachment for self-healing. Another Blog-Buddy, GRACE, keeps a journal, logging the fine points. I believe she has cut close to 200.

You can definitely learn the skill set, start with your minor cords of attachment and then “Move up to the majors.”

Learning Cord Cutting. You Might Wish to Book a Session

Let me help you in a session. Maybe I’ll help you by cutting a cord of attachment. Perhaps, though, something else will be a bigger priority.

Either way, the purpose is to help you move forward. Taking a giant step.

As the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I could raise my rates. But I keep them affordable. It’s powerful. Having a session with someone who has developed the many skills. So many different skills now available in this form of energy spirituality.

Here’s a link to a blog post about booking a session with me.

Learning Cord Cutting to Succeed? Here’s How

Resource #1. Get Energetic Literacy First. So Worthwhile!

Added in 2017: Please do yourself a favor. Learn good aura reading skills. Because this will make all the difference for the quality of skill. Bringing much greater results when you cut cords of attachment.

Eventually I’ll create online courses about cutting cords of attachment. But I started with aura reading skills. So essential for the best results for self-healing. Fascinating, too! Here’s a link to the Free Intro — five cool lessons, offered to you with no obligation.

Overview of my other Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) online workshops? Easy-peasy.

Resource #2. My Best Book on How to Cut Cords of Attachment

If you like learning with self-study, I’ve published a simple how-to book. For now available only in eBook format from Kindle and  Nook, “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”

Resource #3. More Advanced Book on How to Cut Cords of Attachment

A more advanced, comprehensive book on cord cutting can prepare you to cut cords of attachment for yourself and, even, family members and friends. That is “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality,” available as a paperback only at this time.

Resource #4. Personal Mentoring.

Do as much as you wish. Start with one Day of Mentoring. One-on-one. By phone or Skype or in-person. Details here.

Learning Cord Cutting. In Conclusion

Every cord of attachment that you cut with skill, it works every time.

Results move you further along your path of personal development.

Whether your goal is “Less suffering every day” or Enlightenment, go for it!

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  1. 1
    Dave says:

    I think I’m at least over 40 now.

    Such a useful skill.

    I actually cut two cords of attachment for a good friend today.

    I think he will be feeling some major shifts in the next few days.

    I could already feel a big difference in his energy after the session which was confirmed by the size of his chakra databanks in the after picture.

    Cord Cutting can change the world!

  2. 2

    DAVE, I agree. What a great slogan. 🙂

    Being technical here for a moment, it is, actually, better to have a week between cutting one cord of attachment and facilitating a second healing. Helps people even more.

    Yes, you noticed immediate results in your After Picture, just a small sample of what is to come with more long-term benefits.

    Proud of you.

  3. 3
    Grace says:

    Thanks for the mention, Rose.

    I am up to 229 now, counting away in the geekish journal I created to track them.

    Was recently amazed by the power of this skill, again. I cut cords to a few students and noted a complete shift in the ways they responded to me within days of the cords being cut. Felt as if that remaining spiritual tie was loud and clear and that all the other muck was literally gone. It had never been awful between us, but there had been friction and certain expectations of me (these students are from Saudi Arabia, so there are some major cultural differences!)

    One guy shifted completely and was gushing about how much I’d helped him. What fascinated me was that with the cord cut, he seemed much better able to actually accept my help and use his self-authority, which I’d been insisting he do.

    As with pretty much every cord, I felt immediate results myself from cutting these cords. Never ceases to amaze me how this works.

  4. 4

    Wow, GRACE, up to 229 Energy Spirituality healings you have given yourself by now. Well done!

    Just to clarify for Blog-Buddies, because I know you are aware of this but the language used above doesn’t make a certain distinction for folks who do not know yet…

    Your cord of attachment and spiritual tie to JOE, your student (or other cordees) is your business only.

    We do not share cords of attachment; there is not just one between two people.

    Just as you became interested in JOE at a particular time, and then your spiritual tie and cord of attachment began; so, too, JOE may well have been interested in you. In which case, he began having a cord of attachment and spiritual tie to you. That is none of your business or mine.

    So… improvements you have noticed in your relationships with people, after cutting a cord of attachment, have been indirect results of your cord cutting.

    Nothing, ever, changes for a cordee because you cut a cord of attachment to that person. You can learn more about this by checking out “Divine Homeostasis” in the index to “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality.”

    Or search for that term in the ebook “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing: Cord-Cutting Made Simple and Effective

  5. 5
    Dave says:

    It is quite amazing how you suddenly have much more ease in dealing with someone after you’ve cut that cord to them. Not that it ever changes their behavior necessarily but frees you up to act in new, more productive ways.

    Rose, I thought in your 12 Steps to Cutting Cords of Attachment you mention somewhere that one can cut up to 3 cords in a particular session, but you don’t recommend more than that. I’ve done quite a few sessions where I’ve cut three cords at a time, mainly in the sake of efficiency.

    I haven’t had any negative experiences yet.

  6. 6

    DAVE, you are absolutely correct that this was mentioned in previous editions of “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality.”

    I have evolved in my practice and understanding since then.

    Actually, I have been revising that book a great deal. Later this year, I will make the ebook edition live and still later will publish a revised edition.

    There would not be negative effects of cutting more than one cord of attachment in one session, but I have learned (having done many thousands of sessions since publishing the book you have now) that results are much, much better if you facilitate cutting no more than ONE cord of attachment, even a minor one. Then wait a while.

    I’d recommend now three days for a realllllllly minor cord of attachment and one week for a major cord of attachment.

  7. 7

    Incidentally, DAVE and other Blog-Buddies, you can be very pleased with yourselves for staying current as I continue to develop this knowledge. Work with clients all over the world. Train talented apprentices in the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

    When I research “cut cords” — depending on the specific research done at Google or elsewhere — often a higher search engine rating goes to three different former students of mine, rather than me. Each of these healers skimmed the surface about the art of cutting cords of attachment and has not been involved in my Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

    These are talented ladies, and of course they have every right to do what they like and promote their work as they like.

    Although I’m not pleased when folks lift sections of my copyrighted books or course notes and post this online (without attribution) on their own websites. Sigh…

    Anyway, one way you can tell that a practitioner hasn’t studied with me in depth is when you find advertising that two or three cords will be cut in a session.

    Another tip-off is that the practitioner will advertise/promise “A cord-cutting session.”

    Bottom line? You, DAVE, and many other Blog-Buddies, could be way more expert at Energy Spirituality techniques than some alleged experts….

  8. 8
    Dave says:


    I wonder if you could briefly describe why you’ve come to the conclusion that cutting one cord and then waiting 3 days to a week is a better methodology? I’m quite curious. It was my thinking that getting more cords done per session was preferable. “Bigger is always better, right?” as they say in Texas. I’m being facetious but to me it seems logical that if you can get more gunk cleared out then more benefits can flow. But your findings contradict this, correct?


  9. 9

    Great question, DAVE.

    With all respect to the great state of Texas, bigger is NOT always better. More attempts at healing do not necessarily yield better outcomes for healing.

    Cutting a cord of attachment (at least with the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R)) brings about a quality healing that gives a client the equivalent of major surgery, moving forward emotionally and spiritually. There are many components to improving the impact of cord cutting that have developed over many thousands of sessions of Energy Spirituality.

    This is why there is a Cut Cords of Attachment Level 2 Workshop.

    Beyond this, there is the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

    With the refinements, Divine downloads, and discoveries that have come up over the years, I can assure you that there is more to cutting a cord of attachment than I could cram into a paperback or ebook for the general public.

    So take it, based on my experience, it is preferable to cut no more than one cord of attachment and then have time for the integration of the PUT IN part of the healing.

  10. 10
    Dave says:

    Thanks for the reply!

  11. 11
    Jordan says:

    I once had two minor cords cut in one session and I felt like Dorothy in the middle of the tornado. I was fine but I never did it again, and never will.

  12. 12
    Amy says:

    I can’t wait for the new editions to come out! 🙂

  13. 13
    Anabela says:

    I am so inspired by Dave, Grace, and Jordan. I think it takes great courage to cut your own cords. At the moment, I will ask Rose to cut the most intense ones. Hopefully, I’ll venture to cut minor ones myself at some point. Seeing Grace’s huge count makes me less intimidated, as I was just overwhelmed about how many cords (over 100) I wanted to cut.

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