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Spiritual Awakening. Guest Post


Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening. Not Enlightenment, but a milestone on the way.

Spiritual Awakening. Not Enlightenment, but a milestone on the way. This guest post comes from KIRA. Exploring how spiritual awakening has changed her life.

Blog-Buddy KIRA wrote a poem about her awakening of consciousness. After she referred to it at Comment 35 in a thread about Enlightenment, Interested in Enlightenment? How aura reading can help. guess what? I invited her to share the poem and to also send us a photograph.

I offered to do a yes-or-no reading about whether or not I would put her on my Enlightenment Life List, using the criteria explained in the main article there.

You can see KIRA’s adorable picture here.

Awakening is not Enlightenment

Enlightenment coaching for our blog community continues courtesy of Energy Literacy. When you are offered a beautiful, heartfelt poem about awakening, how are you to tell if the poet is Enlightened or has simply had an important experience on her personal path to Enlightenment?

Use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research a photo of the poet.

  • The good news? KIRA has awakened a lot of consciousness. This poem is a meaningful part of her sacred journety to Enlightenment.
  • The bad news? KIRA isn’t ready for the Enlightenment Life List at the time of this photo.
  • Important news? KIRA has been evolving. Every step of awakening on a path to Enlightenment is precious.

Aura reading really helps a person to discern the difference between words that are meaningful and whether a person has gained the standing in consciousness to be considered spiritually Enlightened. As we have already begun to discuss at this blog, there is a world of difference between an experience of spiritual awakening and crossing the threshhold into Enlightenment.

No poem, however lovely, provides proof of Enlightenment. For that, I recommend using Energy Literacy to research one chakra databank at a time and find out what goes on at the subconscious level.

What would I recommend for anyone seeking Enlightenment, if awakening experiences have excited you but not fulfilled that desire for a permanent shift across the consciousness threshhold into that higher state of consciousness? I’ll save my answer until after the poem, KIRA’s guest post.

Enjoy this poem from KIRA, who has had significant spiritual awakening. Her words may inspire you.

Spiritual Awakening Poem

I should probably mention that the first 3 lines refer to an earlier poem I wrote when I was 25 (I’m 44 now). The earlier one was about how much I wanted to die and the wings were a metaphor for feeling like somehow everyone expected greatness from me when I was growing up.


I was wrong.
Wings can be grafted on.
I am living proof.

Not just anyone can do it, though;
Only someone Divine.
And only someone you love.

Because having wings makes you
Her equal
In many ways.

Despite this attempt,
I don’t have words for this,
This “highest bliss” that is the opposite
Of death.
This is Life,
Or perhaps
Always touched by the Divine,
My Goddess,
My friend.
The words are here, but
They can’t capture the fullness,
The everythingness.
I’m so much bigger
On the inside,
No longer an ugly duckling,
But a swan.
Like her.

I always had an inkling
She was there,
Waiting in the wings
For her cue
And watching over me.
I knew my life was charmed
Despite my often overwhelming wish
To leave it,
To fall instead of fly,
And I hated myself for wanting
To throw away
Something so valuable.

I heard her whisper
“Pay attention”
The day I met my anam cara
Rushing down the hallway,
But with time enough
To smile at me,
A complete stranger.
That same smile,
A few years later,
Became my touchstone
When she gave it with her whole heart
Even after seeing the demons
I was fighting.
I could not refuse to love
Someone my anam cara cared
So much about.
Even at my lowest point,
When every fiber of my being hurt
And I wanted to plead for release,
I could not ask her
Despite my careful plan.
You know the outcome;
I’m still here
To write this.

And my Goddess was still waiting
In the wings, knowing
That the script
And my love
Required me not merely to survive
But to thrive.

“Pay attention” to that woman
Talking to herself about D&D;
You’ll find friends.

“Pay attention” to this script
Your friend just handed you;
You’ll find more friends
And your way back to the stage,
And an organization to give you purpose.

“Pay attention” to this man in the group;
He will remind you
How to be yourself
And introduce you to a world
You would not otherwise know.

“Pay attention” to this friend
Who wants you to join the group
She meditates with;
You’ll find your way back
To Me.

Subtle whispers,
Barely heard,
But I did respond;
And when I learned how to journey
In the shamanic Lower World,
I met Swan.
She told me she was helping me
Reach my potential.
I thought she meant my music,
And in fairness, she did—
But it wasn’t all she meant.
She eventually revealed herself
As Brigid.
A Goddess.
I’d been working for several years
With a Goddess!
I felt, in the words of my anam cara,
“Undeserving, but oh so blessed!”
But she would have no groveling;
She asked me to keep calling her
The guide I trusted
And who was my friend.
And I complied;
I mean, hello–Goddess!
What else would I do?
And I went back
To working with her
As a friend,

Until the night
She was part of our group meditation
In honor of Imbolc,
Her sacred day,
That also happened to be
My first meditation after hearing
Of my anam cara’s great loss.
I could feel her grief
And my own powerlessness to help.
Our meditation involved
Working with one aspect
Of my multi-talented goddess.
I found the Poet.
She reminded me
That my words flow
From my soul.
I sang songs at karaoke
And gathered energy,
Then went home and wrote
The most beautiful thing ever
To come from my pen.
No, not beautiful–
Beyond the bounds
Of rationality.
As only my anam cara could inspire me.
Nearly thirty years of love
Finally revealed
In so many words.
Keeping that from her
Had apparently been the last block
In the wall I’d built
So many years ago,
The wall that kept my unruly feelings
Hidden from ridicule,
The wall I hurled myself against
Every time I tried to tell her
Back then
Of my love.

The wall is gone.
I’m free to love fully.
It was a week
Before the significance hit–
Not hit, but clicked.
My life suddenly made sense
In one white-hot moment.
All of my life.
I didn’t know it,
I felt it.
Everything happened for a reason,
And I didn’t need to know
Each reason–
Only to trust
That there was one.

It took a fortnight
For me to come down enough
To journey with my guides,
To see what they had to say.
They said nothing;
They gathered around
And Swan sliced open my back,
And each guide
Blessed my naked spine.
Swan attached wings
And sealed me up.
As I hugged her, I realized
That it’s okay
To be friends with a goddess;
No one should have to grovel.
We’re all worthy;
Our job is to discover that,
To believe it.
To believe in our own divinity.
To believe in love.
Love is what powers wings.
Love is what makes me friends
With a goddess.
Love is what makes me
A goddess.

Spiritual Awakening. Perspective from Rose

What would I recommend for anyone seeking Enlightenment, if awakening experiences have excited you but not fulfilled that desire for a permanent shift across the consciousness threshhold into that higher state of consciousness?

More good news: You’re aiming for Householder Enlightenment, right? So your personal path to Enlightenment shows up in terms of your human life. How you seek to grow emotionally and spiritually, like “More self-confidence” and “Better love love.”

More bad news: Theories about personal development will not remove STUFF that is holding you back humanly, no more than theories about Enlightenment really move a person into a permanent higher state of consciousness.

Encouraging news: Find a healer with skills for permanently removing STUFF. Do one personal session for Aura Healing at a time.

STUFF gone, natural and spontaneous balance in life, a joyful connection to the Divine that won’t quit? That isn’t some mere theory. That can be your experience.

And if you’re a poet like KIRA, definitely document your sacred journey all the way!

Thanks so much, KIRA, for your generous sharing here today.

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  1. 1
  2. 2
    Kira says:

    Thank you, ROSE, for posting this and for answering my question. It’s good to know, one way or the other, where I stand. This whole thing really caught me by surprise when it happened.

  3. 3

    KIRA, it is wonderful that you put yourself out there.

    Thanks for not just getting mad at me and doing the equivalent of spitting at me electronically. 😉

    You know, Energy Literacy skills ARE useful for knowing where you stand.

    I have had conversations with people who are Enlightened and didn’t know for sure, and requested confirmation.

    Then come the many, many today who are settling for something lovely on the way to Enlightenment. Some call it “Awakening” and some call it “Enlightenment.”

    Beautiful though it is, the misnaming about “Enlightenment” only adds to the huge confusion.

    One of the great things to come from your Guest Post, IMHO, is the sharing of this dialogue and your graciousness about it.

    And another is that you did get to share your poem. 🙂

  4. 4
    Bridget says:

    Beautiful! Thank you, Kira!

  5. 5
    Kira says:

    Glad you like it, Bridget. 🙂

    I had to come up with a name for this in my journals; without knowing what it was, I settled on Me-Day. The two biggest themes were that I’m in love with the universe and that I’m the most “me” I’ve ever been.

  6. 6
    Kira says:

    ROSE, why would I be mad? You took the time to check for me instead of just telling me to read the book and learn to figure it out myself (which I’m actually planning to do anyway). 🙂

    I guess putting myself out there was once something I would have found impossible to do, but now? Not so much. And besides, what’s the worst that could have happened? Finding out I’m not Enlightened? That doesn’t change how wonderful everything is right now. That just means things can get better (as you pointed out to me in email)! 😀

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