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Face Reading Frances Gerety

Face reading advertising superstar Frances Garety

Face Reading Frances Gerety, Advertising Superstar

Face Reading Frances Gerety. Learn about the most influential woman you’ve never met. Responsible for all those diamond engagement rings you see in American women.

So many engagement rings! So many diamonds! WHY?

Because of “Diamonds are forever.” And who started that meme? Frances Gerety!

Success stories can sound dramatic — long after the fact. Frances Gerety’s triumph of a lifetime was, really, a very human story.

Curious, though? How  did Frances Gerety develop the #1 advertising slogan of all time?

Frances Gerety worked as an advertising copywriter for N.W. Ayer & Son in Philadelphia. According to her recent obituary in the New York Times:

[She] had just finished a series of ads and was headed to bed when she realized that she had forgotten to create a signature line. Exhausted, she said “Dear God, send me a line,” and scribbled something on a slip of paper. When she woke up and saw what she had written, she thought it was just O.K. A few hours later, she presented her idea at a meeting. According to her, “Nobody jumped.”

Well, this face reader practicaly jumped off her chair… when read the obit, then saw a so-telling item of face data on the photograph of Frances Gerety. Face readers, do you see it?

Something so perfect for the woman who wrote “A diamonds is forever.”

Advertising that changed values, priorities

Before we get to that face reading, let’s take a moment to note how values in the United States have changed, courtesy of Madison Avenue’s Mad Men and Mad Women. Long before the days of Bridezilla, how popular were diamonds for engagement rings?

Think about it with common sense. Investing a huge amount of money for one, and only one, particular gemstone? Competing with every other sparkler on a married woman’s hand? Agonizing over the setting that would make your ring look “special”?

After Gerety’s ads had run for three years, 80% of American women wore diamond engagement rings. Ms. Gerety never wore one, herself, as she never married. But like all successful advertising copywriters, Frances Gerety educated consumers about what to desire: Color, clarity, and cutting. (Not just carats.)

Before then? (Again, quoting the splendid article from the New York Times):

Women wanted their men to spend money on “a washing machine, or a new car, anything but an engagement ring,” Ms. Gerety said in 1988. “It was considered just absolutely money down the drain.”

Augmenting the slogan’s power, Frances Gerety used product placement. Perhaps she invented it.

Face Reading Frances Gerety

For face reading along with this physiognomist, use one of these photos:

Our photo for Frances Gerety isn’t ideal at all, but at least we have it. I couldn’t locate any other photograph of this pioneering woman in advertising.

Face Reading Data: VERY Large Nose Tip

  • Category for this Face Reading Data

Nose Tip Size

  • How to See It

Focus just on the nose tip, no other part of the nose. Compare the relative size with proportions of the person’s eyes, ears, and lips.

  • Corresponding Talent

Valuing financial security!

And, of course, Frances Gerety has this face data as a VERY. It is the single most extreme item of face data on her entire face. Hello!

  • Potential Challenge

Worrying about not having enough money?

Face Reading Frances Gerety #1. Extreme Philtrum Definition

  • Category for this Face Reading Data

Philtrum definition

  • How to See It

The philtrum is the sculped ridges between nose and mouth. In the system of Face Reading Secrets, I use a scale from 1-10 for assessing Philtrum Definition.

Frances Gerety tops out with a 10. Even with a somewhat fuzzy photograph, taken from an odd and unflattering angle, those twin peaks nearly pop off the page like bread coming out of a toaster.

  • Corresponding Talent

Strong sex appeal.

Advertising often benefits from having products seem sexy.  Certainly that is what Frances Gerety did. Back in the day, there had not been scandals associated with “blood diamonds.”

Her slogan, and subsequent advertising campaigns, aimed to make diamonds desireable. With her exceptional sex appeal, Gerety could have made porcupine quills or elephant poop seem sexy.

  • Potential Challenge

Handling all that sexual attention.

Face Reading Frances Gerety #2. Raised Overlip

  • Category for this Face Reading Data

Special Overlip Characteristics

  • How to See It

Notice the Overlip area between nose and mouth. One great thing about the photo for Frances Gerety? Her face is in repose, so this part of her face isn’t distorted as it would be by a smile.

This way you can see how the entire Overlip area is raised up, protruding.

  • Corresponding Talent

Highly sexed, at least with her inherent characteristics, as shown in the physical face.

Overlip Height is a Soul Signature Trait, part of the 10% of face data that doesn’t change, usually, during a person’s lifetime. (And in contrast to the 90% of a person’s face reading data that can change, depending on the use of free will over time.)

Frances Gerety would tend to get a dirty joke, notice the sexual subtext to an interaction.

In Conclusion

Face Reading Frances Gerety

Personal style is not lifestyle, of course. The face reading told you about the former. Only!

However, this proclivity also helped the advertising copywriter, She took advantage of a way-important fact of life: Sex sells.

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  1. 1
    Jill Erin says:

    Thank you, Rose, for another fascinating face reading. That overlip is an interesting bit of information that I haven’t seen before, or don’t remember. Interesting that with all that sexiness she never married. But, she obviously channeled all that sexiness into her work very effectively.

    That is quite a “dimple?” in her chin.

  2. 2
    Tehya says:

    Very interesting read, thanks Rose. I hadn’t heard about the overlip before either.

  3. 3
    Beth says:

    Would love to read your perspective and insights of a reading of Darren Criss, if that could be considered…

  4. 4

    BETH, it is about time we had another contest here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    This is where you would nominate someone. Look for a new contest soon.

  5. 5

    TEHYA, it’s true that I do recommend “Read People Deeper” as a first book to learn my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

    Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” will teach you a lot, but it is more conceptual and works better as a second book for more advanced applications of aura reading.

    DAVID is right, with his Comment 13 in response to your question here about where to start learning Stage Three Energetic Literacy:

    Read People Deeper” is a more recent how-to book. In addition to skills for aura reading, it also contains insights from face reading and body language.

    You can skip them, of course, and just use “Read People Deeper” for aura reading how-to’s.

    But… oboy, will you find plenty of cool face reading information about overlips and philtrums in “Read People Deeper.”

    Go wild, Dear Heart!

  6. 6
    Zelda says:

    I meant to chime in when this reading first appeared that I got a kick out of this “sister” in chunky nose tip and extreme philtrum. I share these face reading features with her. It was interesting to see how they played out for her.

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