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Collective Consciousness, What's That?

collective consciousness

Collective consciousness, where each of us counts as a piece of an evolving puzzle.

Collective consciousness — do you know what that means? Since it impacts your life every single day, learning about collective consciousness can help you with personal growth.

Collective consciousness has been mentioned often at this blog. Never before have I dedicated a blog post to defining it. Nor to exploring why collective consciousness is such an important part of my mission, here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” … and with my healing work in general.

Hmm, collective consciousness is such an important theme, I feel like rolling up my sleeves when getting to work. Except it’s the last day in June, a gorgeous day here in Sterling, Virginia. My shirt has short sleeves, actually.

However, I am choosing to write this blog post rather than putter around in my garden on this gorgeous summer day. So collective consciousness must be important to me. If I succeed at today’s post, collective consciusness will remain — or become — really important to you, too.

Nelson Mandela Face Reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his face reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his face reading

Nelson Mandela Face Reading. Let’s honor this great man with a face reading, celebrating one of my heroes. Maybe one of yours, too.

Let’s honor this beautiful being from our Enlightenment Life List. Let’s honor him while he still is alive.

You may know that this world historical figure has a distinguished history with helping to end apartheid, that he served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and that he now is gravely ill. Born July 18, 1918, he is nearly 94.

Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win


“Everyone is an empath.” Recently that idea was raised at this blog. I strongly disagree. But don’t just take my word for it. Enter this latest contest.

Who is an empath?

In the system of Empath Empowerment(R), what does it mean to be an empath?

An empath has at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Hardwired into a person (or not), aura reading research can reveal if somebody is an empath even while that somebody is in the womb.

Citizenship Day, a Skilled Empath Merge

Citizenship Day

Citizenship Day — EVGENIA celebrates.

Any big shift in legal status ripples an impact throughout your aura. Every chakra databank can be affected.

As a skilled empath, or an aura reader, you can research life passages in the most tender and meaningful ways.

Recently I had an exciting opportunity to do a new kind of research on evolving chakra databanks. Because Blog-Buddy EVGENIA became a U.S. Citizen.

Empath Controversy

Empath Controversy. Allowed here by Rose Rosetree.

Empath Controversy. Sometimes I do allow pretty disrespectful comments here at my personal blog. Depends on whether I see potential for a teachable moment.

All empaths are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). Although not all HSPs are empaths.

So we are definitely sensitive, we empaths. Which makes many of us very conflict-averse. Nonetheless, we have been having a bit of controversy here at the empath portion of “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Integrity Shows


Integrity shows. When you’re human, it shows in your aura.

Integrity stands out, when you’re developing Energetic Literacy. Why would integrity matter so much?

No virtue matters more for success in life.

No quality is easier to improve.

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian for Sex Appeal

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian. Whether you’re a fan or not, come join our exploration.

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian. Our emphasis this time will be on sex appeal. Might you be curious? Of course sex appeal shows in auras, in detail!

Lately we have been exploring auric modeling as a way more than skin-deep way to appreciate sex appeal. AMANDA nominated Khloe Kardashian after being proclaimed at our post, Winners announced, Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal.

Mentoring Empaths

Mentoring Empaths

Mentoring Empaths. Read all about it from America’s most experienced Empath Coach

Mentoring Empaths. How to seek support if you’ve just learned you’re an empath. Should you seek somebody local? Somebody with a big FB group? What?

VICKY just sent in a sweetly worded, heartfelt question about what to do when you have learned you are an empath:

“I’m new to being an Empath, in terminology at least, and would love to be Happier and de-clutter. I was wondering if there was anyone you could suggest in London who works on a mentoring approach in such areas? Many thanks!”

Creativity. It's Sacred.


Creativity. What does that have to do with personal growth? Or with Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)?

Creativity can improve your mood. Help you have more fun. More important, though, using creativity daily improves your aura and helps spiritual awakening.

On this fine day, do you feel free? Self-actualizing? On track for personal growth and spiritual awakening?

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips.

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips.

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips. Aiming to help you during a time of NASA surveillance.

Protecting Yourself. Today’s article comes in response to recent news reports of upgraded NASA surveillance. 10 Tips await you!

Blog-Buddy JORDAN’s request moved me. When she wrote:

“I’d like to cast my vote for a little help sifting through reality related to this recent NSA news….

:I know I’m not the only one who thinks this is extremely important.”