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Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Aura Reading Judi Bowker join our exploration of sex appeal.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker, we’re going to research the aspect of sex appeal. Learn about parts of an aura (not anatomical parts) that reveal sexiness.

Blog-Buddy DAVID nominated Judi Bowker after he won First Prize in our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal. He wrote, “Judi is gorgeous. I remember her from her role in ‘Brother Son, Sister Moon.’ About St. Francis and his first nun.”

Aura Reading Judi Bowker. An Actress, Not a Nun

Golly, I remember that movie, too. I saw it, loved it, during my “Wanting to be a nun phase, lasting with strongest intensely for about seven years. Seeing that movie about St. Francis and Saint Clare, coinciding with this phase? Huge impact!

Brother Sun, Sister Moon” was directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Both the main stars had stunning physical attributes that, alone, could make them seem gorgeous and sexy. But did I notice? Hardly. As I remember things, I mostly admired their robes.

“Yes, if I lusted after anything about any actor in that movie, I wanted the robes. Those fine renunciate robes. LOL.”

Incidentally, this YouTube clip shows one of the gentle songs from the film, still as moving to me now as it was long ago. But differently, since now I listen as a householder.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker for Sex Appeal

As DAVID rightly noted, Judi Bowker is still gorgeous today. Just in a 50-something way.

So I will make this a comparison aura reading, choosing a smaller number of chakra databanks so that I can compare how the actress has evolved over time.

What’s the fun of sexiness if it doesn’t evolve over time?

Although life is hard on actors, and never more so than for the women, all sex-related chakra databanks can really get messed up. What will we find?

Who knows? At least the techniques are predictable, dependable, with the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). With Stage One Energetic Literacy, we might get a general sense from this more current photo of Judi that all is well, even great.

Yet she is an actress! All may not be well or great, apart from permanent gifts of the soul, which always are delectable (and are always available for researching, when you’ve got those aura reading skills).

Complicating this particular research, Judi Bowker was playing a role when she first attracted DAVID’s notice. As many of you long-term Blog-Buddies know, the finest actors are able to inhabit a role so deeply, they temporarily alter how chakra databanks display — not changing permanent, Divine-level gifts of the soul but shifting the astral-level components of an chakra databank’s size and quality.

So, what kind of celibate role did Judi play in that famous movie? Was she a mixture of sexy and chaste? In our annual aura readings of Academy Award nominees, we have often encountered actresses who blasted their strongest sex appeal, regardless of the rest of the shifts made while acting in a movie role.

In “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” was Judi’s sex appeal deliciously not St. Clare-like? We’ll find out when we plunge all the way into Stage Three Energetic Literacy, brimming with juicy details.

Skip all the way to the first chakra databank explored, to quickly get to that juicy part. Otherwise I want to share some technical details of interest to you readers who are more advanced at Energetic Literacy.

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On to the technical aspects of today’s aura reading

For Judi Bowker, playing St. Clare, use this aura photo of Judi Bowker.

Regarding the British actress more recently, you have already seen a head shot for contrasting with one at the top of today’s post. A somewhat less current, but still mature, photograph is the one I will use for today’s aura reading for sex appeal.

When creating this blog post I used a more contemporary aura reading photo of Judi Bowker showing a more mature sexiness. However, this has been removed from the original link, as I check back in 2015. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a replacement.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Root Chakra Databank for: Making Contact with Physical Reality

Judi Bowker’s aura while playing the celibate St. Clare

28 feet. Sensuous and playful by nature, what shows most strongly at the time of this movie still? (Okay, I don’t know for sure this is captured directly from the movie, but I suspect that’s what this is, rather than a separately done publicity shot, just because of what I’m about to share with you.)

A very serious young actress, Judi is working very hard technically. She’s methodical and rigorous, with her intellect leading the rest of her human focus at this moment.

So intense is her concentration that about 80% of sensual reality as been tuned out, all the better for her doing the difficult job of acting, doing it properly.

Judi Bowker’s aura with a more mature sexiness

40 feet. Tough, very feminine. Interestingly, by this time in her career, the actress is personally very invested in her sex appeal.

In her relationship to physical reality, Ms. Bowker shows consequences of her heroically hard work as an actress. Like many an experienced, hardworking actor, her everyday objective reality has become a bit fractured — in that every gesture and facial expression has been minutely analyzed.

It is almost a reflex for Judi, by now, to wear a certain deportment chosen by herself to suit the occasion.

Spontaneous living in the body, interacting in the world? That’s kind of innocence is something for us non-professional actors to enjoy.

So the role and identity that Judi Bowker has constructed for herself — by now — emphasizes a proud kind of femininity and sexiness.

As a healer in Energy Spirituality, I can’t help but notice that a great deal of this woman’s STUFF has involved rejection; interpreting this, and other problems in life, as if the cause were her not being considered beautiful and feminine and desireable enough. Oh, Judi Bowker, I hope you know that STUFF can always, always, always be healed….

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Judi Bowker’s aura while playing the celibate St. Clare

Obviously this particular chakra databank is the one most strongly correlated with pure, animal, human, sex appeal.

However, the topic of sex appeal has way more to it.

Blog-Buddies, I’m going to write a post on this theme, the whats and whys. How about this? I’ll aim to sandwich this “Aura Reading Perspective on Sex Appeal” post between today’s aura reading and the Second Prize Aura Reading for Sexiness. Okay, back to Judi Bowker’s Aura Reading for Sex Appeal.

 6 inches. Sex is personal for the young actress.

Flaunting her sexuality is not comfortable for young Judi Bowker. This helps her in the role as the young nun.

What does Judi draw upon, or emphasize, with this portrayal? In many ways, she is a shy person. Acting the role of St. Clare, Judi uses that shyness, as if converting it into chastity.

Interesting artistic choice! Having read auras of many renunciates (and even more people caught in the lifestyle of partly householder, partly renunciate) what have I noticed? There are so many variations on how anyone relates to sex, including what is broadcast as sex appeal.

The simple shyness portrayed here has a maidently, retro-Victorian, quality. Never before have I found it in a person’s aura related to sex appeal.

It’s an artistic choice which could be effective subconsciously for moviegoers, especially since it is so unusual for a beautiful young actress to not broadcast a strong sex appeal.

As an actor, Judi has found her way by drawing upon something true within herself to approximate a lack of interest in sex. Makes me all the more curious about what we’ll find in the contrasting aura reading that follows.

Judi Bowker’s aura with a more mature sexiness

80 feet. Ms. Bowker can purposely project her sex appeal, as she is doing for this publicity photo. Yet doing so remains an effort.

Although she has developed loads of skill as an actress, compared to the earlier photo, it still isn’t comfortable to her projecting anything.

Instead it is work. A work she has made herself good at through will, plus not giving up plus a ferociously determined persistence.

As for the particular quality of sex appeal, Judi values sex by this time in her life. She wishes to broadcast a strong sex appeal. Sexually, she is experienced. Also she’s a survivor.

Experiences of heartbreak and rough treatment have impacted her sexual self-esteem so deeply that the “Sexiness as work” shows even in this chakra databank, not just the “Sexual Self-Esteem” Chakra Databank.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Belly Chakra Databank for Energetic Connection in a Love Relationship

Judi Bowker’s aura while playing the celibate St. Clare

1/8 inch. Shut down.

Judi is a very private person. Being an actress hasn’t  changed that for her yet. (Maybe it never will. Keep reading this article, Blog-Buddies. We can explore this together. 🙂 )

In this moment, she is terrified of connecting with her co-star. Actually, I’m not so sure that her co-start is heterosexual. Just thinking back to the YouTube I watched earlier this morning, in the link provided, watching him romp through the field…. Possible gaydar alert.

Note: I don’t use aura reading research to identify sexual orientation, as this is so complex. Here I’m only referring to human street smarts — body language-type gaydar.

Certainly, Judi Bowker has zero sexual chemistry with her co-star. And even some repugnance.

Experiencing this chakra databank about Energetic Connection in a Love Relationship, seems to me that Bowker just buries this sexual repugnance, denies her personal shut-down about this man’s energies in general, and briskly gets on with her job.

You know, the job of acting in a movie where she is supposed to be a nun.

Judi Bowker’s aura with a more mature sexiness

4 inches. By now, Judi is a complex woman who has thought deeply about her life experiences so far, her personal emotional history. She also thinks about life a lot while living it, analyzing as she goes.

This dynamic is part of the self-contained way of being a celebrity that shows in this chakra databank.

Intimacy is tricky for her by now. I might call this “A price she has paid for walking the very public path of a successful actress.”

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving

Judi Bowker’s aura while playing the celibate St. Clare

Ever notice? For some, sex appeal requires a certain balance of emotional giving and emotional receiving. Depending on what you, personally, need at any given time, another person’s balance of give-and-take could be a real deal breaker… or an enticement.

Think, for instance, of all those women who need to date a “Bad boy.” No giving, just taking. And only that combo will do.

Perhaps more about this in the next post on sex appeal. Meanwhile, back at saintly Clare…

7 inches.  At  the time of this photo, the young actress’s emotions are mostly frozen. Ouchers, she is so self-conscious! Feeling so vulnerable in front of that camera!
Seems to me, the overwhelm is nearly serious enough to make her want to throw up.

In addition, her intellect is working so hard to do the technical things about acting.

How much scope is left for emotional giving? Not much. Especially since, IMHO, she really doesn’t like her co-star very much. Not enjoying him emotionally, as a person, any more than sexually.

Evidently she doesn’t like acting with this particular man very much. If I were going to language the strongest component in this chakra databank at the time of this photo, it would go like this:

“Help me out, Joe. It is so difficult to do this sort-of love scene with you. Oh, you’re no help whatsoever. You’re impossible, you sad and annoying man.”

LOL. Not quite what I noticed while watching the movie scene with lovely St. Clare and equally saintly Francis of Assisi. But it’s called “Show” business, my friends.

Judi Bowker’s aura with a more mature sexiness

9 inches. A certain pride and feeling of specialness have been a reward for her as an actress. Fame, success, public praise — all sound great in theory. However, they can isolate a person emotionally.

If I used psychic reading techniques to access auras, or I had researched Judi Bowker’s life, I might be able to tell you specifics about choices she has made in relationships related to the impact of fame.

Using techniques of Energetic Literacy to read Judi’s aura, I can just research her at the time of the photo. Reporting back, the simple way of describing what I find is to say that she now finds it hard to give emotionally, even though she would like to.

Relating to people emotionally, the first thing for her to sort out is how that other individual stands on the ladder of fame. This impacts how much she gives, how wary she needs to be about having the other person use her, intentionally or not, as a “Fame object.”

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving

Judi Bowker’s aura while playing the celibate St. Clare

2 inches. Ms. Bowker really doesn’t receive much in the way of goodness, saintliness, or inspiration from her co-star.

At the time of this photo, she recoils emotionally.

What does Judi Bowker receive mostly in this moment, while her co-star is physically touching her? Physical repulsion.

Her biggest acting job in this moment is not to show this reaction but to remain placid, sweet, and happy.

Does her chakra databank show qualities like placid, sweet, or happy? No. More like “Waiting to exhale.” Nonetheless, even such an attempt counts as a moderately effective workaround, since her repulsion hardly shows as much as it otherwise would.

Now, DAVID, the one who was crushing on her, the one who nominated Judi Bowker for this Aura Reading for Sex Appeal. Hope you aren’t offended. After all, she would surely have had a very different reaction to YOU. 😉

Judi Bowker with a more mature sexiness

90 miles. Receiving praise and admiration have become extremely important to this famous actress.

Just from our aura reading so far, we can tell that she has worked exceptionally hard and sacrificed much in exchange for her position. How many beautiful young actresses survive in her competitive industry, while she has kept working all these years?

It’s a big-deal success. Just read the four comments from fans at this website where I found Judi Bowker’s relatively current headshot.

She’s a householder, no founder of the Poor Clares. Of course she has been exposed for years to adulation related to her beauty.

Apparently this sort of adoration has become way important to her. Not that this chakra databank suggests a sleazy dependence upon praise from fans.

Nothing of the sort. But she does live for the praise, which engages her interest more than anything else I have read in her aura thus far.

Emotional Receiving at the Heart Chakra is not only a huge chakra databank for Ms. Bowker but vigorously engaged.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

I throw in this chakra databank as possible consolation to DAVID. 😉

But also because the showing at this chakra databank can be a strong component of sex appeal for someone who is spiritually oriented. And DAVID isn’t the only member of our online community who skews towards the spiritual.

Besides, I’m wondering if Judi Bowker is powerful enough as an actress to convey something powerful in the Nun Department in her earlier role.

Judi Bowker’s aura while playing the celibate St. Clare

Out to the moon. Yes! Hooray!

In her role as the saintly young nun, Judi Bowker has a huge connection toward the Divine.

Very important for that role! No doubt part of that erstwhile crushing of yours, DAVID.

As a consciousness nerd, I will point out that the quality of connection here is more astral than Divine. It’s as though Judi Bowker has taken belief in fairies and angels, amplified it, and concentrated really hard on staying in that kind of purity.

Not precisely Divine, but nonetheless sweet!

Judi Bowker’s aura with a more mature sexiness

2 inches. Connection to the Divine? Dry as stale toast.

So much has happened to disillusion Judi Bowker.

Yet, consider, Blog-Buddies. The Divine power of love doesn’t have to involve religion or any other official connection to a form of God. For this actress, at the time of this photo, Divine kindness comes to her through those fans.

Personally, I consider that emotionally received adoration of fans to be an actor’s heaven on earth, a specialized version of God’s infinitely expressing love here on earth. Householder or renunciate, actor or not, each of us can participate in that flow of love, each of us finding our own way.

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  1. 1
    Primmie says:

    What a wonderful reading Rose. Thank you David for nominating Judy.

    I have seen her in many productions as she and her husband have a company that perform regularly in London. I very much admire her acting. I find her quite mesmeric on stage. She is tiny and beautiful and everything you write about her sexual presence resonates with me Rose. I would hazard a guess that she is sexually anorectic and that that has been no bad thing for her acting. Perhaps what hurts in life becomes precious on the stage. She really is very talented.

  2. 2

    Thanks, PRIMMIE.

    How wonderful to have seen her on stage. Have any of you other Blog-Buddies been in a theater (or, I guess, theatre) with Judi Bowker?

    As for your idea that what hurts in life becomes precious on the stage… I think that depends a lot. This particular actor (As we say in America. It the U.K. do you only use the term “Actress”?) has had tremendous tenacity as an acting professional. Showed in reading her at both times in her life, you know?

    That’s what makes a difference, I think. Like the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” It only makes perfect if the person practicing is doing a good job at it.

  3. 3

    So glad you enjoyed this, DAVID. Fascinating extra observations.

    Wonderful Donovan!

  4. 4
    David says:

    Thanks, Rose. This was quite a fascinating read. And no, no offense. Attraction can be for a number of reasons and I think you hit the nail on the head.

    I recall seeing the film again much later and noting the 2 don’t really connect in the film, she always looking a little surprised at him. Much of what you comment on makes sense, but yes more subtle and unconscious than the acting.

    And yes, that’s a still from the film, a brief moment when he touches her unexpectedly (in the story). She sees him in a field but he only vaguely responds and she begins to leave.

    I’ll note though a huge difference between the 2 mature photos you displayed. She looks kind of “haunted” in the lower one you read. She looks healthier in the first, but yeah, the spiritual connection is not deep.

    Thanks for clarifying that point – even big isn’t necessarily deep.

    On sexual self-esteem, she is probably best known for the fantasy flick Clash of the Titans. In that, she had a nude scene where the camera circles her as she rises from a royal bath. Challenging for someone shy. Although I’ll note many performers are shy. Johnny Cash was painfully so. (I used to work in film & TV)

    At the time Zeffirelli was doing some stage works on film, casting much younger unknowns in the lead roles than was traditional. His prior Romeo and Juliet was groundbreaking that way.

    I looked up Graham Faulkner, who played Francis, and he did only small parts for a bit after that, then left acting for banking. (laughs)

    And of course we have to mention Donovan in the music of the film. The spiritual troubadour.

    Thanks for another fascinating glimpse at these skills. Many chuckles at old memories.

  5. 5

    Oh, that link. This is the song I spent quite a while seeking on YouTube, but I didn’t know it was called “Little Church.”

    Some of it stayed with me, though I saw the movie just once.

    A waterfall of tears flowed hearing this, partly how beautiful it was but also because, to me then, that part of the movie promised a dream.

  6. 6

    What happens in that part of the film, Blog-Buddies? The renunciates (St. Francis and St. Clare) are teaching regular people how to “Take your time, go slowly” and “Do few things but do them well.”

    It seems that a person can live as a renunicate in the world.

    Everyone in that segment “Gets it.” They are glowing up like Christmas trees.

    More to say on this after I do my next session…

    Meanwhile, if you have a moment, use that link :

    And grab some inspiration, if you do

    But also think about that scene from the perspective of Householder Enlightenment.

    Back in an hour or so.

  7. 7
    David says:

    It was quite powerful. That song was a climax to a growing musical cycle. Here’s an earlier clip where the song is cycling in the background while the church is rebuilt.

  8. 8

    Okay, back and commenting about

    DAVID, I don’t agree with you that doing a few things and doing them well really works for a householder.

    Consider me, someone who doesn’t just do spiritual work but, in householder terms, runs a small business.

    Sure, I have found a niche and I specialize. Developed expertise? Check. Expertise in Energy Spirituality, Energetic Literacy, and training Empaths — all parts of one rather specialized puzzle.

    Doing what, 60 ?, hours a week to maintain that business.

    Only that much because I am so disciplined about “Simplifying.” For instance, I neglect the technical publications, mostly piling up unread in my office.

    For me these are from IBPA, a fabulous association for independent book publishers, and NGH, the world’s most prestigious group of professional hypnotists. Last year I was cleaning up the mostly unread publications, started tossing one out and — with the pages literally en route to the trash can — found an NGH article I had submitted and forgotten about, an article that was published. This year, I was interviewed for the book publisher’s magazine and informed that my segment would appear soon. Well, that issue is lying on the “Read, Eventually” pile somewhere now; haven’t found time yet to read even that.

    No use of a mobile phone, unless taken with me for emergencies while driving. Can count the number of calls I have made in my life so far while driving: 5.

    Texting? Not yet. Nor have I played “Angry Birds.” No fooling around with so many appealing technolgies or social networks because, really, doing that when?

    Shunting aside the perpetual ongoing project of editing books and converting them into e-editions? Let’s call that my spare-time hobby.

    Blog-Buddies, laugh, if you would, at my latest installment of “Do few things” plight today. My beloved tech wizard, GLADYS, informed me that “Cut Cords of Attachment” would be her last project for me, or anyone, converting a Word file into a decent mobi file for Kindle.

    Why? HER new bread-and-butter householder job has turned into 60 hours a week, plus many volunteer events that require her participation.

    Take your time? Go slowly? Really? Laugh out loud and silently giggle some more.

  9. 9

    In no way are GLADYS and I atypical for American householders these days.

    Do few things?

    Not a day goes by without my having interactions with my closest peeps. Or getting exercise. And most days I find time for the garden, too.

    Yes. Those are a few things. LOL.

    How many of you Blog-Buddies, wherever you live, would really feel content to go slowly, to do just a few things.

    And gack! Not even to multi-task in the process? 😉

    Hey, this is householder life today. Living at a time we don’t sit in a little stone church, singing along with a pair of strategically placed geese. (Or whatever the birds in that movie scene from “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” are supposed to be. Swan actors in the role of geese, perhaps?)

    Householder life isn’t simple.

    I love it, actually. Even though that movie reminded me of lifetimes when my lifestyle did provide that kind of simplicity, which mostly I loved, back in the days.

    This lifetime? It is a privilege and a delight for me, being a householder.

  10. 10

    Seems to me, DAVID, a very important illusion to recognize.

    Many religious and spiritual paths promise that one can extend renunciate values to householder life.

    It is a false offer, muddleheaded and confused and unrealistic… at best. Cult promoting, even cruel, at worst.

    Because that simple, idealistic, squeaky clean life has just one lifestyle: Renunciate.

    Householder life IS complicated.

    While life in the middle, sounding so sweet, brings the bitterness of disappointment, ineptitude, financial struggle and — most commonly — spiritual addiction undiagnosed in plain sight. All too often, this holy mess is, inaccurately, called “Householder life.”

  11. 11

    Seeing that video clip a second time, I teared up yet again. How I loved the emerging glow on everyone’s face.

    It’s worth watching the YouTube just to see the tears welling up in beautiful young Judi Bowker’s love-filled eyes.

    Don’t we all, deep down, desire to be back in heaven? We long for simplicity. For a one clear path, like Yellow Main Street in Oz.

    Yet householder life is, by definition, complicated.

    How I would love to see the movie glorifying Householder Enlightenment.

    As more of us acknowledge paths that lead there…

    As we bring human faces to that kind of Divine expression, Enlightened Householders…

    As popular culture acknowledges the sequential and quirky unfoldings where Enlightenment emphasizes human more than Silence…

    Then humanity will accept new ideals and consciously understand that Householder Enlightenment is different from any renunciate path. We will compose those songs about Householder Enlightenment, sing them, make those movies.

    I believe this as passionately as ever I have believed in anything. Householder Enlightenment is coming to humanity, to millions of us.

    It is opening soon at a theater near you. A theater called “Your consciousness.”

    And some day, films about brave explorers of Householder Enlightment may also be shown at a movie theater. Bring hankies.

  12. 12
    David says:

    I was just reminded – there is a scene where he sends one of his monks off to become a householder too.

    And yes, this film was very much about a renunciate. But doing a few things and doing them well is often advice for a householder too. ie: find your market, specialize, and develop expertise. Take your time, maybe less so. (laughs)

    Donovan’s There is an Ocean is one of my favs of his. I first heard it live.

    A technique of renunciation, perhaps, but is stepping out of the world for a break not also suitable for a householder? 😉

  13. 13
    David says:

    Well – it’s certainly an interesting explore for me and places some of my life in a different context. These days, my life is simpler – my kids are grown and on their own, I work at home, etc. But yes, its nothing like a renunciates life. I shared a room on a retreat a couple of weeks ago with a monk, visiting from the Valley of Saints in India. The contrast was pretty clear. (laughs)

    As a guy, I do multitasking more poorly. I tend to move through things more sequentially. But yeah, not so few things. Or I’d be reading your books faster. 😉

    Have been watching a BBC series on the history of India. Some fascinating insights, like the origins of the Indus valley culture and Sanskrit. But told from a heavy western bias. Like that, renunciation is deeply entwined in most spiritual teachings and paths.

    In a way, attempting to separate the 2 is a bit of a folly – where does one end and another begin? Surrender is an inherent part of any path, for example. But yes, the context of that is very different; monk or married.

    And heck – idealistic is one of my gifts. 😉
    But so are things suited only to the householder. It will be a good day when this understanding widely infiltrates spiritual life and unmuddies the way. It will help wash away some of the Buddhist and neo-advaitist derivatives too.

    Thanks for your continued insight. Amusing a discussion on sexy evolves into this.

  14. 14
    David says:

    Funny – I was thinking about movie examples and its so embedded. Star Wars rotates around a relationship and the kids that result, for example, but its a forbidden relationship as the Jedi are supposed to be…monks.

    Seems to be an appealing choice to the I’ll Do It My Way culture, as you mention, Rose, because it has the idealistic simplicity to it. But since when is a monks path easy? The movie certainly illustrated that.

  15. 15
    David says:

    Further reflection – look at the superhero examples. Superman, Spiderman, Batman – all had interested women but their “work” largely prevents a householder relationship.

    Oh – one example comes to mind. The Incredibles. (laughs) I can think of a couple of other householder animated ones. But…

  16. 16
    Amanda says:

    This has reminded me of Jack Kornfield, who is clear that sorting out normal human life is also part of the path.

    His book, A Path With Heart, has very much affected my view of householder vs renunciate. He warns that one can reach advanced states of consciousness but it can be used as a way to avoid the human issues, and getting back in there is also important.

    So everything in life becomes important.

    The beautiful spiritual idea of love – well it’s a long way from the human reality of love, where lots of people could make you happy as potential partners, where relationship mistakes are OK, where things get messy, where forgiveness, practicality and understanding are really important.

    From that human perspective spiritual love is actually rather dangerous. At least, it is for me, as an ex believer. 🙂

    Hence perhaps the various scandals in these wonderfully idealistic communities.


  17. 17
    David says:

    Hi Amanda
    Yes, so true. It is not only about discovering the universal but bringing it back into the world. And the second requires we deal with our “stuff”. In this context, thats not just the astral debris, but some deeper crud and crusts, old mental habits, and so forth. The past has a lot of momentum.

    Its this second stuff, also known as residual karma, that brings the scandals to so many spiritual communities and teachers.

    While spirit brings an inner perfection, and we experience ourselves as that, it’s folly to consider ourselves perfect as humans or almost any teacher either.

    But equally, it is our humanness that allows us to connect, that brings the heart into expression. 😉

  18. 18
    Primmie says:

    Rose I didn’t mean to suggest that Judi isn’t a technically proficient actor, I think she’s honed her craft incredibly well. I was thinking more about how actors are sometimes fearless about using whatever gifts or insecurities they have at their disposal. My husband trained as an actor and I’ve seen him use things about his body and personality on stage that he has really struggled with in real life.

    I find it quite a remarkable process. It’s like alchemy. All the anxieties and hangups an actor might feel in real life become tools to be used and explored in the theatre. I really love watching actors who do that, one of the reasons I really enjoy your Oscar profiles so much.

  19. 19
    Simplified says:

    “There is such a beauty in simplicity,”

    “Simplicity greatly frees us up to become a part of the moment. It frees us up to be much more present for what truly matters to us.”

    “Within the freedom of simplicity, we can connect much more easily to Source. Our time is our own. We are removed from that busy and hectic world. In simplicity, we are able to see things we never had the time to notice before. Our lives move at a much slower pace. We can be present for others. We can be present for ourselves.”

    “The child-like joy of our original and innocent inner child can re-emerge. And there are so many worlds within worlds that were unnoticed when we were in our busy, adult, and very serious lives.”

  20. 20
    Amanda says:

    Hello David,

    I like the idea of ‘residual karma’ – it’s a far less emotional term than I would have come up with!

    I’m perennially fascinated with how these issues come up and are experienced directly in the body, how crud or a mental wall directly manifests as tension and numbness.

    The more I explore, the more I realise this is simply a human process that all of us are engaged in all the time.

    The creation of scandal becomes rather telling in that context – perhaps one of the hardest things in life is to allow ourselves and others to learn lessons gently, without blame or shame or self-righteousness. Dealing skilfully with our lessons.

    (I originally typed that as self-tighteousness, which also seemed appropriate)



  21. 21
    David says:

    You’re welcome. And thanks for sharing that. I’m 8 time zones west, so have only seen her in film. And that was work from years ago.

    You’re right. It strikes me how much courage that also takes, to be that open and present in front of an audience. Reminds me of a satsang I was at once with Gangaji. She spoke of a willingness to be seen. It’s part of that process of bringing spirit out into the world, of embodying what is within. The Householder, living it in the world.

    An actor’s willingness to do this on a large scale would be profoundly evolutionary.

    I was also reminded of this today. I saw a great choral production. The woman beside me’s daughter was in the choir and did a solo. She had been in a bad accident that included major facial trauma and was still in the middle of reconstructive surgery. While it wasn’t overtly obvious, there she was doing a solo in front of hundreds of people while still adapting to changes to her “instrument”. Real courage and a real willingness to be seen.

  22. 22
    Jean says:

    Hello All – great thread here.

    Much appreciation to Rose, Primmie, Amanda, and David.

    I am moved to quote Amanda below.

    “I’m perennially fascinated with how these issues come up and are experienced directly in the body, how crud or a mental wall directly manifests as tension and numbness.

    The more I explore, the more I realise this is simply a human process that all of us are engaged in all the time.”

    Helpful words for me – as I move towards living more comfortably
    as the householder human I choose to be – in the here and now.

    On to Davids comment #23 – responding to Primmies comment #20…

    The courage it takes to be open and present in front of an audience.

    The willingness to be seen as part of a process of bringing spirit out into the world.

    Of embodying what is within as The Householder living in the world.

    These words have significant resonance for me as I have recently taken up a increased schedule of musical performance….. even though I am a bit of a newbie ( in this life 🙂 to the type of musical performance I am currently undertaking.

    Musical performance aside – just going out there and being me – allowing myself to be seen as a householder living in the world….great simple concept to take with me as I move about doin’ my integrity-based thing in objective reality.

  23. 23
    Tehya says:

    So intriguing to read this even without being familiar with the actress.

    Being a very-beginner aura reader, it blows my mind how much detail you can read in each databank, Rose. I assume this just comes with time and practice.

  24. 24

    TEHYA, how lovely to hear from you at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    Of course, you will read loads of detail as well with aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge. It’s a matter of becoming comfortable with the Energetic Literacy skills, using a favorite technique or two until it becomes really comfortable.

  25. 25

    DAVID, there is indeed so much opportunity for evolution.

    I would suggest that, even though the technique you just mentioned has worked great for you and, evidently, HALE DWOSKIN as well, personally I recommend something different.

    Many techniques that aim for Enlightenment involve monitoring oneself for problems like blame and judgment during everyday life, then doing something as a workaround. Or aiming for inspiration, angelic guidance, Divine miracles, meaningful synchronicities, etc., to counter the “negative” experience.

    By contrast, Energy Spirituality offers a different deal. Preventatively there are techniques to permanently move out STUFF. Then PUT IN what resonates for the person.

    This is not done on a daily basis as part of life. There is no monitoring of life. No observing “How I am doing?” or vigilance about correcting emotions.

    Rather, there is a healing session as a client. Or there is self-healing done with a skill set of Energy Spirituality.

    Either way, the healing time is done; STUFF removal is successful; that short period of healing is complete. Then a person lives normally.

    Living without self-observing or incessant self-correction — so muchy easer. Besides, this integrates the energy healing, actually.

    So that is a summary of Energy Spirituality and how it addresses STUFF.

  26. 26

    One more distinction I would make here, bringing the perspective of Energy Spirituality — not, of course, claiming this is the only valid method of personal growth or spiritual evolution. Still, it is the area where I do specialize…

    Related to your idea-packed Comment 27, DAVID, what do I mean by “STUFF”? The overall definition is simple: Stored emotional and spiritual blockage at the astral level, a level that corresponds to the subconscious mind.

    One kind of STUFF is frozen blocks from other lifetimes, yes, that could be considered “Residual karma.”

    But there are many other kinds of STUFF.

    Frozen blocks from this lifetime come from overwhelming experiences.

    Other STUFF cycles through us in the form of cords of attachment.

    Yet other types of STUFF include psychic coercion, stuck spirits, outdated facade bodies, and more. (These you can read about and learn skill sets for healing in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection“)

  27. 27

    Energy Spirituality includes many skill sets for permanently removing STUFF and also doing PUT IN with what serves your soul at the current level of spiritual evolution.

    Of course, Energetic Literacy methods are used in conjunction with Energy Spirituality techniques of energy healing.

    Thus this blog (and my work) offer a combination of discernment plus using simple skills appropriate for different types of STUFF. Call me a “Consciousness nerd” if you must, DAVID, but this informs the idea I raised in the last comment.

    I do not know of any technique of massaging or correcting the self, especially in the midst of daily activity, to be as effective for STUFF removal as dedicated techniques, specific to the type of STUFF causing problems, when those techniques are appropriately applied.

  28. 28

    And I appreciate your gracious response, DAVID. You clearly get the spirit with which my words here were intended. 🙂

  29. 29
    David says:

    Hi Amanda
    😉 Keep in mind that “residual karma”, what Rose calls Stuff, and emotional resistance are more or less the same thing. Just different subjective ways of experiencing it. Karma means action = energy.

    What’s unexpected is that once the personal stuff is cleared, the process doesn’t stop. Partly due to the “sprouted seeds” or karma already underway, the momentum of the past keeps our life flowing. That’s another reason someone enlightened continues to live an apparently normal life. (although some find their life changes a lot)

    Another part of it though is what’s known as the cosmic body. We recognize ourselves not as an individual but as cosmic being. In Christian terms, the Christ. Usually, first as cosmic Self or spirit, but by somewhere in Unity, as cosmic even on the level of the body. And that “shared” body also has “stuff” but on a much deeper level.

    But this isn’t a bad thing. Without something to be done, we would cease to be. We become as if a cosmic agent of creation.

    Yes – loosing the blame and judgement without loosing discrimination is another part of it. When we do notice blame arise, it’s a good sign to look on where that’s arising from, what in us is separating ourselves and making wrong. Becoming conscious is the first step in letting go of it, resolving that energetic block.

    The most recent interview on Batgap is with Hale Dwoskin of Sedona Method. He spoke of some of this also.

  30. 30
    David says:

    Hi Jean
    Yes, these have been big lessons for me of late. The way this fish adapted to having profound experiences in a non-accepting world was as if to live 2 lives. An inner life shared with only a few. An an outer life, largely divorced from that. That also meant not developing some skills that arose in relation to others, although that was partly informed from imbalanced energetic literacy – getting knowledge, for example, but not knowing how to ground or turn off the yuck.

    Recent years, part of the process has been bringing those 2 aspects of life together. Slowly opening up about what this life actually is and finding a willingness to be seen. That process is over-writing the former “outer”, in some ways mirroring the awakening process.

    In some ways, this was a good process. It’s given time for the inner stuff to mature before I came out half-baked. But it’s been intriguing how many examples keep showing up in my life now, steering the boat of attention, as it where, to follow this route.

    It is the hero’s journey from ancient stories. Or as Sera Beak recently framed it for young women, “A Heretic’s Love Story”. On Amazon: “Sera Beak offers a provocative and intimate view of what it means to get up close and personal with the divine in modern times.” A willingness to be seen, but not so much energetic literacy. 😉

  31. 31
    David says:

    Hi Rose
    Ah, thanks. I was not meaning to recommend Sedona Method. Only that he spoke to the subjects in the interview. I’ve not used it myself but friends have recommended it.

    What I described about noticing when resistance arises is something I noticed in myself. It became part of my process for a time, of letting go of what came up to be seen.

    But I didn’t use an inquiry or monitoring or mindfulness process per se. I would agree that can be tiresome and distracting from just living life. It was only if some resistance became conscious, i gave it some attention to release it rather than resisting it or feeding as I once may have. That had the effect of clearing it permanently, if the release was deep enough. I’ve not formalized that process in any way.

    I’m glad to hear your process is deeper and more effective. It’s wonderful to see this arising as it is so much needed. All that baggage people carry only because they know of no other way to be.

    I’ve enjoyed hearing how others have come to similar processes. But I agree – some paths and techniques are more effective than others. It rather depends on what level they work at. A contrasting technique, for example, would be talk therapy. While that may have some use in sharing what has been bottled up, it also has the tendency to make the persons dramas more real and solid and thus harder to let go of.

    Love your clarity and focus.

  32. 32
    David says:

    Hi Rose
    (laughs) Thanks. If you’re a “consciousness nerd”, I must be a total geek.

    Yes, I understand what you mean by “Stuff”. And I agree there are a number of layers to our energy and what we carry in it. I can see and feel it aspects of it. (hence my yuck response) “stuff” is probably the wrong word for the cosmic body as it’s not energetic in the old sense of it. Only that it’s experienced in somewhat the same way. Of course, our relationship with it has changed considerably from the days when it overshadowed our peace and happiness.

    But yeah, this space cowboy can ride off on tangents that may need to be brought back to centre in this context. 😉

    Thanks for your patience.

  33. 33

    Incidentally, Mr. “Ride-em Akasha! Cowboy,” (and others) last night I left off one important type of STUFF when typing in Comment 30.

    That would be the STUFF unskilled empaths take on constantly.

    * STUFF arising from unintentional, unconscious, unskilled empath merge.

    * The kind of STUFF that stops getting into a person’s aura by becoming a skilled empath.

    Without developing skill as an empath, what’s a person to do? Methods and books galore will sympathize with you as a “poor, troubled, doomed” empath. (The gist, not the exact words.)

    Methods galore will advise an empath to constantly self-monitor, then ask “Whose STUFF is this?” etc. Then, supposedly, fix up the mess.

    But… Self-monitoring from the waking state doesn’t work terribly well. So much work to bring such puny results, and with so much confusion possible as a side effect!

    By contrast, a dedicated set of techniques to help empaths effectively, like Empath Empowerment(R), requires making some effortless shifts of consciousness that become a habit.

  34. 34

    I believe really strongly that paths to Enlightenment, or simply paths of personal development, benefit from clarity about which type of STUFF is being addressed.

    It’s also helpful when a method or technique is specifically, lock-and-key, fitted to the type of STUFF that one aims to heal.

    Similarly, medicine doesn’t just say, “Let’s fix all illness.” Homeopathic medicine and allopathic medicine alike have developed names — diagnoses for particular problems. Then what follows are specific cures or remedies.

    To me, monitoring daily life for negative emotions, like blame, is not terribly far from “Illness makes me feel bad. When I notice that, I will use the one remedy for all illness.”

  35. 35
    Jean says:

    Thank you David for your thoughtful, eloquent and helpful response in comment #29.

    Yes – slowly opening up to what this life is about – finding a willingness to be seen…while integrating the various aspects of ones life in a fashion that keeps the ‘boat of attention’ on course, as it were.

    And Rose – thanks for helping to keep focus on the use of specific techniques to heal ‘stuff’ – then on with human life.

    I am moved to quote below from comment #28

    “Either way, the healing time is done; STUFF removal is successful; that short period of healing is complete. Then a person lives normally.

    “Living without self-observing or incessant self-correction — so muchy easer. Besides, this integrates the energy healing, actually.”

  36. 36
    David says:

    re: comment #35
    Right, Rose. That’s the yuck part I’ve mentioned. Picking up on people but picking up their stuff in the process. Unskilled indeed.

    “Self-monitoring from the waking state doesn’t work terribly well.”
    Also an excellent observation. Some spiritual communities these days are full of such advice. And the US govt is now funding large research projects into such techniques, like mindfulness.

  37. 37
    David says:

    re: comment #36

    I’ve found the allow and resolve process very effective and I notice it’s showing up in many places now. Today I saw it as a guest post on a juice fasting blog on overcoming emotional eating.

    But you’re so right, Rose. If we can use a more specific method, it can be so much more effective. Really good point and one not commonly said.

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