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Aura Reading for Guidance on Sex Appeal


Sure, let’s start a blog conversation with an aura reading perspective on sex appeal. For starters…

Defining sex appeal

Not easy, finding a full definition. See if this works for you Blog-Buddies:

Sex appeal brings forth a certain kind of attraction, one that seeks intimate expression.

However, sex appeal between people can simply involve turning the energy up for an interaction, so that when you are with Joe or Gladys, life glows brighter, sweat feels sweatier.

Sex appeal or not, we’re still human.  Everything cannot seem brighter. So what dims with sex appeal? What do we notice less?

We become less aware of what Blog-Buddy AMANDA delicately referred to as “Crud” in today’s Comment 22 at Aura Reading for Sex Appeal, Starring Judi Bowker. Ah, such enchantment! Such relief!

Sex appeal impresses us for a number of reasons, including strong reproductive urges during those fertility years.

But the biggest energy secret about sex appeal could be this…

Psssst, sex appeal is about energy

Being human, we’re impacted by numerous types of energy:

  1. Earth energy, including enjoyment of human physical attributes.
  2. Astral energy, including spiritual addiction exalting the importance of angels and guides, even The Romance of the Astral.
  3. Energy about spiritual presence, celebrating the great I AM, no further work to be done before you can enjoy That.
  4. Energy of spiritual evolution, emphasizing an awakening into ever more awareness of the spiritual
  5. Emotional energy, love it or hate it
  6. Survival energy, including energy of self-protection, reacting against fears, emphasis on protecting yourself, even spiritual shutdown. (One useful term for STUFF related to survival energy is “Grey slime,” which you can read more about at this blog by typing “Grey slime” into the SEARCH box.)
  7. Sexual energy belongs on the list, of course. Including the term for noticing sexual energy, “Sex appeal.”

Among all these energies, which is most universally acknowledged among humans? Surely that’s #7. Sexual energy, a.k.a. “Sex appeal.”

With the huge mislabeling that goes on at Earth School, however, which type of energy is most often confused for one of the others?

That’s a tougher question to answer. However, I think the most universal answer is, again, #7. Sexual energy.

“Sex appeal,” often, is confused for any of the other forms of energy.

Example: Energy Mislabeling at the Anti-Abortion Rally

For example, one of my hobbies as an aura reader is to check out newspaper photos when there is a “Religious” rally against abortion or gay rights. These are such deeply personal issues, and each possible opinion has its beauty. However, I put “Religious” in irony-tinged quotes because it does strike me as ironic when Christians hold what is, in effect, a hate rally, then dress it up as something Jesus would have endorsed. (In my readings of the New Testament, I haven’t found a whole lot of hate speech from Jesus.)

Anyway, The Washington Post will show an appealing photo of Evangelicals gathered in prayer. Invariably the photographer’s camera angle will emphasize the most photogenic woman available in the crowd, with eyes shut and a devout expression. The following photo was the first I could find with a quick Google search.

Auric modeling during the protest prayer

Not meaning to criticize the woman with the fur hood, photographed above, here is a quick overview of some significant components of her auric modeling, corresponding to the subconscious level:

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

9 inches. Security-related connection to God as a bedrock solid way to protect life from changing or deviating from the normal.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Drive

Out to the moon. Rife with pain. Beautifully evident for this woman is huge healing around life traumas related to sex. Forgiveness work shows only up to a point: This chakra databank, like so many others of hers, is loaded with STUFF connected with sex.

At the time of this photo, most noteworthy in this chakra databank is a screaming rage about “The injustice of what happens to women in the world,” combined with very complicated and vehement beliefs. Seems to this aura reader, the woman here uses her belief system passionately as a workaround for handling the ongoing inner upset.

Life on earth, so confusing

Let’s be clear that I am trying to sort out the energetic reality of this woman’s Who-You-Be. Not criticizing her path or her faith or her political views.

She is a beautiful being, with glorious gifts of her soul, a track record for courage, and currently a bunch of mess in her chakra databanks.

Back at sorting out sexual energy in general

Label-wise, the photo I just researched briefly has a context — a Anti-Woman’s-Right-to-Choose Rally (What, that’s not what the rally was officially called?)

Every surface-level-of-reality situation gives a context for the human level of conscious mind and intention. The woman is supposed to be praying. In theory, she is supposed to be having an experience of connection to the Divine. Ta da, may alert!

Human context means just that, human context. In human situations, a person’s astral and divine energies, including prayer (or sex appeal), are so easily mislabeled.

How to sort out the truth about the energies that drive us in all our humanity? It takes aura reading, down to the level of chakra databanks, to clarify what is really going on.

Any photo is an aura photo, once you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy. So I just used that energetic literacy in a practical way, investigating that woman’s auric modeling, using a technique from Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). (“Plug-In with a Photo” from Read People Deeper — that’s the particular technique just used here.)

  • In such cases, I love researching chakra databanks like Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source. Almost always, during a prayer demonstration aimed to tell other people how to live, that particular chakra databank is in extreme shutdown.
  • Other chakra databanks are usually way more active, suggesting a stronger (and different) subconscious motivation for the “Feeling” portrayed in the photo. Sometimes an energetic subroutine or two reveals what subconsciously animates the devoutly well meaning political activist.
  • Often the energetic subroutine hooks into emotional energy, like the Heart Chakra Databank for Handling Anger. Because many activists in Right to Life rallies are motivated strongly by rage, sense of righteousness, etc. Understandably, that intense emotion is consciously labeled as “I feel strong religious emotion.” Or, like a license plate I saw around here (living as I do in the Bible Belt): “God told me abortion is wrong.”

Alternatively the energetic subroutine of an activist Right to Lifer often triggers sexual energy, like the Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Drive.

Some sad mess or other is going on in the protester’s sexual energy. STUFF hasn’t yet been released, though of course it could be. The person of faith understandably labels that intense sexual charge in a positive way, such as”I’m really feeling God’s spirit now.”

Gotta love Earth School, right? It’s so tricky.

More common energy mislabeling, even more confusing than the weird things one finds when reading auras related to “Right to Life” demonstrations? Tremendous energy confusion occurs around apparent sex appeal.

For that, you could blame…

How the Law of Attraction involves sex appeal

So much about sex appeal depends on the Law of Attraction.

By which I do not mean “Actions to Be Taken and Possessions to Be Exchanged Are By-products of Your Focus on Joy.”

I mean the real Law of Attraction, which simply means that all the energies and patterns in your aura attract similar life experiences.

  • If your Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal shows joy, freedom, uninhibited gusto for life, and confidence? Enjoy a great love life, plus many other advantages as other people are drawn to your sex appeal.
  • If your Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal shows a mess? STUFF can always, always, always, always be healed. Until then, however, Law of Attraction means that you will attract people who like that particular kind of mess, such as requiring excessive relationship complications and analysis to be considered “Sexy,” associating hurt feelings to “Being loved,” etc.
  • If your Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal shows a glorious gift of your soul — you’re human. Of course you have a gorgeous gift of your soul for sex appeal! The trick is to move out any significant STUFF that blocks expression of this gift. Then find PUT IN that resonates with your current level of spiritual evolution. Awesome, then, the goodies that you can attract!

For sex appeal, as so much else in life, Law of Attraction depends upon your auric modeling.

Auric modeling

Auric modeling means that, subconsciously, everyone reads everyone else’s aura. If you are in the room with JOE, or talk with him on the phone, your subconscious mind will store an energetic hologram of his aura, including every one of his chakra databanks.

Whenever you are present with someone else, in energetic real time, you store an energetic hologram of each person, a fresh energetic hologram stored every second. That goes into your memory.

Meanwhile, at the time of the encounter together, you are subconsciously reading JOE’s aura, while he is reading yours. The grand energetic fashion show, auric modeling.

Like it or not, your auric modeling reveals:

  • Every one of your hundreds of chakra databanks.
  • The size and quality of each chakra databank — all of it shows — subconsciously.
  • Under-functioning, over-functioning, any energetic subroutines.
  • If you’re in the presence of someone with a high level of consciousness, even Enlightenment, that creates darshan. (For recent discussion of darshan here at the blog, check out Comments 1172 and 1203 at the Enlightenment Life List. That includes the perceptive Comment 1206 today from DAVID.)

What about hiding, disguising, lying with your auric modeling?

World-class actors can do it. Sometimes. Type in “Academy Award” in our SEARCH box and you will find many aura readings and Skilled Empath Merge articles, exploring when an actor manages to change auric modeling.

Even for acting’s greats, doesn’t happen too often.

How to get great sex appeal

Run, screaming, to the nearest plastic surgeon. Get every surgery available that correlates with the trendiest social stereotypes for “Sexy.”

Wait, that isn’t about real sex appeal. That is about earth energy. Earth standards. Earth stereotypes.

Ever hear this kind of logic?

Darling, if you want to be sexy, really sexy, of course the plastic surgery will make all the difference. Everyone knows, how you look is what people notice. When they approve of what they see in you, that will give you self-confidence. Then the self-confidence will make you even sexier. You can’t lose.

At a certain level of life, this circular logic makes sense. That level of life is called “Shallow perception.”

How else to get great sex appeal?

Improve your auric modeling. Healing sessions of Energy Spirituality could help. Choose whatever effectively moves out emotional and spiritual STUFF from your aura and subconscious mind.

Be sure the healing technique that helps you also includes plenty of PUT IN that resonates with your soul.

  • Affirmations won’t change your auric modeling.
  • Nor will a dream board.
  • Positive thinking is lovely, especially if not done in a way that equals “Lying to yourself.”

One thing that you can do, right on the surface of life, to supplement depth healing? Don’t lie to yourself about what appeals to you.

If you are willing to be honest, in regular human ways, that can help solve loads of problems and confusions. Aura reading, with Energetic Literacy, can provide guidance in the form of insight. But you can also gain insight by noticing what happens in life, hiding in plain sight, though often confused with socially sanctioned labels like “Sexy.”

One example follows.

Don’t let the magical word “Sexy” keep you from noticing more about your relationships

GLADYS was tremendously attracted to JOE, right from the first time she saw him.

“Sex appeal” pulled her in.

JOE’s auric modeling did include a very good match for GLADYS with the Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal.

But the really stunning match for GLADYS involved earth energy, not sexual energy.

GLADYS was recovering from an addiction to marijuana, including the spiritual addiction that often is part of the pattern.

JOE wasn’t in spiritual addiction, and he didn’t smoke weed. He was in spiritual shutdown. At this time in his evolution, JOE cared a great deal about survival. He was very down to earth.

Sexual intimacy with JOE helped GLADYS to move awareness into the physical plane. He helped her “Live more in her body.” He helped her to pay more attention to physical, earth, reality.

GLADYS called that “Being in love makes everything come alive.”

Not too shabby. Only GLADYS might have gained some of the same benefit if she had made the acquaintance of a tree in a nearby park. Tree hugging — yes, literally, tree hugging, can help a person to make contact with earth energy also.

GLADYS wound up sacrificing a lot for the sake of her relationship with JOE. In many ways, he didn’t understand her, didn’t care to understand her, and took from her without giving back.

By the time GLADYS had an aura healing session with me, GLADYS was very stuck in this relationship. It didn’t help that she consciously thought about it only in conventional terms of sexual attraction and the price she had to pay for her love life.

Cutting the cord of attachment GLADYS had to JOE helped her a lot. But so did having the chance to think beyond the label “Sexy.”

What else was going on in that relationship? What did JOE say and do, give and take?

By paying attention to more than the sex appeal aspect, GLADYS could better evaluate what that relationship could really bring her now. She could adjust the relationship boundaries, maybe do some things differently, emphasize the good.

Sex appeal is great. Especially when it doesn’t take over the rest of a person’s life.

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    I find especially helpful the consideration of QUALITY of sex appeal and what that attracts… rather that just quantity, which is mentioned so often in celebrity readings. Very interesting.

    On an unrelated subject, I’d like to cast my vote for a little help sifting through reality related to this recent NSA news (aura readings or just Rose’s oh-so-helpful perspective on the topic). I know I’m not the only one who thinks this is extremely important.

  2. 2

    JORDAN, so glad you’re finding today’s article helpful.

    Which aspect of the NSA news would you like commenting on?

    Confession: I have been on a news fast for about two months. Just couldn’t take it any more. Needed that kind of vacation.

    Of course, I will be sure to be very informed by election time, and I sign multiple online petitions each day. Wouldn’t call myself apathetic, just taking a breather….

    So thank you for hoping for a helpful perspective, but how do you think my skills of Energetic Literacy might be of service to you and our community here?

  3. 3
  4. 4

    BTW, does anybody besides me think the shot at the top of today’s photo is inadvertently hilarious?

    When I saw “Ghost,” I took it in context. Not my favorite scene of the movie, but there it was. Now I look at that absolutely giant clay object and think, “Hmmm, maybe a little large?”

  5. 5

    Also, Blog-Buddies, I’m wondering if your own skills of Energetic Literacy — to whatever degree you have developed them — have changed your reactions to sex appeal.

    Whether real-life people you have dated.

    Or crushed on.

    Or movie stars like those pictured at the top of today’s post.

    Has your emphasis shifted? Are you setting your own standards for sex appeal now, rather than automatically going along with social standards for sexiness, such as “The Anorexic Ideal”?

  6. 6

    JORDAN, today’s post, written in your honor, about protecting yourself, NSA surveillance notwithstanding:

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