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Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips.

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips.

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips. Aiming to help you during a time of NASA surveillance.

Protecting Yourself. Today’s article comes in response to recent news reports of upgraded NASA surveillance. 10 Tips await you!

Blog-Buddy JORDAN’s request moved me. When she wrote:

“I’d like to cast my vote for a little help sifting through reality related to this recent NSA news….

:I know I’m not the only one who thinks this is extremely important.”

Maybe I can offer some words to offset fears aroused by recent disclosures of NSA surveillance. Energy Spirituality does offer a point of view about many human and justifiable fears, so here goes.

Protecting Yourself. Tip #1. Avoid Dwelling on Fear

Fear is in the air. How you handle that is your choice.

Personally, I believe that the more society shapes life based on fear of terrorism, to that degree every aspiring terrorist wins.

For certain: Every thinking person who lives now must deal with political issues. Politically aware Americans living today have a lot to deal with, including a country that is politically polarized to an alarming degree.

But will that “Alarming” become a major part of your life? Only you are responsible for that part. Hence the rest of today’s 10 tips protecting yourself.

Protecting Yourself. Tip # 2. Take Action

Take political action to support your beliefs

Energy Spirituality solves lots of problems. But that doesn’t replace voting.

If the NSA scandal riles you up, find a way to direct that passion toward political or social action. Don’t just gossip or gripe. Gossip is the refuge of the powerless. You never have to be, feel, or act powerless.

Become as politically active as suits your lifestyle.

That way you know that you are doing your reasonable best. In objective reality. Protecting yourself while you stick up for your beliefs.

Voting brings winners and losers, as does any attempt at political action. Regarding your consciousness and personal developement, however, you never lose.

If you have done your reasonable best, of course you win. No more could be asked of you. Let your conscience be clear.

But how much political action is enough? How much time is it wise to spend?

Negotiating choices like these can be counted as a significant part of your path to Enlightenment here at Earth School. Your caring, your integrity, your problem solving — all of this will benefit you in the long run, setting up good karma while sharpening your intellect.

One of my favorite mottoes these days, “Gotta love Earth School!” I mean, really, what better choice do we have? 😉

Protecting Yourself. Tip #3. Stay Objective about Threats

For example, remember this. You can distinguish between objective reality and subjective worries.

Speaking of one’s personal spiritual evolution, hello! Develop this particular type of expertise in everyday life: Get really good at telling the difference… Between objective reality versus subjective reality.

What happens in objective reality? That’s not just the essence of the famously wise Serenity Prayer.

Telling apart objective from subjective prepares a seeker of Enlightenment to overcome one slice of maya at a time.

Regarding NSA surveillance, subjective reality is not being tracked. Privacy still exists at that level.

But is Facebook Just Your Subjective Reality?

How much of your private information will you share through speech and action? That’s your choice.

Nothing on Facebook is private. Get used to it. Writing and speaking and posting all count as objective reality. “Sharing” that way means that you choose to take something subjective and personal and make it common knowledge in objective reality.


Incidentally, every one of you readers and lurkers is welcome to friend me on Facebook. Just don’t expect me to divulge anything more personal than a link to a blog post.

Protecting Yourself. Tip #4. Shape Collective Consciousness

Reject any overlay of fears in collective consciousness. Don’t take common fears and import them. Won’t help a thing. And that’s letting collective consciousness to shape YOU. For instance:

  • Ever read “1894” by George Orwell? How about “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley?
  • Have you seen any of the apocalyptic movies that came out in the last decade?
  • Tried hanging out with survivalists?
  • Let family members or neighbors lecture you on Dominionism?

I mean, really, plenty of kooks and cults live for fear-mongering.

Humans love big drama, some of us loving it more than others.

Personally, I love big drama less than most others. Watching TV, I turn away from murder scenes. I also refuse to watch other people kiss. The only time I want to watch a kissing scene is when I am personally involved. 😉

Just Say No to Drama You Don’t Need

Sorting out collective fears, refusing to participate in drama as “Entertainment” — that’s up to you, isn’t it?

As an Enlightenment Coach, do I recommend hypervigilance?

Of course not!

Instead, a person can develop basic clarity. It’s like what I do when walking down city streets and the intersection shows a red light.

Why agonize? Instead I think, “Okay, a red light. Now it’s time to wait for a green light before crossing. Then I’ll look both ways before starting to walk.”

Similarly, if you bump into people or conversations or articles or media broadcasts about “Be afraid. Sky is falling,” that can be a fine time to think, “Okay, more fear being broadcast. Maybe I can find some alternative way to amuse myself.”

Protecting Yourself. Tip #5. Energetic Clarity

Cleaning up subconscious STUFF would be smart

Fear triggers fear. We live during an Age of Terror. But we also live at a time when Energy Spirituality is being pioneered.

In fact you are part of that very pioneering. So you know about STUFF — stored emotional and astral energy, stuck at the level within you corresponding to the subconscious mind.

Energy Spirituality offers tested techniques that permanently move out STUFF. Other healing systems and methods also aim to move out stored fears, etc. Use your smarts as a New Age consumer to evaluate the various claims and choose how you will spend your precious time, hopes, money.

If you are going with Energy Spirituality, what is a good way to  start protecting yourself energetically by removing STUFF?

  1. For an empath, or even a Highly Sensitive Person (not necessarily an empath), my #1 recommendation for STUFF removal is “Become The Most Important Person in the Room
  2. Otherwise, or as a second recommendation, I recommend the easy-to-learn skill sets for energy healing, where you learn to remove several different types of STUFF: “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection
  3. If you simply want to focus on objective reality. You might be interested in protecting yourself in order to have a better life with more success — not just financially but in any human way that matters to you. Then I recommend the understandings and workarounds in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.” Maybe attend the related, annual, workshop for more success coming up in a bit more than a week. You might also have fun listening to a radio interview on success and prosperity that was extracted out of me by the irresistible Rosanna Tufts.

However STUFF is permanently healed, this energy healing will move you forward on your path to Enlightenment. Different descriptions of Householder Enlightenment, such as yesterday’s wonderful post by JOSIE PEREA, have certain commonalities.

For Example?

One example is not being triggered by other people’s STUFF. Why not? That’s because an Enlightened individual does not have STUFF stuck internally.

At a time of NSA surveillance, wouldn’t it be helpful not to have internal STUFF stuck in you? If this idea makes sense to you, do your reasonable best to move out one chunk of STUFF at a time.

And pursuing this how? Not all or nothing, anxious, hell-bent on perfection immediately, please. Gentle but real progress, wouldn’t that be respectful to yourself?

Protecting Yourself. Tip #6. Nix Positive Thinking

Question belief systems about positive thinking

Hay House publishing is leading a big charm offensive these days. Oprah continues to offer inspiration. New Age is gathering momentum with demands to be positive, adjust our moods. Most recent one I’ve heard? Be grateful for five things before stepping out of bed in the morning, etc.

About that last idea. Really? First thing in the morning? Personally, I’d rather get up and pee.

You see, I am not a big fan of mood making.

Nor do I believe that denial has the power to change the world for the better.

I simply don’t.

What do I believe? The harder you, or anyone, attempts to be all positive all the time… the more fear and pain will get stuck in denial.

Forced Positivity Is a Vicious Cycle

Fake cheer adds to to STUFF. Which can burst out any moment. Such as hearing about NSA surveillance and then feeling an urgent need to say the rosary.

If you don’t approve of constant surveillance, here’s an idea.

Don’t do it to yourself. Do this out of the most virtuous intentions. Surveying your mind for signs of any forbidden speck of “negativity.”

Not that I think JORDAN or many of you other Blog-Buddies do this. I’m just offering 10 tips here, for you and for sharing with friends. Some of whom may be working extra hard because of all the anxiety in collective consciousness.

Protecting Yourself. Tip #7. Self-Authority

Protect yourself with techniques linked to self-authority

Whether it’s empath skills or Energetic Literacy (aura reading) or cutting cords of attachment or moving out stuck spirits, find a skill set/teacher that strengthens your core sense of identity.

When I teach techniques for protecting yourself in various ways, what do they have in common? (Besides working!)

Everything about the skill set helps to strengthen your self-authority. Your sense of what is true.

Protecting yourself in the Age of Terror? It makes sense.

But you might be amazed how many of my new clients are so very scared about terms like these:

  • Psychic attack
  • Psychic vampire
  • Energy vampire
  • Toxic personalities

In my experience helping clients, many thousands of sessions, these popular terms are pretty inaccurate. Extreme beginners at Energetic Literacy will experience these but they pretty much don’t exist otherwise. For as long as folks have told mother-in-law jokes, people have not liked other people. But that doesn’t make them scary energy vampires or toxic personalities.

Basically, terms like these are great for finding someone else to blame. Better than living like a victim. But not useful beyond that early stage of personal empowerment.

If you’re suffering because of one of these problems, have a session with me or one of my graduates or apprentices in the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

Move out the fears, move out some STUFF like psychic coercion (which is real). Afterwards you’ll be less worried about life, period.

Protecting Yourself. Tip #8. Stay Human

Avoid spiritual addiction

If you don’t know what spiritual addiction is, not yet, check out the link here.

Supplementary reading can be yours at this blog. Just type the term “Spiritual addiction” into the SEARCH box.

Spiritual addiction throws all fears into high alert.

No worries, though. You can definitely overcome spiritual addiction.

Protecting Yourself. Tip #9. Empath Skills

If you’re an empath, get skills!

With millions of people today living in fear. Such as dreading NSA surveillance. Until you become a skilled empath, oh no! Their STUFF will become part of your subconscious mind through unskilled empath merges.

Talk about things happening without your conscious knowledge or consent!

Of course anyone born as an empath can become a skilled empath. I would love to teach you.

Protecting Yourself. Tip #10. Live in the Now. Humanly

Yesterday I saw a sweet, geeky, spaced-out guy. He was walking in my neighborhood.

I watched him cross the street without looking at any passing cars. Guess he wasn’t protecting himself!

JOE was reading a book as he walked, holding it before him like a shield. What was he reading? “The Power of Now.”

Hey, each of us does the best we can, given our current level of consciousness. Aware as we are, we do our best to live in the present.

To what degree will you really do that? You have a lot of say so.

Theories Won’t Move You Into the Now.

Try some sessions of RES Energy HEALING.

They’ll move out STUFF. And add PUT IN what resonates with your soul.

In Conclusion

Living now, be human. Also be willing to have a human life. This is one of the best ways for protecting yourself.

Human surveillance of your life, done by you!

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  1. 1

    Painting credit for today goes to the artist who brought the world “The Scream,” Edvard Munch:

  2. 2
    Gowri says:

    Thanks Rose, excellent insights and ideas.

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    Thanks, Rose.

    Just want to be clear – if the NSA wants to track Facebook posts and tweets, whatever. Of course that is public.

    The content of phone calls, texts, and emails is another story. The extent of what the NSA is doing/has done is unclear, but many sources are seem be indicating that yes, the NSA does collect that kind of data on a widespread basis, data which we could reasonably expect to be private…

    Besides protesting, signing petitions, and taking other political action, you can support internet freedom and anonymity through organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (

  4. 4

    GOWRI and JORDAN, you’re so welcome.

    So glad to know about, JORDAN. Of course, I signed up immediately. Gave them my data. 😉

    Plus I LIKED them at Facebook:

  5. 5
    josie perea says:

    Thank you Rose for your insight and great suggestions.

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    Hi Rose,

    What a wonderful article! Thank you.

    I’ve lived in terror in the past (I had an Apocalypse cupboard in my house, with bags of rice, water purification tablets etc., until I realised that the world seemed to be going along much as it always had :D).

    With that in mind, can I respectfully suggest that the chances of any intelligence agency being interested in anything a ‘normal’ citizen has to say is really very small?

    It may be a bit deflating, but much as we would each like to think we’re terribly important, on the bigger scale of things we’re not.

    There’s nothing I can do, say or think that hasn’t been done, said or thought by thousands or millions of other people. This includes my enlightened thoughts.

    Surveillance for the purpose of winnowing out the miniscule minority of troublemakers is unlikely to be concerned in any way with my mini ups and downs 🙂

    To me, highly protective standards of personal privacy are simply an indication of some kind of fear, and likely to go along with an interest in other peoples’ perceived ‘scandals’ with some kind of assessment at root that these are very ‘bad’, as opposed to ‘meh, normal’, which I expect would be the assessment of any intelligence operative who might come across them.

    That’s just my view, as it is now. Like I said, it’s rather deflating, but having this subconscious sense of our ‘specialness’ seems a little isolating.

    Being ‘normal’ – now that’s very freeing. 🙂


  7. 7

    Freeing and delightful, AMANDA. I loved every word of your comment.

    And JOSIE, lovely to have you commenting more at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

  8. 8
    Jordan says:

    Amanda, certainly there are lots of paranoid people out there.

    There are many, many people who are passionate and concerned about this and *not* paranoid. Reasonable people who know that their emails, phone calls, and internet activity reveal a normal, non-threatening life, and who know that a smallish group of NSA agents isn’t going to be wasting time on them out of a population of billions (unless one of them happens to be your bitter ex).

    For me, this is not about personal fear. It is about my own stake in my own country and planet and what I want it to be.

    It is actual reality, not paranoia, that power like this is commonly abused. In present day. Whoever gets to decide who the “troublemakers” are doesn’t always do a great job. Sometimes they might get a little over-subjective in their decision making!!

    Maybe you trust your own government, but Bashar al-Assad? Hosni Mubarak? Qaddafi? Countless others? You think they wouldn’t have done their damnedest to get their hands on this technology? Technology which, in my opinion, amounts to a unauthorized power grab by the government, from its own citizens?

    In my opinion it’s absolutely stupid to have this kind of thing in place with such limited oversight, and limited oversight of the oversight. The power hungry of the world are licking their lips.

    The “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” mindset and myth has been written about a lot, a lot more effectively than I could write here. Just googling the phrase (yes, I still use google 😉 takes you to many fascinating articles.)

  9. 9
    Jordan says:

    Some people reportedly considered ‘troublemakers’ worthy of surveillance by PRISM and/or other government programs? Occupy Wall Street and anti-fracking organizers/protestors. … Peaceful protestors.

  10. 10

    JORDAN, you’re SINGING to the choir, far as I’m concerned.

    Yet I also hear AMANDA’s perspective.

    Not mutually exclusive to me.

  11. 11
    Amanda says:

    Jordan, fair enough.

    Power-hungry people are not confined to the highest echelons of government, and paranoia has its aggressive side too :). Certainly a lot of mistakes are made here by people in relatively small positions of power, in the social services and occasionally the police.

    So I do see your point. However, again I think these people are in the small minority, and thankfully I live in a democratic and fairly sane country.

    I simply can’t think suspiciously of the majority of people in government, or operate in terms of ‘what-ifs’ right now.

    On the peace protestors, well, in a few of them I also see a desire for conflict. Any deeply held belief that results in demonising others is going to result

  12. 12
    Amanda says:

    Help! That comment went before I’d finished it!

    .. is going to result in a fight with those ‘others’, whichever side of the conflict they choose.

    I agree that using power to track and trace these people is a serious over-egging of the cake.

    But these kind of power abuses and demonising of others happen in real-time, in our small human lives, in our minds and hearts every day – the seeds of it are in everyone and we’re each responsible for making sure we’re not creating or sustaining conflict – and so I’d rather deal with my own stuff.

    Milgram’s experiments showed clearly that people who considered themselves ‘normal’ act in ways later shocking to them when given unlimited power. That’s a sobering thought!



  13. 13
    Primmie says:

    These perspectives aren’t mutually exclusive for me either. Thank you Amanda and Jordan for sharing them. You are both very insightful.

    My own tuppenceworth is that it’s really important that I resolve any residual parental projections about authority. If I am still reacting to an old script about my parents I’m not capable of being clear about what is a threat to me or not. Having a lot of stuff about authority, whether it leads me to naivety or paranoia, and I’ve experienced both, means I can’t make informed judgements about objective reality.

  14. 14
    Amanda says:

    I had a look at a couple of the (googled) articles. There was quite a lot of inflammatory language.

    I also notice that a lot of effort goes into investigating governments, government officials, and that aura reading in itself is a form of investigation that could very easily offend people in a far deeper way because they have not even chosen to write themselves down.

    So, investigating is a part of human nature for all of us.

    What the individual decides to do with the information from their investigation, how they choose to portray it, speak about it, or act according to it, will of course say a lot more about that individual’s mindset than anything else,and their own levels of defensiveness / protectiveness.

    Really, none of us are excepted from the issue of power abuse, and as soon as we get into a space of ‘conflict’ or opinion we will automatically be either persecuting, victimised or rescuing. The only difference is in the size of our swords.

    Which is why I like present moment awareness, because on the whole what’s happening right here and now is pretty glorious. I don’t much want a sword right now.

    Here’s to genuine peace.



  15. 15
    Rachel says:

    Hi Jordan,

    I completely agree with you. It is the general direction of the trend of increased surveillance etc that is disturbing. It makes me think of the Holocaust, of how momentum started to build up in Germany slowly, slowly, so that normal citizens who noticed small changes did not consider them to be a cause for concern.

    Then, bam! Within a few years, mass murder was being committed right under their noses.

    This is not just about how we might happen to feel as individuals, but exactly as you say, about what kind of world we want to live in, what kind of world we want to create, to what extent we are happy to passively allow ‘decision makers’ to set the parameters of our lives, and not just our own lives, but the lives of all world citizens!

    Great article on this Rose – and great advice too.

    For all that, I completely get that it is not everyone’s path to be ‘political,’ and that is fine too. I don’t think anyone should feel pressurised to protest, but equally I agree with Jordan in saying that people who feel moved to protest and speak up are not paranoid. Often they are simply seeing the situation clearly (and not being drugged by mass media and apathy) and rightly wanting to change it.


  16. 16
    Jordan says:

    Definitely they’re not mutually exclusive – there are many political issues I am not passionate about…. For example, I am pretty ambivalent about gun rights. And being politically active or wanting to change something does not make you less spiritual or present.

    I thought it was important to express my point of view (at least partly) because around pretty much any political activism there is a choir singing, “This doesn’t seem like it affects ME, so why do you care,” “This problem doesn’t even exist, you’re delusional,” and “This is just you being crazy.”

    For example, active feminists are very often told that they “just have daddy issues,” or “just need to get laid.” So I wanted to clear up that no, I don’t think it is paranoid to care about surveillance, privacy issues, and internet freedom.

    Also, it’s my opinion that if you are not afraid that your government is watching you, you are lucky. Lucky that you are not a lawyer working for Guantanamo inmates, lucky you’re not passionate about some issue the government is worried about. Lots of courageous people are affected by this kind of surveillance activity every day.

    There are also lots of really, really incredibly brilliant, principalled, and inspiring leaders in this movement. It’s not a bunch of angry, faceless internet trolls. I think the quality of the leadership says something about how important this issue is – great souls born to work on it.

  17. 17

    Beautifully put, JORDAN.

    Sounds to me as though you have been learning new truths about power, socially and politically.

    You are so right. Power does not make people “Trolls.”

    Power is tremendously important.

    For any thinking, feeling person.

    For any SWEET person.

    For any empath.

    For anyone who wishes to take action in objective reality to make a difference in this world.

  18. 18
    Jill Erin says:

    Hi all,

    Getting caught up after a lot happening recently. I just read a live interview with Edward Snowden here:

    IMHO the man is extremely credible and worth listening to. I want a T-Shirt with his face on it. He’s my hero.

  19. 19
    Suz says:

    Well said, everyone. Rose, I especially appreciate your number 6. Jill, thanks for the link to Snowden’s interview. From the moment I heard about him and what he had to say, I knew he was a hero.

  20. 20
    David says:

    Great article, Rose. Thanks.

    Just to highlight – it’s fear of a possibility, not an actuality. That’s the thing about fear – it’s designed to avoid predators. When we apply it to unknowns, we build illusion.

    Great point about subjective privacy, although that’s kind of relative too. Even energetic literacy can give you a sense of someones feeling space. But yeah, the detailed contents of our experience are unique and personal to us in the moment. Even remembering our own experiences is from where we are now, not how we were when it happened. We’ll never be 8 again.

    It’s useful to note the NSA isn’t looking at everything. There isn’t the time. But their computers are scanning content for keywords and monitoring the contacts of perceived threats. Yes, including demonstrators. The technology isn’t new. For example, Google scans your emails for targeted advertizing. No one is reading them. But the film Minority Report projected where this may lead though. It is slippery slope.

    It’s also worth noting that some of the potential for “terrorism” is being created by the US, something they seem to ignore. In some countries, the US is seen as a bully. Where youth lack opportunities and there’s a big red blame flag, they can easily be motivated to strike back.

    But the fear is certainly prevalent. Saw the new Superman movie last night. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being seen. Solve problems with violence. It’s a darker retelling. And one of the big blockbusters coming? A swarming zombie flick with big names.

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