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Empath Controversy

Empath Controversy. Allowed here by Rose Rosetree.

Empath Controversy. Sometimes I do allow pretty disrespectful comments here at my personal blog. Depends on whether I see potential for a teachable moment.

All empaths are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). Although not all HSPs are empaths.

So we are definitely sensitive, we empaths. Which makes many of us very conflict-averse. Nonetheless, we have been having a bit of controversy here at the empath portion of “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Empath Controversy. Starting Here.

The wild, controversial part began at Mentoring when you are a newly discovered empath.

Blog-Buddy ELAINE wrote this morning, as part of her Comment 28:

“I’ve noticed Rose lets comments on here that sometimes seem at odds with her blog and life work, re: energetic literacy.

“In reading such posts and Rose’s response, I personally see them as educational opportunities. She points out the nuances in a post that I might otherwise have missed.

ELAINE, you’re onto me. I do allow comments at my own personal blog that others would not allow. Not always, but when I see an educational opportunity.

It can be interesting, even funny, when seen from an educational perspective.

Empath Controversy. Starting with Comments.

We have been having comments about objective reality and subjective reality lately, like TEHYA’s Comment 6 here this morning on another thread, about integrity. It ties into integrity to be able to sort out the difference.

Many of us are receiving an ongoing education about the difference between subjective reality and objective reality. If you are an empath, that is an important requirement for becoming a skilled empath.

Empath Controversy Quiz Coming Up

Here’s a little quiz, just to alert you to that aspect of our educational experience here at this thread about my Empath Coaching.

Originally I wrote the following quiz as a couple of comments. But not all you Blog-Buddies and lurkers read all those comments. So I have transferred it here.

Sure, it’s a bit awkward, referring to comments over at Mentoring when you are a newly discovered empath. But if you can open a couple of windows on your computer, you’ll be able to follow easily. Accordingly, here we go.

Empath Controversy Quiz. Objective or Subjective?

For each of the following items, which do you think were more about objective reality. (As in facts, actions, what can be measured or observed by more than one person)? Which comments were more about subjective reality. (What Nancy has characterized as “Merely my opinion.”)?

Objective or subjective?

1. I, Rose Rosetree, pioneered the field of training empaths. Have developed the only trademarked system in America for training empaths. Have written books for empaths. And have taught workshops on Empath Empowerment® internationally.

2. I also maintain a blog. Have created this community around “Deeper Perception Made Practical” with over 14,000 comments so far.

3. In Comment 17 at Mentoring when you are a newly discovered empath, KRIS came onto my blog to promote her alternative method for helping empaths.

4. In Comment 18, I drew some distinctions between this resource and what is offered here.

5. KRIS corrected me on one of those distinctions. Although she originally used the term “empath gift,” singular, later in her comment she referred to “empath gift(s),” flexibly plural.

BTW, that is a distinction KRIS would understand clearly. If she were the least bit familiar with Empath Empowerment.

6. I’m glad that writing this way is becoming standard practice for leaders in this emerging field, helping empaths to have better lives. I’m also glad that thoughtful people, like KRIS and NANCY, are stepping up to seek leadership in this field. I care very much about having those who aim to lead empaths be well informed. May they bring integrity, wisdom, rigor, and even honor, to this important specialty. Empath skills are vital for personal growth… if you’re an empath.

7. Empath gift(s)? That means specific names for a variety of gifts. Ones an empath might have. My term “STUFF” has been widely used for  empath coaching. These terms have become common. Among people who write on the topic of helping empaths. Yet don’t necessarily mean the same things I do. Quite the opposite.

8. KRIS made a big announcement in her second comment. Surprise! Henceforth she would “disappear.” Not return to my blog). In conclusion, she blessed us all. Wasn’t that nice of her? 🙁  Perhaps akin to somebody who walks her dog over to your yard. Lets the dog poop. Then grins at you and walks away. “Have a nice day.”

9. NANCY became involved in this conversation. Defending KRIS. Complaining about the blog host (me) and my “true colors.” In conclusion she blessed us with her “Namaste.” Wow, two blessings from two near-total strangers!

10. My response to KRIS was characterized by NANCY as “immature.” Perhaps intended as the ultimate stinging insult for a professional in my field… Supposedly my response was “non-empathic.” (LOL)

11. JILL ERIN, ELAINE, DAVID, AMY, and AMANDA have offered different opinions on the topic of how to help empaths. Based on familiarity with the work I actually do. Work that helps empaths.

12. ADAM invited NANCY to comment about objective reality in my comment. Rather than attacking me personally. “Is Rose’s critique substantially incorrect? If so, why?”

13. Not only did NANCY refuse ADAM’s invitation. Then she assessed my objective-reality comments as “neither correct, nor incorrect; as it is merely her opinion, as was my response to it.”

Any Conclusions, to this Empath Controversy.

Here’s mine.


I’m done with this sort of teachable moment. Ugh!

Big thanks, though, to all Blog-Buddies who sprang to my defense. In future, I won’t allow strangers to come here and set off controversies.

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  1. 1
    Curious As Ever says:

    Well… “let’s everybody and anybody hang out together on facebook” is a very different endeavor than aiming to improve one’s discernment and skills.

    Facebook is like Grand Central Station– full of perfectly nice people going about perfectly normal business, but with lots of nutters and pickpockets in there, too. For younger people, those new to the Internet, and anyone else without a sharp nose to smell trouble from a safe distance, facebook can be very dangerous territory.

  2. 2
    David says:

    I’ll comment on #7. This may be true in your area, but I’ve not found it true around here. (on the other side of the continent.) It’s one of the reasons Rose’s interview interested me. What I’ve seen is largely non-standard, inconsistent, and too specific to the skills of the instructor. (like focusing on colours or clairsentience) As I like the big picture, that hasn’t satisfied and has only added a little to my repertoire.

  3. 3
    David says:

    Rose, on the other hand, is inclusive, big picture, and brings standards to the field. Big improvement and why I’m here.

  4. 4

    Aw, DAVID, thanks.

  5. 5
    Denise says:

    What David said (#3) – is a big reason (and one of many) why I stick with Rose. I have noticed sometimes people claiming offense when an objective remark is made. A clear thinking person would either agree or disagree without feeling offended. I suppose I could go on, but Rose has already intelligently explained this phenomenon with beautiful clarity.

  6. 6

    DENISE, thank you.

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