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Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win


“Everyone is an empath.” Recently that idea was raised at this blog. I strongly disagree. But don’t just take my word for it. Enter this latest contest.

Who is an empath?

In the system of Empath Empowerment(R), what does it mean to be an empath?

An empath has at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Hardwired into a person (or not), aura reading research can reveal if somebody is an empath even while that somebody is in the womb.

Potentially, having lifelong talent as an empath is a great asset in life. Practically, until you become a skilled empath, you are certain to suffer.

Not because you have a disability or need psychiatric interventions or a support group. But because any unskilled empath constantly does unskilled empath merges with random people.

Usually (and mostly) this is done subconsciously. Yet the effects are all too real, much as if you never heard the term “Celiac Disease” and whole wheat bread was your favorite food.

Fact of life about being an empath:

Each unskilled empath merge deposits STUFF in your aura.

To move out this STUFF requires more than boundary work or asking whose STUFF has gotten into your aura. Moving out STUFF at the astral level, corresponding to your subconscious mind? That takes a technique from a dedicated skill set to train empaths.

Becoming a skilled empath is more than fixing or coping with unskilled empath merge. A skilled empath learns to effortlessly keep your empath gift(s) turned OFF as a matter of habit.

Once you have become a skilled empath, you also have the option of doing Skilled Empath Merge.

On purpose.


Just what I am going to do with the winner who is nominated for a Skilled Empath Merge in our latest contest!

How to find out if you are an empath

Now that part doesn’t have to be a contest. It’s easy to find out whether or not you are an empath.

Statistically, that’s 1 in 20 people. Unless you live in Japan, in which case it is 1 in 5 people.

Please don’t think that finding out will make you a skilled empath. Discovering that you are an empath is just a (wonderful, hopeful) beginning.

  • Click here to take a quiz to find out if you are an empath.
  • Read loads for free about being an empath at a website I started, then have not worked on for years. Don’t expect more articles there, but do browse there for many articles about what it means to be an empath, how to be a smart consumer of services for empaths, etc.
  • Sample the book I recommend most to help any empath become a skilled empath: “Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment” Or simply splurge on the $15 and get yourself a copy. (Easiest way? Call 800-345-6665 and talk with a real human being who gives real, human customer service.)

What you will win in our latest contest

Everyone who completes an entry in this new contest will automatically win a something. 🙂

Assuming that you fulfill the contest entry requirements and enter by the Empath Contest Cutoff Date….

Which kind of a something will you win? I will provide a Yes-Or-No aura reading about the public figure you nominate. Empath or not an empath?

Just for extra fun, if that nominee is a molecular empath, I will note that also.

Simply because molecular empaths are uncommon. One of our long-term explorations at this blog is to educate molecular empaths and help them. ( Errrr, us. Since I am one of those molecular empaths, along with some of you Blog-Buddies.)

Being the official winner of our empath contest

Only one person’s entry will win.

Okay, being a softie, I will let one runner-up win as well.

For each of these two entries, I will provide a blog post with a Skilled Empath Merge.

How will I decide?

  • The entry interests me in doing detailed research on the person nominated for a Skilled Empath Merge.
  • The person nominated IS an empath.

How to enter our latest contest

Comment below. One nominee per comment, please.

  1. Supply the name of your candidate. This person must be a public figure, such as a person on the current Forbes list of the wealthiest people in the world, a professional athlete, a performer, a writer or composer, a politician, someone famous for any notable achievement.
  2. Describe what that person is famous for, plus why you think that person might be an empath.
  3. Add one or more links to a webpage about that person’s achievement.
  4. Supply one photo link to your nominee, a one-click type link: This photo must be a full head shot taken from the front. At a minimum, it will show the complete face and neck from the front. Even better, though not required, the photo will include much or all of the torso.
  5. For evaluating whether or not a person is an empath, the photo could be taken at any time during that person’s life. However, if you should win this contest, consider. I will be doing a detailed reading of chakra databanks of this person, and — like any Energetic Literacy research using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) or Empath Empowerment(R), this reading will be done about the person at the time of the photograph.
  6. It doesn’t matter the least bit whether the person shown in the photograph is living or dead. Ooh, let’s put that more diplomatically. For aura reading purposes, it doesn’t matter. 😉
  7. A photograph is needed. Neither a painting nor a portrait. (I think all you Blog-Buddies know this already, but please let friends know about this contest. Newbies are always welcome at this blog, and newbies may not yet know that photographs automatically capture a person’s energy field, whereas a painting does not.)

Yes, you can enter this contest more than once. Please post each entry as a separate comment.

Final date for entries to this Empath Contest is August 1, 2013.

What if you don’t win but still want an aura reading?

Just today, one of our Blog-Buddies, BETH, asked me to do aura reading research on someone of interest to her. It is not humanly, feasibly, possible for me to provide a free service on top of all the education at this blog, where you’all just name anyone you are curious about and then I drop everything to spend four hours or so preparing a detailed blog post.

BETH asked politely, in the sweetest way, in her comment. Still this reminds me how, from time to time, I need to remind lurkers and new Blog-Buddies of something?

Aura readings just because I like you? Aura readings just because you think it might be fun? So long as human days contain just 24 hours, sorry, but this is generally a no-can-do at this blog.

That said, what if you still long to receive an aura reading of some interesting public figure?

Sure I can help you. Sometimes even for free, but not always.

Aura Reading Research, Just You and Me and Your Photos

You can always book a session of Energy Spirituality where I research people for you. The link to use will say, “Personal Session for Aura Transformation.” Descriptions at my main website are not up-to date although, trust me, we are getting ready for an upgrade as fast as we can.

Meanwhile, bear with us! And if you have any questions about booking a session, just email or call 703-450-9514.

Continuing, say that you make your appointment. Prepare some one-click links to photos that show the person  you’re interested in. Provide at least a clear head shot from a front angle, preferably a photo that goes all the way to the torso. (Easier to read.) For this type of aura reading, you pay for my time. In return, you receive detailed aura reading about anyone you wish, whether a public figure or not. And as many people as we have time to read, given the amount of detail that interests you.

Whenever we are in session voice-to-voice, I can also provide aura reading of anyone you have ever known, when you were together in energetic real time — in a room together or talking on the phone. That’s called “Pulling out an energetic hologram.” A very cool way to get inside information about what made somebody tick during an incident you have wondered about.

Otherwise, what about aura readings for free?

Free Aura Reading for Enlightenment

You can always nominate candidates for the Enlightenment Life List. This free service is helping to sort out the differences between:

1. Admiring or liking someone

2. Considering that person “awakened” (Awakening being a trendy term often confused with Enlightenment)

3. Curious about someone claiming to be Enlightened

4. Someone who actually is Enlightened.

My response will be an aura reading only about whether or not that person is spiritually Enlightened yet, at the time of the photograph. Using the criteria that I explain at that blog post.

Free Face Reading Service

Sure, if you are curious about a public figure, find a good clear head shot and ask about some face reading data. On an ongoing basis, I offer that free Face Reading service as well.

Oh yes, our Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win

Yes, of course, you just might to win this very contest. 🙂


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  1. 1
    Donna says:

    Johhn Depp

    2. Johhn Depp is an actor. If one listens to Johnny Depp’s interviews they will find a soft spoken, intelligent and kind soul with a wonderful sense of humor showing his relateablity with others. He has described himself as shy and has struggled with substance abuse, he is also known to be somewhat of a loner. All of these aspects of his personality go along with being empathic and many times are ways to cope with taking in too much from others and your environment. His skill and preferance of playing very interesting, ususal and emotional roles in his acting career also point to an empathic personality and way of being.

  2. 2

    DONNA, thank you for being the first to step up and nominate. 🙂

  3. 3
    Suz says:

    Hanna Kroeger is my nomination.

    (Scroll down to bottom of that page and click on the photo of her with grandchildren.)

    She was a well-known and controversial herbal healer who had a shop in Boulder Colorado where I lived for several years. People came from all over to eat in her little cafe and to see her for healing in a little alcove by the big staircase going up to the cafe. She got in trouble several times for “practicing medicine without a license.” But her ways worked when all else failed.

    While waiting in line to go upstairs, you could look right into her healing alcove and see everything she did. Many were the times I saw her standing with her eyes closed and her hands on a customer, determining what was needed, or moving healing energy.

    I was a bit frightened of her because I always felt like she could see everything about me when she looked my way. It felt like quite a probe. I should have gone and met her!

  4. 4
    Donna says:

    I have thought of others too…couldn’t decide!

  5. 5
    Donna says:

    Suz………..Oh my goodness I can feel her kind energy from her photo! What a beautiful loving soul. She actually looks like a wonderful and very intuitive lady I know. I call her Momma even though she isn’t my Mom…she has this healing and loving energy about her too. Great nomintation I look forward to reading more about her!

  6. 6

    DONNA, regarding your Comment 5, may I give you (and other empaths) a bit of coaching here?

    Consider: Do not just stop to feel anyone’s energy. Not from a photo. Not in person.

    Contrary to what you might have heard in New Age. Or habits you may have formed. Not a smart or necessary thing to do.

    In the context of aura reading, this is called Stage One Energetic Literacy (the very beginning of it, smallest amount of training and skill, even if you have very big talent).

    Either do a dedicated technique for aura reading, as part of a balanced lifestyle, or don’t.

    If you do, please do this as part of your 20 minutes per day, maximum, of personal development time. (And if you don’t know yet about this 20-minute idea for balance, type SPIRITUAL ADDICTION into the search box here for more information.)

  7. 7

    In the context of being an empath, it is not helpful either to stop and feel another person’s energy.

    Here is what I recommend. And what I, personally, do. (Being someone who does practice what I preach. 😉 )

    Either do a dedicated, tested, safe technique for Skilled Empath Merge or don’t go there.

    What you just described, briefly, is unskilled empath merge. Even if you happen to consciously like what you experience, the process of slip-sliding there isn’t helpful for an empath.

    It will, definitely will, put STUFF in your aura. Which becomes your problem.

    So why go there?

    You can look at a photo like a regular human being and check out wonderful Hannah Kroeger’s (or anyone else’s) expression.

    You could even do face reading.

    None of this will compromise the health of your auric field, indirectly causing loads of problems.

  8. 8

    There is more to becoming a skilled empath than that recommended “Stoooooopppppppppppp!!!!”

    But that stop is a start.

    And speaking of encouragement, you may enter this contest as often as you like.

  9. 9

    SUZ, I’m a huge fan of the great herbalist. Have three of her bottles on my vitamin shelf right now, and more in the big supplement storage area downstairs.

    Glad you nominated her, and thanks to you as well DONNA for that first nomination.

  10. 10
    Donna says:

    Rose, yes you may absolutely offer advice! I welcome it. I have with a doubt suffered all my life with not handling this gift of empathy the right way…at least I think not the right way. I have to have some kind of way to un attach from what I constantly feel. It is not have givent me allot to think about. I was just thinking at lunch today…I am gonna go through that blog site on empathy this weekend and read more. When I read your test on “are you an empath” I knew I was somewhere I could really learn from…Thank you Rose…what a great body of work you have here!

  11. 11
    Jessica says:

    I nominate Barbara Kingsolver, novelist and essayist.
    I have always wondered whether she is an empath or just a really, really good writer, especially of the environment. Even her books that don’t focus on the environment have such vivid settings. Plus her characters always seem to be defining life for themselves, which empaths must do.
    Like this paragraph from her recent novel The Lacuna: There was nothing left for him to do but take a breath and dive into that blue place. And Oh God there it was, the promise delivered, a world. Fishes mad with color, striped and dotted, golden bodies, blue heads. Societies of fish, a public, suspended in its watery world, poking pointed noses into coral. They pecked at a pair of hairy tree trunks, his legs, those edifices that were nothing to them but more landscape. The boy got a bit stiffy, he was that afraid, and that happy.
    Here are the books she’s written:
    Here’s one of my favorite interviews, just after 9/11 with Bill Moyers, where she actually talks a bit about empathy:

  12. 12
    Suz says:

    Thank you, Rose, for the instruction here.

  13. 13
    Kylie says:

    I’m curious about Lauren Graham, television actress from Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and Bunheads. Is she an empath, or does she just have beautiful blue eyes and a special way of listening to people? That is, of acting the part of someone who listens to people with a million emotional antennae extended, sensitive to every nuance of emotion? She is so very expressive of emotion, but I’m not sure that that means she is an empath.

    Her photo:

  14. 14
    Bridget says:

    Hello! I’m nominating the glamorous Dita Von Teese! She is famous for reviving the art of burlesque, being a fetish model, a spokesperson for Cointreau, and Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife.

    I think Miss Von Teese might be an empath because she is very in-tune to people’s sexuality and how authentic and comfortable are with their sexuality. She has also struck a cord with the population because the majority of her fans are either female or male gay men. She has inspired many women to embrace their femininity and feel empowered by it.

    Here is a link to her Wikipedia page:

    Here is a link to her webpage:

    Here is a link to a youtube interview video:

    Here is photo of her at the 2013 Fragrance Fashion Awards on 6-13-2013:

  15. 15
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    It’s hard to ignore a good contest, especially an Empath contest.

    1) I nominate Christy Turlington Burns.

    2) She was a quite famous model in the 1990s, but unlike many models, she went on to get a college degree at New York University, a master’s in public health at Columbia University, and is now as well-known for her humanitarian work as she was for her being a fashion model. She is also well-known as a proponent of yoga and has been featured in ad campaigns and on covers of magazines in various yoga poses.

    I think Ms. Turlington Burns may be an empath because of her humanitarian work. In addition, she has said frequently in interviews that she feels it is important to give back to others. This is quite an uncommon remark to hear from a fashion model.

    3) Here is some information about her:

    Here is a link to the humanitarian organization that she founded, Every Mother Counts:

    Here is a link to her IMDb entry:

    4) Here are some recent photos of her:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&biw=1208&bih=569&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=FGLTUeXoOfLh4AOej4CwCA#facrc=_&imgdii=_&,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&biw=1208&bih=569&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=FGLTUeXoOfLh4AOej4CwCA#facrc=_&imgdii=_&,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&biw=1208&bih=569&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=FGLTUeXoOfLh4AOej4CwCA#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

    5) This is one of my favorite photos:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&biw=1208&bih=569&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=FGLTUeXoOfLh4AOej4CwCA#facrc=_&imgdii=I0eZMjrp00NS3M%3A%3BbJbIkl3lVUStpM%3BI0eZMjrp00NS3M%3A&

    This is the photo she posted of herself at her own website:

    Very rarely has such a well-known model transcended or parlayed an incredibly successful fashion career into something more personally meaningful – as well as made such an impact on society that has nothing to do with her appearance.

    I also admire that she is married to a well-known actor/director, Ed Burns, but she is very much her own person.

    Thank you, Rose, for sponsoring another wonderful contest!

  16. 16
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    In Comment #15, in the links that I provided for the photos, you will need to pause a minute as Google loads the individual photo. It will show inside of a black box (it will initially appear as if Google is loading many photos, but after a pause, it will load the photos that I have selected).

    You can delete this comment – I’m just letting you know what to expect!

  17. 17
    Anita says:

    And here’s a reminder to readers of an oldie but a goodie!

  18. 18

    What a super job, ANITA. Thank you.

    Same to you other Blog-Buddies I’ve been meaning to thank: BRIDGET, KYLIE, JESSICA.

    Personally I’m getting really excited about this latest blog contest. 🙂

  19. 19
    Primmie says:

    I’d like to nominate Don Mccullin. He may be a strange choice in a way because his photographs are so full of the suffering of war, but the way he describes his connection to pain reminds me of my own response to trauma as an empath.

  20. 20
    Primmie says:

    Am sorry, forgot the link about Don Mccullin’s career.

  21. 21
    Lara says:

    I would like to nominate JRR Tolkien, who wrote Lord of the Rings. Because.. reading his stuff I always got a very vivid impression of the landscape. It was more than just good description somehow, the landscape was like a character in itself. He also gave trees characters and life, so I wondered if he was an environmental empath, maybe also a plant empath.

    here is a link to his wikipedia page

    and here is a couple of photos, with a tree and communing with nature looks like..

    and one when he was young

    Thank you!!! Always wondered about this.

  22. 22
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I would love to nominate Sonia Sotomayor for this context. You have read her before for a comparison face reading – but let’s peek into the aura of this inspiring person!

    In case anyone has been living under a rock, Ms. Sotomayor is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She is the first Hispanic American to become a Justice and the third justice who is a woman. She also recently wrote a memoir called “My Beloved World.”

    I think Ms. Sotomayor may be an empath because of the sensitivity she conveys about complex social issues. She has been both lawyer and judge by training and experience – but perhaps less common (at least to this empath who is submitting this entry), she has used her analytical mind and legal background to understand the most pressing issues facing society. Moreover, she has never taken her accomplishments or success for granted. Public speeches have often focused on issues of ethnicity or gender, such as ethnic identity and experience, the need for diversity, and America’s struggle with the implications of its diverse makeup. She has even appeared on Sesame Street!

    Here is some information about this Sotomayor:

    Here is a link to her memoir:

    Here are some recent photos:

    I think this amazing woman deserves some Deeper Perception! I hope you agree.

  23. 23
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I would love to nominate British actor Charlie Hunnam, who is currently starring in the movie Pacific Rim. He can also currently be seen as the character Jackson “Jax” Teller in the FX (television) series Sons of Anarchy.

    Here are links that provide more information about this actor:

    Here are some links to recent photos of him:

    Here is a picture of him in character as Raleigh Becket:

    I think Mr. Hunnam might be an empath because he brings an unusual quality of vulnerability and pathos to the characters that he plays. For a character who could easily be one-dimensional in a movie about aliens fighting machines, Hunnam brings surprising strength and vulnerability.

    In addition, having seen some video clips of Mr. Hunnam making the press release rounds to promote the movie, he is incredibly funny and engaging. He clearly knows how to connect to interviewers, as well as his audience.

    For such a young, famous, attractive person to bring such a sensitivity and sensibility in this social media saturated era is unusual and surprising. It makes me wonder if he is an empath!

  24. 24
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    In nominating actor Charlie Hunnam, I must of course nominate his co-star, Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi. Kikuchi is the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award in 50 years (for the 2006 movie Babel).

    Here is some information about Ms. Kikuchi here:

    Here are some recent red carpet photos of the actress:

    Here she is in character as Mako Mori:

    I think it would be fascinating to research whether Ms. Kikuchi is an empath. First, there are more empaths in Japan than in any other country. Second, it is very VERY unusual to see a Japanese actress cast as a female lead in a big Hollywood summer blockbuster. She plays the character Ms. Mori in a lovely way, with a balance between East and West in her portrayal. It is not an easy balance to achieve in a movie about aliens vs. machines! She easily carries her own with her male co-star (whom I nominated in Comment #23).

    I also think this article about the paradox of Ms. Kikuchi’s success abroad, with relatively less popularity and success at home in Japan, is fascinating:

  25. 25

    ANITA, these nominations are superb.

    Indirectly you are reminding our whole online community to get busy nominating, because this latest contest will be open until August 1, 2013.

    There is no limit to the number of entries you can propose. And I will be providing a pretty unusual aura reading service for every contest entry:

    I will provide a Yes-Or-No aura reading about the public figure you nominate. Empath or not an empath?

  26. 26
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I have yet another nominee for you! I nominate Andrew Solomon, a writer who may be most well-known for writing The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, which won the 2001 National Book Award and was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize, and most recently, Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.

    Here are links to more about this writer:

    Here are links to recent photos of the writer:

    I believe Mr. Solomon may be an empath because of the exquisite sensitivity and empathy with which he writes. The topics of his two most recent books, depression and stigmatized conditions, could hardly be considered go-to topics in popular culture about which to write. Yet his ability to broach these important topics and the way in which he has done them have garnered him widespread praise: The Noonday Demon was listed by The Times as one of the hundred best books of the decade and Far From the Tree was listed by The New York Times Book Review as one of the Ten Best Books of 2012.

    In addition, one of the people that Mr. Solomon interviewed for Far From the Tree had this to say about the writer: “…Andrew has a way of eliciting your true feelings,” he said. “You just trust him. You immediately want to pour your heart out to him.”

    He added: “He’s living in a different world from the one I’m used to, but it’s not a problem, because he doesn’t try to hide it. He’s not trying to be one of the guys. But you can tell he cares. You just want to hug him.”

    In addition, a book reviewer for Far From the Tree, had this to say: “This is a book that shoots arrow after arrow into your heart.”

    (Quotes taken from the NYT article, A Writer Who Embraces Difference, which can be found here:

    I am also wondering if Mr. Solomon is a molecular empath. The depth with which he writes conveys not just an intellectual and emotional understanding of a topic, but Mr. Solomon has a way of writing in which seemingly disparate topics are intimately and uniquely connected. He is able to use his understanding of these topics and weave them together into a beautiful and almost seamless tapestry. For example, each chapter in Far From the Tree holds on its own, but each chapter is also connected to the others and the overarching theme of the book.

    His books also have a way of helping the reader to evolve spiritually. In reading Far From the Tree, not only did I learn a great deal, my heart kept expanding, even while I wondered at times if it would break. I developed empathy and compassion beyond which I felt capable before starting the book.

  27. 27

    ANITA, thanks for an extraordinarily detailed nomination. Besides, indirectly, you may remind our community that this contest will remain open only until August 1.

    Get those nominations in, because not only will I choose a winner and runner up but in this particular contest I will do an up-or-down, yes-or-no reading of every single nominee: Could he/she be an empath?

  28. 28
    Julie says:

    I would like to nominate George Guidall. He is famous for having an acting career, and also being a narrator of audiobooks. He has narrated over 900 audiobooks and is very well known for his voice! He has won 2 Audie Awards, which I understand is the audiobook equivalent of an Oscar Award.

    I heard a talk he gave once, where he spoke about how he uses empathy to connect to the characters in a novel, and then he gives voice to those characters accordingly. In this one-hour talk he must have used the word empathy at least 20 times, so I started to wonder…is he an empath?

    Here is his offical website, for more information about him:

    And here is his photo:

  29. 29
    Julie says:

    I would also like to nominate the actress Claire Danes. She was the in television series My So-Called Life. I believe I saw her also in the movie Stardust. When I watched her in My So-Called Life, I thought she might be an empath because she seems to think deeply about life, and experience life deeply. She (the character) also has a way of recognizing if others around her are telling the truth, which is something some empaths do recognize (I certainly do!). Or if they are telling a half-truth, or a sort-of truth, or manipulating the truth, or dare I say it, lying entirely. The shades of truthfulness register. She also seems like somebody who identifies mostly with her consciousness rather than her physical self or other aspects of life.

    When she did this television show back in the 1990’s, she was just a teenager but people who worked with her were impressed with her talent. One of her costars said that he was intimidated to work with her, because she was so talented that she would nail a scene on the first take, even the really difficult scenes, whereas most actors need many takes to perfect a scene and get it to come out the way they want it to. She was a natural talent.

    More recently she has been in the television series Homeland. She has won multiple Golden Globe and Emmy awards for her acting.

  30. 30
    Julie says:

    I just finished a book by Amelia Kinkade called The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals. I am wondering if the author is an empath. I know that being an animal communicator is NOT the same thing as being an animal empath. I believe they are different skills. But, this author says a few things that make me think she might also be an empath.

    For example, she says that with each animal that she works with, she joins her consciousness with that animal. She goes into the experience of what it is like to be that animal – seeing what they see, feeling what they feel, hearing what they hear. She says that she acts like a fireman. She goes in quickly, puts herself in the experience of the animal (feeling any pains, etc.) and then she gets out quickly. This sounds to me like an empath merge.

    She is just there long enough to be of service, and then she leaves with the insights of what is going on with the animal.

    Here is Amelia Kinkade’s website:

    And here is a photo of a really big bunny (along with Amelia Kinkade). LOL.

    Thank you, Rose, for this contest. I think I will learn a lot from the results of the yes/no readings, as well as the finalists. I am so excited!

  31. 31
    Julie says:

    These pictures are also great too, for Amelia Kinkade.

    Amelia with a kangaroo:

    Amelia with a lion:

    Apparently she travels around the world assisting with animal rescue operations, as well as working and writing about animal communication. Her website is fascinating (and surprisingly glamorous).

  32. 32

    Today our contest officially closes.

    And now my fun job starts.

    As promised, I will comment with an up-or-down yes or no about whether the nominee here is an empath.

    I won’t go into details. Except that, having special interest in the particular empath gift called “Molecular Empath,” I will flag that if I find it.

    My goal is to do one per day, unless I spend so much extra time at the blog with a new post or some wild commenting frenzy that my allotment of Blog Time for the day is used up.

    After I go through all the merry crew, empath or non-empath, I will select the two winners of this contest and deliver, as promised, more of an aura reading.

    Hooray! Again I do want to thank you Blog-Buddies, for all these scrumptious nominees. Plus for the level of participation here.

    A friend emailed me today, related to a little controversy yesterday where I stomped my foot down, calling this a “high quality blog with high quality students. Most blogs are nowhere near this caliber, especially because this is a general audience blog, not a closed blog.”

  33. 33

    Responding to Empath Contest Entry #1, from Donna. Regarding Johnny Depp:

    Empath? Yes.

  34. 34

    Definitely included, JULIE.

    What a great nomination.

    Of course, when a contest ends on August 1, that could be interpreted at ending right before midnight on that day.

    I’m game.

    Bring on those last-minute nominations, Blog-Buddies!

  35. 35
    Julie says:

    Oh, thank you, Rose, for including my last minute nomination! I think we were both typing around the same time and I didn’t realize you had started investigating.

  36. 36
    Julie says:

    I would like to nominate just one more person, on this final day of the contest. She is American figure skater Sasha Cohen, who won a silver medal in the 2006 Olympics. She is known for being an extremely flexible, beautiful, and graceful skater. I have seen her in person at two Stars on Ice tour performances. I love to watch her skate because the overall quality of what she does is so very high. She is exquisite to watch.

    Now, why do I think she is empath? She sometimes looks really, really nervous during competitions. I think she feels it when the stress is high, and the crowd is watching and yelling things, and having expectations. I wonder if she is an empath and this gets to her, and throws her off a bit. She seems, at times, to get distracted by the crowd and lose track of herself while skating in high pressure situations.

    She also doesn’t clamp down on her emotions while performing, which some skaters do. She seems to be connected to the crowd while skating, and very aware of that crowd, for better or worse.

    Here is more information about her:

    Here is a non-skating picture of Sasha:

    And for those of you who are skating enthusiasts, this is lovely performance. It’s her Short Program from the 2002 Olympics, where she placed 4th.

    [Link No Longer Available]

    And for anyone who has not seen a display of her flexibility, it is astonishing. Here is her performance from the Stars on Ice show that I went to see. In person it was just riveting.

    [Link No Longer Available]

  37. 37
    Aura Reader by Night says:

    Hi Rose,

    I also nominate Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of former president John F. Kennedy. Many consider the Kennedy family to be one of the most powerful political dynasties in America, the closest thing to American royalty. She is the sole surviving member of President Kennedy’s family.

    Ms. Kennedy has been in the news recently because six days ago, news sources announced that President Obama nominated her to be the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

    Here is some information about Ms. Kennedy:

    Here are some recent pictures of Ms. Kennedy:

    The reason I wonder why Ms. Kennedy might be an empath is because she has been appointed ambassador to a country with one of the highest percentages of empaths in the world, where many souls choose to incarnate into a society with many other empaths (1 in 5 in Japan, versus 1 in 20 in the United States). My understanding is that the Japanese are thrilled that Ms. Kennedy was nominated to be their envoy. Many feel that this position is well-matched for Ms. Kennedy. If nothing else, sources said that Ms. Kennedy is well-versed in diplomacy and social graces. As Ambassador to Japan, Ms. Kennedy would be well-matched to a nation and culture that would appreciate, respect, and admire her refinement.

    Ms. Kennedy has led a privileged life, yet she has been described as remarkably unspoiled. However, that life has also been marked by family tragedy. Her father was assassinated when she was a young child; her brother, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and his new wife, unexpectedly died in a plane crash.

    A quote that struck me and made me wonder if Ms. Kennedy is an empath is this: During college, Kennedy “considered becoming a photojournalist, but soon realized she could never make her living observing other people because they were too busy watching her.” That kind of self-awareness and perceptiveness could be a clue that she is an empath.

    In addition to playing a crucial role as the guardian of the flame on behalf of the Kennedy family legacy, Ms. Kennedy has been involved in a great deal of charitable work. She has three now adult children, who have also largely remained outside the public eye.

  38. 38
    Aura Reader by Night says:

    Hi Rose,

    Oooh, last minute nominations. I’m game!

    I nominate Diane Sawyer, who has had a legendary career as a television journalist. She is currently anchor of ABC World News and was previously co-anchor of Good Morning America.

    Here is more information about her here:

    Here are some recent photos of her:

    The reason I think Ms. Sawyer may be an empath is because when rumors surfaced that She might retire from ABC News, sources close to her were quoted as saying that she was helping her mother battle an illness. Once source said that Sawyer was “the nicest woman” and if a co-worker had a birthday, she would throw a party – “…anything to show everyone a good time.”

    This could just make Ms. Sawyer a nice person. However, I had an opportunity to do an internship at ABC News and worked in a division just down the hall from hers.

    From personal observation, she really is an incredibly nice person. I witnessed her interacting with a colleague or staff member, and she just seemed to understand the colleague and know what to say. Ms. Sawyer used the same bathroom as every other staff member on the floor, including the interns. She was amazingly low-key and almost unrecognizable when she wasn’t being filmed on air.

    I would also imagine that being an empath could have helped her in her enormously in her career as a television journalist, since she is famous for getting exclusive interviews.

    And a surprising fun fact? Sawyer herself was even suspected of being Deep Throat during the Watergate scandal!

  39. 39

    On to our next nominee, the great herbalist Hanna Kroeger, nominated by SUZ.

    Empath? Most definitely.

    Incidentally, being an empath shows throughout life. So any photograph of a person, from babyhood on, will reveal if that person is a lifelong empath or not.

    All the empath gifts that a person has show right from the start.

    Similarly, if the person is NOT an empath, that shows too.

  40. 40

    JESSICA, JESSICA, you really scored a hit when nominating novelist Barbara Kingsolver. She doesn’t just go onto our list of empaths.

    She goes onto the Enlightenment Life List. Hooray! Score one for us writers. 🙂

    So big thanks for this nomination in Comment 11.

  41. 41

    KYLIE, you have articulated the question so beautifully: “… acting the part of someone who listens to people with a million emotional antennae extended, sensitive to every nuance of emotion? She is so very expressive of emotion, but I’m not sure that that means she is an empath.”

    Acting empathic can be a way different thing from having circuits as an empath. So what about this actress, Lauren Graham?

    BTW, the link you submitted long ago for the contest expired so I am using this new one:

    A very talented empath indeed! Well done, KYLIE.

  42. 42
    Kylie says:

    Cool! Thanks, Rose.

  43. 43

    Responding today, BRIDGET, to your nomination of Dita Von Teese, who is famous for reviving the art of burlesque, being a fetish model, a spokesperson for Cointreau, and Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife.

    It’s great to have a nomination who is NOT an empath, just for some variety, BRIDGET.


  44. 44

    Comment 15 from ANITA is the exceptionally rigorous nomination of Christy Turlington Burns.

    So many great qualities to her, ANITA, but they do not include empath gifts.

    I will share that clicking on this link:

    What struck me most forcibly? This woman is starving hungry.

    Why, oh why, do women latch onto The Anorexic Ideal and keep on living that way?

    Anyway, ANITA, thank you for a thought-provoking contest entry.

  45. 45
    INFPstarflower says:

    “Why, oh why, do women latch onto The Anorexic Ideal and keep on living that way?”

    For me, it was because I wanted so much to be beautiful. For some reason, (STUFF, most likely,) I equated being beautiful with being loved. And I wanted more than anything to be loved. People don’t normally tell me that I’m beautiful. But I hear all the time about how skinny women are beautiful. I just assumed I wasn’t beautiful because I wasn’t thin enough.

    Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, maybe, but that was how I felt. I know that “everybody is not ‘just like me’,” but I think there are probably many women who can relate to this.

    One possible answer to your (rhetorical?) question.

  46. 46
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for reading Christy Turlington Burns, as well as the other contest entries. I love the range of people who were nominated. I also really love that Bridget nominated Dita Von Teese, who also turns out not to be an empath.

    It’s not only great for variety, but helpful for all of us who are learning discernment and growing our skills in energetic literacy. Having contrast – empath, not an empath – is especially helpful with this.

    I also really appreciate you reminding us of the perils of The Anorexic Ideal – and how this can clearly show up in auras.

  47. 47

    ANITA, thank you so much for Comment 46. And thanks likewise to INFP STARFLOWER, with that profound and deeply personal contribution to discussion of The Anorexic Idea.

    Especially touching to me:

    “I hear all the time about how skinny women are beautiful. I just assumed I wasn’t beautiful because I wasn’t thin enough.”

    Won’t it be great, ladies, when Stage Three Energetic Literacy becomes as common as Gutenberg Literacy?

    Then, at will, we can read anyone’s gifts of the soul in chakra databanks. Finding beauty, authentic and distinctive beauty galore!

    As for the glamour and sexiness of succeeding at looking more like a coat hanger than a living, breathing woman? The Anorexic Ideal will be debunked.

    Maybe right along there with the alleged charm and beauty resulting from the ancient Chinese custom of crippling women by binding their feet.

  48. 48

    ANITA, thanks also for providing a link to a blog post about talent scouting for empaths, using talented Natalie Portman as an example. Your Comment 17.

    Yes, over at

    you can see me in action, researching a nominee like those in this recent empath contest.

    At that earlier post you will learn that Ms. Portman is definitely an empath.

  49. 49

    PRIMMIE, thank you for your splendid nomination of photographer Don Mccullin in your Comment #19.

    He is a super-talented empath, ravaged by suffering (as you once were, I gather, PRIMMIE).

  50. 50
    Primmie says:

    Thank you so much Rose! I fell in love with Don Mccullin when I heard him interviewed. Such a talented thoughtful man. I think the way he described opening up to suffering as a photographer really resonated with me. I have done that so much myself and it has caused me so much misery. I’m sure it has caused Don Mccullin a lot of pain too, but the photographs he’s created while doing that are amazing.

    I wondered as well if he may have been a twin and lost his twin while in utero. The way he spoke about his dark room and the suffering of his creative process was so striking and full of womb imagery.

    Thank you so much Rose, I’m really enjoying this thread.

  51. 51

    LARA, thank you so much for Comment 21 with your nomination of I would like to nominate J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote Lord of the Rings.


    Always an empath.

    By the time of this older photo:

    Enlightened. Onto the list he goes!

    also Enlightened.

    Onto the Enlightenment Life List he goes, LARA. H

  52. 52
    Lara says:

    WOW!! Thank you Rose!! Enlightened too!! That is a massive suprise that somehow that doesn’t suprise me at all. I don’t know why this makes me so happy, but it does!

  53. 53

    Makes me happy, LARA. Actually welcoming every new name, and person, to the Enlightenment Life List makes me happy. 🙂

  54. 54

    ANITA, thank you so much for the nomination of Supreme Court Justice, and wise Latina, Sonia Sotomayor.

    She has written my favorite memoir EVER, “My Beloved World.”

    No, I do not find her to be an empath. Just wise in so many ways, well worth an aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge here, for sure. Some day.

  55. 55
    Anita says:

    Thank you, Rose, for reading the latest Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. I, too, love her memoir!

    Like Lara, I was really excited to learn that not only is writer J.R.R. Tolkien an empath, he is also Enlightened. Ditto for writer Barbara Kingsolver.

    I have to admit that I get a thrill when a writer is both an empath and Enlightened – it’s like a bell in my soul rings. Writers have always had a special influence on me, ever since I learned to read and got my first library card. They have inspired me, made me laugh and cry… Created entire worlds with just their words… They have influenced my very thoughts and feelings about many subjects and matters, significant and trivial

    Tolkien and Kingsolver, in particular, have both made me cry. I discovered entire new worlds because of them. I especially learned about love, loyalty, loss, honor, identity, and compassion, in particular, because of these two writers.

    I always thought it must be a very special person who could influence another person’s inner life so profoundly, without any physical contact or personal interaction. As I got older, I realized how powerful words could be, how profound the ideas transmitted could be. Words could start revolutions. After all, when dictators took power, what was the first that many of them did? They burned libraries and books!

  56. 56
    Anita says:

    I am also loving the fact that two outstanding individuals, both very different from each other, are NOT empaths.

  57. 57

    In Comment 23, ANITA has also nominated British actor Charlie Hunnam.

    Such an empath!

    And thank you for a fine nomination, comprehensive, well researched and eloquent.

  58. 58
    Anita says:

    Rose, thank you so much for researching Charlie Hunnam. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite young actors to watch. His performances, even if not “perfect” technically from an acting standpoint, have such an emotional resonance about them that can’t be faked. It’s wonderful to discover that some of the oomph in his acting is likely coming from him having circuits as an empath. Lovely!

    This actor interviews really well on talk shows, so for anyone looking for an empathic “contact high,” it’s worth watching him in an interview. His presence fills the room and does so with such verve that I’m left smiling long after the interview is over.

  59. 59
    Julie says:

    Great nomination, Anita! I just watched an interview with Charlie Hunnam. It was so funny! He was great. Just like you said, it was a great contact high. Wonderful to see an empath who is doing so well. He has great physical presence in the room but also verve and vitality.

    Here is the interview I watched. It was laugh-out-loud funny. So much!

  60. 60

    Comment 24 contains ANITA’s nomination of Rinko Kikuchi.

    That’s quite a big deal for Kikuchi, being the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award in 50 years (for the 2006 movie “Babel”).

    Rinko-san definitely won with this nomination. She is most definitely an empath.

  61. 61
    Anita says:

    Hi Julie,

    Comment #59… I saw that interview as well – and loved it! One of the things I adore about this actor is that he is so spontaneous, which not all actors are when they are interviewed on television in front of a live audience! He even says something to that effect in the interview, “Let’s just see what happens,” although he says that in response to how he feels about confronting a burglar in his home! This kind of curiosity and fearlessness about life allows him to be fully engaged and so present in the moment. Incredible verve and vitality. He knows how to move energy, this young man.

  62. 62
    Anita says:

    Dear Rose,

    Thank you so much for reading Rinko-san. There was something very special about the movie “Pacific Rim” for me, even though it is ostensibly about man made machines vs. aliens.

    The fact that the two leads are both empaths is one of the very special things about this movie. It brings a human dimension to the movie, since their relationship is a central part of the plot. Their ability to join in consciousness with each other is actually a critical part of their journey – and the movie’s story!

    It makes sense to me that part of the reason why their closeness on film is convincing is because they are both empaths. It doesn’t feel forced or fake. And it’s not a superficial or romantic connection. Their connection is deeper, even though they don’t play a romantic couple. That is another aspect of the movie that I like and find special. It’s not a typical Hollywood story.

  63. 63
    Anita says:

    Here’s a clip of Mr. Hunnam being interviewed on Jay Leno. If you wait, there is a clip of the fight sequence from “Pacific Rim” that is shown on Leno as part of the promo being done for the movie.

  64. 64
    Julie says:

    Hi Anita,

    Comment #59: I loved the part where he says “Let’s just see what happens”. He’s so spontaneous. I can understand why many actors giving interviews might not want to speak spontaneously. Anything might come out! And yet that’s maybe where the magic is, and some of the memorable-ness. I know I felt uplifted from having watched the interview.

  65. 65
    Anita says:

    Hi Julie,

    Comment #64: Exactly. You hit the bulls-eye. So many interviews seem scripted. Charlie Hunnam says exactly what he’s thinking in that moment. It gives him a kind of humanity – and it’s hard not to like him for that. He also has a great way of finding humor in the absurdity of life. There are so many things that people think but don’t say… But he does. And with great verve and wit.

  66. 66
    Julie says:

    Hi Anita,

    Comment #65: Somebody told me once that conversations can’t be planned and scripted. It was at a time when I was trying to plan out what I would say, before saying it. But that was ultimately a lack of trust in the moment, and a way of trying to control the conversation rather than surrender to the moment. It’s not about planning something perfect or brilliant to say and then delivering it, like a packaged script –it’s about the give and take of what happens in the moment. Mr. Hunnam shows this beautifully.

  67. 67
    Anita says:

    Hi Julie,

    Comment #66: I completely agree with you. I, too, used to try to do what you described. It works to a certain extent – and only to a certain extent – for presentations. Even in those, there has to be a certain amount of flexibility and give-and-take with the audience and the moment at hand. I feel that the ability to do that, to be able to “move” with people and the moment, is what separates the average speaker from the exceptional speaker.

    Life can’t be scripted, no matter how much we prepare.

    I am also finding, more and more, that we are living in times that are almost “forcing” us, for lack of a better word, to be a bit more spontaneous and present in the moment. I know that the more I try to “force” things to go a certain way, the more that I am “forced” to surrender, to give up my idea or illusion of what I think should be and how I think it should happen! It’s a big lesson for me. It doesn’t mean that long-term goals have not been achieved, but they are less and less achieved in the time frame or manner in which I originally planned or envisioned.

  68. 68

    Next up, another beautifully researched nomination by Blog-Buddy ANITA, in her Comment 26.

    This time the empath nominee is Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, which was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize, and Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.

    Oy veh! That Andrew Solomon is such an empath, with so much STUFF that makes his identity painful (speaking of identity which, of course, he is). And Andrew remains such an unskilled empath by the time of this photo link you supplied:

    The man wears his pain on his sleeve. However, it’s a fascinating lifetime. The career seems to be going nicely. Besides, Mr. Solomon can always become a skilled empath at the right time for him.

    Well done, ANITA, at choosing another empath for this contest!

  69. 69
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you so much for researching writer Andrew Solomon. He is a fascinating person – and what you said about him is spot on.

    He is an amazing writer. I hope that one day he realizes that he does not need to suffer as a human being – or as an empath – for his writing or in his life.

    He can still keep his tremendous talent and creativity – and be much happier.

  70. 70

    JULIE, thank you so much for your nomination of George Guidall, who has been my companion through many a happy hour of exercise.

    George Guidall is one of America’s pre-eminent audiobook narrators. It is going to be fun to check him out as an empath in response to your Comment 28 in this Empath Contest.

    Yes indeed. Such an empath!

  71. 71
    Julie says:

    Oh, good! Thank you, Rose, for reading George Guidall. I’m glad to hear he is an empath; now I won’t have to wonder anymore. I had thought about it from time to time after hearing his talk at the library. It was so overwhelmingly about empathy. It was neat to get the chance to meet him, hear him talk about his creative process (how empathy gets him in character), and listen to him read some excerpts from his audiobooks. He can change his voice so completely from one character to the next.

  72. 72

    In Comment 29, JULIE nominated the critically acclaimed actress Claire Danes.

    Empath? Yes, I agree, JULIE, based on researching chakra databanks. Yes, indeed.

  73. 73

    P.S. Found something wonderfully surprising when I did the first blog article profiling one of our contest winners. I just had to name George Guidall as the recipient of a full face reading.

    But I had no idea….

  74. 74

    In Comment 30, JULIE nominated Amelia Kinkade.

    Explaining her nomination, JULIE wrote: “For example, she says that with each animal that she works with, she joins her consciousness with that animal. She goes into the experience of what it is like to be that animal – seeing what they see, feeling what they feel, hearing what they hear. She says that she acts like a fireman. She goes in quickly, puts herself in the experience of the animal (feeling any pains, etc.) and then she gets out quickly. This sounds to me like an empath merge.”

    I agree. This sounds like a Skilled Empath Merge, actually. Because Amelia Kinkade goes in quickly and purposely, uses her skills, and then gets OUT quickly.

    Of course, the fun of full energetic literacy (a.k.a. Stage Three Energetic Literacy) is being able to research at the level of someone’s aura — Divine and astral components of a person.

    That prevents confusion when we stay put at the human level — generally a wise place to position our consciousness, but not so useful for telling what goes on at those deeper levels if you are curious about being an empath, or whether someone is Enlightened, or whether the person has integrity, etc.

    Okay, plain vanilla aura reading to the rescue. Just like when Amelia Kinkade is acting like a fireman. 😉

    This immensely loving being is definitely an empath, JULIE.

    Well nominated indeed!

  75. 75
    Julie says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for researching all of these nominations, that so far have turned out to be empaths! I am pleasantly surprised. I actually did not do any aura reading research beforehand, just went with what I noticed in objective reality for some of the nominations, with a more subjective take on other nominations.

    I’m glad that the research is backing them up, though my intent in nominating was purely to learn something. So from that perspective, it really doesn’t matter whether they are or are not empaths; either way I learn something.

    When I put them in, I was slightly concerned that maybe NONE of them were empaths. But if I don’t ask, I won’t learn, right?

    Thanks for a great contest!

  76. 76
    Julie says:

    I liked the fireman analogy too, Rose. Amelia Kinkade goes in, gets the job done, and gets out! I remember her talking about that in her book, and saying that she doesn’t linger in the animal’s experience. Especially because some of them are in pain or distress, and it doesn’t help for her to linger in that. It’s best to get in and out quickly. That’s how she can be of service. It’s clear to me from reading the book how much she cares about her work, and how this a sacred calling to her, heart-driven and done out of just the purest love for animals.

  77. 77

    Okay, Blog-Buddies, let’s finish these nominations tonight.

    In Comment 34, JULIE nominated American figure skater Sasha Cohen, who won a silver medal in the 2006 Olympics. The wonderfully detailed nomination included this fascinating observation by JULIE, “She seems to be connected to the crowd while skating, and very aware of that crowd, for better or worse.”

    I agree. Totally a performer. Truly a powerhouse. Courageous enough to compete as a world class figure skater. And an empath, too. 🙂

    Well done, JULIE.

  78. 78

    On to Diane Sawyer, nominated in Comment 37 by Aura Reader by Night, let’s not let eyes skip over the part where you wrote that you were actually an intern down the hall from the super-famous TV personality.

    What an honor!

    And I love when you Blog-Buddies shine your light in places where influential folks can sample your auric modeling.

    Incredibly nice is pretty special. In Sawyer’s case, however, I do not think this means the same thing as empath.

    Actually, nice person and empath never need to be connected. Or not connected. Apples and oranges, you know?

  79. 79

    Last read is another superb nomination from Aura Reader by Night, Caroline Kennedy.

    Definitely an empath. What a perfect choice for U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

    As I learned during my year spent, altogether, giving workshops and sessions in Japan, this is a very special part of the world.

    Among the specialness of Japan? Unlike nowhere else on earth I’m aware of, so many empaths. I found it to be 1 in 5 people, not 1 in 20.

    So well done with this final nomination of the contest. 🙂

  80. 80

    Officially declaring the Winner of this Empath Contest, I first want to thank every one of you who nominated a candidate.

    Our runner-up was George Guidall. I hope you enjoyed the article on him.

    The final choice of contest winner is Hannah Kroeger, the great herbalist nominated in Comment 3 by SUZ. Look out for a Skilled Empath Merge coming soon.

  81. 81
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for finishing this list up Rose. Very exciting! I’ve been waiting to hear about Sasha Cohen! Good instincts Julie, all empaths! Although you are right, it is just as educational to learn which candidates are not empaths.

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