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Nelson Mandela Face Reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his face reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his face reading

Nelson Mandela Face Reading. Let’s honor this great man with a face reading, celebrating one of my heroes. Maybe one of yours, too.

Let’s honor this beautiful being from our Enlightenment Life List. Let’s honor him while he still is alive.

You may know that this world historical figure has a distinguished history with helping to end apartheid, that he served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and that he now is gravely ill. Born July 18, 1918, he is nearly 94.

Let’s honor Nelson Mandela with a face reading, exploring the sacred spiritual alphabet of physiognomy. Distinctive physical features and proportions that he has evolved by this time in his life, what do they mean about his unique soul expression on earth?

For This Nelson Mandela Face Reading

Let’s use the system of Face Reading Secrets(R). You can learn it systematically from the book published this year, “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Or you can just learn this fascinating field in the casual manner of reading the occasional blog post like this one. A set of practical FAQs about face reading can get you started in physiognomy as a beginning face reader.

To join me in today’s face reading of the great South African leader, use this face reading photo link for the original photograph showing Nelson Mandela.

This photograph is more suitable for face reading because the face is larger and is in repose, rather than smiling. True, the face is tilted a bit to one side, yet the camera angle is straighter than many a photo that seems like a front view, when you’re just starting off with physiognomy skills. A photo like the one at the top of the post, which veers toward a 3/4 view.

To a face reader’s eye, that face also tilts downward. Seek here for a photograph.

Nelson Mandela Face Reading: Prominent Cheeks

Category for this Face Reading Data

Cheek Prominence, how much a cheek sticks out

How to See It

Note how much cheeks move forward compared with the plane at the sides of the nose, the sides of the mouth.

And to see Prominent Cheeks most accurately, be sure to look at a photo that shows the face in repose rather than smiling.

Nelson Mandela wears an extreme version of this facial characteristic, what I call a “VERY.”

Corresponding Talent

Courage in the use of power. Nelson Mandela has had the chance to use his power politically. You just may have heard!

Prominent Cheeks correspond to a strong, unabashed, focused use of personal power. When this is used politically, this leadership style can make a huge difference.

Potential Challenge

Punished by those who don’t like what he stands for? An extra-tempting target for criticism?

In Japan, there’s a famous proverb related to this particular challenge:

The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

Nelson Mandela Face Reading: Far-Set Cheeks

Category for this Face Reading Data

Cheek Emphasis

How to See It

Some cheeks show an emphasis, while others don’t. It’s one part of a person’s cheek that sticks out more than others.

Note that this category is not about whether cheeks on the whole are sticking out from the face. Instead the question becomes, “Where is the sticking out part?”

On Nelson Mandela, the cheeks are fullest out toward the sides of his face, near to the ears.

Mandela has both VERY Prominent Cheeks and VERY Far-Set Cheeks.

Corresponding Talent

Ability to stay motivated and focused over a long period of time, using power in the service of a project that isn’t necessarily quick to achieve.

Gee, do you think 27 years in and out of South African prisons might serve as a good example?

Potential Challenge

Choosing a worthy challenge or an unworthy one?

Who is to make that judgment call? Only the individual, ultimately.

Yet many people have chosen a long project that provided learning in life but was otherwise undesirable, focusing on it for decades. For instance, the project was “Get rich quick” or “Keep trying to force my nephew into going to rehab.”

Nelson Mandela has overcome that challenge, it seems to me. He persisted in something totally worthy, vitally important.

Nelson Mandela Face Reading: Rectangular Nostril Shape

Category for this Face Reading Data

Nostril Shape

How to See It

Be sure to look at the nose on the level. Otherwise the face data will be distorted. Our picture at the top of today’s post, for instance.

Also important: Make sure the photo is large enough to show the nostrils clearly.

For you, that might mean copying the photo from one of the links supplied here, pasting it onto a fresh document, then pulling on the photo corners until you see those fabulous nostrils.

Rectangular Nostrils? Such a rare shape in this category.

Look at the dark area, the shadowed part. Is it shaped like a box?

That’s it, then, a Rectangular Nostrils. Both nostrils in the pair may not match. With Nelson Mandela they do.

Corresponding Talent

Talent for spending within one’s means. Budgeting comes easy. The desire for fiscal responsibility runs strong.

If the nostril owner happens to be the president of his nation, there are important benefits likely for the country he leads.

Potential Challenge

Unimaginative with financial resources? Rigid about spending money?

Nelson Mandela Face Reading: Trendsetter Lips

Category for this Face Reading Data

Upper Lip Shape

How to See It

Right at the center of the upper lip, directly beneath the philtrum, lips make an inverted V shape.

Sometimes that is called a “Cupid’s Bow.” I prefer the term “Trendsetter Lips.” Because the meaning of this face reading characteristic is not related to being loveable, one way or the other.

Corresponding Talent

Each of us humans has self-authority. With that goes the ability to express ourselves in words and speak up for ourselves.

With Trendsetter Lips, there’s an extra ability that comes quite naturally, a kind of talent: Being able to speak eloquently on behalf of a whole group of people.

Gee, in the case of Nelson Mandela, I wonder which group of people that might be?

Potential Challenge

Having no life of your own, communication of your own, when not in a representing role?

Always, in life, there can be a balancing act between:

  • Serving humanity as a World Server
  • Having a glorious human life, especially important if you are a householder rather than a renunciate

With big fame, or a big job to do in the world, or simply the talent of Trendsetter Lips, it can be tempting to throw aside one’s humanity and, instead, serve humanity.

Nelson Mandela Face Reading: Outspoken Lips

Category for this Face Reading Data

Lip Proportions

How to See It

Which lip is fuller, the upper lip or the lower one? On Nelson Mandela, the upper lip is way, way, fuller. This gives him a VERY version of Outspoken Lips.

Actually, if you look carefully at an enlarged photo that shows mouth detail, that upper lip is so much fuller, it could belong to an entirely different mouth from the one in proportion with his lower lip. A definite VERY.

Corresponding Talent

Eloquent about describing subjective reality, or how life feels. In contrast to what? Compared to talking about the facts, objective reality.

Perhaps this talent is one of the components of Nelson Mandela’s political greatness.

In objective reality, apartheid was not just an unproductive way to squander human talent, an unfair way to structure economic wealth.

In subjective reality, it was morally reprehensible and caused enormous suffering, very human kinds of suffering.

Have any of you Blog-Buddies studied in depth what Nelson Mandela accomplished, or what happened to turn around apartheid? I’d be fascinated to hear your summary, read links that you provide. Because it does seem to me that this world hero (to me) may have used this communication talent in combination with his others in order to move people’s emotions about that ugly form of institutionalized racism known as apartheid.

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  1. 1
    Curious As Ever says:

    Thank you, Rose. Very interesting about the cupid’s bow. I also notice his eyelids… Overwork? He has two very distinct forehead lines, one for each side, not continuous. Compartmenatlized thinking?

    Funny to say about an old man’s face but it is a beautiful face.

  2. 2
    Jill Erin says:

    Thank you, Rose, for this wonderful reading of a beautiful man. Mandela is definitely one of my heroes. He always speaks with such deep integrity and authority that he just commands respect, whether they agreed with him or not.

    I agree, Curious As Ever, his face is beautiful.

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