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Collective Consciousness, What's That?

collective consciousness

Collective consciousness, where each of us counts as a piece of an evolving puzzle.

Collective consciousness — do you know what that means? Since it impacts your life every single day, learning about collective consciousness can help you with personal growth.

Collective consciousness has been mentioned often at this blog. Never before have I dedicated a blog post to defining it. Nor to exploring why collective consciousness is such an important part of my mission, here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” … and with my healing work in general.

Hmm, collective consciousness is such an important theme, I feel like rolling up my sleeves when getting to work. Except it’s the last day in June, a gorgeous day here in Sterling, Virginia. My shirt has short sleeves, actually.

However, I am choosing to write this blog post rather than putter around in my garden on this gorgeous summer day. So collective consciousness must be important to me. If I succeed at today’s post, collective consciusness will remain — or become — really important to you, too.

What Collective Consciousness Means

Energetically all human beings, animals, plants, and objects are connected. We interact at the human level, of course. We interact at the etheric, or Divine, level. Also — to a degree that becomes shockingly huge, and very fascinating — we also interact at the astral level.

These three vibrational frequencies correspond to what psychologists call:

  • The conscious mind (Human frequencies)
  • Plus the Higher Self or Wise Mind (Divine frequency)
  • And also the subconscious or unconscious mind (Astral frequency)

Here at Earth School, all three levels of you — and all other humans — have a chance to evolve.

The history of ideas is a fascinating academic discipline about our collective evolution, humanly, intellectually.

Social historians notice collective evolution as well, everyday life reflecting trends related to laws and social institutions. (More on some of these soon, but from the perspective of collective consciousness.) Sometimes this is called the Zeitgeist, or spirit of the time.

For spiritual healers, like me, the really exciting version of collective growth is the evolution of collective consciousness.

Collective consciousness means the spiritual evolution of humanity, how we live humanly.

What we think, say, and do. Our politics. Our secrets. Our triumphs. Our hidden shames. What we collectively notice and what we collectively thrust into denial.

Where Does the Term “Collective Consciousness” Originate?

In Western thought, the concept of collective consciousness is similar to the idea of “The collective unconscious,” courtesy of the great Carl Jung: “Innate dispositions to experience and represent basic human behavior and situations.”

Carl Jung thought of archetypes. I think of evolution. But maybe I would think that way if Jung hadn’t introduced the idea of a deep, universal, unconscious human connection.

A different term, “Collective Consciousness,” is Eastern in origin, far as I know.

Collective Consciousness. How I First Learned About It

I first learned it when studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who didn’t just teach millions of people the technique of Transcendental Meditation but was an astonishingly effective teacher of his religious tradition, Hinduism.

Since that guru taught such a mixture, yet downplayed the Hinduism aspect, I really don’t know whether collective consciousness was one of Maharishi’s many brilliant insights or it is more a traditional term, perhaps 10,000 years old (like so much of Vedic wisdom). Perhaps some of you more knowledgeable Blog-Buddies could comment about this, educating me (among others interested in the idea of collective consciousness).

Either way, I have found collective consciousness to be a very useful concept. For instance, fascination with collective consciousness has far outlasted my affiliation with TM.

Why Care About Collective Consciousness?

Say that you facilitate mind-body-spirit growth, helping people on their personal path to Householder Enlightenment. Or even an Enlightenment Coach!

Or suppose you have any interest whatsoever in personal growth, whether for yourself, or as a healer,  or as a teacher, or as a community organizer, or as a political activist, or any motivation whatsoever that involves how people collectively relate to different aspects of life.

Collective consciousness matters because it is more than memesslang that becomes popular, or which YouTubes go viral, or the (alleged) wisdom of crowds. (I say “Alleged” because a crowd might do well for judging the weight of a steer, but that everyman approach doesn’t necessarily make for what I call “Profundity.”)

Collective consciousness is the most intimate, and cumulative, way that you have been growing during your lifetime. Regardless of how active you are socially or politically; despite your love of technology, or lack thereof; you can find meaning in what you value…

when you consider how that topic of personal interest is linked to collective consciousness. For instance….

Political Changes Related to Collective Consciousness

Yesterday’s blog post honored South African President Nelson Mandela.

In his lifetime, and yours, and mine, Mandela made a great change regarding the acceptability of apartheid.

Apartheid became socially unacceptable and politically illegal. Yes. It’s so important that this consciousness raising wasn’t just a change in collective consciousness.

However, when collective consciousness changes enough, it could be argued, social and political and legal changes are able to follow relatively fast.

Why? The majority of people automatically have begun to think differently.

Which Changes to Collective Consciousness Have YOU Witnessed?

In my lifetime, I witnessed the Civil Rights Movement in America. Did you, too?

That historic change included growth in collective consciousness, an evolution related to the noble achievements of Mahatma Gandhi. Yet Gandhi’s achievement taught collective consciousness about colonialism, whereas Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. moved humanity to grow in acknowledging human equality within a nation.

America’s Civil War had contributed to evolution of collective consciousness about race, yet Dr. King moved recognition of prejudice to another level.

In this last week, the scandal about Paula Deen’s racist remarks was, IMO, definitely related to changes in collective consciousness. Racial equality is far from perfect in America now. At least, certain shifts in collective consciousness have made Deen’s language socially unacceptable.

Collective Consciousness About Race In America Has Evolved

I sure hope so, anyway.

Eugene Robinson’s perceptive editorial in The Washington Post really nailed it for me. Read his editorial for info about Deen’s fondness for being waited upon by uniformed African-Americans, not that different from slaves. As Robinson noted:

“’The whole entire wait staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie,’” Dean says in the deposition. “’I mean, it was really impressive. And I remember saying I would love to have servers like that, I said, but I would be afraid that somebody would misinterpret.’”

“Her fears are well-founded.”

The beloved (or formerly beloved) cooking superstar’s personal tragedy is linked to how collective consciousness has changed to the point where racism in public is becoming less acceptable. (Even though I am highly skeptical of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling about supervision of voting rights not, supposedly, being necessary any longer.)

Civil Rights for This Time?

You Know What’s the Happening Thing Now in Collective Consciousness

It’s marriage equality, gender equality.

The defeat of DOMA is a huge legal step that may hasten momentum in America’s collective consciousness.

I think we’ll know that growth in collective consciousness has increased when the predominant language used over the marriage issue becomes “Marriage equality” (Today at 262,000,000 Google hits) rather than “Same-sex marriage.” (Today at 756,000,000 Google hits, more than twice as many.)

Personally, I have cared about LGBT rights long before there was such a term as Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered. Growing up in New York, family friends were in that group. Prejudice against sexual orientation didn’t make sense to me then, nor has it since.

While living near the Whitman-Walker Clinic in D.C., I used to volunteer by doing Reiki treatments. The AIDS epidemic changed collective consciousness in many ways regarding attitudes towards gay culture, and I longed for more change, in the direction of simple human decency.

Consider This Sequence in Collective Consciousness

Thinking in terms of collective consciousness, it makes sense to me that humanity would go through the precise sequence that has developed in American legal history:

  1. Ending slavery
  2. Allowing women to vote
  3. Desegregation and other forms of civil rights
  4. Allowing marriage equality

As part of our collective evolution of consciousness on the planet, first we managed to figure out that humans could not own other humans. Hello!

Then we managed the big leap of considering adult women fully as human and adult as men, and therefore eligible to vote. (Something we’re still working on, regarding adult women being considered adults. 😉 )

With the Civil Rights Movement, collective consciousness evolved to a point where little children from different racial groups were allowed to go to the same school, egregious forms of discrimination could no longer be considered fair or socially acceptable. Affirmative action could begin.

And now, allowing couples to have federal benefits when they are married? To me, this seems like such a no-brainer. Yet I know it is hard for other people with perfectly fine brains, perhaps brains that have been influenced by certain religious views that I happen to find questionable, to put it politely.

Maybe deeply felt views, maybe convenient views. Definitely views out of step with the evolution in America regarding belief.

Why Would Gender Fears Be Toughest to Change in Collective Consciousness?

Not so obvious is that factor of sexual orientation. Of these four fairnesses, internal allegiance to gender is the most subtle.

Especially since sexual orientation may not be so obvious as an either-or. Most of us are mixtures, regarding what attracts us, even if firmly committed to one sexual orientation or another.

Telling the difference about someone other than yourself? Way hard. I don’t use aura reading for that, as you Blog-Buddies may know.

Right on the surface of life, no energetic literacy required:

  • Usually you can discern pretty easily who is male, who is female.
  • Somewhat easily, you can stereotype people into a racial group –though doing so, these days, is pretty complicated. And I sure look forward to the day when collective consciousness in America moves beyond the need to try.

But sexual orientation? Sometimes the person isn’t sure, or allegiance changes.

Just because that doesn’t show on the surface of life, trying to figure out sexual orientation requires learning about an individual.

Exactly the direction where collective consciousness is headed. I hope.

That’s my work. And maybe yours.

This Blog’s Contribution to Collective Consciousness

I do have a dream.

It’s  not a dream like Dr. King’s, that arises out of oppression.

It’s a dream of evolution in collective consciousness, a dream about Energy Spirituality.

It’s a dream where the world’s empaths become skilled empaths. And thus are able to bring a kind of perceptive leadership into earth.

It’s a dream where healing emotional and energetic STUFF, at the astral level, is done by hundreds of thousands, as an effective and seriously respected profession.

It’s a dream where energetic literacy (Stage Three Energetic Literacy) is the norm for otherwise literate human beings.

It’s a dream where people are judged by the contents of their character, or even better, explored all the way down deep, as the magnificent creations they are. A dream where face reading doesn’t mean “Face judging” but reading the Secrets, true face reading. So that each face is recognized as perfect. Perfect as an expression of that evolving soul.

In my dream, collective consciousness has evolved enough for all this to be easy, natural, socially the norm.

That’s my dream, and I give everything I’ve got to help make it happen.

That’s my dream. What is yours?

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  1. 1

    Photo credit goes to an adorable article on “Piecing Together the History of Jigsaw Puzzles:

  2. 2
    David says:

    Hi Rose
    Nice article. Yes, the idea of collective consciousness is eastern and not just Maharishi. But even more deeply, it relates to a fundamental experience of what consciousness is and who we are. Consciousness is undivided and non-local. From a Vedanta (advaita/non-duality) perspective, it is one without a second. But within that field of awareness, consciousness is aware of itself both globally and at every point within itself. In other words, open awareness as well as focused to a point we might call a “me”. The higher stages of consciousness are shifts in our relationship with this dynamic.

    In a sense, collective consciousness is a progressively more localized awareness. Awareness of ourselves as humans, as gendered, as citizens, and so forth. So there is a kind of national, state, and local consciousness. Within those collectives float shared ideas and memes that are somewhat infectious with people we associate with. Collective mind we could say. What Rupert Sheldrake has been researching. So we pick up popular ideas, slang, etc. Advertizing is designed to sway this. Even terms like “group consciousness” are showing up in the press now.

    The article talks about movements in consciousness and evolution. Evolution itself is an idea that was not common not so long ago. We did not see adults as capable of growing. We were fixed, a consequence of our bloodlines.

    The shift of group consciousness can also be seen in the cycles of time. As consciousness moves in cycles and time is a product of the movement of conscious attention, time moves in progressively large cycles of expression and dissolution. Big subject.

    I would say the norm we’re moving towards is much greater than acceptance and tolerance. It is the deeper recognition that we’re in this together, that we are not raised up unless all are raised up, and ultimately, that we are one. Not just conceptually but right in our sensory experience.

  3. 3
    Anne Mullett says:

    Collective consciousness for the betterment of all, where capital and bureaucrats are held to account. As for AIDS in the 80’s, it’s noticeable, womens rights have deteriorated since then. The AIDS epidemic aided a shift, to the right and repression of women’s health care, linked to reproduction. Obviously prevention is better than cure. Women are being subjected to an alienation process by bible thumpers and right wing capital. it is part of the wider problem. Capital wants to alienate the individual from capital. Capital wishes to create QE directed towards itself, oligarchs and bureaucrats. Capital is not of the people. Collective consciousness has to recognise, the process unfolding before their eyes, everyday.

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