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Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA Guest Posts

Enlightenment. JOSEFA

Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA lives that way now. What does she have to say about higher consciousness?

Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA gives us a guest post today about what it’s like for her, living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

She just became the 10th member of our Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) community to move onto the Enlightenment Life List.

JOSEFA is one of the skilled empaths from our community to do this. How many of the 10 are empaths? At least 8.


Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA Shares

JOSEFA PEREA Enlightenment

Josefa Perea

Today JOSEFA PEREA joins my Enlightenment Life List.

JOSEFA PEREA Enlightenment. That’s our topic because this RES Apprentice and skilled empath has just moved into Enlightenment.

What a delight to discover that the 10th member of our Energy Spirituality community has moved into Enlightenment. JOSEFA  PEREA is currently an apprentice in the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

She runs Rising Sun Holistic Counseling. Her skill sets include being licensed as a psychotherapist and a track record working as a supervisor of psychotherapists. Bilingual JOSEFA PEREA has also facilitated the first-ever sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) entirely in Spanish.

Aura Reading for Guidance on Sex Appeal


Sure, let’s start a blog conversation with an aura reading perspective on sex appeal. For starters…

Defining sex appeal

Not easy, finding a full definition. See if this works for you Blog-Buddies:

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Aura Reading Judi Bowker

Aura Reading Judi Bowker join our exploration of sex appeal.

Aura Reading Judi Bowker, we’re going to research the aspect of sex appeal. Learn about parts of an aura (not anatomical parts) that reveal sexiness.

Blog-Buddy DAVID nominated Judi Bowker after he won First Prize in our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal. He wrote, “Judi is gorgeous. I remember her from her role in ‘Brother Son, Sister Moon.’ About St. Francis and his first nun.”

Rose Rosetree Radio Interview

Rose Rosetree Radio

Rose Rosetree Radio Interview coming. Read all about it!

Rose Rosetree Radio Interview. It’s coming. Read all about it! Success and prosperity, making more money — and nothing like Law of Attraction!

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but occasionally a cactus can flower. Just as amazingly, we can have a happy conversation about money.

Courageous Rosanna Tufts is bringing me back to her radio show, “The Tufts Get Going!” Watch out, Blog-Buddies. This time we are discussing a really taboo topic:

Ghost Busting. Guest Post by Elaine

Ghost Busting

Ghost Busting. Restoring order to her home, protecting it and herself energetically.

Ghost Busting. In this guest post, ELAINE chronicles using her RES Energy HEALING skills to move out stuck spirits from her house. Protecting herself!

Protect yourself? Sure. You can even protect your house energetically.

Or protect and cleanse property that you wish to rent. Or improve that vacation hotel suite so that, energetically, it becomes four star.