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Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Aura reading brings perspective on sacred married love.

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Aura reading research has convinced me. Every legal marriage, entered into by mutual consent, is blessed by God.

The President’s change of position about same-sex marriage parallels much of the growth in collective consciousness over marriage equality. A support of marriage equality that can be perfectly compatible with Christianity. Obama called to congratulate the first couple in San Francisco to get married after the Supreme Court struck down the “Defense of Marriage Act” last Wednesday.

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Now Legally OK, Too.

Making complicated legalese — and humanly long story — short, marriage equality is now legal in the U.S. at the federal level.

The Supreme Court’s ruling re-instates the legality of same-sex marriage in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Marriage equality does more than allow California weddings to resume since a voter-approved ban in 2008.

Marriage equality also makes it possible for all married couples in America to claim federal benefits, with important implications for taxes, inheritance, immigration, and other functions that fall under federal jurisdiction rather than state law. In short, simple fairness.

Today’s aura reading celebrates the first wedding to take place in San Francisco after lifting ban the imposed by Proposition 8. No more DOMA, no more Prop 8, and no more waiting forced on couples like Sandy Stier and Kris Perry. As you’ll see, I also found this aura reading a fascinating opportunity to explore Divine blessing during a marriage ceremony.

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. What I Researched

To quote the report from In2East Africa:

“The wedding of Kris Perry, 48, and Sandy Stier, 50, was officiated by California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris at San Francisco’s town hall.

“She declared them ‘spouse and spouse,’ but during their vows they took each other as a ‘lawfully wedded wife’.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality was joyfully celebrated in San Francisco, where couple was the first to marry after the restoration of marriage rights for gay couples. In honor of this same-sex marriage, here is an aura reading of Sandy Stier and Kris Perry.

I’m assuming that Sandy is on the left and Kris on the right, but if one of you Blog-Buddies knows for sure, please educate me in a comment below. What am I sure about?

Aura Reading Basics. Researching Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Or Anything Else.

Basics for aura reading include all this:

  • Every photo is an aura photo, once you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy
  • Every chakra databank is worth reading, but time constraints don’t permit my reading hundreds of chakra databanks on each woman. So I will choose the chakra databanks of interest, related to marriage.
  • Legal human marriage is sacred. Religious or secular, still sacred. Aura readings have taught me this again and again.

Practical point: For any of you Blog-Buddies who have been caught up in the popular notion that having partners is the same thing as being legally married — only, perhaps, cooler — please reconsider. Based on my aura readings over the years, you will evolve way faster spiritually if you make a legal commitment called “Marriage.” (When a marriage ends in divorce, that doesn’t take away the spiritual evolution gained by both parties.)

Even a secular ceremony confers a sacred blessing. Why am I so sure? Because I have read auras of bride and groom during heterosexual marriage ceremonies. Gee, I wonder if there will be Divine blessing for same-sex marriage. All the more reason to do today’s aura reading.

Also Interesting Aura Reading Perspective

On Marriage Equality?

I can’t really do aura reading on marriage equality. I can only read auras of particular individuals.

Certainly I relish using the term “Marriage equality” rather than “Same-sex marriage” or “Gay marriage.” The more I think about it, the loonier and more propaganda-like it seems, using those other two terms.

It’s like when miscegenation laws were repealed. Did we start talking about “White-black marriage” or “Same-race marriage” or “Mixed-race marriage”? Or did Americans eventually relax (or relent) enough to call it, simply, “Marriage”?

Marriage equality is the new normal for those in America’s LGBT community. And for everyone else in the human community. Period.

Okay, what else technically about today’s aura reading? I’ll be using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). Specifically, I’ll use the “Plug in Through Touch” technique for aura reading from regular photographs, which you can learn from “Read People Deeper.”

Join me if you like.

The photo below can be accessed through this aura reading marriage equality link.

Aura reading marriage equality

Just in case you want to open up the picture in another window, maybe copy it and enlarge it, too.

Also, for a more dependable photo, for future reference, just in case the source online article disappears, use this long-term marriage equality aura reading link.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Making Contact with Physical Reality

Aura Reading Sandy Stier

40 feet. In a realm of sacredness and solemnity, on behalf of herself and others.

Blog-Buddies, moments like that don’t come often in human life. (At least, pre-Enlightenment.)

The more familiar equivalent, with a big difference, happens when a traumatic event is transpiring. Suddenly you recognize, “I’m in the zone. What’s happening now isn’t just happening. Something mega-important is happening. I am being traumatized.”

Tell me I’m not alone in having been there. 😉

Well, this is a comparable sense of “Something mega-important is happening,” only it feels sacred and sweet. It’s like standing on earth even while standing on something larger than earth.

Aura Reading Kris Perry

18 feet. Tough, solid, like “The Rock” in her relationship. Kris hasn’t relaxed yet. She stays on her guard, ready to defend her wife if anyone else tries to hurt her.

Besides a habitual defensiveness, Kris has pride and a sense of victory in her way of relating to life around her.

You know how some people (often men) are described as viewing social interactions as “One up or one down” along the pecking order?

Kris keeps score, for sure. Right now, she is one up, with the legal victory winning her a decisive status point. Kris has begun, right now, connecting to physical reality as someone with higher status now, greater stability.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Trusting Reality

I think it can be hard for most people to appreciate how it feels deep down, being part of a social group that is marginalized or hated. Sandy has, of course, lived in such a minority group. Like her new wife, Kris, Sandy has been impacted directly by prejudice in collective consciousness.

Imagine, if you would, Blog-Buddies, how weird that might feel to you on every level. having that legally change in a major way, with you as one of the stars. Before, you lived as a certain kind of social outcast. Then your state, California, made your type of marriage legal. Finally, you could have true marriage equality, within state law.

Then the huge political money pouring into your state, and the vote over Proposition Eight, with a majority of voters in your state forbidding you to marry, whether sneering or pompous or whatever.

Next suppose that you and the one you wish to marry began legal proceedings, joining with another gay couple, taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. For so many months, you must wait out a long public controversy. Finally you win and, in your world view (also in Rose Rosetree’s world view), a long overdue legal fairness has been enacted.

Don’t you think that might alter your subconscious trust in life around you, human reality?

Do I want to read this particular chakra databank? Definitely.

Aura Reading Sandy Stier

40 miles. “Trust” seems like a flimsy word for the huge, renewed, revitalized sense of belonging on earth.

Trust of life is being reinvented as solid. A quiet gratitude pulsates within this chakra databank.

In addition, Sandy’s gratitude has a very Sandy-like quality of purity and sweetness, related to her emotional nature.

Aura Reading Kris Perry

14 feet. Kris feels safer now, safer materially and politically and legally. Safe to have the kind of freedom she feels she has always deserved, an American’s freedom to marry.

Not a mushy-gushy, emotionally-oriented person, Kris experiences trust mostly in terms of social standing, greater ease in dealing with objective reality, and being able to physically relax in a way she has not done for a very long time.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Sexual Self-Esteem

First, a short reflection on sexual orientation and goodness, Divine connection, etc.

If one social and legal act validates a person’s being “Okay, and more than okay” sexually, surely that is marriage. What shows at the chakra databank most related to sexual self-esteem? Of course, I’m curious about auric modeling here, with such a historic marriage.

Before reading this chakra databank, I feel it’s important to point out something related to the religious beliefs and/or fears by those who feel so very sure that only heterosexual sex is good, or has Divine sanction.

One poignant thing I learn from all the aura reading I do in sessions of Energy Spirituality: When we do wrong, when we break a natural law, when we go against the Divine spark within us, most people know it. Only a true psychopath doesn’t show distress.

Just yesterday I facilitated aura reading research for a client whose father, Joe, has done unconscionable things to my client. She, Gladys, has done so much to recover from childhood traumas. I’m very proud of her, and honored to be part of her support team.

Gladys had figured out that her father was an extreme narcissist, that this explained his behavior? But researching his chakra databanks, I didn’t find a simple, straightforward bunch of chakra databank characteristics that correspond to popular ideas of narcissism. Joe had some remorse, deep conflicts, hidden suffering covered up by his pride. Various chakra databanks displayed a complex pattern of knowing, deep down, that he had done some terrible things. Mixed in were denial and detachment and disassociation.

In short, people can be very mixed up indeed. We can hide problems from ourselves consciously, hide from others, push feelings into denial. What can’t we do? Fool the display at the level of chakra databanks, those Divine and astral components of who each person is.

I have read auras of plenty of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered persons. Including some who are on our Enlightenment Life List. Old prejudices against non-heterosexuality are just that. Prejudice. Aura reading does not bear out wickedness or weakness related directly to sexual orientation. (Although aura reading sometimes shows awful dysfunction, or downright wickedness, associated with prejudice against members of the LGBT community.)

That said, back to today’s aura reading. For the Sexual Self-Esteem Chakra Databank at the Belly Chakra. Yeah!

Aura Reading Sandy Stier

20 feet. Loads of scar tissue in this chakra databank symbolizes struggles overcome regarding sexual self-esteem.

By the time of this photograph, Sandy is comfortable with her sexuality and her self-esteem sexually has recovered normal functioning.

I doubt that anyone on earth knows how much hatred has been directed at Sandy, related to her sexuality, by individuals and groups of people. Knowing how to do a healing for psychic coercion sure might have come in handy.

Regardless, Sandy has managed fine. At the time of this photo, she’s not like Paul McCartney marrying a hot new wife young enough to be his daughter, or other older men feeling really studly while in the honeymoon phase of a marriage to the trophy wife.

What does Sandy have instead? A human, functional, non-pushy form of sexual self-confidence.

Aura Reading Kris Perry

Fills the room. Very sexually self-confident.

Winning in life? Such a turn-on.

Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Making Contact with Spiritual Source

Aura Reading Sandy Stier

Fills the room. Divine light brings a special blessing, a marriage blessing.

I have encountered this before, Blog-Buddies. At hetero weddings. Wrote about it in “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

A supple, sweet, and sacred blessing is transforming Sandy’s entire auric field right now. This chakra databank in particular is filling with Divine help for this committed relationship. Marriage is definitely not the only way to evolve extra fast on earth. But it can be one of the ways.

Aura Reading Kris Perry

Fills the room. Divine presence fills the room as if this courtroom were a cathedral.

In a way, that’s hilarious. Because in this chakra databank I experience that Kris notices this sacredness and cathedral-like quality of it, despite a loathing for anything like a Christian cathedral. (Any of you Blog-Buddies familiar with Ms. Perry’s participation in organized religion? I’m not her biographer, just a humble aura reader.)

Kris is rough and tough in some ways, feminine and refined in others.

When it comes to connection with the Divine, however, she simply is. The blessing registers. It is accepted. That acceptance, in Kris’ matter-of-fact way, is nonetheless glorious.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra for Soul Thrill

This chakra databank is about expressing your soul. Something quintessentially human, and different from spiritual connection.

Aura Reading Sandy Stier

Fills the room. And brings tears to the eyes of this aura reader.

Such heartache has been experienced in order to have the right to get married legally. This is part of the solemn, large showing at this High Heart Chakra databank. Sandy is expressing her humanity in this moment, mingled trust and vulnerability and hope.

You know how it has become trendy to do big, splashy public marriage proposals and acceptances. Preferably with a microphone and in front of a TV camera or Jumbotron.

That is a wide approach to thrilling the soul, related to marriage.

What Sandy does here with Kris may be public. But it is quite the opposite approach. Deep and personal, shared with the public in order to serve humanity, not conflating ego drives and marriage. Or making intimacy with a spouse into a reality-show style bid for fame.

Touching, real, honest soul thrill. So beautiful!!!

Aura Reading Kris Perry

Fills the room. This is the essence of gay pride. Her version of soul thrill reads to me like this:

  • Proud to be herself.
  • Accepting her sexual orientation as a lesbian.
  • Willing to show in public that she is a lesbian.
  • Proud to make a political statement about simple fairness and human dignity.
  • Grateful to serve humanity by modeling her self-acceptance, however hard won.

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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    Fantastic Rose. Some of the scar tissue involved in being different is what I always worried about with my son when I found out he was gay. I can’t imagine anyone wants their child exposed to hate and ridicule, but ultimately I guess it’s all our own chosen paths/soul contract for this life. And whatever your lifestyle, it’s just a matter of living and being who you really are.

    As I glance at the news these days, it’s amazing to me the way some old “standby” thoughts and feelings/traditions are giving way to brighter clarity with new generations of thought.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Thanks Rose for this beautiful reading, and to Zelda for suggesting it. As a lesbian, the news about DOMA and Prop 8 being struck down is critically important to my life, and I felt it in every one of my chakras. Thank you for speaking out on this and other GLBTQ issues, and bringing the aura reading perspective to it.

  3. 3

    ELAINE, when I find scar tissue in an aura, it is my very favorite thing.

    Not that I have gone through what you have as a mother.

    But to clarify, the interpretation to me as a healer in Energy Spirituality is that the person with the scar tissue has evolved beyond even what was in the original life contract.

    Big, huge, personal evolution. That’s the meaning. I apologize for not explaining that technical term that I use sometimes.

  4. 4

    As for this part of what you wrote, ELAINE:

    “… it’s amazing to me the way some old “standby” thoughts and feelings/traditions are giving way to brighter clarity with new generations of thought.”

    Exactly. This is why I have been writing about evolution in collective consciousness. What’s happening around marriage equality is a very big deal.

    Might I suggest that you send a link to today’s post, maybe also yesterday’s post, to your son.

    I think this is a good time to reach out with the perspective of emotional and spiritual healing, the insights from energetic literacy, you know?

  5. 5

    KYLIE, thank you so much for this share. And you, too, ZELDA, for your persistence on this topic.
    Also, KYLIE, you’re welcome. 🙂

    Now with all that out of the way, KYLIE, would you please explain the “Queer” part of LGBTQ.

    I know I have seen this last initial added on, but I haven’t known what it means. I trust you over random Internet sources to explain it to me.

    Given my background as a heterosexual who has cared about people with growth around sexual orientations and gender identity, I think of the “Q” word like the “N” word.

    I don’t think I have ever used either one out loud. They feel creepy to me.

    So, please, explain.

  6. 6
    Dana says:

    An inspiring reading that through deeper perception shows the beauty of this courageous couple’s individual choice at the time of their marriage!

    I did notice a view that I have encountered before: “For any of you Blog-Buddies who have been caught up in the popular notion that having partners is the same thing as being legally married — only, perhaps, cooler — please reconsider. Based on my aura readings over the years, you will evolve way faster spiritually if you make a legal commitment called ‘Marriage.’ (When a marriage ends in divorce, that doesn’t take away the spiritual evolution gained by both parties.)”

    I think I am finally able to put into words why similar comments have stung so much. My now husband and I were together for almost nine years before we were married. This time involved a lot of long distance time as we worked on undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple states. Mostly no one criticized our relationship to our faces. (We were lucky. Many people have to deal with “but you’re living in sin” comments.) But then there was:

    – You’re probably not married because you think your relationship is “cooler” than marriage.
    – You’re just “playing house.”
    – Your relationship isn’t “divinely blessed” because you’re not married.
    – When you’re ready to be “God’s adults,” you’ll get married.

    Ouch. And… really? Just because I wasn’t married doesn’t make any of those things true, in my experience. I think it would make sense to use deeper perception to research my unmarried relationship before making any of those judgment calls. And what about past lives? If the last life my boyfriend and I saw each other on earth was during a genocidal massacre in which he was murdered and I was raped, would we be feeling, “The most important thing is legal marriage this time around! And by the same legal entity that destroyed us before!” Or might we feel, “It’s so good to see you again. Here we are alive on earth together. Amazing! We know that our love is greater than any piece of paper or what other people think of us or how they view us. Our relationship is between us and God.” Is that just “playing house”? And how would anyone know God’s blessing for our relationship? Did God tell everyone details about the level of blessing he had given us? Did he say, “I blessed them, but I’m not really going to bless them until they get married in the name of the “law.” Without that, nothing counts.” Or: “They’re not blessed at all right now. But when they get married, then I’ll pay attention to them.” I’m not saying that marriages don’t involve a divine blessing. But to argue that before that, a relationship is crap? Just playing house? Not “adults”?

    This could be my first life on earth in which I have the freedom as a female to decide if and when I get married. How amazing is that? I could be single my whole life and not be considered by society as a waste of a human being. I can be independent. I can live alone. Or I can live with someone. I am not the property of my family or husband. Not all women can say that right now in the world. Some aren’t allowed to show their faces or bodies in public or hold jobs. They are the property of their families and then husbands. In their societies, they have no choice if and when they marry or to whom. But what, their marriages are “better” than my relationship with my boyfriend? They evolve more spiritually just because of their “marriage” status? I wonder how many horrific marriages did I go through over the centuries? Or how many has my husband had? So we use that experience and free will and decide it’s not best for us to jump into an early marriage and we’re just “playing house”? We don’t count? Or if we stayed together our whole lives unmarried, would we die and God say, “What a waste, you weren’t married!”

    In our nine year relationship we watched friends get married and then divorced. I’ve listened to acquaintances talk about their unhappy marriages. So I question that, “you will evolve way faster spiritually if you make a legal commitment called ‘Marriage.’” One acquaintance’s divorce was so horrible and stressful, she lost all her hair, along with her life savings and retirement money. Another person didn’t actually divorce, she just “separated” after her husband cheated because divorce was a sin to her parents and she didn’t want to disappoint them. But my boyfriend and I were just very, very happy. No yelling, no mental, verbal, or emotional abuse. But silly us! We must not have been evolving very fast spiritually because we weren’t married. A high school friend of mine used to share her perfect life plan: get married by 25, and have kids by 30. If her life went according to plan, her life has now reached perfection. Ah, and in her marriage she must have evolved so quickly! So much faster than if she didn’t do her perfect life plan and didn’t get married right away. So much faster than my boyfriend and I “playing house.” Right? And how would anyone know the life contract of my friend? How would anyone know what plan she set between her and God to help her evolve the most? Maybe it was living alone all her life. Maybe it was having many relationships but not getting married. Maybe it was getting married. Maybe it was getting married many times. How can anyone say, “The best choice for everyone is always marriage!”

    If Deeper Perception is about not making blanket judgments and generalizations that don’t take into account the auric truth on an individual, case by case, basis, then I hope that sensitivity is extended to those unmarried couples “just playing house.”

  7. 7
    Sylvia says:

    Thank you, Rose, for explaining what it means to find scar tissue in an aura. Sounds like a very beautiful thing indeed!

  8. 8
    Curious As Ever says:

    An historic aura reading for an historic occasion! Thank you, Rose.

  9. 9

    DANA, evidently I have touched a nerve, so I am glad you spoke up.

    Though understandable, it is a stretch to consider my observation about marriage bringing a special blessing vs. living together to be considered the same thing as attacks made on people for “playing house,” or the many slights and insults you regrettably received during nine years.

    My perspective about marriage accelerating evolution (for those who choose to do it) comes, first, from seeing women and children hurt, and sometimes financially disadvantaged, from partnership past its expiration date. The sweetness of a partnership, or coolness of “Not needing a piece of paper,” can turn into terrible emotional shock and tremendous financial hardship.

    Of course, divorces like that of your friend can result in something similar, but on the whole when a woman has had legal protection through marriage the results are not as harsh for the vulnerable parties in the relationship. In my experience.

    Second, the perspective here comes from observing how a magnificent sacred light goes into people during a marriage ceremony, as noted in my post about this particular couple. That perception-based observation is not the same as making a religiously-based blanket generalization about how people must live. Any experience, any choice, is going to be a learning experience in the long run.

    DANA, I agree completely with your sentiment, “How can anyone say, ‘The best choice for everyone is always marriage!’” I sure wasn’t saying that. And I applaud what you wrote about the precious freedom to make your own choice.

  10. 10

    CURIOUS AS EVER and SYLVIA, you’re welcome. 🙂 These are historic times, politically and in our collective consciousness.

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    You are better off googling on this one. I do not know all things LGBTQ. According to the internet:

    Q stands for questioning – someone who is questioning their sexual and/or gender orientation. Sometimes, the Q stands for “queer,” a term reclaimed by some LGBTs for political reasons.

    Many younger lesbians identify as queer.

  12. 12

    KYLIE, that Q sounds confusing. Thanks for bringing some clarity here. For now, I think I’ll use just four letters in that acronym.

    On a personal note, I don’t expect you to know all things LGBT or LGBTQ.

    There is way more to you (to me) than that aspect of your life.

  13. 13
    Dana says:

    I agree with everything you said in comment 10, Rose. Thank you for responding so respectfully. I did go off on a tangent from this post. It seems I had a lot of stuff built up of the emotional nature.

    It is important to be prepared financially and for children, in any type of relationship. I haven’t known anyone who didn’t get married and ended up with nothing when his/her partner left. That would be awful to have no legal support. And now that I think more about it, many people are in that situation.

    Thank you again for your integrity on your blog!

  14. 14

    What a gracious comment, DANA.

    You’re so welcome. You know, if someone sends some gratuitously angry comment into the blog moderator’s area, it gets moderated right into Siberia.

    But your Comment 7 deserved to go live. You made some very good points. I have learned from this exchange, and I don’t flinch from putting up comments that are educational for me as well as the rest of the community.

    Moreover, I feel honored that you felt safe enough at this blog, and in this community, to disagree strongly with me and present a really different point of view.

    So thank you for your integrity, courage, and willingness to share.

  15. 15
    Jordan says:

    I don’t know tons about this issue but I do care about it!

    There are actually a bunch of letters people add onto the end of LGBT. There are lots of people who don’t identify with any of those four acronyms so they add more. The Q is sometimes used as a catchall, like LGBT + ‘other’.

    With the inclusion of the ‘T’ the whole thing becomes not only about sexual orientation but gender orientation. With all the different kinds of sexual preferences and personal relationships to gender, there are about a billion labels people can give themselves, so the acronym can get ridiculously long!

    Though it’s getting beyond practicality at this point to put every letter in, I think there’s a kind of poetry in it getting longer and longer as people accept themselves and pick their own acronym (or not, who needs to be represented by a letter! 😉 Plus sometimes the only thing an ‘L’ has in common with a ‘Q’ is being in the out group!

    OOOhh there’s never been any aura research of a transgender person here!!

    Here’s an article I enjoyed from the New York Times called “Generation LGBTQIA”:

  16. 16
    AJ says:

    Q stands for Questioning, not Queer—but I suppose that’s just a technical point.

  17. 17
    AJ says:

    Oops, just saw Kylie’s comment. 🙂 Just wanted to point it out.

  18. 18

    For more about aura reading about gender identity and sexual orientation, Blog-Buddies, you might enjoy this blog post from years ago:

    Straight or Gay? What can energetic literacy tell you about sexual orientation?

  19. 19
    Fugitive from the Midwest says:

    Thanks for standing up for non-judgment and equality in your insightful blog post. Compassionately put.

    Did I tell you how my nephew made it easy for me to tell him I was gay? When in graduate school, preparing to go on interviews for teaching positions at colleges around the country, he was invited by a professor to sit in on interviews of candidates that his professor was conducting.

    He told me that his favorite candidate was getting his doctorate in Queer Literature at Berkeley (and this must have been 15 years ago!). (The candidate was relaxed, funny, and comfortable with himself.)

    The notion is that we have added an emotional charge to derogatory words as a result of our experiences in society. As we have added to it, we can also de-fuse it by using the word in a different way. As a result of the gay community “taking back” the word “queer” and using it with a different connotation, it no longer has the emotional charge for me that it did when I was growing up.

    By the way a recent series of acronyms is “LGBTQI” where “I” stands for intersexual. I read in Discover magazine that one out of every 2000 babies is born neither exactly male nor female. So surgery is, or was until recently, done to make the external genitalia conform to society’s norms for male or female.

  20. 20

    The infinite variety of human life sexually does not surprise me, FUGITIVE FROM THE MIDWEST.

    Just today I did some aura reading for a client, describing chakra databanks in someone — in a way that just flabbergasted my client, GLADYS.

    She kept expecting other people to be “Just like me.” Not too usual that expectation, not close.

  21. 21
    Fugitive from the Midwest says:

    By the way, here’s are links to a couple of articles in Discover magazine about neither-male-nor-female-or-maybe-both genitalia:

  22. 22

    Thanks again. I am especially glad to read the final paragraph from that first article, about what happens when a child is born intersexual:

    “The Intersex Society advocates a noninterventionist approach: No surgery unless medically necessary and full disclosure to parents and ultimately the child.

    “An intersexual child, they say, could be raised with a regular gender identity—sex-stereotypical clothing, name, and hair—without altering the genitals.

    “With therapy and a supportive family, an intersexual could make his or her own decision whether to choose cosmetic procedures—or not.”

  23. 23
    Jeffrey says:

    Rose, your aura reading was awesome!

    In these comments, I am glad that Jordan pointed out the distinction that belongs with the “T” in LGBT—it doesn’t refer to sexual orientation, as do the other letters. I have thought that T doesn’t really belong on this list for that reason. The current idea, by association, of explaining that an L, G, or B person is that way because he or she “doesn’t know if they’re a boy or a girl”—as I overheard a bigot say on one occasion—is unrealistic. A gay man, for example, knows that he is a man, and perhaps no more so than when he loves another man.

    I prefer the word “mysexual”, which I made up, for labeling anyone’s sexuality. Each person’s is their own.

  24. 24

    JEFFREY, thank you so much.

    “Mysexual,” how perfect is that. What about human-ness is more deeply personal?

  25. 25
    "Glinda" says:

    Someone I know announced she was gay. Out of the blue, this announcement. We were just in a group of people and out she came with it.

    Too much information. I didn’t want to know. It makes me angry when people announce their sexuality.

    And what about insisting on telling me when they came out and why and who was the first time and how they decided.

    Does anyone besides me feel this way?

  26. 26

    Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad GLINDA gave me permission to paraphrase something she told me today.

    Two questions for you’all, if you feel like discussing here:

    1. Does it annoy you, receiving this kind of information when you haven’t asked?

    2. Can you imagine (or relate, based on personal experience) why a person might want to tell?

  27. 27
    Amanda says:

    Hello 🙂

    I like your question, Rose.

    For me it’s not what people say but the quality in how they say it that tends to elicit a response in me.

    So if someone’s in ‘broadcast’ mode, that is talking without any listening, then I find them wearing whatever they reveal. Similarly if they’re in ‘battle’ mode.

    But someone simply communicating who they are – well, I love that. Why not?

    I know there are some people who live by the ‘keep everything quiet’ standard, but I would expect a potential for anxiety or depression in that. Hiding who we are and rejecting connection is a lonely way to live.


  28. 28
    Amanda says:

    As for point 2, people communicate who they are partly to set expectations but also to invite acceptance. There is less room for assumption and error in the people around you, and it’s an experiment in trust.

    It’s vulnerable and courageous to state your point of view or communicate who you are to another person. Another word that comes to mind is ‘present’.

    Authenticity and communication – wow.


  29. 29
    Amy says:

    It doesn’t annoy me in the least. If its someone who only recently came out as gay, or only to a few people, then I feel very honoured that they are sharing such information about themselves, as it can be hard to do when we love in such a prejudiced society. If its someone who has been out a long time, it’s then just a fact of life unless they are struggling with prejudice and want to talk directly about things that affect them due to prejudice.

    I think they might want to tell because it is a huge part of their life and probably a huge part of struggles for them (in terms of how they are affected by prejudice etc). My work colleagues constantly talk about searching for a man, if they were gay why shouldn’t they be able to discuss their searches for a man or woman. If they hear people talking about the political thingymumby of gay marraige, well that’s important to them and also helps to reinforce the idea in straight people that its not this big idea out there that has no bearing on real lives and real people. And also why not talk about their lives and their loves, they have as much right to say I’m gay as someone has to wear a wedding ring in a conservative culture (not conservative in the US sense but culturally) and be broadcasting their (heterosexual) sexuality to all and sundry. Why don’t people keep that private? 😉

  30. 30
    Jordan says:

    That doesn’t bother me. Seems like an important thing to know about your friends.

  31. 31

    JORDAN, AMY, AMANDA, these are wonderful responses to GLINDA’s courageous Comment #26.

    Personally, I think my background as a healer in Energy Spirituality informs my response when people find the need to reveal their LGBTQ story.

    There is sure to be good reason, from that person’s perspective. Yet the disclosure might be hard to hear, as well, or TMI.

  32. 32
    Jordan says:

    I can see how it could be annoying, if the person is annoying. Or if you just prefer not to think about that sort of thing (maybe due to stuff, maybe not).

    It seems many bigots these days say things like, “I don’t care what they do, I just don’t want to hear about it, it disgusts me.” Fair enough, I guess, but maybe a little self-examination is in order. (Obviously not calling Glinda a bigot! Just going to a more extreme version of this.)

    Personally, I usually like when people share really personal information about their love lives. I find it fascinating, sweet, and vulnerable. Not that I share that kind of thing myself, usually. 😉

    Where I run into TMI pretty quick is body stuff, which some people like to share about. Eek.

  33. 33
    Jordan says:

    So I guess everyone has their personal TMI issues and threshold. As long as we don’t start hating on people with slightly different levels, I think it’s all good!

  34. 34

    JORDAN, back at your Comment 33, a thought occurs to me. It’s considering sexual orientation, gender identity, and marriage equality as a kind of Affirmative Action.

    Opponents of Affirmative Action often use the argument that “Slavery is so over.” Supposedly African-Americans have had plenty of time to make up for slavery. Or discrimination.

    By raising such issues, Affirmative Action supporters remind others of a different reality, backed up by plenty of economic statistics.

    Receiving this kind of information, Affirmative Action opponents can feel uncomfortable, as if being forced to listen to a kind of TMI.

    But the standard distribution of wealth in America, the current lack of social mobility — these are real issues. American society is often presumed to be fair. I think it’s important for proponents of Affirmative Action speak up to question that supposition.

  35. 35

    Similarly, JORDAN and other Blog-Buddies, I wonder if some folks have a similar motivation when speaking out now concerning sexual orientation, gender identity, and marriage equality.

    It might be like, “Don’t assume, because I am not part of that establishment you believe in, where heterosexuals are privileged while many of the non-favored minority hide in shame.”

    Allowing everyone who wishes to come out of the closet, I’m all for that.

  36. 36

    Just yesterday I heard about a couple living in a smallish town, probably a pair of lesbians. They have told everyone they are cousins.

    Isn’t it sad that they would have to? Or feel that they have to?

    Maybe if it becomes common for people to share basic knowledge about sexual affiliation, some of that social shame and secrecy can leave us.

    Hearing the occasional TMI might be a small price to pay for a large step forward in America’s collective consciousness.

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    To elaborate on Rose’s comment no. 10, research has clearly shown cohabitation to be less advantageous for (heterosexual) women than marriage, with the exception of engaged couples moving in together:

  38. 38
    Dana says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Re: your comment 38, please cite the “research” studies that you refer to that “clearly” show, as you said, “cohabitation to be less advantageous for (heterosexual) women than marriage.”

    Who are the studies’ authors? Their credentials? The sample compositions and sizes, as well as whether or not the studies were peer-reviewed? If you’re going to put down “cohabitation” as you call it, using “research,” please cite this almighty source.

  39. 39
    Dana says:

    I think my anger in this is related to the gay marriage debate and it comes down to: how dare anyone tell anyone else who they can love and what that form should be? What attack could be more personal and hurtful? It’s outrageous to me that people think that they can tell two men or two women that they can’t love each other, that their love doesn’t count. Or that people think they know better than an unmarried couple whether their love counts or not. If you’re making that assertion, it means that you think you’re better than other people, that there is a “right” way to be and you know what it is for everyone, whether that’s based on your experience, other people you know, stories you’ve heard, news you’ve read, or research. But you don’t. Because every person and couple are unique. I hope in a Deeper Perception blog we can research the truth about individuals.

    When people look at others’ lives and judge what those lives “should” look like, that’s ridiculous. But when that “shoulding” becomes psychic coercion, it’s more serious, and I have to say, “no, I absolutely don’t believe or accept that,” because my body-mind-spirit system won’t accept anything less.

  40. 40

    DANA, this isn’t just anger but eloquence.

  41. 41
    Dana says:

    I’ve been thinking more about psychic coercion and am realizing how “shoulds” are everywhere. I’ve actually found that since I got married, certain people view me as a baby machine. It was so odd to suddenly have people staring at my middle when they would greet me. Some people even touch my stomach. Too bad for them it’s not growing, nor have I announced any plans for it be. Certainly I haven’t felt anywhere near the pressure that say, Kate Middleton must have experienced, but it’s still unpleasant.

    It also makes me think about the different roles I’ve played in my life and different people’s “shoulds” for them. Recently I did the Psychic Coercion healing again from Rose’s book “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” (It’s now my habit to always pack this book in my travel bag:))

    I think I’m starting to become more conscious about psychic coercion. It’s true that you have to be conscious of it, you can’t be sleepy around it. Finally after a year of people staring at my belly, one of my relatives actually asked me if I’m planning on having kids soon. The coercion wasn’t in her asking, (she only asked once), but it was in all the staring.

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