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Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Geesh!


Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Geesh!

“I’ve cut that cord of attachment so many times. Why would it be different with you?”

Folks, if you don’t get results from somebody’s session… Don’t blame the skill set of cutting cords of attachment. Blame the practitioner who falsely advertised having skill.

Stories like this do come back to me. Are these “energy healers” trying to give the rest of us a bad name?

Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Such As…

New client JOE told me:

“I want you to cut the cord of attachment to my ex, GLADYS. But honestly, I have had this cord cut hundreds of times already.”

Gee, does that mean that GLADYS is a fierce energy vampire. Determined to send JOE hate vibes for the rest of his life?

Or is it simply time to introduce the idea of quality control in cord-cutting?

As cutting cords of attachment becomes better known, there’s good news and bad news.

Sadly, Cord-Cutting Incompetence Abounds

Many healers today aim to cut cords of attachment. Websites will offer to teach you how. Often for free!

What’s good about this? Word is getting around that cutting a cord of attachment can bring about significant, important healing for the mind-body-spirit system. Excellent!

More good news, currently more of the services touted for cutting cords of attachment are attempts to heal with Energy Spirituality.

In contrast to what?

  • Prayers, the realm of religion, not energy healing.
  • Energy Medicine approaches, like Barbara Brennan’s “method” described in “Hands of Light” for cleaning cords of attachment and then reinserting them. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

However, Cord-Cutting Incompetence Is Avoidable

Wonderful though Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other forms of Energy Medicine are, their attempts at cutting cords of attachment are unlikely to produce permanent healing.

Definitely, use these wonderful healing modalities for self-healing — and/or engage the services of holistic healing professionals. Energy Medicine can be just the thing to fix up your energies and help you feel better. By definition, Energy Medicine techniques produce mind-body-spirit healing by entering through the physical side, the body.

Maybe there are many kinds of energy cords that impact health. Maybe these energy cords can be moved out in a more-or-less mechanical manner, occasionally providing an emotional insight. I wouldn’t know. I’m not an expert on healing the physical body, all forms of energy healing, all mind-body-spirit healing, or Energy Medicine.

However, I do know some things about Energy Healing with RES. 🙂

For Cord-Cutting Competence, Check Out RES Experts

What do we know?

  • The fact that cords of attachment are not just random “energy cords.”
  • Personally, I have successfully facilitated cutting many thousands of cords of attachment for clients. My well-trained RES Experts have similarly effective skills.
  • And they don’t find rocket science-complicated to use the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment

To be clear, professionals in this field cut a cord of attachment just once.

Because once is all that is needed. Assuming that cor- cutting is done with quality control. Skills. Knowing how to do this particular form of energy healing with a skill set that works.

Cord-Cutting Cords Competence Matters

As noted in both my paperback “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality” and the newer e-Book, “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing

“Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns.”

That means patterns of emotions, spiritual development, and behavior.

Healing this energetically is the specialty of Energy Spirituality, not other forms of holistic healing.

So the bad news is that many people outside of this field are getting on the cord-cutting bandwagon, well meaning healers who are not practitioners of Energy Spirituality but instead would like to include it since cord cutting is becoming trendy.

How much quality control will be present when a hobbyist or even a professional in an entirely different field of work just adds on some cord cutting?

If I’m trained as a chef, does that mean I could read an article on dentistry? Then offer cavity removal as some kind of a la carte item on the menu?

Consumer Smarts Can Protect You

If you’re like JOE, time you knew. It’s a tough New Age world out there.

I urge you to develop discernment as a Post-New Age Consumer. When someone offers to cut a cord of attachment for you, ask first:

  1. What is your training to do this?
  2. How long will it take you to do this?
  3. And how many cords of attachment can you cut for me today?
  4. Just how long will this healing last?
  5. What will this healing do for me?

In our next post, I will answer these questions, related to becoming a savvy consumer. For now, I just want to apologize.

Quality Control in Cord-Cutting

I am really sorry that many practitioners today are claiming to cut cords of attachment when they lack skills. I regret so much unprofessional work is advertised in the blogosphere and, maybe, even in your neighborhood.

Please do not evaluate Energy Spirituality as a field, nor consider that you have received “a cord cutting,” based on experiences with such people. Unintentionally they give this powerful healing skill a bad name.

If somebody lacked quality control while doing your healing, guess what? You haven’t really received a healing. Maybe someone gave you a nice try. Or just a heartfelt wish.

Please, speak up, about quality control with cutting cords of attachment.

  • Speak up if you’re with friends who mention how disappointed they were with their cord cutting.
  • Speak up if friends tell you how hard they are working to “Cut all their cords of attachment each day.”

Successful cutting of cords of attachment does not have to be done with my trademarked system. However, there does need to be quality control. Real technique and understanding. Effective skills that bring results.

Lacking quality control, it doesn’t matter how much the healer believes. Or how excellent that healer might be as a chef. 😉

Let’s get real.

Nobody really has a cord of attachment cut multiple times. Either a cord of attachment is cut or it’s not.

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  1. 1

    The picture with me and Blog-Buddy Evgenia comes courtesy of Mindy Moore Photography.

  2. 2
    Jnana says:

    Just to share some thoughts..

    Much of the problem lies in the use of terminology. There is no way to standardise the use of metaphysical terms because they are not physical. Hence the confusion.

    Often a term is used by one group of people to mean one thing and another group to mean something else.

    For example Rose, I notice your use of the term etheric is akin to the Divine level. For theosophists, the etheric level comes after the physical and before the astral. So it is quite a low level in their case.

    In another post there was a comment where a lady said that everyone was could be an empath. I suspect her definition of empath is a person with empathy ie able to understand and share the feelings of another. Quite different from the merging of consciousness with another as defined by Rose.

    In the healing modality I practise, there is the term unauthorized cords of attachment. These have nothing in common with the cords of attachment as defined by Rose. Except they use the same term – cords of attachment.
    I happened to have an active interest in cords of attachment at the time I chanced upon Rose’s website and as I scrutinized her definition, realized she was defining something very different to the cords I had hitherto been dealing with.

    There would be more clarity if, when there is a disagreement, we first define what we mean by a term. And, once we are sure we’re all on the same page, then by all means, let the arguments begin.

  3. 3

    JNANA, I couldn’t agree more that people can mean very different things… about nearly everything.

    But that term “Unauthorized cord of attachment”? That’s a new one to me. And, to me, hilarious.

    I think I’ll explain why in today’s post. Back with a link soon.

  4. 4
    David says:

    Thanks for the post, Rose.
    I think this is true of many modes of energy work. People take a class or read a book, then begin offering healing and in effect, experimenting and learning on their customers. To some extend this is normal. Many professions have apprenticeship or internships. But they’re done under supervision. This ensures quality.

    I’d also noticed that use of “etheric” – it is indeed often used as pre-physical. But I think you use it more as equivalent to space, the most subtle expressed element. All things arise in space (of awareness aware of itself) and space is also known historically as ether. In that sense, your definition is more accurate, if less common. I hadn’t recognized this point prior – the inconsistency in it’s common use.

    I’ve started using the kosha model of sheaths (aura layers) as it better matches my experience and aligns nicely with several other values like chakras, senses, and elements.

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