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Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. Here Rose demonstrates preparing a cord of attachment for cutting.

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. And this teacher of how to cut cords of attachment is here, glad to answer your questions and also to share a teaching tale.

Blog-Buddies, today’s post follows the handful of questions in our last post. 

First, answers to the cord-cutting Five Question Quiz, my goal is short and simple: To help you develop discernment as a New Age Consumer.

When someone offers to cut a cord of attachment for you, I recommend that you ask first:

1.What is training is needed to cut cords of attachment?

For quality control to be used in cord-cutting, a healer needs to have learned:

  • How to read auras well enough to detect STUFF
  • How to tell apart different types of astral-level STUFF, so that cords of attachment are not confused with different problems that might be more important to heal first
  • A reliable, systematic skill set for… cutting cords of attachment

Here’s an interesting exercise that you can do related to quality control in this emerging field.

On the first page of the first chapter of the first book in English for cutting cords of attachment, I wrote:

“Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns.”

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. Don’t Ask Google for Advice

What will you find if you type that entire sentence into Google? I just tried that experiment and got 7,240 hits.

Just for fun, check out some of those hits. Some describe my books on cord cutting, in English and authorized foreign editions. Fair enough. Useful information.

Elsewhere, just for fun, check out whether this quote is acknowledged as coming from me. Score extra points if the writer acknowledges the how-to book, “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

How much can you trust a healer who doesn’t even acknowledge the source of a quote like that? Any chance that the healer also claims to have studied with me?

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. Beware Unqualified “Students”

“Studied” does not necessarily mean graduating from my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality. Which is THE professional training program in this field right now. Besides  Rose Rosetree, the founder of this mentoring program, there are graduates of this Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program, apprentices in this program, and (mostly) people who have never been in this program.

Granted, I did not always have an Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. In past years, many talented students took a one-weekend workshop with me to learn the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). Or they could simply have read my book, “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality,” first published in its first edition in 2007.

That was, definitely, training. It was the best training I had to offer, back then. In a later post, I will share more about the history of my system. Here I will just say that the system developed rapidly and refined a lot.

Training that healers received in past decades is not current with how I have learned to prepare professionals in the emerging field of Energy Spirituality.

I applaud those who did study with me. I am honored that healers sought training and skills, that they value this method to cut cords of attachment.

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. What Has Changed?

Only the field and training have developed rapidly over the past decade. Unless students and readers have graduated from this Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program, they have nowhere near the level of training that I now believe is required for professional work.

“Professional work” means cutting cords of attachment for people other than family members and friends.

They are cordially invited to complete their training with me.

Meanwhile, Blog-Buddies, you have the right to make the distinction as a consumer. “Studied with” is vague, as a credential.

Whatever credentials are supplied by the energy healer, do they impress you or not? Remember, cutting a major cord of attachment amounts to major surgery at the level of your aura. Asking about credentials is not like playing Trivial Pursuit.

2.How long will it take you to do this cord-cutting?

This expert at cutting cords of attachment takes 55 minutes. Yes, it takes some time to cut a cord of attachment, complete with thorough PUT-IN after removing the STUFF. Quality control takes time, that’s all.

If a healer answers, “Two minutes” or “Two weeks,” you might wonder what exactly is being offered in the name of cord-cutting.

3.How many cords of attachment can you cut for me today?

My opinion on this has changed. Based not on theory but on helping thousands of clients in sessions of Energy Spirituality.

In my book published this year, “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing,” I recommend a maximum of cutting no more than one cord of attachment in a healing session.

Admittedly, I did not always know this. With experience, however, I have found that clients benefit more from extra time to integrate the healing — at least three days after cutting a minor cord of attachment and one week after cutting a major cord of attachment.

Should a healer offer to cut two or three cords, or even more, in one session…  you might want to ask why the healer would consider this desirable.

Then keep this in mind: You only get one chance at this type of healing, if it is done with quality control. When a healer has developed a lot of skill at cutting cords of attachment, you will receive maximum healing.

What happens when the healer has developed just enough to skill to permanently cut the cord of attachment? A unique opportunity for depth emotional and spiritual healing will be squandered.

4.How long will this cord-cutting last?

I cringe to report this, Blog-Buddies, but some of my clients have told me they used to go to a healer once a week to cut a cord of attachment.

Whether this regular appointment is to cut the same cord of attachment or to “Cut all your cords of attachment,” either way, I urge you to seek out a more skilled practitioner.

Cutting the cord of attachment to your ex does not have to become an income stream for your healer. 😉

5. Results. What will cutting this cord of attachment do for me?

In Energy Spirituality, cutting a cord of attachment does not mean cutting some random energy cord.

Today Blog-Buddy JNANA  grabbed my attention by introducing a term that was new to me, “Unauthorized cords of attachment.”

JNANA made a great point in her Comment 2 at “I have cut this cord so many times. What makes this time different?” People do use language differently about cords of attachment, energy cords, energetic cords, psychic cords, vibrational cords, astral cords, bad cords, etc.

Asking folks to define what they mean is smart. Also smart would be asking an aura healer the purpose of cutting an “Unauthorized cord of attachment.” Perhaps, JNANA, you might educate us in a comment below about what is meant by that terminology. 🙂

Meanwhile, Here’s What I Think About It

The notion of an authorized or unauthorized cord of attachment is preposterous, verging on funny.

As described in my basic FAQs about cutting cords of attachment, “When you have an important relationship” you get a cord of attachment to that person you’re interested in.

With this notion of an unauthorized cord of attachment, I’m trying to make sense of it by picturing a tiny gnome. He follows JOE around at the astral level, clip-board in hand. Mr. Gnome observes JOE’s level of interest in people, keeps track of all the “energy cords” JOE creates, and then checks with JOE’s subconscious mind which of these energy cords might be cords of attachment and, among those, which might be authorized.

If authorized, how much? Kind of special? Really special? Accidental?

Just my fantasy, of course. In that fantasy, the little astral gnome also tracks physical objects that people let drop from their hands. The little gnome keeps track, very seriously:

  • Authorized gravity
  • Unauthorized gravity
  • Just how heavy will I make the gravity be this time?

As a consumer, in reality, what to expect for results from cord-cutting?

Okay, back at Consumer Question #5, it is really smart to ask, “What results can I expect from cutting a cord of attachment?”

With a quality healing, there will be permanent results. These may have nothing to do with the cordee or my client’s overall relationship with the cordee. Depends. Definitely, the results will have everything to do with the client’s path of personal development.

Partly, results will be described in terms of the client’s intention for that particular aura healing session of Energy Spirituality. Intention is chosen by the client, a desired next step for emotional or spiritual healing.

Otherwise, results are directly related to the cord items read to the client for validation during Step 10 in the sequence of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). At this blog, you can find many examples of cords of attachment, complete with cord dialogue, samples that include individual items of cord dialogue from the client or the cordee. (Just click on CORD-CUTTING near the top of the left column.)

Whenever I facilitate cutting a cord of attachment, my client leaves the session with a list of very specific logical consequences, or likely results, from cutting that particular cord. Yes, results.


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    Jnana says:

    Ok Rose, much as it pains me to have you find laughable this school’s version of cords of attachment, I will attempt to define it.
    However, being neither a professional nor an instructor in this healing modality, I am in no position to educate on its meaning of cords of attachment, unauthorised or otherwise.
    What I present is merely my understanding of it.

    Cords (according to this school) are subconscious energy links which if not removed can cause the healer to be burned out.
    To remove them, one goes right into the root of the chakra to pull them out.

    I have felt visible relief from tiredness after I pull out cords in this manner. My tiredness stems from being in the world and not from healing others. It is a kind of tiredness that sleep does not eradicate.

    All I am sure of is that this type of cord is not the same as those of your 12 Steps to Cutting Cords.

    This school will not teach us cords of attachment in depth. That is why when the desire to learn more about cords of attachment became strong in me, I turned to google. And found you.

    But I have benefited albeit in different ways from the cutting of both types of cords of attachment.

    I hope to one day be given full understanding as to the meaning of cords of attachment. In the meantime, I continue to learn.

  3. 3

    JNANA, I meant no disrespect for the technique you learned that brought you relief. Congratulations to you and to those who teach it.

    Only I really do recommend a change of name, for heaven’s sake.

    From what you described, the form of STUFF sometimes called “Unauthorized cords of attachment” sounds like astral ties.

    You can read a comprehensive definition of astral ties (sometimes also called “Psychic ties,”), and then learn a very efficient technique for healing — one minute — that would be smart for anyone to use daily — in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

    From that book you can also learn to identify different types of astral debris that can cause fatigue. Or worse. Then you learn step-by-step healings. Different types of STUFF, plus appropriate techniques for healing them.

    It is so important to define these different types of STUFF clearly.

    None of them is the same as a cord of attachment.

    The field to learn in depth, in my opinion, is not “cords of attachment, and variations on cords of attachment.” The field is Energy Spirituality, which specializes in emotional and spiritual STUFF at a subconscious level, how to identify it and how to remove it.

    I’ll bet that the other system you use has a different specialty, where cutting cords of attachment is a minor part of it, kind of a sideline. Energy Spirituality does not do those other things. It does not have sidelines. It just identifies and moves out STUFF, then does PUT IN afterwards.

    I look forward to your overcoming that type of tiredness not eradicated by sleep, and am very glad you found Energy Spirituality and me.

  4. 4
    David says:

    Fascinating post and I enjoyed the comments too. I’ve never had anyone remove debris or cut cords. But I have come across them internally and worked on them myself. I was surprised how what I would call cords were persistent and old. Typically they related to past life relationships for which there was still an attachment. I found they were quite persistent. Just disconnecting them wasn’t enough. They would reattach again. So further treatment was needed on the cord. One in particular was quite nasty, used for both energy and control. Once handled, they didn’t return. But clearly, you have other aspects to this that would be useful to know.

    Yet another book of yours I’ll want to read. 😉

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